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  • Ashley Lucido
    Ashley Lucido 3 soat oldin


  • The Kirby T
    The Kirby T 11 soat oldin

    I'm only here for what happens at 3:30

  • Александар Дмитров

    anytime I chop garlic now I start quoting Brad. *when you crush the garlic, it makes a thing called alicin* *it's like a two part glue or epoxy*

  • Daniel Tremblay
    Daniel Tremblay Kun oldin

    I have the same knife

  • Quackks00
    Quackks00 Kun oldin

    Was that the Lizzy McGuire Beans that you used Vin? wow

  • SquishiestDuckling
    SquishiestDuckling Kun oldin

    I'm gonna start calling Brad Big Salty

  • Waves
    Waves 2 kun oldin

    "Is there a little man underneath the counter with a blowtorch heating the pipe?? Like what's going on?? It's 2025!" PFFFTT HHAHAAHAHAA

  • Waves
    Waves 2 kun oldin

    I LOVE how he says words twice (especially verbs), like "give it a wipe wipe" or "nice nice" stuff like that cracks me up, and I love that about him. (I also love it when he adds a 'e' sound at the end of the first verb, eg: "mixey mix")

  • Waves
    Waves 2 kun oldin

    "I had a groundhog, but I evicted him." OMFG I'm deeeeeead 😂😂

    INKLVRTAT2DUDE ! 2 kun oldin

    I wish Brad would squeeze me with his garlic crushers. 😉

  • Vitor Augusto Da Silva

    6:04 Brad doing the "Oooold tapah tapah" from Chef John's videos

  • Eman Darwish
    Eman Darwish 2 kun oldin

    Literally 5 mins talking about garlic

    UNICORN SQUAD 4 kun oldin

    I didn't come here for a science lessen

  • Bella Adriana
    Bella Adriana 4 kun oldin

    haahahaah beanssss

  • tiffany nguyen
    tiffany nguyen 4 kun oldin

    beans from even stevens!

  • Ax Skarr
    Ax Skarr 4 kun oldin

    So I know Vinny is the camera man but because Brad talks to him so much I wish we could hear or read his reactions to the things he’s tasting.

  • Arvin Romo
    Arvin Romo 5 kun oldin

    This editing is so freaking funny. Plus Brad's humor. AMAZING. haha

  • Olivia Evans
    Olivia Evans 5 kun oldin

    is this luke from gilmore girls?

  • CandyFloss162010
    CandyFloss162010 5 kun oldin

    His face when he tastes the miso at 6.35 killed me

  • MauiWowieOwie
    MauiWowieOwie 6 kun oldin

    Brad, get yourself some barn cats. They live outside and will kill anything that messes with your garden. You don't even have to feed them until they have run out of things to kill and eat. We have a pair and we don't have a vermin problem, but I did find half a squirrel on the front porch today.

  • MauiWowieOwie
    MauiWowieOwie 6 kun oldin

    Requiem for a Dream is the first one I think of.

  • Jesse Baughman
    Jesse Baughman 6 kun oldin

    Puberty lmao

  • Lindsey Maul
    Lindsey Maul 7 kun oldin

    Japanese beetles love to eat zucchini vines every year there larva gets in the Vines of my zucchini. They look like a grub or a big fat white caterpillar. But the beetle itself is a shiny greenish iridescent color.

  • Eamsaart
    Eamsaart 7 kun oldin

    brad the type of dude to hit a garlic flavored juul pod

  • TheRealKLT
    TheRealKLT 9 kun oldin

    There are times where, if I had my eyes closed, I would swear I was listening to a Bill Murray cooking show.

  • Thomas Nelson
    Thomas Nelson 9 kun oldin

    Does anyone know what the cleaver he has is?!? It looks so amazing!

  • Zora Toles
    Zora Toles 9 kun oldin

    Sing along if you know the words 😂😂

  • Natalie W
    Natalie W 9 kun oldin

    Why are you so good looking...

    HAEAEAEAEAEX 11 kun oldin

    the bro love between brad and vinny is something everyone should have in their life

  • Sammi plum
    Sammi plum 11 kun oldin

    Where do you get the jars ??? Ps I love you Brad 🧡

  • TheGeniuschrist
    TheGeniuschrist 12 kun oldin

    I think gabby and brad should have a series.

  • Lethal
    Lethal 12 kun oldin

    You can't have Brad without garlic and other way around

  • Roger_roger..?
    Roger_roger..? 12 kun oldin

    haha dammit... he said "the saddest movie?" and immediately the stupid notebook popped into my head... then he goes and says the notebook... get outta my head brad!!

  • Police Perceptions
    Police Perceptions 12 kun oldin

    so like does he like garlic i can't tell

  • Samuel Nilsson
    Samuel Nilsson 12 kun oldin

    Black garlic miso. ;)

  • Alex Craft
    Alex Craft 12 kun oldin

    That was the most intense voice crack I think I have ever heard 13:39

  • Diane Diane
    Diane Diane 13 kun oldin

    I'm convinced he was baked when he made this.

  • Mackenzie Lombard
    Mackenzie Lombard 14 kun oldin

    What’s your opinion on getting high using marijuana before cooking? just using maybe a half gram.

  • Tall Thingy
    Tall Thingy 14 kun oldin

    the editing is annoying af

  • ProducedBy PM702
    ProducedBy PM702 14 kun oldin

    Why doesn't Vinny ever get water? He ate the garlic too :(

  • i love seokjin
    i love seokjin 14 kun oldin

    MEE *OW*

  • John Random
    John Random 15 kun oldin

    I like amile he seems cool

  • KpopBishForever
    KpopBishForever 15 kun oldin

    “Ive been waiting all my life for this.”
    “Alright, well, glad you made it.”

  • ben parker
    ben parker 15 kun oldin

    What knife is he using?

  • nadzladz
    nadzladz 15 kun oldin

    Send brad somewhere again !

  • Kinza N
    Kinza N 15 kun oldin

    Whoever edits these videos is a bloody cutie. Makes the video light and comedic--I am this editor's fan.

  • GoonSquad
    GoonSquad 16 kun oldin

    What kind of knife is Brad using?

  • KidFlashRX
    KidFlashRX 16 kun oldin

    I wonder what black garlic miso would be like

  • Bella Angel
    Bella Angel 16 kun oldin

    Add some ‘bucha and this is the entire show in one episode

  • RockabillySailor1955
    RockabillySailor1955 16 kun oldin

    I want brad to “ give me a quick little bangdown”

  • Mark R
    Mark R 16 kun oldin


  • Ivy Dubrawsky
    Ivy Dubrawsky 16 kun oldin

    Why does the BA website list Gaby as the manager for the Test Kitchen and doesn’t mention Brad at all??

  • Melissa Price
    Melissa Price 16 kun oldin

    Question- If I wanted to keep a constant stash of this deliciousness on hand... could I keep replacing the garlic as I use it? Would I want to refrigerate it or keep it funky on the counter, or would that be a disaster? :-)

  • Tony Carreira
    Tony Carreira 17 kun oldin

    He is like an American Canadian American.

  • samantha griffin
    samantha griffin 17 kun oldin

    Hey my husband says you have to burp it daily is that true

  • Sarah Leann
    Sarah Leann 17 kun oldin

    When beans from even stevens slides in 😂😂😍💀

  • Sahgee
    Sahgee 17 kun oldin

    We want more Gabby 😭

  • Josh cramer
    Josh cramer 18 kun oldin

    Saddest movie? None. Saddest anime episodes, fmab episode 4, assassination classroom second to last episode. Nuff said.

  • Cyan Frederick
    Cyan Frederick 18 kun oldin

    The way Brad talks to Vinny is like a mobster who loves his right hand man. I love it more than anything 😂

  • tidbitlover
    tidbitlover 18 kun oldin

    Be my garlic bff please

  • Shiloh A
    Shiloh A 18 kun oldin

    "What's up? You seem really sad."
    That really spoke to me.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 18 kun oldin

    “I found this cute little bowl, it got me excited”😂

  • Kadija Camara
    Kadija Camara 18 kun oldin

    Gabby is me honestly

  • adam wild
    adam wild 19 kun oldin

    Garlic is supposed to raise testosterone so maybe that's why it gives you strength?

  • ZombieFunTimez
    ZombieFunTimez 20 kun oldin

    I wonder if brad actually likes garlic or if he only eats it to scare off vampires

  • Vincent Tseng
    Vincent Tseng 20 kun oldin

    Big boy

  • Andrew Bandarovich
    Andrew Bandarovich 20 kun oldin

    Who makes that knife?

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 20 kun oldin

    Brad needs a show where he can share all of his theory’s.

  • Andi Das
    Andi Das 20 kun oldin

    Big salty, big miso, big gay.

  • Dave Wolf
    Dave Wolf 20 kun oldin

    Hey Brad, great video! Also great to see you using Weck jars for your fermentations. A tip to stop the clips flinging off from the pressure inside: when you seal and clip down the lid, grab the tongue of the gasket, and pull it out just a teeny bit, so it hangs down like a doggy tongue. It’ll only allow gas to escape, and won’t let your fermentation dry out. I do this with all my kraut, kimchi, namasu, etc. and it works perfectly all the time.
    Thanks again for awesome videos 👍🏼

  • Simeon Fullmer
    Simeon Fullmer 20 kun oldin

    They need to do a it’s Alive with vinny

  • Nolan Cleary
    Nolan Cleary 21 kun oldin

    2:18 fan fiction go

  • Courtney Tovey
    Courtney Tovey 21 kun oldin

    Not to be dramatic but I would die for brad

  • Matthew Padro
    Matthew Padro 22 kun oldin

    dude looks high af in first scene.

  • Kristy Tkachuk
    Kristy Tkachuk 22 kun oldin

    Where can you get the jars with the clips !?

  • SoccerMidd10
    SoccerMidd10 23 kun oldin

    This didn't show up in my inbox until tonight

  • WhiteBoyWithAnIpod
    WhiteBoyWithAnIpod 23 kun oldin

    Miso lonely

  • TheGalaxySage
    TheGalaxySage 23 kun oldin

    "I'm trying to teach an educational program here....... people back there....C U S S I N"

  • Joeri van eeghem
    Joeri van eeghem 23 kun oldin

    -i've been waiting all my life for this !
    -alright , well , im glad you made it ...

  • Veronica Williams
    Veronica Williams 24 kun oldin

    Gabby is adorable 😊

  • cameron robertson
    cameron robertson 25 kun oldin +1

    You should come to BC Canada for the garlic festival!

  • Professor Kit
    Professor Kit 25 kun oldin

    I keep watching this video!

  • Petarded
    Petarded 25 kun oldin

    Bro I go to the union square farmers market on the reg, I don't have the name but there is an apple cider there that I take the N for 30 minutes just to get🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Tes. D.
    Tes. D. 25 kun oldin

    *Anyone else wants to hear his theory about garlic and vampires? He mentioned it a few times now. I'm definitely intrigued.* 😂

  • Angus Beeby
    Angus Beeby 26 kun oldin

    About the red miso that's a few weeks old... would that have been left at room temperature in Fermentation Station for the whole time, or would have been refrigerated after a while?

  • Brett Gerak
    Brett Gerak 26 kun oldin

    Marley and Me is the saddest movie I've watched no lie

    • Brett Gerak
      Brett Gerak 26 kun oldin

      And also, I think Brad is irl Wario

  • Izzuddin Baihaqi
    Izzuddin Baihaqi 26 kun oldin

    Who is Vinie?

  • Jilli Nine
    Jilli Nine 27 kun oldin

    I want to know about Brad's theory bout garlic and vampires please. I will die happy.

  • Samantha Riegel
    Samantha Riegel 27 kun oldin

    Brad and the masterful editing is a night full of laughs. LOVE IT!

  • Emily Westmark
    Emily Westmark 28 kun oldin

    "Let's eat more garlic." - Brad Leone, 2018

  • Joshua Howell
    Joshua Howell 28 kun oldin

    Can we please get more It's Alive this is the best mini series on bon appetit

  • DellaDellsies
    DellaDellsies 28 kun oldin

    Brad is Wario

  • Alan Crome
    Alan Crome 29 kun oldin

    Have I just not watched in a few weeks or is vince's camera work a little shakey

  • TehWongOneIV
    TehWongOneIV 29 kun oldin

    Whoa, new Brad face at 6:40. And just like all things Brad, it is a thing of beauty.

  • TurdFurgeson571
    TurdFurgeson571 29 kun oldin

    If it weren't for Brad and UZclip I would have never known about the 1974 horror movie called, It's Alive (YT suggestion). I'm not going to watch it, much less pay $2.99 for it, but I never would have known about it. BTW, how the hell does a horror movie possibly relate to garlic miso soup? On second thought, maybe I will watch it. Touche, YT.

  • Estephany De Luna
    Estephany De Luna 29 kun oldin

    This is really easy.. I’m going to make this with store bought miso ain’t no way I’m making that myself.

  • James Boreson
    James Boreson Oy oldin

    I absolutely love Brad! lol hes a rad fellow. Im a plumber and love to cook if you guys need help with that hat wauter!

  • Joy To The World
    Joy To The World Oy oldin

    Garlic cloves broken up, shake in between two stainless bowls, shaker shake, and voila, bobs your uncle, they are peeled, you’re welcome, new sub from Aussie

  • Rysuo
    Rysuo Oy oldin +1

    *Blemished removed*

  • Nick Coleman
    Nick Coleman Oy oldin

    Petition to change the thumbnail of the video to hos face at 6:40