I GOT CAUGHT SHOPLIFTING (in a foreign country)

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  • Joylandi 25-Apr, 2018
  • Learn from my mistakes, children.

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  • i’m sad
    i’m sad 4 soat oldin


  • Spurlockian Vlogs
    Spurlockian Vlogs 9 soat oldin

    I pick pocketed 20 bucks from this guy once. And I stole a few dollars worth of candy and some make up

  • Sarah Downing
    Sarah Downing 11 soat oldin

    when i was a toddler i stole 200 $ worth of perfume

  • Georgia Ashley
    Georgia Ashley 12 soat oldin

    When I was little (4/5) I stole some rings from a toy store and I had to give them back, write an apology letter, and I was banned from the store.

  • Ola Black
    Ola Black 16 soat oldin +1

    I have shoplifted because my mom was just fired and could not find a job and my dad worked in the government and the had just shut down so we were not making any money. It got so bad that we could not pay rent so we had to chose between rent and food. We stole very little though.

  • Crew Marie
    Crew Marie 18 soat oldin

    Ive never shoped lifted but i did steal from my teacher NO LIE

  • Makayla Cardano
    Makayla Cardano 19 soat oldin

    I stole a stuffed giraffe when I was 4

  • Analiese Hughes
    Analiese Hughes 19 soat oldin

    I did that as a kid

  • Lps EmzyOfficial
    Lps EmzyOfficial Kun oldin

    I haven't stole anything from a store but I have stole stuff from my bestie

  • Jahlaney Rosario
    Jahlaney Rosario Kun oldin

    When I was 5, Ishoplifted a fucking bible I was a real young Christian thug

  • Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon Kun oldin

    I stole a mini golden Minecraft figure and saw the packet was open and put it in my back pocket under my hoodie around my waist

  • Charli Sweeney
    Charli Sweeney Kun oldin

    Stop hating on primark ( hate on tesco and asda )

  • Kerryslife
    Kerryslife Kun oldin

    It is pronounced like PREMARK
    . I feel better now

  • aby Kinsey
    aby Kinsey Kun oldin

    Ok at my old school I really wanted these animal erasers and I would go inside and keep steeling the erasers 😂like why

  • Burned Veggies
    Burned Veggies Kun oldin

    One time I stole 2 juice boxes just cus

  • Alice Lyons
    Alice Lyons 2 kun oldin

    I’ve never shoplifted but I have thought about it. And it was usually for the same reason that you did. I was just so angry at the world that I wanted something in return for all the shit I dealt with.

  • GreatWarrior Mendoza
    GreatWarrior Mendoza 2 kun oldin

    I've stole soo much candy when I was little before and the store owners never found out and I still go there today😂😂

  • Cams _
    Cams _ 2 kun oldin

    Hey you know it’s free in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and free dorms and books paid in full for you

  • Angel-Marie McCutcheon

    My "friend" once stole £90 of stuff and told me not to tell my mum so we could still be friends. And... I did she still doesn't know.

  • random stranger
    random stranger 2 kun oldin

    When I was 5 my mom gave me and my older brother money a lot. We lived across the street from school. So before school my brother would tell me not to use my money and after school we would tell each other how much money we had. Sometimes my parents were busy so we walked home alone. We would cross the street with the crossing women and pretend are house was right (are house was left) where there was a 7-elleven and we would buy shit like chips and slushies. You know the coffee creamer shit that's in a tiny container that was vanilla or chocolate. My brother would put a shit ton in his back pack and we would drink them like shots at home lol 😂 😂😂 😂 I thought I was gonna die from stealing. when im pretty sure there samples and we payed for the shit we bought so idk. Also at the same 7-elleven I was with my mom and at the register there are random things you could get so when no one was looking (I thought) I took a pink mini charger that was pluged in itself so it looked like a bracket. I took it and left with my mom. While we were walking she asked "what did you take" I told her and she lectured me and said she would return it tomorrow. 4 years later I saw it in my mom's bag and my older brother (different brother) said my mom had returned it but bought a new one. I don't believe that lol 😂. Maybe she was too lazy or scared someone would think she stole it idk XD

  • LCA A
    LCA A 2 kun oldin

    ive shoplifted a tiny cat toy. it was $3 but it was so cute and my mom got something else for our cat. i got it for me. not the cat. it was cute. i still have it

  • Nicole Fraser
    Nicole Fraser 2 kun oldin

    The way she says maltesers

  • Karolina Rabeda
    Karolina Rabeda 2 kun oldin

    Yes Hairbands coz my mum did not like them sooo I riped the tag of stuffed it in my shoe!in dumb

  • Nicole Waldron
    Nicole Waldron 2 kun oldin

    ok...i stole an eraser from the treasure box in 3rd grade...and i still feel so guilty.....btw im in the sixth grade now

  • Laura Maegaard
    Laura Maegaard 3 kun oldin

    My friend and I were in H&M and a ring had fallen off one of the packages - my friend asked if I wanted to steal it, and I told her that if she stole it for me, I would wear it (I rarely wore jewellery back then, and so she was really excited about me wearing a ring) and so she put it on her finger and we walked out. Every time I wore it I felt really guilty. My mom asked me where I’d gotten it and I told her that my friend had ordered a package of rings and that that one was too big for her and so she gave it to me lol

  • Alycia Wilson
    Alycia Wilson 3 kun oldin

    Been there and def done that... not gonna lie it’s scary how easy it is to go from taking food out of necessity into stealing makeup or clothes or whatever. Not proud of it but it’s scary to even really think about it or what I really did and took... and now I work someplace where unfortunately people steal or attempt to steal all the time lol and I’m living my karma by being responsible for what I don’t catch people take... bottom line... don’t steal... that shit will catch up with you... and you will deserve it...✌️

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 3 kun oldin

    Lol it’s not sainsberrys its Sainsbury’s 😂😂

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 3 kun oldin +1

    Primark is not at all like Walmart or Target, it’s just like a cheap great version of forever 21 😂

  • HumblePig_ 2467
    HumblePig_ 2467 3 kun oldin

    Imagine how many cops are watching this

  • Melody Art Games
    Melody Art Games 4 kun oldin

    I shoplift a lot 😂 I stole a shot from of candy and jewellery

  • Unique Muffin
    Unique Muffin 4 kun oldin

    The worst I did was take a drink of a smoothie in Walmart because I was thirsty..

    My Mom was buying it anyways though so

  • Pamela Marini
    Pamela Marini 4 kun oldin

    omg same!! I studied abroad in Amsterdam and near the end i was so poor, I would go to the self check out and only scan half my items :(

  • Jacklynn _friends
    Jacklynn _friends 4 kun oldin

    1 time I was like 10 and I was looking at a small belle plushie and I had it in my hand and we walked out of the store, but then I realized I had it in my hand,( I didnt know or try to steal it) and we then went back and put it on a shelf.

  • Marcela Lindoso
    Marcela Lindoso 5 kun oldin

    Gabbie would be part of the shoplifting community on tumblr and make hauls with shit she stole in london 😂😂😂

  • a little panic attack
    a little panic attack 5 kun oldin

    This is really random but I love primark

  • haylee young
    haylee young 6 kun oldin


  • Lyssa Marie
    Lyssa Marie 6 kun oldin

    Gabbie: when i ACCIDENTALLY have kids
    Me: well i know that she dont want em on purpose lol

  • Millie Greer
    Millie Greer 6 kun oldin

    When I was about 3 years old I used to steal these felt stickers from my playschool.. (the place you go in the UK before you start school) and keep them in a plastic container and hide the container under the furniture in my house. I would put the stickers in my shoes all day until I got home, take them out and store them.
    I don’t remember ever using them I just wanted them

  • Lola Gibbons
    Lola Gibbons 6 kun oldin

    sainsburys local, sainsburys express is massive xx

  • EmilyRose 35
    EmilyRose 35 6 kun oldin

    I’ve wanted to because I feel like I’m a glitch in the matrix and no one should feel like that

  • Mandy83 Gacha
    Mandy83 Gacha 7 kun oldin

    I stole one hair band

  • Angie Potato
    Angie Potato 7 kun oldin

    Do you still feel guilty?

  • Emma Viola
    Emma Viola 7 kun oldin

    Omg im rewatching this video and you look SO GOOD. I mean you always do but MY GOD YOU LOOK EXEPTIONALLY GOOD😍😍

  • Mermaid Squad
    Mermaid Squad 7 kun oldin

    I stole a pack of crayons oof

  • Cayley May Zed
    Cayley May Zed 7 kun oldin

    me and my friends steal from 711, we dont know why we do it, but we descussed it once and we jjust said, its thrilling and daring and sometimes we dont have enough money for lunch so we just buy somthing really cheap and steal everything else

  • Gatcha Mini Movies
    Gatcha Mini Movies 8 kun oldin

    Once I was within my cousin, auntie and uncle. We entered a store. We walked around. Then, we laid our eyes on the skittles. We told each other that we’d steal the skittles, because we thought my auntie and uncle wouldn’t buy the skittles for us. They weren’t looking. So we quickly took the skittles and shoved them into our pockets. They didn’t take notice. Then, we left the store. We had a grin on our faces. We walked around. Everything was fine... until my Aunty caught my cousin taking the skittles out of her pocket! She asked my cousin where she’d got them from. My cousin told the truth. She said she stole them from that store. She was upset that she had done this. My Aunty asked me if I stole skittles as well. I said yes, because my cousin had also been busted. So, we quickly returned to the store and unfortunately, we had to return them. My Aunty and uncle told the cashier what had happened. He was not angry. I don’t know why, he should of been angry. He said it was OK. He was just glad that we told the truth and returned them. Now my cousin and I do not steal ANYTHING from that day.
    The end.

  • Gatcha Mini Movies
    Gatcha Mini Movies 8 kun oldin +2

    You should of just gone to a thrift shop then!

  • Taylor The_Ravenclaw
    Taylor The_Ravenclaw 8 kun oldin

    One time I accidentally stole a packet of mints at Starbucks 😂

  • Shadow Nova
    Shadow Nova 8 kun oldin

    My mom would steal stuff from Walmart all the time. She would just stick the small things under my sister in her car seat. Now she can't do that cause my sister's older. I would wear a sweater and stuff hatchimals and candy in my pockets. For some reason, my mom was so proud of me when i stole.

  • Axibop
    Axibop 8 kun oldin

    So far I’ve shoplifted £1,637.38 worth and my favourite thing was Gucci Guilty perfume! Honestly, I don’t see a problem with it if it’s done right and only from large/unethical corporations.
    I don’t think I would shoplift if I was rich, but I’m not poor either. I don’t do it because of “the hand I was dealt”, I do it because in England the prices of everything are extortionate. I steal skin products and birthday gifts for my family, mostly. Clothes occasionally. I feel like, however rich you are, you work too hard for what you get, and the system is unfair (for example, minimum wage can not be lived off. You can literally be employed full time and homeless) so to Hell with it. I’m very careful and also a minor.
    I don’t need food to survive, no. But I need to have nice skin and a good wardrobe to feel happy and be treated better, and am a student and part time worker. 💚

  • BASBERRY ;—;
    BASBERRY ;—; 9 kun oldin +1


  • Lyonna Saenz
    Lyonna Saenz 9 kun oldin

    🎶Young dumb
    young young dumb and broke 🤣😂

  • losttotheright
    losttotheright 9 kun oldin

    I accidentally stole Rosanna Pansino's first book. I had put it on the bottom rack of the cart, and the cashier didn't see it. Once I realized, I ran back in and paid for it.

  • Jamster 830
    Jamster 830 9 kun oldin

    when I was like 5 I stole a tiny pack of gum from a Kmart and I hid it from my parents and i ate it in secret. I had to like hid it in the trash and stuff. This is the only time I have shoplifted, but I still feel really guilty.

  • Harriss Thorne
    Harriss Thorne 10 kun oldin

    i have never shopplifted but im still afraid of getting caught for some reason so before i leave a store i always empty my pockets.

  • Anum Rizvi
    Anum Rizvi 10 kun oldin

    When I was a toddler I wanted to show my mom this cool looking toothbrush but she had paid and was going outside so I went out and put it in my bag to show my mom later my mom was soooooo mad lol😂

  • Ciara Donohue
    Ciara Donohue 10 kun oldin

    I'm not sure about England but in Ireland it's illegal to retain someone in a shop for shoplifting and a security guard is not allowed to search you. But it's probably the same in England cause of EU laws. Except after March cause of brexit. Those people in Sainsburry didn't know there stuff

  • Lauryn Carney
    Lauryn Carney 11 kun oldin +1

    I stole shitty concealer from the dollar store in like 6th grade and all my friends thought I was a total bad ass and I thought I was total badass and I would like tell everyone and I think I posted it on like Instagram and gained like 10 followers and thought I was so cool lmao I just laugh now cause that’s so dumb😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Acosta
    Maria Acosta 11 kun oldin

    I shop lifted at dollar tree at the age of 8-10

  • Bridget Gmelch
    Bridget Gmelch 11 kun oldin

    I live in the United States and in one of the towns of the state I live in there is this mall that has a Primark in it and everything is like no more than 10 dollars. Are they more expensive in England?

    SM_ SCOPZ 11 kun oldin

    I don’t want you to sound stupid so we pronounce it Premark I know its strange

  • Sky Dudgeon
    Sky Dudgeon 11 kun oldin

    I live in the uk

  • dcomilkdud
    dcomilkdud 12 kun oldin +1

    You should do a video in London where you buy all those candy things in the sansberry you stole from

  • Herbert Brumley
    Herbert Brumley 12 kun oldin

    I have never shoplifted but I have done stuff like this and I never got caught

  • Princess me _Gachaverse

    Lol ok so when I was little me,my mom and my brother ( he was a baby) were at shoppers then I asked her for this hello kitty lip balm she said no obviously then I snuck it into the bottom of the stroller then we went to pay and I "thought" she bought it then we got back home and i said omg thanks for getting me the lip balm she said WHAT then we went back and there was a lady that I told what happens and she was so sweet about it then when we left my mom said u should have been in trouble and in my head I'm like no then we were going to Tim Hortons and I said can I have a smoothie and she said u don't something when u STOLE SOMETHING then I said but that's not fair then we went home fun story right lol

  • riverdale Taylor
    riverdale Taylor 13 kun oldin

    I love how u say Maltesers haha I am from Scotland btw x

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 13 kun oldin

    Shoplifted from hot topic so much

  • Nanami Wakasugi
    Nanami Wakasugi 13 kun oldin

    thank you for takling about white privielge BECAUSE IT IS A THING. once i stole a water, i was fine. i waited outside for my friend who is dark skinned (she's half indian half chinese) and she got stopped.

  • Bahar Demirbaş
    Bahar Demirbaş 13 kun oldin

    one time I had a game and before the game started I wanted chocolate. there were about 3 people in front of me (now I just wish I had waited). I told the man "hey I have a game in half an hour so can I just pay and go please?". he said "sure, after you wait in the line". I (for no reason) got really mad and pretended to put the chocolate back and my wallet in my bag but actually I put my wallet and the chocolate (with a couple extra things because I was mad) in my bag.
    that's the only time
    ps: the chocolate was Soo good and I didn't regret it at the time. now I do.

  • aspen the puppy
    aspen the puppy 13 kun oldin

    I have never shoplifted but I once took a few dollars from someone but felt too bad and ended up giving it back sobbing and apologizing profusely

  • Nerdyleahbear Love
    Nerdyleahbear Love 14 kun oldin +1

    So.. when I was like.. I think 6-7 I wanted dinosaur movie and Jumanji PHS at goodwill and I held on to It my mom and brother bought everything except those too movies bc I put it in my backpack bc I was little and I didn’t know anything and we left to the car and putting the stuff in the trunk and I
    Was like oh here I forgot and pulled out the two movies and my brother was laughing and was like ooOOOooO your in trouble! And my mom was like we didn’t pay for that and I started crying bc i dont know what they were talking about keep in mind I cried a lot and to this day I still have it.. hey I was little they probably costed like.. 5-10 i dont know it was a long time ago

  • The Little Bean
    The Little Bean 14 kun oldin

    we have Primark in the u.s......

  • SageAria DeMeo
    SageAria DeMeo 14 kun oldin

    I accidentally shoplifted a pack of sour gummy bears think I was five and I put them in my mom's purse and I felt horrible. I didn't mean to but then when I was like 9 I stole flower off of like a hydrangea bush from a monette's and I thought the police were going to come after me.

  • Sophie Garratt
    Sophie Garratt 14 kun oldin

    I love primark,, in England we call it primarny

  • Robyn Smith
    Robyn Smith 15 kun oldin

    I've done something similar to this, when I was little I was a freaking pathological liar. Once I was eleven I came clean to almost everything, except for the tiny things that didn't matter. I was such a bi*ch.

  • Michelle Oakley
    Michelle Oakley 15 kun oldin

    I'm from Ireland primark/penny's is the best shop ever and the stuffs really cheap

  • Lizzy BeautyGirl
    Lizzy BeautyGirl 15 kun oldin

    Yea I have XD

  • Nora Hodson
    Nora Hodson 16 kun oldin

    I steal only when I haven’t ate anything in two to three days

  • Mimi Joseph
    Mimi Joseph 17 kun oldin

    Gabbie: if I accidentally have kids one day
    Me: *realizes why I exist*

  • Zeze
    Zeze 17 kun oldin

    That was a real nice story and yes I did stole food from supermaket for the exact same reason and I got caught stealing a very expensive Van Gogh watercolor when I was in a foreign country because I am a young broke artist who cant afford for proper equipment. I wouldnt have guessed that there was an alarm on the package, how could I? And I had to give them my ID because what could I do? That was brave of you to lie about your name and stuff. And congratz on the bravery for Primark shit. I couldnt do that xD

  • ExSQEEZE Me?!
    ExSQEEZE Me?! 17 kun oldin

    I feel really bad because you actually stole some stuff that you needed like food and such but me..... I was just a little greedy monster hdhdhdh

  • Macie Stover
    Macie Stover 18 kun oldin

    I have not

  • Joni Williams
    Joni Williams 18 kun oldin

    Yes I have shoplifted in jr. high or middle school. (Yes I’m old). I got away with it and just kept doing it. But I would have to give the stuff away cuz I couldn’t explain how I got it. I stole a stuffed animal well 2 kissing bears and gave them to my grandma and grandpa. I felt sooo guilty whenever I saw them. How I stopped. I stole a bag of Hershey’s kisses and the security guy stopped me outside of the store. My mom turned and saw what was going on and freaked out and said LOCK HER UP I WON’T HAVE A THIEF IN MY HOUSE!!! After a few hours she came and got me. Ever heard of the original “scared straight”? Well my parents made me watch it. Scared the living shit out of me. I never stole again.

  • Reauna
    Reauna 19 kun oldin

    I mean technically you didnt make it out of the store so you didnt steal the maltesers

  • Kadi Felts
    Kadi Felts 19 kun oldin

    That's where I'm at now 😂 just gotta deal

  • Lindsey’s World
    Lindsey’s World 20 kun oldin +1


  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 20 kun oldin

    Pause the video, then press this: 0:47

  • ShaneIsTheSkinnyKween
    ShaneIsTheSkinnyKween 21 kun oldin

    Me and my mom were at Woolworths and we were at the self checkouts, and a guy went to the checkouts and payed for everything except a giant can of coffee (worth like $20) and he just left without paying, and me and my mom watched, he didn’t even try to hide it and I think the employees saw but they did nothing lol

  • squidwerd vlogz
    squidwerd vlogz 21 kun oldin

    One time when I was really little I stole some tik tacks and but I didn’t even know they were still in my hand😂

  • Jayda Carmichael
    Jayda Carmichael 22 kun oldin

    Accidentally Have Kids ?

  • Elvis Sjöberg
    Elvis Sjöberg 23 kun oldin

    I was around 16-17 and I stole a screwdriver from my ica which is a grocery store in Sweden and some other European countries. It was only like 10 crowns which translates to around 1 dollar us. I stole it cause i wanted to seem cool in front of my friends, i don´t hang out with them anymore. Still got the screwdriver tho, works great.

  • Cheyenne fly Banks rule


  • Esthela Flores
    Esthela Flores 24 kun oldin

    I did shoplift but i did it because my brother told me to

  • Etheral. jamma.
    Etheral. jamma. 25 kun oldin

    One time I stole a water bottle on accident. My mom was paying for the groceries and she asked me to get her a water bottle along with one for myself. I did but when I got there we were done paying.. my brother said we already paid but i was mortified 🤧☕

  • Lillian Bailey
    Lillian Bailey 25 kun oldin

    I was five or four but I stole a Minecraft toy from Walmart. That’s it. I was just a stupid kid who thought “ I really want this thing in my hands. I’m gonna hold it and never let go.” When we got home I told my mom I stole something. I was grounded. From Minecraft.😏

  • Flopped
    Flopped 25 kun oldin

    Foreign? I just feel weird hearing her talk about my own city as foreign.

  • Payten Kimble
    Payten Kimble 26 kun oldin

    I went to a gas station and had a winter jacket so then I opened a pack of Oreos,put them in my pocket and walked out.

  • Tatum Dangerfield
    Tatum Dangerfield 26 kun oldin

    When I was a freshman in high school I stole about $20 worth of candy lol most of it was for my friends

  • Rhiannon B
    Rhiannon B 27 kun oldin

    MalTEASErs gabbie, TEASER! not ‘Tesser’ mal-TEASE-r ♥️

  • breyer bridge
    breyer bridge 27 kun oldin

    I was once 5 and i forgot to give the nail ploish to nice lady at the cash register so i walked out with it and i noteced and stared crying saying in going to jail