I'm So Thirsty For One Little Kiss

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  • Joylandi 28-Dek, 2016
  • On the most important day of my life
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  • Bob Hintie
    Bob Hintie 3 oy oldin

    Food is love food is life

  • SmilyFountain 34
    SmilyFountain 34 4 oy oldin

    I love food so yes tell us about food !!

  • JoElla
    JoElla 5 oy oldin

    "Joella's hot chicken"
    My name is JoElla I don't meet very my people with my name and I had no idea she had a hot chicken place. I have no idea why I am so happy about this lol

  • My Mateo
    My Mateo 7 oy oldin +1


  • Addison Harston
    Addison Harston 9 oy oldin

    is your sister realy
    this evil

  • Dex Outrage
    Dex Outrage 9 oy oldin

    Joels was promoted in this video, come to our restaurant, youll meet people you met on the internet

  • adam vaughan
    adam vaughan 10 oy oldin

    I love food

  • jay and his fishies
    jay and his fishies 10 oy oldin +1

    I loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeee fooood!!!!!!!!!!!😋😋😋

  • Magicdolfine 24
    Magicdolfine 24 11 oy oldin

    I'm from kentucky

    BURNT MELLOW Yil oldin

    DUDE YOU'RE SO AWESOME! but are you watching Infinity war? +Itsalexclark

  • Koi {you know which one}

    Can I just say... Aren't all airports getting renovated when you have to use them? I feel like that's relatable... 👍

  • Luna_Cat 101
    Luna_Cat 101 Yil oldin +1

    Poor drone!!

  • Chloe Animates
    Chloe Animates Yil oldin

    Can you show us your sister in person please

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook Yil oldin

    Anyone else notice that one of the dogs is the pickle dippers dog

  • LifeOfANerd
    LifeOfANerd Yil oldin

    Have you ever been to any of the wings overs in MA? I go to Wings over Worcester all the time.

  • Kunai Beats
    Kunai Beats Yil oldin


  • Kunai Beats
    Kunai Beats Yil oldin

    omg u were in Kentucky I wish I knew XD

  • some random nerd
    some random nerd Yil oldin

    i like food it helps me live

  • Ryan Gaidis
    Ryan Gaidis Yil oldin


  • Ryan Gaidis
    Ryan Gaidis Yil oldin

    I love you Alex!!!! If I wasn't a not I would marry you

  • TheDopestPug
    TheDopestPug Yil oldin

    Joelka looks like my Grandma

  • Fifi Sparkles
    Fifi Sparkles Yil oldin

    Who came from Rebecca's channel

  • David Soule
    David Soule Yil oldin

    Do you have a pet(pets)

  • Shelly Brown
    Shelly Brown Yil oldin

    Would you ever think about coming to Philadelphia. Your shows are amazing. Im not sure but one year in wildwood new jersey some performers was doing some of your work

  • Mysterious5090 _
    Mysterious5090 _ Yil oldin

    Yes take us to more places

  • PocKetRocKet 24
    PocKetRocKet 24 Yil oldin


  • brigid corgi
    brigid corgi Yil oldin +1

    Rebeka has the cold

  • Translama
    Translama Yil oldin

    That was a crappy cartoon dog!

  • Emba Snakey
    Emba Snakey Yil oldin

    love you Alex always gotta come in for the kiss first

  • Whybutter Vlogs
    Whybutter Vlogs Yil oldin

    I live in western mass only 3 minutes from the hangar

  • Bloody Seyer
    Bloody Seyer Yil oldin

    Get it a cold and warm

  • Bloody Seyer
    Bloody Seyer Yil oldin

    Did one of you get a warm

  • Denzel Hinds
    Denzel Hinds Yil oldin

    I wished I was there when Alex was knife flipping ☺

  • -.--.-
    -.--.- Yil oldin

    his evil little sister is my FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME I love how shes so me, trying to make her older siblings life terrible.

  • Drew Whitehead
    Drew Whitehead Yil oldin

    Lol he said mid west but Kentucky is technically south east

  • Drew Whitehead
    Drew Whitehead Yil oldin

    I'm pretty sure he went to Louisville where I live by the way the airport looks but it has been a while since I have been in it

  • Bailey Deitz
    Bailey Deitz Yil oldin

    I will be your friend

  • Bailey Starlight
    Bailey Starlight Yil oldin

    Joelles wow I have a bestie named joelle

  • panda man
    panda man Yil oldin

    I love food continue

  • Pip_The_Penguin
    Pip_The_Penguin Yil oldin

    YES HE HIT 1,587,327

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random Yil oldin

    Hey Alex, tell me if your ever gunna do a show in Oklahoma, but I’d its in Tulsa or BA tell me as soon as possible, I’ve always wanted to meet ya! =3

  • Zoe Decker
    Zoe Decker Yil oldin

    My friend can’t have beef (she’s allergic). Every time she comes over I have chicken nuggets with her lol 😂 (she allergic to raisins too not grapes irk how😆)


    My sis thinks the song near the beginning sounds so funny 😆.also she thought ur voice sounded weird and I attacked her😏hehheheheh

  • Jose Dg
    Jose Dg Yil oldin

    Die you went to five guys with her

  • Mason Cornett
    Mason Cornett Yil oldin

    I live in Kentucky

  • fall time
    fall time Yil oldin

    Food food food food food

  • Tristan Yk
    Tristan Yk Yil oldin

    dude not all vegans hate people that eat meat wtf.....

  • EpicOverwatchHighlights

    I loooooooooooove foooooooood

  • EquInoX Ech0
    EquInoX Ech0 Yil oldin

    I hate vlogs they're so stupid and boring!

    That's why it makes no sense at all that I LOVE these so much.

    $13 for a burger?!? 😂 those pita supporters
    😂😂😂😂😂😂oh doggy!!!

    Edit: and yes I love listening to you talking about food. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!

  • []HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[]

    3:30 *_AHH!?_* MY CITY!?!?!?!
    5:10 that is a good place that chicken place

  • SeneralJam XD
    SeneralJam XD Yil oldin

    I desperately want to drawing tablet

  • Grant Lopez
    Grant Lopez Yil oldin

    I like food

  • AvTweet
    AvTweet Yil oldin

    HE SHOULD HAVE A FOOD CHANNEL!!! Also... What airline and aircraft did he take going to Louisville?

  • R. H.
    R. H. Yil oldin

    I sleep in the car most trips whoo I'm 20 so it doesn't suck that much

  • Chase Alvarez
    Chase Alvarez Yil oldin

    I had never heard of street performers until now! But you are really good at it!

  • Swingking
    Swingking Yil oldin

    Girls arrest hot food
    Girls arrest hot food
    😂Turn on captions😂

  • DisQord Doge
    DisQord Doge Yil oldin

    How do you get a cold in California? Oh I forgot. They're all sickly vegans who have no immune system for *other* reasons...

  • Lolita Animations
    Lolita Animations Yil oldin

    I *LOVE* THAT INTRO!!1!!!1!!

  • electricb0om
    electricb0om Yil oldin +1

    i like food

  • Connor Frank
    Connor Frank Yil oldin

    nothing quite like the talent of holding a bird shirtless

  • Connor Frank
    Connor Frank Yil oldin

    love vlogtoons, great original idea that helps you stand out

  • DeRpY DrAgOn BrOz
    DeRpY DrAgOn BrOz Yil oldin

    Oh yeah mr crabs

  • Spooked 00
    Spooked 00 Yil oldin +2

    If only u could preform in Ireland :D love u

  • becca the Crazy girl


  • Igoris Rogi
    Igoris Rogi Yil oldin

    Jerry signfield sounding mo fou

  • Hakeem Haughton
    Hakeem Haughton Yil oldin

    Moana and Maui DAMN

  • Hakeem Haughton
    Hakeem Haughton Yil oldin

    You're vlogtoons are the best you're animation are the best Alex Clark You are the best.

  • DJ Queen
    DJ Queen Yil oldin


  • Liam Cornell
    Liam Cornell Yil oldin +1

    We need an evil sister shooting game, somebody get on that :)

  • Ross Hauler
    Ross Hauler Yil oldin

    Yo sisters like Uzula

  • Courtney Schultz
    Courtney Schultz Yil oldin

    Why do I love these vlog toons so much? I'm a 23 year old adult/kid lol damn it

  • Random Express
    Random Express Yil oldin

    I wish I would have known you were in my city.

  • Shadow animates
    Shadow animates Yil oldin

    I used to live in Kentucky and when I herd u say flying to Kentucky I was shocked

  • Eternal Cooks
    Eternal Cooks Yil oldin

    food is always interesting

  • Lil Deer
    Lil Deer Yil oldin

    can u come street peform in organ? you know, for the eclipse!

  • Gannon Ziviello
    Gannon Ziviello Yil oldin

    "Without my bag I can't do this showcase"... Anyone get it? ShowCASE? 😂😂😂

  • Three Marshmallows
    Three Marshmallows Yil oldin

    I liked for the dog! 🐶

  • Lil Kermy
    Lil Kermy Yil oldin

    I wish I had discovered this Chanel earlier because I could have hunted him down he flew down to Kentucky where I live

  • Lemon Lullaby
    Lemon Lullaby Yil oldin

    I guess Alex hasn't been to nandos

  • RandomDaysWithRed
    RandomDaysWithRed Yil oldin

    i dont like chicken

  • Gacha Diaries
    Gacha Diaries Yil oldin

    Hey Alex can you pls pls pls tell us when the next vid con and com I con is I would love to find out and go there to meet you and the others

  • Gacha Diaries
    Gacha Diaries Yil oldin

    Hey Alex can you pls pls pls tell us when the next comicon and vid con is

  • Starling Gaming
    Starling Gaming Yil oldin

    Go to the philipines

  • Blake The Foxxo
    Blake The Foxxo Yil oldin

    This girl is so #####ng ugly.

  • Lit_pineapple Garcia

    love the hair alex

  • MyHATsaysCLAIRE 1
    MyHATsaysCLAIRE 1 Yil oldin

    Oh I've seen your video about annoying customers

  • Diego Knowles
    Diego Knowles Yil oldin

    "It's 12:30 right now," *checks clock for no apparent reason* 12:27. CUE ILLUMINATI MUSIC

  • Banana Hammocke
    Banana Hammocke Yil oldin

    Wait, you live in Cali? My chances of meeting you are upped like 50-1

    IM NOT YOUR DAD Yil oldin

    is it me or he sound like da man from da show catfish

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales Yil oldin

    I luv your vids Alex Clark keep doing this it makes everyone happy!!😁😁

  • Landon Maggard
    Landon Maggard Yil oldin +1


  • GreekFreak2.0
    GreekFreak2.0 Yil oldin

    I really want to met him but he will never go to az

  • xDragonKing007 `
    xDragonKing007 ` Yil oldin

    Bro for some reason he keep reminding me of Harrison wells from the Flash

  • KingQman 82
    KingQman 82 Yil oldin

    About the game doom, one of my friends dad was a major developer in the game so if you ever want any Easter eggs....

  • Kaotic Fox
    Kaotic Fox Yil oldin


  • The Smurf Slayer
    The Smurf Slayer Yil oldin

    Noooo I could of gone to one of his shows

  • Clear
    Clear Yil oldin

    I'm from Kentucky

  • Blue Knight45
    Blue Knight45 Yil oldin

    Great job! Keep making videos! You are my favourite youtuber! 😀😄🙂🙃😃😉😋😺😸👍🏻👦🏻👧🏻👶🏻👨🏻👩🏻👴🏻👱🏻👵🏻👲🏻👳🏻👮🏻🎅🏿(yes of corse I have to have a black Santa,I love black people!they are so nice!well most of them but any ways i love black people and I love Santa!)