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  • Joylandi 7-Yan, 2019
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  • Nour Eleuchi
    Nour Eleuchi 15 soat oldin

    what's up with the people who do not see this AMAZING music video from Ikon ???? !!!!! They have earned far more than just 20 million. The lyrics, the choreography and the perfect lokation is just incredible and not just this music video of each other from Ikon too !!!!! I love them and support them. I hope you guys do it too❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Eternity Blue
    Eternity Blue 15 soat oldin

    The Beat is so sad with headphones

  • Maria Rodelaine
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  • Nyon gan
    Nyon gan 15 soat oldin

    Blink here
    Love Ikon

  • Emi Kristina Harefa
    Emi Kristina Harefa 16 soat oldin

    im not ok

  • Kim Hiên Nguyễn
    Kim Hiên Nguyễn 16 soat oldin +2

    I love ikon

  • Poopy Pants
    Poopy Pants 17 soat oldin

    Im gay

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 17 soat oldin


  • Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year

    0:54 1:00 i love this part of yeunhyung he's attractive here he's sexy and handsome on this part :)))

  • Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year

    김 한빈 오빠 사랑해 ♥ Ikon i love you ♥

  • ann crisel arceo
    ann crisel arceo 18 soat oldin +2

    Cant we s t r e a m whenever we would like to listen some of their songs hmmm

  • dearhyunsuk
    dearhyunsuk 19 soat oldin +3

    the lyrics are so good

  • Patz J
    Patz J 19 soat oldin +2


  • Hanna
    Hanna 19 soat oldin +4

    ikon deserves more than 100m subscribers

  • AERI*Bunny*RodiN*
    AERI*Bunny*RodiN* 19 soat oldin +1

    m here for BOBBY.

  • Steivy Nayoan
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  • iBEAY
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  • Karina Tiara
    Karina Tiara 21 soat oldin +3

    Im ok☺️☺️☺️

  • Karina Tiara
    Karina Tiara 21 soat oldin +1

    Par lebah2 kuu💕🐝🐝🐝

  • Karina Tiara
    Karina Tiara 21 soat oldin +4

    I love it💕💕💕

  • Karina Tiara
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  • Nur Khairati
    Nur Khairati 21 soat oldin +4

    DK's voice is so beautifullll... love it so muchhh

  • Jinani Estrella
    Jinani Estrella 21 soat oldin +2


  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy 22 soat oldin +3


  • hy fin
    hy fin 22 soat oldin +5

    Go!!!! 100M

  • EXO-L TV
    EXO-L TV 22 soat oldin +4

    EXO-L is here to support IKON

  • Silver Star
    Silver Star 23 soat oldin +1

    2:44 "~Cool men don't look at explosions behind them~"

  • pin gu
    pin gu 23 soat oldin +3

    20M 🔓
    25M 🔒
    30M 🔒

  • Chris Yun
    Chris Yun 23 soat oldin +3

    Guys don't worry about the views, the fortnite sponsor will bring 12 year olds to this video.

  • hanbin omma
    hanbin omma 23 soat oldin +4

    good morning ikonics

    • Cole Jonas
      Cole Jonas 17 soat oldin

      Good afternoon✌🏻♥️

  • Marianne Magallanes
    Marianne Magallanes 23 soat oldin +6

    I like ikon all songs/mv..im a fan now

  • Loriecka Watanabe
    Loriecka Watanabe 23 soat oldin +4

    *30 Million? Who's with me?*

  • Tok Delas Boutique
    Tok Delas Boutique Kun oldin +3

    my baby bobby

  • Novalinda Simarmata
    Novalinda Simarmata Kun oldin +3

    My mood

  • btstxt armykpop
    btstxt armykpop Kun oldin +7

    i love IKON soooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch

  • IsorxHD
    IsorxHD Kun oldin +13

    *IM OK*

  • Aileen Padilla
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  • Burak Firat
    Burak Firat Kun oldin +6

    Ikon Should popular like BTS , they deserv it

  • bobby tendaeyo
    bobby tendaeyo Kun oldin +9

    No matter how much the viewer is, iKON really don't mind that. They always hope for iKONICs for live well. Their love is really truthful :')

  • Ana Kim
    Ana Kim Kun oldin +4


  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy Kun oldin +10

    iKON - I'M OK
    03.19 12:15AM KST: 20,134,883
    03.20 12:15AM KST: 20,202,142
    Today vi3ws: 67,259

  • Arlettuh Jones
    Arlettuh Jones Kun oldin +9

    This is too underrated

  • azli Joey
    azli Joey Kun oldin +13

    Nice lyrics.. vocal too superb, n mv shoot soo adore

  • Stan Astro Stan Talent
    Stan Astro Stan Talent Kun oldin +13

    Here's an Aroha supporting Ikon cuz eunwoo loves Ikon

  • Beatriz Aparecida Bernardes

    algum BR?

  • koo junhoe
    koo junhoe Kun oldin +5

    20M proud to be an iKONic💙💙

  • ᄋᄆᄋ정제이홉
    ᄋᄆᄋ정제이홉 Kun oldin +1

    노래는 진짜 진짜 좋은데 뮤비가 거의 다 비슷한 건 기분 탓일까요 ㅜㅜ

  • h lê
    h lê Kun oldin +6

    Hello friends 😛

  • Juliefe Monroy
    Juliefe Monroy Kun oldin +10

    Song of my life now.

  • K G
    K G Kun oldin +9

    Kim Hanbin, stage name: B.I- Leader, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer 0:16 - 0:28 1:46 - 1:56
    Kim Jinhwan, stage name: Jay- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:25 - 1:29 2:29 2:51
    Song Yunhyeong, stage name: Song- Visual, Lead Vocalist 0:53 - 1:02
    Kim Jiwon, stage name: BOBBY- Main Rapper, Face of the Group 0:31 - 0:52 2:25
    Koo Junhoe, stage name: June- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:16 - 1:23 1:57 - 2:07
    Kim Donghyuk, stage name: DK- Main Dancer, Vocalist 2:08 - 2:12 3:29 - 3:33
    Jung Chanwoo, stage name: Chan- Maknae, Vocalist 1:03 - 1:12 3:11
    New iKONICS? People interested in the members?

  • Emily Channel
    Emily Channel Kun oldin +5

    what's the name of IKON's fandom?

  • almona suryani
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  • Abby Yang
    Abby Yang Kun oldin +15

    Not a kpop fan but, I stumbled upon ikon just now and I think I'm in love.

    • stan dreamcatcher for good grades
      stan dreamcatcher for good grades 20 soat oldin

      tysm 🙏

    • zen
      zen Kun oldin +3

      To get to know iKON, watch any short guides on iKON including " an unhelpful guide to iKON" by ikonicseven
      Then iKON TV !! Find iKON TV playlist in iKON youtube channel. Fully subbed.
      Then , iKON's history before debut ;.
      - Who Is Next (2013) half of them were just 16 yrs old
      - Mix & Match (2014)
      - Show Me the Money S3 (2014)

    • zen
      zen Kun oldin +3

      I suggest not to watch Who Is Next and Mix & Match right now. They're pre debut shows of them .
      Watch and explore iKON's work ; MVs, live performances.
      Also please have a a listen / watch their b- sides songs which are good. Just search
      " iKON ' name of song' lyrics "
      Start with these; Best Friend / Beautiful / Jerk / Hug Me / Don't Forget Me / Only You / Sinosijak / Freedom
      Also iKON's live;
      - iKON - Rhythm Ta remix DVD 2016
      - iKON - Just Go
      - iKON at Fantastic Duo . They Collab with a famous rock band, Boohwal
      - iKON at Heroes of Remix performances.

    • Abby Yang
      Abby Yang Kun oldin +2

      kchibi gsama I'll definitely check it out!

    • kchibi gsama
      kchibi gsama Kun oldin +3

      Abby Yang All you need is that one song... hope you keep checking out iKON🙏🏼
      I recommend watching iKON tv then WIN: Who Is Next and Mix & Match

  • Flower Suga
    Flower Suga Kun oldin +5

    Finaly 20 m😢 stream harder guys..fighting cute konic😍

  • safa rahman choudhury
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  • safa rahman choudhury
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  • safa rahman choudhury
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  • SamJoon
    SamJoon Kun oldin +3

    This deserves waaay more vi3ws

  • Salwa Sindy
    Salwa Sindy Kun oldin +2

    Anyonghaseyo BI❤💙

  • FuryDaWolf
    FuryDaWolf Kun oldin +7

    This ℓσνє ѕ¢єиαяισ is кιℓℓιиg мє but ι'м σк.

  • Truc Nguyen
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  • Nguyen Hamy
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  • Once_Reveluv_Blink_Orbit_Neverland

    Hey guys, I'm new to iKON. Can someone help me with timestamps of the members?

    • Once_Reveluv_Blink_Orbit_Neverland
      Once_Reveluv_Blink_Orbit_Neverland Kun oldin

      Thanks lovelies! 😍

    • nabilla prameswari
      nabilla prameswari Kun oldin +2

      Welcome to family dear!!!
      0:13 Kim Hanbin / B.I (1996), Leader, Rapper and also composer, song writer and producer of all the song of iKON. IG name : shxxbi131
      0:32 Kim Jiwon / Bobby (1995), Rapper,song writer, face of the group, smtm 3 champion. Unit MOBB (Mino & Bobby) " Full house, Hit me", Solo album (Love and Fall) IG name : bobbyindaeyo
      0:53 Song Yunhyeong / Song / yunhyeong (1995), 2th the oldest, chef yoyo, Visual, Vocal in charge of high notes too. IG name : sssong_yh
      1:04 Jung Chanwoo / Chan / Chanu (1998), Vocal, sub rapper, Maknae on top, and also youtuber ( 찬우살이
      ) IG name : chan_w000
      1:15 Koo Junhoe / Junee (1997), Main vocal, noisy, IG name : juneeeeeeya
      1:25 Kim Jinhwan / Jay / Jinan / 13cm fairy (1994), the oldest, Main vocal, IG name : gnani__
      2:07 Kim Donghyuk / DK (1997), vocal in charge of high notes, main dancer and also choreographs some of their songs. IG name : _dong_ii
      watch this video, to help you know more basic of iKON this video is The best unhelpful guide for ikon so far! uzclip.net/video/difvs5WjoNY/video.html&index=36&list=PLX68ku4NrFjej5e8SOtANKR877UhaW5Uc
      if you wanna stan iKON, You can start with watch WIN, and MIX&MATCH to know more about them and how they started.. next you must watch ikon tv, idol school trip ikon, Summertime in bali, summertime in saipan, summertime in hawaii, wintertime, kony's island season greeting, etc (you can see it on youtube or dailymotion with english subtittle.) watch (eps ikon guest) weekly idol, idol room, runningman, unexpected Q, awesome feed, problematic men, hidden singer, mimi shop, king of mask singer, tvn 300, life bar, amazing saturday, mari and i, my celeb roomies, etc.
      And also Please try to listen to the whole ikon album, try listen My type, Bling bling, rhythm ta, Rubber band, beautiful, best friend, B-day, Dumb and dumber, sinosijak, Anthem etc. ballad song goodbye road, adore you, just for you, apology, jerk, hug me, everything, long time no see, climax, just go, Airplane, etc. please support ikon till the end. Hope this can help u^^

    • K G
      K G Kun oldin +2

      Kim Hanbin, stage name: B.I- Leader, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer 0:16 - 0:28 1:46 - 1:56
      Kim Jinhwan, stage name: Jay- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:25 - 1:29 2:29 2:51
      Song Yunhyeong, stage name: Song- Visual, Lead Vocalist 0:53 - 1:02
      Kim Jiwon, stage name: BOBBY- Main Rapper, Face of the Group 0:31 - 0:52 2:25
      Koo Junhoe, stage name: June- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:16 - 1:23 1:57 - 2:07
      Kim Donghyuk, stage name: DK- Main Dancer, Vocalist 2:08 - 2:12 3:29 - 3:33
      Jung Chanwoo, stage name: Chan- Maknae, Vocalist 1:03 - 1:12 3:11

    • iKON-nic kim YUMbin
      iKON-nic kim YUMbin Kun oldin +1

      b.i, bobby, yunhyeong, chanwoo, junhoe, jinhwan, b.i again, junhoe again, donghyuk, junhoe . . . . . and the last to sing is donghyuk i just based it while the mv is playing.

  • Blink twice Treasure maker

    Now that I have watched most of ikon's songs, I can say that Ikon is super underated...I mean, I think they should be worldwide stars by now... The quality of their music is amazing...And their talent are undeniably amazing...I hope one day, people will wake up and see what Ikon can do...

  • Tennille C
    Tennille C Kun oldin +8

    This song literally explains how I feel on a daily basis.

  • Caila Bliss
    Caila Bliss Kun oldin +6

    Iv always fallen to those guys with Cool, sexy kinda of guys like James Dean, Luke Perry, Zayn Malik to GD and Taeyang fm BB and Mino, Winner. They don’t have to exaggerate but their body gesture and e way they stare at you could make you melt for a second.. iKON members hv that kind of vibes. Iv always changed my bias lol 😂 In silence, I also like Hanbin, Bobby, DK, Gnani, Chanu and Song too... of course Juneeeya is my first love from iKON and will always be bcos we have e same chemistry the most 🥰 Don’t hate me for this... Peace y’all ✌🏼

  • Water and Lemon
    Water and Lemon 2 kun oldin +20

    Came from Fortnite, stayed for the heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Regina Krlt
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  • Ernesto Palmiano
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  • KC Masibag
    KC Masibag 2 kun oldin +5

    With iKON, I'm OK. Mahal kita, Jinhwan. See you soon! :)
    iKON daebak!!!

  • Deviann dede
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  • Monika April
    Monika April 2 kun oldin +7

    Its very good 😁 ...good job ..😎👍

  • Timothy Chua
    Timothy Chua 2 kun oldin +8

    This song should be play in orchestra.

  • jiminie __
    jiminie __ 2 kun oldin +5

    20m?? Where yalls ikonicc!! Let's give them what they desere.

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 2 kun oldin +6

    I’m OK

  • bjvip ICikonic
    bjvip ICikonic 2 kun oldin +17

    IKon's interview SXSW
    Q: In your eyes(all of you) what makes you think iKon is a special group? Is it your determination? Is it your ..... reception? What is it that makes you stand out?
    D.K: For now our unrestricted presence is what sets us apart from others on stage our interactions with our fans and natural appearance also makes us different
    B.I.: I'm not sure if we are different or the same with others .... but I know our Passion for the Stage ....& sincerity to our fans is REAL & TRUTHFUL 🙆😭

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy 2 kun oldin +14

    iKON - I'M OK
    03.18 12:15AM KST: 20,068,261
    03.19 12:15AM KST: 20,134,883
    Today vi3ws: 66,622

  • Nguyen Hamy
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  • 김태형
    김태형 2 kun oldin +10

    When i heard them say
    "Im used to be alone, I'm ok"
    I felt that💔💘

  • 김태형
    김태형 2 kun oldin +17

    Im starting to stan iKon so i really dont know them that much right now.I dont recognize their faces and its hard for me to know who is singing and such. But i really want to know them so im watching all of their MV's
    Im ok is their second MV ive watched and im really amused and i really like the song,the lyrics and the way they act in the MV.Im hoping that you all can help me by suggesting what should i watch next.Thank u and im going to support them in the future

    • 김태형
      김태형 17 soat oldin

      +araesung ii Thank uuuu i appreciated it so much💜

    • 김태형
      김태형 17 soat oldin

      +zen Thank uuuuu

    • 김태형
      김태형 17 soat oldin

      +iKON-nic kim YUMbin Thankk uuu i appreciated it💜💜

    • zen
      zen 2 kun oldin +2

      The first thing you should watch are any short iKON guides.
      Then, a must watch " an unhelpful guide to iKON" by ikonicseven . This is also kinda short.
      Then watch iKON's MVs first and their Dance Practice
      Then some iKON's live performances.
      Then iKON TV ! Find iKON TV playlist in iKON youtube channel. Fully subbed.
      - iKON at Heroes of Remix
      - iKON at Fantastic Duo
      - iKON - Just Go live (eng)
      - iKON - Rhythm Ta

    • iKON-nic kim YUMbin
      iKON-nic kim YUMbin 2 kun oldin +1

      for you to know them better watch
      •WIN (Who Is Next)
      •M&M (Mix and Match)
      •iKON TV
      •iKON Idol School Trip
      •iKON at Abema and Oogiri Serious Battle
      •guestings on Weekly Idol
      •Idol Room
      •Knowing Brothers
      •Star Road
      iKON is a 7 member group
      KIM HANBIN/B.I leader, rapper, lyricist, choreographer (back then WIN and M&M till i don't know 😊) producer and composer of almost all of iKON's songs except i miss you so bad.gd of bigbang gifted it to them but i've read that the rap are still their's(b.i and bobby)
      •KIM JINHWAN/JAY vocal, oldest but shortest
      •KIM JIWON/BOBBY rapper won SMTM3
      •SONG YUNHYEONG/SONG but we call him yoyo, vocal, chef song
      •KOO JUNHOE/JU-NÉ vocal, tallest, loudest
      •KIM DONGHYUK/DK vocal, sweetest laugh, beautiful falsetto
      •JUNG CHANWOO/CHAN vocal, second tallest, maknae

  • sfug m틴틴
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  • Ana Kim
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  • Toni Varda
    Toni Varda 2 kun oldin +1

    So cool your Singh

  • Kpop MultiFandom tRaSh
    Kpop MultiFandom tRaSh 2 kun oldin +12

    I heard I'm OK before. Ofc since Ikon one of my top groups but I never used the CC. When B.I. was singing I look at CC like same bro same. Then bObBy came and did his thang and I was like R U rEaDiNg mY mInD. bC lIkE SAME VIBES tHeN SONG CAME. aNd I was like this my come to song. This that real feels song. This that have me in tears or have me smilin bc I'm lovin their voices, faces, dance, or just smilin bc I force myself to try n not to relate song. nsJZMZNSM wHy

    • zen
      zen 2 kun oldin

      When it comes to iKON, you gotta read the lyrics ❤️
      Have you listened to their B-side songs?
      Watch lyrics video
      Start with these; Best Friend / Beautiful / Jerk / Hug Me / Don't Forget Me / Only You / Sinosijak / Freedom
      Enjoy ❣️

  • Nadhifa Rechti
    Nadhifa Rechti 2 kun oldin +13

    This is my favourite song and mv . I like thiss !!!!

  • bomi hwang
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  • iBEAY
    iBEAY 2 kun oldin +4

    should i go or not?

  • Musa Hadah
    Musa Hadah 2 kun oldin +6

    I'm ok😚

  • febri june june
    febri june june 2 kun oldin +2

    Rindu june

  • febri june june
    febri june june 2 kun oldin +2

    Sayang june

  • febri june june
    febri june june 2 kun oldin +1

    Ayang june

  • febri june june
    febri june june 2 kun oldin +2

    Bebeb june

  • naa JH
    naa JH 2 kun oldin +7

    Im not okay, every IKON appears in my mind😷

  • Lorena kjc
    Lorena kjc 2 kun oldin +12

    Im not a kpoper anymore im tired of kentertaiment. But one thing is sure i gonna support iKON T13 And all yg music. Why because i love music

    • zen
      zen 2 kun oldin +1

      And if you're in the mood to get to know them a little, just watch any short iKON guides including a must watch "an unhelpful guide to iKON " by ikonicseven
      Then if you're in the mood for some laughs , iKON TV. The iKON TV playlist is in iKON channel here. Fully subbed.

    • zen
      zen 2 kun oldin +1


  • Agent Goblin
    Agent Goblin 2 kun oldin +15

    This song hits the feels where it hurts the most 😅

  • ruvini amarasingha
    ruvini amarasingha 2 kun oldin

    Subscribe to pewdie pie

    • zen
      zen 2 kun oldin +2

      Sorry, I'd have to report this as " unwanted spam"

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