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  • Bernard Bollinger
    Bernard Bollinger Kun oldin


  • Flavia Chiappini
    Flavia Chiappini Kun oldin

    I felt the last clip man

  • DrJonez
    DrJonez 2 kun oldin

    The editing on these is always hilarious. I died at the Weekend at Bernie's reference 😂

  • vip duc
    vip duc 2 kun oldin

    I don't know who edits the Brad clips, but they're fantastic too.

  • Calais Kraichoke
    Calais Kraichoke 3 kun oldin

    So I'm supposed to chew on raw garlic if I'm sick

  • Melanie H
    Melanie H 3 kun oldin

    Gabby and Amiel, my two favorite not-Brad BA staffers.

  • Sinthetik
    Sinthetik 5 kun oldin

    I love how brad is like pop-eye 🤣 except garlic instead of spinach 😭 that's great

  • Jacqueline Braden
    Jacqueline Braden 5 kun oldin

    BEANS. From Evan Steven’s! Always coming through with the Disney channel references. Haha

  • Orkish Fury
    Orkish Fury 5 kun oldin

    Brad is Wario's son.

  • Jeff Danksworth
    Jeff Danksworth 9 kun oldin

    I resonate with this man's love of the holy food that is garlic

  • Abigail Bloom
    Abigail Bloom 9 kun oldin

    anyone else rewind to hear him say meow again for pleasures sake.. that just me..

  • Claptain Cheeks
    Claptain Cheeks 10 kun oldin

    cool knife pal

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies 10 kun oldin

    Brad sounded so welsh when he said farmers, anyone else?

  • Dapper Dan
    Dapper Dan 11 kun oldin

    I was waiting for him to talk about Alison

  • Ben Gallaty
    Ben Gallaty 11 kun oldin

    The Miso episode had a Barenaked Ladies reference and the editor on this one slipped in an Even Stevens reference. Whoever edits this, I love you.
    Edit: and then a "Weekend at Bernie's" reference? Someone grew up in the 90's....

  • Locane256
    Locane256 13 kun oldin

    I always love seeing Brad share his creations with other team members!

  • Locane256
    Locane256 13 kun oldin

    Moths eating your crops are exactly why GMOs are good for humanity.

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 14 kun oldin

    That Jason Alexander pic that was edited in was perfect!

  • Craig Chapman
    Craig Chapman 14 kun oldin

    Where do you get those jars?

  • Zac Fellows
    Zac Fellows 14 kun oldin

    Can someone please direct me to the knife Brad uses that's a large cleaver style that is big enough to be a good bench scraper?
    Muchos appreciated

  • Freddie M
    Freddie M 15 kun oldin


  • Geeelz-
    Geeelz- 15 kun oldin

    Isn't Miso already fermented?

  • HT
    HT 16 kun oldin

    Vinny. it's not tv it's youtube. It can be whatever you want it to be

  • Christina Finley
    Christina Finley 16 kun oldin

    Brad is such a delight. I love just having these videos on in the background because he's so soothing and enjoyable to listen to.

  • Florinda Lucero
    Florinda Lucero 16 kun oldin

    Alicin, your aim is true .... :D :D :D

  • Elliott Drury
    Elliott Drury 17 kun oldin

    Anyone able to ID the knife brad's using or is it a custom one off piece?

  • sammy crisp
    sammy crisp 17 kun oldin

    Why are you so cute? And you're cooking. God! Smells like heaven!

  • Arthur Paines
    Arthur Paines 17 kun oldin

    Brad, what knife are you using?

  • Keromaku
    Keromaku 18 kun oldin

    I love Brad and Vincenzo's friendship! Especially when Brad was concerned Vinny was sad; so cute. Love the videos!

  • ethan caldwell
    ethan caldwell 18 kun oldin

    has anyone actually seen vinny? yall should make that happen..

  • Gabriella Sarai
    Gabriella Sarai 18 kun oldin

    lmao i jumped in my seat when he said union city. i’m from union city, georgia 🤣

  • Ben Dance
    Ben Dance 19 kun oldin

    Brad and his garlic is the most precious thing to walk this earth.

  • NeuroticHobo
    NeuroticHobo 20 kun oldin

    Here we are living in 2019. Meanwhile Brad over here is living in 2025. Amazing!

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral 21 kun oldin

    I thought i would never see someone more enthusiastic about garlic than my grandma

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 21 kun oldin


  • Brenda M
    Brenda M 21 kun oldin

    That Even Stevens reference made my day! 😂

  • Mark Medina
    Mark Medina 22 kun oldin

    "boy I love wah ter" I'm dead lol

  • EarthChild
    EarthChild 22 kun oldin

    Brad the hot dad

  • Daniel Bosnoyan
    Daniel Bosnoyan 22 kun oldin

    I feel like brad is bullied by everyone in the kitchen. They’re just jealous Brad. You have garlic in your life

  • Info123aqua
    Info123aqua 24 kun oldin

    Brad scared away everyone In the kitchen lol

  • pajamagirl123
    pajamagirl123 25 kun oldin

    I cackled at the edit of Beans from Even Steven's. Props to the editor

  • Forrest Neakok
    Forrest Neakok 26 kun oldin

    Hearing Brad say water correctly is weird. He should stop that.

  • Dustin Lau
    Dustin Lau 27 kun oldin

    The saddest movie is the first Pokémon movie.

  • MissTee
    MissTee 27 kun oldin

    how is he so funny, who is editing this so hilariously. i hate this, i cant stop watching, why is this so much fun watching. :'(

  • Leaf Larkin
    Leaf Larkin 27 kun oldin

    Just ate a clove of raw garlic and I'm pretty sure I just saw the future.

  • Maren Ellis
    Maren Ellis 28 kun oldin

    Brad should do pickled garlic! I just discovered a small home business where I live that makes it and it is absolutely amazing!

  • Sylvia Sieczka
    Sylvia Sieczka Oy oldin

    I’m in love 😂

  • SoNGY 8
    SoNGY 8 Oy oldin

    wtf is "Water"

  • Nystia
    Nystia Oy oldin

    There needs to be a running count of how many times someone says umami throught these videos.

  • Jacques Michaud
    Jacques Michaud Oy oldin

    This is the second or third episode where Brad has stated he has a theory about vampires and garlic. I really want to know his idea on it.

  • Hanggara Praja
    Hanggara Praja Oy oldin

    I wanna see brad fighting a vampire...

  • ZoeBug
    ZoeBug Oy oldin

    a fellow student in my grad program taught me the wonders of garlic to ward off common illness if you feel like you're getting sick. it's worked absolute wonders! I used to get sick probably around 3 times a semester, but after she told me about just eating garlic (or I take garlic capsules cus im a baby about it) I think I got sick maybe once the entire year. It's AMAZING.

  • Mark Gutierrez
    Mark Gutierrez Oy oldin

    What kind of knife are you using?

  • Hola Amigo
    Hola Amigo Oy oldin


  • ASAP Mangos
    ASAP Mangos Oy oldin

    I'm the same with Brad about garlic

  • L S
    L S Oy oldin

    Yes do bonito and dashi

  • Kristin Losh
    Kristin Losh Oy oldin

    Brad, I feel like drinking water that color may be not that good for you.

  • L S
    L S Oy oldin

    Nah I'm not gonna eat raw garlic
    Every time he eats it or tries to get other people to it bugs me out man

  • Neon Castillo
    Neon Castillo Oy oldin

    the crabs I'm dead

  • Miles Chilson
    Miles Chilson Oy oldin

    What about black garlic miso...

  • Rena Nakadai
    Rena Nakadai Oy oldin

    Brad and Gabby lmaoo

  • George Mason
    George Mason Oy oldin

    His eyes at the beginning. Brad is higher than me watching this right now lol.

  • DBoyzezAlliance VG

    What nakiri knife is that?

  • TrashPanda1945
    TrashPanda1945 Oy oldin +1

    wow! cool video!

  • Nick Revel
    Nick Revel Oy oldin

    miso hungry

  • cole christe
    cole christe Oy oldin

    whoa that's weird just I've seen him say water funny many times and just noticed after saying water a couple times i realized i say it the same way... wtf...

  • Christian Gravemaker

    Brad's Garlic Chewing Gum™ -> startup idea

  • aa aa
    aa aa Oy oldin

    you know what i'm gonna be surprised if brad's middle name is actually allicin or smth

  • iWhisperASMR
    iWhisperASMR Oy oldin

    The notebook is damn sad, because of the ending. The rest is just a basic romance.

  • Dex
    Dex Oy oldin

    LMAO BEANS! Who edits these?!
    They rule!

  • Sketchalater
    Sketchalater Oy oldin

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's so enthusiastic about garlic!

  • Gabriel Castillo
    Gabriel Castillo Oy oldin

    Brad: see ya know it’s the good stuff when ur fingers get sticky
    Me:*thinks he’ll make a weed joke*
    Brad: ah I love garlic

  • L Ryn
    L Ryn Oy oldin

    God, Brad and the editing is just... too much. And let's not forget those garlic.

  • Jillian D
    Jillian D Oy oldin

    If you love garlic so much, go to the garlic festival in Saugraties NY

  • Ninkira
    Ninkira Oy oldin

    Brad, Matt, and Vinny, making my day a little more charm filled, a little happier. Thanks so much you guys

  • Kegan Clark
    Kegan Clark Oy oldin

    The younger white miso has more carbohydrate left to fuel fermentation vs the older (red) miso. This is why it fermented more.

  • Laokoon
    Laokoon Oy oldin

    I absolutely adore this man

  • Xlavabolt
    Xlavabolt Oy oldin

    It’s confirmed. Brad is Wario.

  • Sydney Grace
    Sydney Grace Oy oldin

    Hey Brad ! What kind of knife is that? Thanks 😊 (or anyone else who knows )

  • Angii Darling
    Angii Darling Oy oldin

    im with u on garlic brad

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes Oy oldin


  • Jade Dragon
    Jade Dragon Oy oldin

    Drink every time he says "Vinnie"

  • Dakota Velazquez
    Dakota Velazquez Oy oldin

    The fact that Brad said "we'll have a nice plot of land"

  • Call Me Neo
    Call Me Neo Oy oldin

    What apron is he wearing?

  • Confused Llama
    Confused Llama Oy oldin +1

    I wanted to hear the theory about vampires :(

  • SenseiKhoi
    SenseiKhoi Oy oldin +6

    I bet Brad ferments his cereal before eating it 😂

  • Allie
    Allie Oy oldin

    Wow i love a man who loves garlic as much as me

  • Jovita Garcia
    Jovita Garcia Oy oldin

    Brad wow dreamy!

  • Izzy Muse
    Izzy Muse Oy oldin +1

    I love Brad and everything, but WE👏NEED👏TO👏SEE👏MORE👏GABY👏👏👏

  • Bibi .SurpriseMe
    Bibi .SurpriseMe Oy oldin

    „anyone wants some miso soup“

  • Just Paul
    Just Paul Oy oldin

    You should make mämmi or kvass

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude Oy oldin

    Just in case you felt like you didn’t wait long enough for your two-year-old mush, put some new stuff in and wait some more!!

  • Marilia Anacaona
    Marilia Anacaona Oy oldin

    Omg that little pop of “beans” from even Stevens ......

  • Azur Glynn
    Azur Glynn Oy oldin

    Thanks for the even Stevens reference

  • chanceman122
    chanceman122 Oy oldin


  • Jeff Fox
    Jeff Fox Oy oldin

    Come for Claire, stay for Brad.

  • Marlowe !
    Marlowe ! Oy oldin

    You can see the sausage from (maybe) the mustard episode. Love the continuity.

  • Mounir Talal
    Mounir Talal Oy oldin

    Brad, what brand of chef knife do you use in this video and the beef jerky video?

  • psycholeary
    psycholeary Oy oldin

    Brad is the best thing on the internet

  • Sourav
    Sourav Oy oldin

    Whoever edits Brad's video is a genius!