I GOT CAUGHT SHOPLIFTING (in a foreign country)

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  • Joylandi 25-Apr, 2018
  • Learn from my mistakes, children.

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  • Silver Safire
    Silver Safire 28 daqiqa oldin

    The only thing I've ever shoplifted was 3 little stuffed animals from party city 😝

  • Taylor Neptune
    Taylor Neptune Soat oldin

    I accidentally stole a chap stick once and didn't even realize until my mom did laundry the next day and lied to her and said my friend gave it to me ps. sorry mom and I accidentally stole little earrings once and I didn't even have my ears pierced ps. sorry walmart

  • Miles Scott
    Miles Scott 2 soat oldin

    I’m British and the amount of things she pronounced wrong made me GIGGLE

  • Layla the savage
    Layla the savage 3 soat oldin +1

    I’m with you girl

  • Coco K
    Coco K 5 soat oldin

    “Sainsberry “ lol it pronounced Sainsbury’s. 😹😹😹😹

  • Hammy Love
    Hammy Love 10 soat oldin

    I live in the uk primark is amazing

  • OhMyGawd REALLY
    OhMyGawd REALLY 11 soat oldin

    You know Kinder Surprise Eggs...Yeah when I was about 5-6 I took one and just hid it. 😂 best Kinder Egg ever..

  • Leona Kennedy
    Leona Kennedy 13 soat oldin +1

    I have when I was five some candy

  • Carla Boo
    Carla Boo 20 soat oldin

    My B-day!😆

  • Evyn Vandegrift
    Evyn Vandegrift 21 soat oldin

    I find it funny how u said "when I accidentally have kids I will spoil the shit out of them"

  • icam xxx
    icam xxx Kun oldin

    Ok you i know this is an old video but im rewatching this video and im from the uk so i got really triggered like its SainsBURYS not berries and u were right the second time although its spelled maltESERS but say it like malTEASERS lastly with the primark idk if u said it right cuz the way we say it in scotland is PREmark but idk if the rest of uk is different.

    After that rant i love you gabbie and omg the outro song YESSSSS I APROVE I LOVE ALADDIN XXXX

  • Noor Jenna
    Noor Jenna Kun oldin

    Broooo I live next to Earl’s Court station

  • Kayla Walker
    Kayla Walker Kun oldin

    Primark is a clothing shop not a supermarket 😂

  • Cory
    Cory Kun oldin

    I stole chapstick and a pair of sunglasses from Walmart. I think it was more for the adrenaline. Which it wasn’t even expensive stuff.

  • Karen Rivera
    Karen Rivera Kun oldin

    I used to steal the posters from celebrity magazines. I didn't want to buy the whole thing so i would just rip the posters out and take them

  • unrelatable
    unrelatable 2 kun oldin


  • unicorn queen
    unicorn queen 2 kun oldin


  • unicorn queen
    unicorn queen 2 kun oldin


  • unicorn queen
    unicorn queen 2 kun oldin

    You're so pretty

  • hypophrenia
    hypophrenia 2 kun oldin

    lmao in year 6 i stole food from the shops

  • Chrisnia Y
    Chrisnia Y 2 kun oldin

    i worked retail in the mall so i never could justify stealing mostly when my whole part of the mall new my face

  • Emnastics 101
    Emnastics 101 2 kun oldin

    I have shoplifted once I was around 4/5 and I asked my mom for pink glittery hello kitty sunglasses and she said no so I snuck them into my shirt and I haven’t told her sense I’m 11 now

  • Valeria Sintsova Lera
    Valeria Sintsova Lera 3 kun oldin

    I stole a pack of Airheads taffy...😣😂

  • reuben paul
    reuben paul 3 kun oldin

    i live in england and have actualyy shoplifted a toy car from poundland by accident

  • Star Shadowcage
    Star Shadowcage 4 kun oldin

    You got banned from fricking Sainsbury’s! SAINSBURY’S IS LIKE......SAINSUBURY’S!
    Also...yep. I’ve shoplifted. I hate that I’ve done it. I was literally 10 or 11. I stole several 5 pence sweets. I owe that random corner shop about a pound. In five pence sweets. I was never caught. I just stopped doing it. It was literally me being like, ‘I am flipping depressed, and hungry I have not had food all fricking day’. So I stole some. Never to happen again.

  • WoodenmonkeyAnimates
    WoodenmonkeyAnimates 4 kun oldin

    Amazing vid however it’s pronounced
    But great vid!

  • Nightin Gale
    Nightin Gale 4 kun oldin

    :') When you're in high school and you don't know anyone there. Not their names, faces, etc. Not even new, been there since middle school and still don't know.

  • KoiKoiFishBoi YT
    KoiKoiFishBoi YT 4 kun oldin


  • KoiKoiFishBoi YT
    KoiKoiFishBoi YT 4 kun oldin +2


  • A
    A 4 kun oldin +2

    i used to steal from these ppl i babysat for. it got worse and worse to the point where i didn't even need the stuff i was stealing. then that lead to me stealing from stores a little bit. once i stoke a lipstick and once i stole one pair of earring from a like 20 pack

  • dorothy Burgess
    dorothy Burgess 5 kun oldin

    I shoplifted once when i was five and I was with my sister. We stole a baby bottle pop and no one notices until we got home and our grandfather drove us back and had us apologize.....

  • Icolor 4fun!
    Icolor 4fun! 5 kun oldin

    One time I accidentally walked out of Walmart with a chapstick and the buzzers didn’t even go off, my mom wasn’t even mad

  • Sevag Keosseian
    Sevag Keosseian 5 kun oldin

    Yeah, i’ve shoplifted many times at my school cafeteria when i wouldn’t have money with me. I’d see all these people getting what they want and there was no room for me, not to mention i was going under major depression that the universe just didn’t like me. So yeah, i’ve shoplifted a few times.

  • CezNugget
    CezNugget 5 kun oldin

    Ok I’m English and the way she said Maltesers oml 😂 (it’s how she said it the second time)

  • shitty.demon
    shitty.demon 5 kun oldin

    I was used to shoplift as a child you don't suspect a mother too steal things especially when she has a 5 year old child with her

  • shitty.demon
    shitty.demon 5 kun oldin

    So you were a kleptomaniac

  • molly mangum
    molly mangum 5 kun oldin

    i used to shoplift because of the same reason lol

  • the vampires stole my mirrors

    I have thought about shoplifting but I didn't

  • Kora Lynn
    Kora Lynn 5 kun oldin

    I use to steal all the time because I was a kleptomaniac

  • Buggyboo 2006
    Buggyboo 2006 6 kun oldin

    No one in my school judges for having shoes from payless my pants come from old navy because very few places have pants that are long enough without having any butt because I'm buttless but pay less is my life

  • Grace Matthews
    Grace Matthews 6 kun oldin

    Malteesers not maltessers - ik thats not how u spell it but its how u say it 👌

  • Jenny
    Jenny 6 kun oldin

    so i went to a theme park (not saying which one in case they FIND ME) and i went OFF. it started with one pin, then another, then two, then a keychain... but i couldn’t stop. they did not have ANY security scanners on the items OR doors so if you ask ME, THEY are asking for theft. it was such a thrill, my friends were doing it too. when we got back to the hotel we had gotten over $1000 worth of stuff all together!

  • Elaine Groves
    Elaine Groves 6 kun oldin

    I have stole a pack of gum when u was little but my parents caught me and then payed for it

  • Theadrian. Life
    Theadrian. Life 6 kun oldin

    I’ve stole a book 😂👍 it was £11 or $15

  • Alyssa Taylor
    Alyssa Taylor 6 kun oldin +1

    I stole once when I was 5 I was a the children’s museum it was a little kids frog wallet thing my mom wouldn’t get in and in my little 5 year old mind I thought I needed it😂😂I grabbed it and hid it a couple days later she found it and said she was going to take me up there and tell them I took it and apologize I was so scared and crying she never did anything tho I thing I still have it somewhere actually 😂😂

  • Delilah Bell
    Delilah Bell 6 kun oldin

    I shoplifted a pen once. It was after school so I still had my backpack and I went into a store and opened a two pack of pens and took one and put it in my pencil case and left.

  • Diy challenges
    Diy challenges 7 kun oldin

    I shoplifted when I was really young just because I wanted to.

    RYLEE PALMERTON 7 kun oldin

    Lol this made me think of when i was little and my grandma worked at walmart so i would go hang out with her in the jewlery department and soooooooo many times i would be trying on necklaces or braceletes and then i would have to go home and walk out with them Completely forgetting that i had them on until i got home and then i would hide them because i thought if anyone knew i would be in trouble😂

  • Arzu Jabrayilzade
    Arzu Jabrayilzade 7 kun oldin

    I am in London for school right now and. im so happy but im not happy that my dad need to. pay so much 😟

  • Devaune Temple
    Devaune Temple 8 kun oldin

    I looked up *Gabbie* on *Shoplyfter.com* I didn’t see her smh

  • Bella 101
    Bella 101 8 kun oldin

    I used to steal shit from my school all the time, that was my shit to the core

  • _Awesome_ Allie_
    _Awesome_ Allie_ 8 kun oldin

    I’ve never purposely shoplifted but once when I was really little I was in like Walmart or giant eagle of something and I saw a bag of KitKats which are my favorite candy and I took them off the shelf and I ate them and my mom did not notice and I legit walked over to a trash can and threw away the wrapper and I never got caught.

    Miriam GOLDEN SWORD 8 kun oldin

    I stole a tube of chapsticks 😂 I was 8

  • Minseok Baozi
    Minseok Baozi 8 kun oldin

    I stole food from the local super market when I was super young and for a pretty long time like between the years of 9-14 because my parents didn't let me eat food because they didn't think I deserved it, I got caught stealing a grape !!!!!!!!!A GRAPE!!!!!!!! and was banned from the store but I still go there til this day almost 5 years later lmao

  • vergil Darkness
    vergil Darkness 8 kun oldin

    I lost my bro and I thought the world owed me

  • vergil Darkness
    vergil Darkness 8 kun oldin

    lol I went to the sainsberry you went to he was there he said he wanted to say hi

  • vergil Darkness
    vergil Darkness 8 kun oldin

    I feel your pain I’m bullied by kids all the time

  • Cutie Pie50
    Cutie Pie50 8 kun oldin

    I shopped lifted and regret it deeply

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 9 kun oldin

    I have😂😂

  • Youness Aich
    Youness Aich 9 kun oldin

    I once stole a pack of Moshi monster cards (ya know when you were 5 and they were cool) from Sainsbury's, I was wearing a karate suit and hit it in there an left with no trouble, wtf I don't know what 5 year old me was thinking...

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole 9 kun oldin +1

    “If I accidentally have kids one day” 😂😂😂

  • ...
    ... 9 kun oldin

    i shoplifted once with my friend when i was like 6 or 7. We stole a couple of peaces of candy from a candy selection in the closest store to my house. A woman sees us and tells the staff that kids are stealing candy. we had to pay like 50 cents but still, it was kinds badass.

  • Edgar Keith
    Edgar Keith 10 kun oldin


  • Victoria Franz
    Victoria Franz 10 kun oldin

    I was getting really worked up halfway through the video, and then an add for meditation popped up lmaoooooooooo

  • Faith Kelley!!!!
    Faith Kelley!!!! 10 kun oldin

    Ugh I have shoplifted!!!!

  • Hannah Starks
    Hannah Starks 11 kun oldin +3

    When I was 7, I stole a gummy worm from the bulk section from a local Wegmans, looked around and shoved it in my mouth. Later that night I was in bed and I felt so guilty “WHY JESUS DID YOU LET ME DO IT!!!”
    I went there a couple days after with my mom, and I felt like the shiftiest person in the world with a kid sized trench coat on, running from the government! XD

  • TheFrostedCake !
    TheFrostedCake ! 11 kun oldin +1

    Maltesers (mol-tee-sers) 😂

  • Hatice Ulukutuk
    Hatice Ulukutuk 11 kun oldin

    I think I stole some nail polish when I was 5 😂😂😂

  • Pieter Truter
    Pieter Truter 11 kun oldin

    I stole a pair of shoes, (Sneakers) because my shoes had ripped and I needed new shoes but I couldn't afford them so I had to steal them but my parents never found out... but I payed it later on c:

  • Aloha Audrey
    Aloha Audrey 11 kun oldin

    I think 40-50% of the population has probably shop lifted but I personally haven’t 😬

  • Cosette Gerl
    Cosette Gerl 11 kun oldin

    Never shoplifted hopefully never will... one i have a REALLY strong consciense and two i would be sweating like a pig

  • mckenzie massel
    mckenzie massel 11 kun oldin

    I was i a craft store one time with my friends and we were probably about 12. I made a joke about stealing icing from the tubes and she got on board with it even though it was just a joke. So we went and grabbed two bottles and as i was stuffing mine up my shirt, a worker came through the aisle and asked to see what i had. My excuse was “i was trying to find something in my purse and thought you could see the icing I’m so sorry oh my god” and she asked if we were buying them and we said yes. So we walk around the aisle and the lady yells “the check out is the other way” and I’m like “we’re looking at things for wreaths, were helping our mom make some” worst excuse ever and worst decision ever. We ended up paying for one of them and putting the other one back

  • Danny Orozco
    Danny Orozco 11 kun oldin +1

    I shoplifted a icing tip..... when I as 6😂😂 (the funny thing is that I didn’t need it it was just cool in my 6 year old life😂

  • Brandi Mullins
    Brandi Mullins 11 kun oldin +1

    I've shoplifted once and it was a toy and I remember I did it because my mother didn't have a lot of money and I didn't get caught but then my little sister told and I was punished and ever since that day ive had Carma for a year now I've had Carma

  • Nathan Gainey
    Nathan Gainey 11 kun oldin


  • Gaby Aguilar
    Gaby Aguilar 11 kun oldin

    I shoplifted books, yes i stole two jk rowling books fantastic animals and quiditch. And i dont know how many others, oh and once i accidentally took an eyeliner with me and realized it was still in my hand when i got in the taxi and was half a mile away.

  • Jessie Micheals
    Jessie Micheals 12 kun oldin

    I shoplifted when I was 4.
    I is stupid...

  • Crybaby Hangout
    Crybaby Hangout 12 kun oldin

    What a beautiful photo in the background

  • wendy !
    wendy ! 12 kun oldin +1

    okay but why do your mannerisms remind me so much of penny from big bang ??? like it's uncanny lol

  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble Wrap 12 kun oldin

    I don't steal from stores but I steal from my brother😂

  • X.Rosie Takara.X
    X.Rosie Takara.X 12 kun oldin

    I've Never Shoplifted Myself, But My Bestfriend Has

  • KT Glitter Time
    KT Glitter Time 12 kun oldin

    “...he was drilling me SO HARD!” 😂😂😂
    Oooh la la! 😆

  • Brynly Not Breylin
    Brynly Not Breylin 12 kun oldin

    i shoplifted chapstick once. that shit was good.

  • lilly goument
    lilly goument 12 kun oldin

    Yeah this weekend I stole a shirt and 2 sets of earrings from primark lol xxx

  • lilly goument
    lilly goument 12 kun oldin

    Yeah this weekend I stole a shirt and 2 sets of earrings from primary lol xxx

  • Esther_unicorn_dun 21
    Esther_unicorn_dun 21 12 kun oldin +1

    When I was eight I stole those little hair clips with colorful hair attached to it cause everyone in school had one and my mom said no so I clenched it in my hands and walked out. And I never wore it I just stuck in a book and left it there.

  • Ich Bin DU
    Ich Bin DU 13 kun oldin

    I stole sooooooo much from my school (Realschule) in Germany. For example I stole so many tests before we wrote them and thats why I got straight A‘s

  • ArielleXo YT
    ArielleXo YT 13 kun oldin +1

    I never stole from stores, but I definitely stole toys and other stuff from my friends house back 😂

  • Angela Goncalves
    Angela Goncalves 13 kun oldin


  • Estrella Amaya
    Estrella Amaya 13 kun oldin

    Sis I'm a walmart queen you should have told them "at least I don't pay 100 bucks for shoes

  • Ionitza
    Ionitza 13 kun oldin

    I remember when i was 6 a mom's friend an old woman walked me out and we went to a small store and i asked if i could get a kinder chocolate egg and she said no. I took it and put it into my pocket and then we arrived at home and the chocolate melted in my pocket and it was a complety mess..................:(

  • chicken strip
    chicken strip 13 kun oldin

    i used to have to shoplift because me, my sister and my parents were homeless soo yeah

  • Mina A
    Mina A 13 kun oldin

    Ya know ima b honest once i stole a pair of hello kitty socks went I was six I told my mom I wanted them she said no but I kept bugging her and she still said no so I got mad and put it my pockets but then when we were almost going to check out I got cold so I put my hands in my pocket also we were at the store for so long i forgot that I even put the socks in my pockets so any way I put my hands in my pockets and there it was the sock so I pulled it out I was gonna out it back but then I thought if my mom saw I could get in trouble for even putting it in my pocket I also thought if one of the workers saw it would get my mom in trouble so I just got super scared and panicked so I left it in my pocket and when we were checking out I was like sweating so when we walked out of the store I was like still in shock and I told my brother that was younger than me and they just laughed so ya that's the story

  • Brenna Breska
    Brenna Breska 13 kun oldin

    I haven't

  • Amanda Bober
    Amanda Bober 13 kun oldin

    i've thought about it but i'm always afraid of the beeper going off

  • Nova&Rachel Beane
    Nova&Rachel Beane 13 kun oldin

    My pants are from Walmart and m shoes are from payless and I do not get made fun of (well not that much)

  • freya
    freya 14 kun oldin

    Lmao when I was like 8 I used to steal shopkins from Tesco and I never got caught but I’m currently 13 and the other week I got banned from Aldi (a shop duh) because me and my bsf went zooming around the store taking turns in the shopping cart 🛒

  • Auna Peck
    Auna Peck 14 kun oldin


  • Nhial Michael
    Nhial Michael 14 kun oldin

    I can’t shoplift because I’m black and the security is always following me

  • Engadine West P&C Executive

    i have