Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling

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  • Joylandi 30-Noy, 2018
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    Producer: Krizia Vega
    Editor: Lindsey Stirling
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  • Mark Mcmanus
    Mark Mcmanus 5 soat oldin

    Your album stands at the top of the Christmas charts, this is my favorite Christmas song and your version is my absolute favorite of them all. The whole album is so beautiful it really reflects who you are and what you represent. My Christmas spirit is at an all time high since I've discovered it this year and you are directly responsible for my cheery mood.
    I have been a fan since you started and your talent and beauty has grown immensely. I watch these holiday music videos and I am astounded and spellbound by your grace and beauty, such beauty that you transcend sexiness with your classiness.
    Going on UZclip to watch this video to feel the cheerful spirit only to be distracted by you defending yourself and your art makes me sad.

    • Mark Mcmanus
      Mark Mcmanus 5 soat oldin

      You are a gifted, gorgeous ICON with such a massive reach that I hope you aren't fettered by petty haters.
      Thank you for your wonderful contributions, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

  • Batul Raza
    Batul Raza 7 soat oldin


  • Argus Flotilla
    Argus Flotilla 9 soat oldin

    Whenever this song comes on while I'm at work I sing along to this version rather than what's playing

  • Leif
    Leif 9 soat oldin

    The people complaining that she is doing different things are the same people who would complain if she only did the same thing

  • Dramatic Eyeball
    Dramatic Eyeball 9 soat oldin +1

    As someone who has done ballet, I am all for you learning pointe, just PLEASE make sure your technique is really good. I don't want you to get hurt.

  • Ermine R
    Ermine R 11 soat oldin

    Very dissapointed of the new style. It's... nothing interesting, nothing touching. Something I do not care about, and that's sad, just like something wonderful has come to an end. It's not about talent or technique, it's about feelings. There will be certainly more and more fans of Lindsey, because she's cute and lovely dancing and so on...

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels 13 soat oldin

    Dude I love your voice and I think i'm not the only one!
    There is nothing wrong for you being awesome 😄!

  • Jolly Knuckles
    Jolly Knuckles 13 soat oldin

    Oh no! Lindsey's an adult that has grown into her sexuality and self as an artist! How dare she!
    If you ever read this Lindsey:
    I wish you would sing MORE on your albums. You have a very beautiful voice and I appreciate your aesthetic. I have been following you since just about the beginning and met you at Faeriworlds in Eugene Oregon in 2012 (ya' signed my lucky dollar!). I just wish your tickets were a little more affordable, but seeing your post-album shows as well, I understand you have big productions and it's not cheap. Your performances are on par with Green Day in my opinion, and that's something. Because Green Day...
    You have helped me with my creativity and acceptance of my feminine nature as the years have gone by. Seeing a peer rise from homemade videos to sold out shows is quite inspiring. I appreciate your faith, even I am not the same faith (quite the opposite actually), I am moved by your determination and hard work. I wish you all the best and will continue to support you. Thank you for (maybe) reading this.

  • Robin Birmingham
    Robin Birmingham 14 soat oldin

    I love this cover of Santa Baby. Lindsey's so beautiful, expressive, and very talented.Those eyes and that pretty smile are her best assets along with that amazing talent for playing violin, dancing, and now singing. That little slip in the tub @2:33 is so funny. I don't know if it was planned or not, but the humor in it the way she just resets herself and keeps going is hilarious.

  • Sofia The Human
    Sofia The Human 17 soat oldin

    Violin, singing and dancing (with pointe ballet shoes)!! This video has it all! You just earned yourself a new fan! Keep up the hard work❤️

  • Alana Grey
    Alana Grey 19 soat oldin

    I can’t believe people are being mean to her about her two new songs. Now I don’t agree with the “lesser” clothing or anything like that but it’s not my place to tell her how she needs to do her videos!! You people need lives and you obviously aren’t her true fans if all you can do is whine about the “old Lindsey” heck there isn’t an old or new Lindsey, she’s just her! If you don’t like it freaking get out of here and go spread your negativity to someone who actually cares what you think. Can’t find anyone? There’s your answer, twats.

  • bob bob
    bob bob 19 soat oldin +2

    I can't believe so many people are so scandalized by legs! Seriously people, this isn't the Victorian era. Uncovered legs and a poppy Christmas cover do not mean Lindsey lost her soul, or whatever nonsense people think is going on.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Kun oldin

    Stick to playing yer fiddle and not singing , you should of won AGT

  • Mariah Henderson
    Mariah Henderson Kun oldin

    You keep learning new things and changing and growing! The ballet style was adorable and cool and your singing is beautiful! Keep telling everyone who tells you otherwise to shut it!!

  • Penguin Plays2008
    Penguin Plays2008 Kun oldin

    Tbh your dog is the real star of the video

  • Yume Shinohara
    Yume Shinohara Kun oldin

    I love your legs! 😘😍

  • MrWrenchtime
    MrWrenchtime Kun oldin

    Lindsey, I loved this song and everything about you. I’ve been a fan for years!!! Keep doing what your heart tells you. True fans will follow you. Love you bunches.

  • Marion Arot
    Marion Arot Kun oldin

    You are beautiful ! You sing so well, you should sing more often.

  • Rouge Variable
    Rouge Variable Kun oldin

    One of my greatest pleasures from being a Lindsey fan over the years has been following her growth and evolution.

  • Tabitha Gresty
    Tabitha Gresty Kun oldin +1

    Her dog has more talent than I do. LINDSEY YOU'RE FRICKIN AMAZIN! (AND SO IS YOUR DOG)

  • Evan Taaved Pert
    Evan Taaved Pert Kun oldin

    These kind of videos with Lindsey Stirling are weird because normally she sings with her arms and this is weird to see her moving her lips but I like the video thank you

    p.s. smart edit [my opinion]

  • Rikku Takanashi
    Rikku Takanashi Kun oldin

    God chill out people! How the heck could she do this song without it being at least the tiniest bit suggestive? The whole dang song is suggestive! I say she did this rather cleanly.

  • The Blue Bat
    The Blue Bat Kun oldin

    ❤️ love what you do Lindsey!!!

  • Missing in Action
    Missing in Action 2 kun oldin

    Typically I'm not the most fond of christmas music because i feel like it's over played and it all pretty much sounds the same. How refreshing it is to have such a fun and different version to these songs! This is by far my favorite rendition and the video is so charming.

  • Meghan Campbell
    Meghan Campbell 2 kun oldin

    me, my husband and daughter went to the concert this year and it was my daughters first concert and she loved it

  • Edward Riger
    Edward Riger 2 kun oldin

    I hope you are this but you are woman of many talents a anything could be your center. Variety is a good thing, people are just afraid you'll stop writing your own songs and stop playing the violin. It's ridiculous that people think that but it's true.

  • The Harvster
    The Harvster 2 kun oldin

    Do not listen to the critics. All the seeds that were planted in you when you were in your mothers womb, will not germinate at the same time. It's a new growing season, cultivate and nurture your spirit.

  • Danielle Costa
    Danielle Costa 2 kun oldin

    I absolutely love that you are trying new things!!! I love all of your work, including this! I am also a sucker for Christmas music and you did fantastic!!!!!

  • sandra Ferrington
    sandra Ferrington 2 kun oldin

    Sounds good

  • Littia Sellers
    Littia Sellers 2 kun oldin

    another good one is "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina

  • Littia Sellers
    Littia Sellers 2 kun oldin

    nope. 0:50 in da bath

  • Littia Sellers
    Littia Sellers 2 kun oldin

    0:58 in da bath

  • salomon garcia
    salomon garcia 2 kun oldin

    es 100% pop D:

  • sin don
    sin don 2 kun oldin

    Eres encantadora. Me gustan tus canciones.Sigue asi, mejorando todo, pues aun eres joven y en el futuro nos darás buenas canciones, asi que da igual lo que digan, haz buenas y dulces canciones y punto.Un abrazo y besos.

  • Shontelle Davis
    Shontelle Davis 2 kun oldin

    Hey there, i saw your music video on TV in my country and what intrigued me was your variation💞 and effort in the video, from singing, to ballet, and then the violin. I just had to find it again. Nice work. No random twerking when the beat dropped lol me like🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Richard and Harold
    Richard and Harold 2 kun oldin +1

    This deadass sucks Ertha kitt and Ariana grande sang this wayyyy better

  • Seto The what
    Seto The what 2 kun oldin

    That was pretty good!

    But I want more Violin
    Its not her Style

  • Oscar Aguilar
    Oscar Aguilar 2 kun oldin

    I loved

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill 2 kun oldin

    To throw my tuppence in on the whole debate of artistic identity, there’s a big difference between negativity and constructive criticism. People saying they prefer the “old Lindsey” aren’t providing criticism they’re just expressing an opinion (something the internet just LOVES doing).
    But I think you can extrapolate something meaningful from the comments. If people like the older works then you’ve gotta ask what’s changed. My own personal take on this is that trying new things, the singing, the ballet (which are both brilliant I thought!) is great. If there’s something I would criticise about the newer content it would be the videos. It’s become very reliant on glitz and show which isn’t always bad but I think lately it’s all become a distraction. The exotic outfits and rapid cut editing draw away from what makes Lindsey’s work so special: her. My personal favourite video has got to Crystallise. Long uncut shots, a hauntingly beautiful landscape and an uncluttered score that places the attention of the audience squarely on Lindsey and her performance which is where I think the most compelling part of her work lies.
    All that being said I still think Lindsey’s work is wonderful and it’ll take a lot more than a bit of glitz to convince me otherwise! I hope she carries on experimenting so long as she finds it artistically fulfilling.

  • PHIFI1 - FrenchSinger
    PHIFI1 - FrenchSinger 2 kun oldin +3

    Lindsey, congrats on your video, I love it!!! 👍👍👍. I wish you every success 😊. I’ve included your clip on the playlist «Nouvelle Chanson De Noël 2018 International 🎄 (New Christmas Songs 2018 In The World) 🎅», on my channel «PHIFI1 - French Singer ». Talk to you soon. :-)

  • Alexis Bowen
    Alexis Bowen 2 kun oldin

    It's amaxing finally hearing you sing! You seem so comfortable doing both!

  • MrFox72rus
    MrFox72rus 2 kun oldin

    Всегда нравилась ! Щя пошла слащавая хрень ( Извините меня за мой французкий!)))

  • Pierce Rainy
    Pierce Rainy 2 kun oldin

    Good job keeping Christmas sexual. Keep serving Lucifer!

  • Kaan Okcu
    Kaan Okcu 2 kun oldin +1

    I originally wanted to write this under Lindsey's comment where this belongs, but don't know why, couldn't. Guess reply is closed so writing here. You kidding me? 7% is huge. I would hardly suggest you to look on the percentage below. For example the video of roundtable rival got 1.9 mil likes and only 42 k dislikes, which gives the ratio of 0.2%

  • nepneptuni Ποσειδώνας ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    I heard it once and now I’m coming back because it don’t go outside of my head

  • Andrew Kerfoot
    Andrew Kerfoot 3 kun oldin

    The song is amazing as always, but the dog is ADORABLE!

  • sky peters
    sky peters 3 kun oldin

    You can so tell being on DWTS has taught her even more about Dance. I hope we see another collab soon!

  • mommynme.2
    mommynme.2 3 kun oldin

    Love it! Love that you put yourself out there and don’t limit yourself.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 3 kun oldin

    What a thot lol

  • KidGamer 55
    KidGamer 55 3 kun oldin

    People who don’t like his video are fools and don’t understand what good music and life

  • Elexis Roberts
    Elexis Roberts 3 kun oldin

    I must

  • Juujuu Bean
    Juujuu Bean 3 kun oldin

    Girl . . . U AMAZING! I have never really been a fan of this particular Christmas song, but you went right ahead and gave it new flare, and I LOVE IT! I loved the incorporation of pointe! Keep it up! You're an amazing example of using your talents to help inspire and change the world. I appreciate your comment and I'm sorry that no matter where you go -well, I guess it's what we're taught- you will find "opposition in all things". But it's there for us to overcome and provide the good side ;) So way to go! Keep trying new things. Keep learning. Keep growing. And know that there are many of us out there still cheering you on.Thanks again for all you do! I look forward to all the many more songs and MV's you shall bless this world with!

  • Dark Rose
    Dark Rose 3 kun oldin


  • Firie Cam
    Firie Cam 3 kun oldin

    Lost who you are???????!!!!?????. Are they kidding?
    As far as I'm concerned you can't do a thing wrong. You are an amazingly talented person who does what you do very well. You are adding a bit of variety to your repertoire and I hope you are having as much fun as you appear to be, doing it. You don't owe anybody anything, and whatever keeps you happy and in the business for as long as possible. Variety just means there is something there for everyone. I'd also like to mention that all of the hard work you and others are obviously doing is not going to waste and is very much appreciated.

  • Hannah Chapman
    Hannah Chapman 3 kun oldin

    she does know santa is not real right

  • Lil Bunnyblue. :3
    Lil Bunnyblue. :3 3 kun oldin

    It's so good! Pls do more?

  • rainy soul
    rainy soul 3 kun oldin


  • Monsieur Mahan SJ
    Monsieur Mahan SJ 3 kun oldin


  • Becci Friend
    Becci Friend 3 kun oldin

    Seit wann singt die !???ES KLINGT SO BESCHISSEN GUT!!!

  • Zen Den
    Zen Den 3 kun oldin +1

    Your shorts are so short I can practically see your...

  • Steve Tk
    Steve Tk 3 kun oldin

    I liked and added to my holiday playlist !

    keep up the hits! achieve! be happy and wish you continued success!
    PS beauty & talent is Synonymous with you

  • Jodie Moore
    Jodie Moore 3 kun oldin

    I like this one!
    Lindsey sounds a little bit like Avril.

  • obliviouscreatures
    obliviouscreatures 3 kun oldin

    I'm just curious what emotion this video is supposed to convey?! Cause on the one side we have people offended by 'Baby it's cold outside', and on the other end of the spectrum we have videos like this. 'Baby it's cold outside' makes me want to put my clothes on, this video makes me want to take your clothes off... :) I still like you for your talent, I just hope you didn't have to sell your soul to be where you're at.

  • pinkyslippers
    pinkyslippers 3 kun oldin

    Apart from the Eartha Kitt one, I think this is my new favourite version. Also, artists have to change and experiment to have longevity in their careers. And there is nothing wrong with expressing your sensuality. If you don't like an artist's style then you have every right not to consume their art.

  • Relax CreatorM
    Relax CreatorM 3 kun oldin

    Every music video of her is better than its previous!How does she do that!? By the way,I need myself a violin like this,with lots of crystals

  • cassie loucks
    cassie loucks 3 kun oldin

    Lindsey don't let them get to u. U did amazing in this song and all of your songs. I love it.

  • dule sule
    dule sule 3 kun oldin +1

    The soul is sold...

  • Irene caudieus
    Irene caudieus 3 kun oldin

    Lunaaa latteee 😎😎

  • Sambojin Bojin-Sam
    Sambojin Bojin-Sam 3 kun oldin

    Maybe. Baby. 💝

  • Luke H
    Luke H 3 kun oldin

    I swear Lindsey can put me in a trance. Anyone else?

  • Anthony Ace
    Anthony Ace 3 kun oldin

    Really enjoyed this twist on this song. Keep doing you Lindsey. Always strive to improve and make the music that makes you happy, because that's what we want to hear. 👍🏽

  • Emily Childs
    Emily Childs 4 kun oldin

    You are incredibly talented!!

  • rutabagasteu
    rutabagasteu 4 kun oldin

    Sounds like someone is upset about you in a petty way. I heard the original over the radio many years ago. You did a good job of it.

  • Todd Moll
    Todd Moll 4 kun oldin

    Stay blessed beautiful, you look and sound amazing! Have a Merry Christmas

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 4 kun oldin +1

    Stormy singing to Donald

  • Kylie Ramos
    Kylie Ramos 4 kun oldin

    As a pointe dancer I just want to say on your relavase please be careful because the way you went up you can twist your ankle but over all for a beginner it was beautiful

  • Loven Music
    Loven Music 4 kun oldin

    Love to hear you sing, it is very fun and puts a smile on my face. Thank you Lindsey for the great songs and videos.

  • crying sun
    crying sun 4 kun oldin +1

    first 10 seconds be a DIY video fr

  • sydney villarroel
    sydney villarroel 4 kun oldin

    Vocal or instrumental this woman is gorgeous in her mannerism in her songs. I love it!!!!!!

  • Rachel Lounsbury
    Rachel Lounsbury 4 kun oldin

    Wow learning point is so hard I’m so proud of you!!!! Everything about this video is so COOL

  • Drew Conway
    Drew Conway 4 kun oldin

    If she doesn’t want a ring on the phone, why is she staring longingly at the phone at the end of the song? 🧐

  • Keri M
    Keri M 4 kun oldin

    Girl, I heard your rendition of Carol of the Bells on the radio. You rock! Keep up the awesome work.

  • Daniel Gable
    Daniel Gable 4 kun oldin

    LOL, I just came to this video after watching Megan Nichole's version. BTW you done good. It's just the difference in treatment between the two had me in stitches.

  • TheV8nissan
    TheV8nissan 4 kun oldin

    Thank you for this! I get tired of the same boring traditional Christmas music. You look gorgeous and sound amazing!

  • Pride Xp
    Pride Xp 4 kun oldin

    не пой больше, это не твоё

  • Jeniy Lee
    Jeniy Lee 4 kun oldin


  • Neleandra Martins
    Neleandra Martins 4 kun oldin


  • Stephanie H
    Stephanie H 4 kun oldin

    Hey Lindsey, your amazing, enjoy everything you do. Sorry you have to deal with trolls. You Rock!

    DOVIHON VEGA 5 kun oldin

    @ Lindsey Stirling Well said. Way to go.

  • Lightning Nerd
    Lightning Nerd 5 kun oldin

    Wow, I don't think I ever appreciated how good of a singer Lindsey is.

  • Peter Hollens
    Peter Hollens 5 kun oldin

    Lindsey, not only have you NOT lost who you are as an artist you have gained so so much... I remember talking to you about how nervous you were to ever sing, and now look at you! I'm so so so so proud of you. Also you kill it in this, and Luna is A STAR!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

  • Ayana Khurana
    Ayana Khurana 5 kun oldin +3

    Did you see 2:34 lindsey fell in the tub... what a great vid I watch this vid every single day love you Lindsey stirling😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 2 kun oldin +1

      Thought I was the only one who noticed!! Glad Lindsey and the editor kept it in!!

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues 5 kun oldin

    I would love to see you do a cover of music box dancer.

  • Bill Freitas
    Bill Freitas 5 kun oldin

    Went to your Sac, CA show...Your are as awesome as ever....Keep going, Growing and Evolving!

  • Russell Lovrin
    Russell Lovrin 5 kun oldin

    Lindsey, I love the video and the album. Looking forward to hearing you sing a play the Violin on your future endeavors.
    You drew me in with "Roundtable Rival", kept me intrigued with "Brave Enough", and made me a fan with your Medleys. Keep up the great job!

  • Gojira61
    Gojira61 5 kun oldin

    Like I've said before, Lindsey is America's New Sweetheart. Sorry Sandra, you have to make room! I just love Lindsey! Lindsey, please don't be disheartened. Keep pushing and trying. There are always naysayers.

  • Deb Moses
    Deb Moses 5 kun oldin +1

    Resembles Ellie May Clampett on the Beverly Hills Billies, sorry.

  • Ella Bolz
    Ella Bolz 5 kun oldin +1

    What a bop

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin 5 kun oldin

    I now know what to ask Santa for this Christmas!