Pour It Out with Chrissy Teigen

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  • ricey spicey
    ricey spicey Kun oldin

    5:55 was that a fart?😂

  • Donavan Bradley
    Donavan Bradley Kun oldin

    I too like to not wear bras on live television

  • Clary Fairchild
    Clary Fairchild Kun oldin

    I want to know the questions so bad

  • LA A
    LA A 2 kun oldin

    but its me.. i cant look at it?

  • MythicalStorm
    MythicalStorm 2 kun oldin

    This game is kinda boring then if the drinks look appealing 😂

  • moll dog
    moll dog 3 kun oldin

    Not fun unless they actually give us what we want lmao. Spill it.

  • Reauna
    Reauna 3 kun oldin

    This is kinda like paranoia

  • Chloé Lafond
    Chloé Lafond 3 kun oldin

    Okay this is actually freaking entertaining. I could watch an entire show!😂😂😂

  • Sim One
    Sim One 3 kun oldin

    The perfect pair of Boneheads

  • Suzy E
    Suzy E 4 kun oldin

    ....is no one going to talk about her face?! what IS that thing??!!! is she pregnant? is that what the weight is from? shes got predators cheekbones!! what the actual f.... shes acting like chrissy but replaced maybe by a reptile? jesus...

  • leeann chance
    leeann chance 5 kun oldin

    Wow she look fat

  • Kendy Falo
    Kendy Falo 5 kun oldin

    she has the weirdest face shape

  • Landon Singleton
    Landon Singleton 6 kun oldin

    "Is John happy with 3 times a week?" I dyed! That is definitely what the question was

  • Something to Say
    Something to Say 7 kun oldin

    Chrissy Teigen ;
    Question one? Who was your crush growing up?
    Question 2? How many times a week do you like to get it on?
    Question 3? Who’s the one guy in the audience you would sleep with right now?
    Lollll that’s what went through my head 😂

  • D B
    D B 8 kun oldin

    Isn't there a way we could strap her to a rocket and shoot it towards the moon?

  • Amanda Frase
    Amanda Frase 9 kun oldin

    Did NOBODY notice that John didn’t do his last question?

  • christprp
    christprp 9 kun oldin

    I don’t get this game ..

  • Natasha S.
    Natasha S. 9 kun oldin

    When he asked her if she googles herself, I wish she answered 'I am happy with 3 times a week'. :))))

  • Victoria Haines
    Victoria Haines 10 kun oldin

    6:28. Jimmy Fallon. Dam he was like me

  • Nayla Harris
    Nayla Harris 10 kun oldin

    1- whose your celebrity male crush 2- how often do u like sex 3- Who in this room would you have sex with

  • Onfroi
    Onfroi 10 kun oldin

    she ate the question... okay who got the leaks

  • myname righthere
    myname righthere 10 kun oldin

    She's like me when we're funny on social media and even not on social media but just not as and is really low key irl

  • Anvita Bhardwaj
    Anvita Bhardwaj 10 kun oldin

    This is not fun for an audience. How does it get views

  • Stephler
    Stephler 10 kun oldin +4

    Why is her face so bloated looking? 🤔🧐

  • msamaro24
    msamaro24 11 kun oldin


  • Josephine Labukhosi Maziya

    her giggle was so cute

  • Manar Alsharifi
    Manar Alsharifi 11 kun oldin

    I know the questions.....

  • Rwanda bee
    Rwanda bee 11 kun oldin

    MAKE THIS AN APP!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Hernandez
    Michelle Hernandez 11 kun oldin

    1st question.
    Who is your least favorite Kardashian

  • Chloe Daniela
    Chloe Daniela 12 kun oldin

    I want to know the answers so badly lol

  • Elizabeth McEldery
    Elizabeth McEldery 12 kun oldin

    She has no ass at all 😩

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller 12 kun oldin

    Is any one else annoyed by her saying
    " they wont know, but it's me." ???

    BRIS GANG : LEEN 12 kun oldin

    Dumb ass people who are watching this and comment "Who is she, she's ugly" Go check yourself first, at least she's doing whatever she wants not hating on people behind a screen.

  • Shannon G.
    Shannon G. 12 kun oldin

    This is the weirdest I've ever seen her look and I've seen her in person. The outfit and wet hair look .. who ever did this is fired and the belt makes it worst.

  • Nina Rai
    Nina Rai 12 kun oldin

    She’s hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Gyr Alexandra
    Gyr Alexandra 12 kun oldin

    I want jimmys job, like seriously... having fun with celebrities, answering questions, drinking shots.... I mean like DRINKING SHOTS!?
    It’s a dream.

  • Red Alert
    Red Alert 12 kun oldin

    Chrissy Teigen is so gross on so many levels

  • Jay2Fire
    Jay2Fire 13 kun oldin +3

    She was walking very seductive it had to be a very naughty question😉💦💯

  • أسيم | 48
    أسيم | 48 13 kun oldin

    "I love you too."

  • M S.
    M S. 13 kun oldin

    This is the dumbest game I have ever seen. It doesn't even make sense. The drinks are meant to be disgusting and not delicious. Obv they won't tell the question then omds. So dumb..

  • Adriana Sancho
    Adriana Sancho 13 kun oldin

    Funnier than spill your guts or fill your guts... ♥

  • Ms. EssentiaList
    Ms. EssentiaList 13 kun oldin

    Whenever i see chrissy i never know whether she is fat or skinny!! It’s so weird and motherfuckers i know im not the only one thinking it!!!

  • DCCharged
    DCCharged 13 kun oldin

    This is a good game.... but I’d like it better if they are forced to answer at leased 1 question.... or if the other person gets to see the question and then share it

  • Carissa Ulmer
    Carissa Ulmer 13 kun oldin +1

    Anyone who reads this want to know something crazy
    My mom went to high school with Chrissy Teigen so crazy (she went to a high school in Washington states in Snohomish) 🤣

  • taejeon
    taejeon 14 kun oldin


  • Jed Clumpitt
    Jed Clumpitt 14 kun oldin

    Oooh those cheeks!

  • Mafe Boucher
    Mafe Boucher 14 kun oldin +171

    you should make this game an app! It'd be hella fun to play this with friends

  • Sarah Gracey
    Sarah Gracey 14 kun oldin

    This game is so stupid, they should just tell us the questions

  • Matrick Galius
    Matrick Galius 14 kun oldin

    Who the crap is this? Gosh she’s ugly

  • Faith Leong
    Faith Leong 16 kun oldin

    Jimmy skipped one of his questions

  • Nadezhda Makarova
    Nadezhda Makarova 16 kun oldin

    Between her laugh, her face, the pointlessness to this game other than inside jokes between the rich and famous... this sucks.

  • Nadezhda Makarova
    Nadezhda Makarova 16 kun oldin

    She ate the paper...? Seriously, who is that?

  • Nadezhda Makarova
    Nadezhda Makarova 16 kun oldin

    Her face is super annoying. Who is that? Ugh.

  • Ashlyn Wolf
    Ashlyn Wolf 17 kun oldin +40

    I dead ass just realized she looks and sounds so similar to Demi Lovato. Is that her sister? 😂😂😂

    • jeff
      jeff 6 kun oldin

      lovato is way way hotter... demi looks pretty without makeup

  • Semi Wohlgemuth
    Semi Wohlgemuth 19 kun oldin

    He never did his answer for the 3rd

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    NesaFashion Channel 21 kun oldin

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  • Jamie Newton
    Jamie Newton 22 kun oldin

    I think her question where she answered "Jimmy Fallon" was "Who do you think is the most attractive in this room?" because she was really embarrassed after and I couldn't think of anything else why she would look/and go around the room looking at everyone. Just my guess.

  • Little Moth Big Wings
    Little Moth Big Wings 23 kun oldin

    I think it should be three questions and one drink. So they can drink just one time and other ones they need to tell the truth.

  • Katerina Maldonado
    Katerina Maldonado 23 kun oldin

    I feel like that last question was who is the cutest person in the room/ on the Tonight Show HAHA

  • Yasmin Jadene
    Yasmin Jadene 24 kun oldin

    Why did she actually eat the paper huh

  • Madison B.
    Madison B. 25 kun oldin

    the first question was “who’s your least favorite kardashian?”

  • Shawn Begay
    Shawn Begay 26 kun oldin

    They should have added something. Like if the other person guesses the correct question, then the person answering will have to take the shot lol

  • Ashley Walker
    Ashley Walker 26 kun oldin

    Question: Do her shots have alcohol in them? Cuz she looks pregnant (her face). I feel like she told them she was pregnant and they gave her non-alcoholic shots so she wasn't concerned about taking the shots.

  • Jenny Marshall
    Jenny Marshall 26 kun oldin

    Sex three times a week. I get it way more. Duh! Same man for 20 years!

  • Jenny Marshall
    Jenny Marshall 26 kun oldin

    Boring game!!! 6,000 a hour salary ?

  • Jenny Marshall
    Jenny Marshall 26 kun oldin

    Dumb! It’s a shot with a raspberry. No biggie. Spill your guts or fill your guts is so much better!

  • Gabino Gudino
    Gabino Gudino 27 kun oldin +1

    Saying you got the idea from her, you know damn well you stealing this from James Gordon

  • Sandra Turner
    Sandra Turner 27 kun oldin

    Dated september 23 2018

  • Andy Tegenkamp
    Andy Tegenkamp 27 kun oldin

    Bitch looks like a clown.. Nice make up

  • Sarah Alisha
    Sarah Alisha 28 kun oldin

    Haha, I know he would ask “is John happy three times a week?”

  • I'm Ally
    I'm Ally 29 kun oldin

    Someone must know it because they wrote so technically they could spill the tea to the whole world

  • Lita Wells
    Lita Wells 29 kun oldin

    Can we say plastic surgery gone wrong

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith 29 kun oldin

    Haha that last question...not what I thought😂

  • JaNee’s Life
    JaNee’s Life 29 kun oldin

    I like this game! Play it with friends

  • Imani Smith
    Imani Smith 29 kun oldin

    She sounds like a teenage girl

  • rashawna Douglass-Watson


  • Two Bits
    Two Bits 29 kun oldin

    I bet the first question was, "who is your favorite Dancing With the Stars contestant?"

  • Chantall Avalos
    Chantall Avalos Oy oldin

    He didn’t do the last shot 😐

  • BridgeTo noWhere
    BridgeTo noWhere Oy oldin +4

    What happened to her face? She looks so different to me?

  • Nikora Mcdonald
    Nikora Mcdonald Oy oldin

    It’s almost like spill guts or fill your guts

  • Kelsey Carn
    Kelsey Carn Oy oldin

    “I have the devils testicles”

  • You Don’t Matter

    She’s hiding the question from jimmy fallon like he’s not going to know 😂it’s his show. The person who writes the questions knows lmaooo

  • Cameron Edmonds
    Cameron Edmonds Oy oldin

    Plastic surgery gone wrong?

  • Raka Sudiana
    Raka Sudiana Oy oldin

    I love this game!!

  • Tj Roy
    Tj Roy Oy oldin

    How much did you spend on the your hooker last night jimmy “6000”

  • Katie M
    Katie M Oy oldin

    I wonder is the 1st one Who’s ur least favourite Kardashian

  • TashiSoCali
    TashiSoCali Oy oldin

    Chrissy is HILARIOUS per usual

  • applejuize
    applejuize Oy oldin

    She looks like a man

  • Keicy
    Keicy Oy oldin

    I'm I hearing well or is her voice almost similar to Demi Lovato's?

  • Alys sa
    Alys sa Oy oldin

    This doesn't make any sense!

  • slushpuppie19
    slushpuppie19 Oy oldin

    Jello from the other siiiiiiiiideeee

  • Kevin Mosey
    Kevin Mosey Oy oldin

    I love how there is someone out there that works for The Tonight Show that knows what all of these questions are. I'm convinced it's Jimmy because, as much as I love him, he's notorious for hyping things up a little too much to try and make it sound more interesting or like he doesn't know what's coming.

  • Erin S.
    Erin S. Oy oldin

    She’s turning into the next Lion Lady. Any the person who made the prop and who wrote the questions knows and can get a decent bonus from jimmy.

  • Asia Beamon
    Asia Beamon Oy oldin

    This needs to be a game I can physically buy in the store 😭

  • Flora Vilen
    Flora Vilen Oy oldin

    Cartoon kids

  • Flora Vilen
    Flora Vilen Oy oldin

    Tattoo 2 tonne

  • Flora Vilen
    Flora Vilen Oy oldin

    Cartoon cartoon

  • Leidis De la Rosa

    6:20 "Who is the hottest person in the room?"

    • 22/12
      22/12 29 kun oldin +1

      or crush maybe ?

  • Mamalover
    Mamalover Oy oldin

    I have to know what these questions are:
    1. 3 Times a week

  • Christian Velez
    Christian Velez Oy oldin

    I would do it just for the shots.