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  • Jennifer Magill
    Jennifer Magill 5 soat oldin


  • Ivy Lake
    Ivy Lake 6 soat oldin +1

    2019 anyone

  • Jolie991
    Jolie991 12 soat oldin

    god from now on the only way i'm going to walk is by lunging and dabbing like noah at 23:09

  • mergy101 Dalmatians
    mergy101 Dalmatians 14 soat oldin

    "and EEven though"

  • Anika Goel
    Anika Goel 15 soat oldin

    Looooool it says Smoosh in the credits

  • Nick
    Nick 16 soat oldin

    anyone else notice the neighbour in the crowd?

  • KennyBenny 53
    KennyBenny 53 Kun oldin

    1:03:00 LEZZ DANNZZ

  • Andrea Pineda
    Andrea Pineda Kun oldin

    This was REALLY GOOD 😂😂🤯

  • Emma Clare
    Emma Clare 2 kun oldin

    I Love all of your video.😘😍😂🤗😎😋 Ihave a queshtn of you 6+6-7+10=?.

  • Summer Rouleau
    Summer Rouleau 2 kun oldin

    This was hilarious 🤣

  • Z tube
    Z tube 2 kun oldin

    The. I'll beat up your older brother company should be real exept he should not be on steroids

  • Adan Arango
    Adan Arango 2 kun oldin

    are you fat

  • Elle blossoms MSP
    Elle blossoms MSP 2 kun oldin +1

    Just me or did u see shayne and courtney trying not to laugh when Olivia did her alien accent no just me ok

  • Alexis Keith
    Alexis Keith 2 kun oldin

    WHOOO csn't waait for another!

  • Berrydeer Enchanted
    Berrydeer Enchanted 3 kun oldin

    How come that place is so small

  • Rayna Francis
    Rayna Francis 3 kun oldin


  • Girlgamer YA YEET
    Girlgamer YA YEET 3 kun oldin

    I actually thought that this vid was live

  • Taha Boss
    Taha Boss 3 kun oldin

    I was there it was so fun like if u want to go to smosh live

  • Alessandra Rivera
    Alessandra Rivera 3 kun oldin

    The lady is sooo wierd gosh

  • Ryre
    Ryre 4 kun oldin

    Where's Anthony :D

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 4 kun oldin


  • Javi Maldonado
    Javi Maldonado 4 kun oldin +1

    Stevie is my boy

  • Fate Esterlax24
    Fate Esterlax24 4 kun oldin

    Suck dick

  • Andrew the Man
    Andrew the Man 5 kun oldin

    That damn neighbor is in the audience with my pink flamingo

  • Asar Khan
    Asar Khan 6 kun oldin

    22:22 yeah you did move on

  • Asar Khan
    Asar Khan 6 kun oldin +1

    Where is that "shut up"?

  • 90s kids are ghey boi
    90s kids are ghey boi 6 kun oldin

    22:19 and here we are 2019 folkds

  • Blue Venger
    Blue Venger 7 kun oldin

    Spot the difference
    Very easy:
    Very hard:
    Almost impossible to human eye:
    Ps all have differences but they are very difficult, like if you won

  • Marie Lou Lavoie
    Marie Lou Lavoie 7 kun oldin


  • Cold Audio
    Cold Audio 7 kun oldin

    I just realized that smosh wont probably do another one of this for a long time since their business company ran out off business and Anthony leaving

  • Emerald Gamer 2000
    Emerald Gamer 2000 7 kun oldin


  • Rowan Diamonds
    Rowan Diamonds 7 kun oldin

    Views > 4,686,666 < oh my god....

  • Bella Testerman
    Bella Testerman 8 kun oldin

    i want to slap the guy in the red bandanna

  • VenamoniX
    VenamoniX 8 kun oldin

    I had hernia, you just insulted me, it was painful :(

    TSMDRAK3 8 kun oldin +2


  • Kady Roberts
    Kady Roberts 8 kun oldin

    the actual show starts at 11:45 but the opening scene is so damn good

  • Pufferfish Caden 3
    Pufferfish Caden 3 9 kun oldin

    I choose x, I choose o,FEFF!!!!!!

  • luis cajamarca
    luis cajamarca 9 kun oldin

    The guy with glasses is cute

  • Ammar Mohamed
    Ammar Mohamed 10 kun oldin

    You forgot teleporting fat guy

  • RollyDaNinja
    RollyDaNinja 10 kun oldin

    I wish I could be there

  • Tate Ottahal
    Tate Ottahal 10 kun oldin

    Is this where studio c films?

  • Davidshaft
    Davidshaft 11 kun oldin


  • Prince ivan Vlogs PH
    Prince ivan Vlogs PH 11 kun oldin

    I feel bad for the dude who said "i shoud've gone truth"

  • the stupid billy show 2000

    stevie is the jojo binks of smosh

  • Crazy NintendoBros
    Crazy NintendoBros 11 kun oldin

    Anyone else see Ian’s mom?

  • Stephanie McCaig
    Stephanie McCaig 12 kun oldin

    2019 anyone

  • Arianavhghh Lana
    Arianavhghh Lana 12 kun oldin


  • No memes Just Fortnite somtimes

    On tinder

  • No memes Just Fortnite somtimes

    On twittet

  • Jazmin Arango
    Jazmin Arango 14 kun oldin

    I meant glow

  • Jazmin Arango
    Jazmin Arango 14 kun oldin

    Something that runes with globe is snow

  • Corvex gaming
    Corvex gaming 15 kun oldin

    This is my dream I'm watching in UZclip

  • Alexander Davis 2nd channel


  • Chloe Luo
    Chloe Luo 15 kun oldin

    Who is watching this in 2019???

  • Nelson Aranda
    Nelson Aranda 16 kun oldin

    I watch this every year

  • Fivestar
    Fivestar 16 kun oldin

    EPIC HOW TO: How to be a showhost

  • Lydiibug
    Lydiibug 16 kun oldin

    When Olivia said, "I CANT MAKE BABIES!" I laughed so hard that I drooled

  • lunamoonlight 46
    lunamoonlight 46 16 kun oldin

    Aww they forgot 'that damn neighbor' crew in the smosh character video. 😢

  • CW
    CW 16 kun oldin

    would love to see another one

  • Madison Spradling
    Madison Spradling 16 kun oldin


  • Caleb Allen
    Caleb Allen 17 kun oldin

    shayn can you do a backflip if not slap a coworker really hard

  • Allison Haug
    Allison Haug 17 kun oldin

    Anthony and Shayne trying to hold in their laughter is me in every serious moment

  • BrianPlazGames 988
    BrianPlazGames 988 17 kun oldin

    2019 anyone

  • jacob fogel
    jacob fogel 18 kun oldin

    Give it up to flat earth guy u should have said give it up to science

  • jacob fogel
    jacob fogel 18 kun oldin

    I was there

  • Kaylee Sweeney
    Kaylee Sweeney 18 kun oldin

    Olivia is my favorite one

  • Kaylee Sweeney
    Kaylee Sweeney 18 kun oldin

    How old are the cast of Smosh

  • Anastasia TIN [08Q2]
    Anastasia TIN [08Q2] 18 kun oldin +1

    1:00:59 is the best moment of the play god dammit

  • Jennifer Kane
    Jennifer Kane 19 kun oldin

    The intergalacwhip is my favorite

  • Alexandre ALECSANDRO 88
    Alexandre ALECSANDRO 88 20 kun oldin +1

    Love yous

  • Sourishbanjo1924
    Sourishbanjo1924 20 kun oldin

    2016, Good times!

  • Abdullah Almurar
    Abdullah Almurar 20 kun oldin

    is noah actullay jewish

  • heck my life
    heck my life 20 kun oldin

    the older brother sketch has been done before on snl :(

  • ShaCraft 05
    ShaCraft 05 20 kun oldin


  • Heidi A
    Heidi A 20 kun oldin

    2019 anybody?

  • ethanonthemoon
    ethanonthemoon 20 kun oldin

    And even tHOUGH

  • LEON B
    LEON B 21 kun oldin


  • Moon Slayer
    Moon Slayer 21 kun oldin


  • Nevin Watson09
    Nevin Watson09 22 kun oldin

    make one in Glasgow in scotland

  • LawEnforcer98
    LawEnforcer98 22 kun oldin

    Where is the damn neighbor? I’ve been searching for him in this video

  • Bradly Iyamu
    Bradly Iyamu 22 kun oldin

    I like to say this

  • Des Slate
    Des Slate 22 kun oldin

    Dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab

  • Des Slate
    Des Slate 22 kun oldin

    Middle finger

  • Jack Games
    Jack Games 23 kun oldin +1

    The professional laugher made me really uncomfortable.

  • Bela Garcia
    Bela Garcia 24 kun oldin +1


  • Bela Garcia
    Bela Garcia 24 kun oldin +1

    Peggy Miller is me as a mum

  • Queen Eve
    Queen Eve 25 kun oldin


  • Nacho Is the 1
    Nacho Is the 1 25 kun oldin

    22:22 Anthony wasn’t joking

  • Tuck The Turtle
    Tuck The Turtle 26 kun oldin

    Courtney: But no probing!
    *Cast agrees*
    Olivia: But that’s the fun part!

  • Tuck The Turtle
    Tuck The Turtle 26 kun oldin

    I just realized Peggy Miller from the second sketch has the same last name of Courtney Miller who played Peggy Miller. I think that’s pretty cool.

  • Tuck The Turtle
    Tuck The Turtle 26 kun oldin

    Why does Peggy Miller from sketch two even have two condoms?

  • Tuck The Turtle
    Tuck The Turtle 26 kun oldin

    Courtney is perfect for all the characters she was.

  • Tony on Fire
    Tony on Fire 26 kun oldin

    It's sad because that frend thing

  • Kates Channel
    Kates Channel 28 kun oldin

    Most awesome video ever! Anyone agree

  • Balloon10 be2011
    Balloon10 be2011 28 kun oldin

    Anthony Pailda

  • Carter Brock
    Carter Brock 28 kun oldin

    Are you gay ian

    1NTERESTED 28 kun oldin +1

    Wish I could of made it :(

  • Professional Email
    Professional Email 29 kun oldin

    f the guy is very mean to stevy

  • Professional Email
    Professional Email 29 kun oldin

    f the guy

  • Professional Email
    Professional Email 29 kun oldin

    he is taking the channel