Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Joylandi 6-Noy, 2018
  • Food in video games has seen a renaissance in the past few years, with vittles playing a pivotal role in your mere survival as a character. Rockstar games inches ever-closer to real life in video game form with Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can buy, hunt, cook, steal, and eat your nutritional requirements every day. You never seem to need to go to the bathroom though...
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • leetlebob
    leetlebob 4 soat oldin

    The fuck, who the fuck gets a tool specifically for peeling vegetables, I thought that using knives was normal.

  • W A T E R
    W A T E R 9 soat oldin

    I see no horses in the back...

  • Mank Deems
    Mank Deems 10 soat oldin

    That Dutch oven really did have a plan.

  • Up on Scope ツ
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  • Kriss Hilton
    Kriss Hilton Kun oldin

    It aint a binging with banish dish without Kosher salt

  • Hazel Nut
    Hazel Nut Kun oldin +1

    Vegan asshole has left the chat.

  • Jhh Jbb
    Jhh Jbb Kun oldin

    Final step eat it In tAHITi

  • Gang Sh!t
    Gang Sh!t Kun oldin

    Sounds like the voice on bbq pit boyz

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator Kun oldin

    Does this help with terminal lumbago?

  • hello random person reading my name pleb

    I just remember one punch man when he was trying to eat a boat but the boar run away and he saw a bear and he say I guest I'll have bare😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Fady .G
    Fady .G Kun oldin

    Lmao his accent killed me

  • Carmichael Keane See

    I gotta hunt that bear again.

  • bigdaddyisland 11
    bigdaddyisland 11 Kun oldin

    Dammit now I'm hungry🍜

  • Dude
    Dude Kun oldin

    I genuinely thought the Arthur voice was some other guy he invited and not Babish

  • CherryBonBon
    CherryBonBon Kun oldin

    This is all I’ve ever dreamed of

  • good news
    good news Kun oldin

    Sounds just like Arthur

  • Arthur Morgan fan 10
    Arthur Morgan fan 10 2 kun oldin

    Danm right brother

  • Madison Falco
    Madison Falco 2 kun oldin

    That’s honestly how I peel carrots because I obviously don’t care about my knifes well being😅😂

  • Bunny Forlife
    Bunny Forlife 2 kun oldin

    RIP Arthur

  • Taha Killer
    Taha Killer 2 kun oldin

    I'm pretty sure the stew in red dead 2 is beef stew.

    • Taha Killer
      Taha Killer 2 kun oldin

      I'm pretty sure i have no idea what's going on.

    • Robin
      Robin 2 kun oldin

      I'm pretty sure you got that wrong.

  • DEADtoRISE08
    DEADtoRISE08 2 kun oldin

    Lol that Lenny at the end

  • lifeisprettyodd
    lifeisprettyodd 2 kun oldin

    "The only thing I don't like about this stew is that pearson makes it"

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez 2 kun oldin

    Rest In Peace Arthur Morgan

  • Anthony Inkster
    Anthony Inkster 2 kun oldin

    That looks fucking delicious

  • Dwiki Alfian
    Dwiki Alfian 2 kun oldin

    I have a goddamn plan! Have a little goddamn faith, Arthur

  • Tom The Man
    Tom The Man 2 kun oldin

    Fresh Ground Pre-Ground Black Pepper

  • foomba doomba
    foomba doomba 2 kun oldin

    *Dutch* oven

  • Nabil Ahmad
    Nabil Ahmad 2 kun oldin

    I want you to eat that stew and not look back

  • Sydney Brazier
    Sydney Brazier 2 kun oldin

    This is amazing 😂😂

  • Captain Cronk Jr.
    Captain Cronk Jr. 2 kun oldin


  • MBS
    MBS 2 kun oldin


  • Yoovie
    Yoovie 2 kun oldin

    Wow, you had to kill a bear?!

  • Gio The fetusBantit
    Gio The fetusBantit 3 kun oldin

    That Dutch oven had a plane ticket to Tahiti

  • Supermurloc
    Supermurloc 3 kun oldin

    Babish:"this is a family show
    Also babash: *makes dick joke*

  • Darkofnight56
    Darkofnight56 3 kun oldin

    He is literally as skinny as John Marston is in RDR2

  • Dylan Dreisbach
    Dylan Dreisbach 3 kun oldin

    1899! I always forget that the “Wild West” wasn’t that long ago.

  • Marcus Monteiro
    Marcus Monteiro 3 kun oldin

    Bear stew? I thought you meant Bear Jew.

  • Scott Gasparac
    Scott Gasparac 3 kun oldin

    Best one yet

  • USMC03-1408
    USMC03-1408 3 kun oldin

    Bro love the cooking videos, have two issues with this one.
    1st hipster boots don’t count for cowboy boots.
    2nd no gun in your holster..... tisk tisk.
    Other than that it looked good.

  • vincent tran
    vincent tran 3 kun oldin

    no one:
    Babish: "I am hard... core for fond."

  • Frosty
    Frosty 4 kun oldin

    “ I’ll keep the legs in there, add a bit of flavour “
    When he said flavour his actual voice cane out

  • shoutycrab 413612111111

    i love how accurate he is when he makes video game food! (also andrew could you maybe try something from earthbound? like kraken soup, pasta di summers, magic cake/tarts/pudding, or homemade peanut cheese bars?)

  • cameron phares
    cameron phares 4 kun oldin


  • joshua mcvay
    joshua mcvay 4 kun oldin +1


  • Gone - Jon
    Gone - Jon 4 kun oldin

    That looks SOOO DAMN GOOD

  • T15_FoxTrot
    T15_FoxTrot 4 kun oldin

    2:42 BABISH NO

  • Doritothebunny
    Doritothebunny 4 kun oldin

    *Yeehaw partner*

  • Jas Gripen
    Jas Gripen 4 kun oldin

    You should have started the video with "Howdy partner"

  • FROST Wolfz71
    FROST Wolfz71 4 kun oldin

    when i was younger my brother shot a rabbit with a bow and we had it over the grill.

  • macro deth
    macro deth 4 kun oldin

    Bear meat is parasite heaven.

  • Plato Plays
    Plato Plays 4 kun oldin +1

    “I personally don’t give a damn, but this is the way Pearson makes it”

    “The only thing I don’t like about this is that Pearson makes it” 😂

  • Mmm Chestnut
    Mmm Chestnut 4 kun oldin

    I'd eat the crap out of that meal

  • Torterra
    Torterra 4 kun oldin

    Deer and rabbit I was aware of... but fuck, there’s an actual market for BEAR MEAT out there?

  • asmit317ify
    asmit317ify 5 kun oldin

    Do one with cowboy Kent Rollins, please!

  • Raven NEVER
    Raven NEVER 5 kun oldin +1

    Holy shit is that really the voice actor for arthur?

    • Andrew Amende
      Andrew Amende 4 kun oldin

      No, he is the voice actor for Princess Peach though, couldn't you tell?

  • Just Virdit
    Just Virdit 5 kun oldin

    Tell me about the rabbits George

  • Miko Naval
    Miko Naval 5 kun oldin


    Dutch has a plan

  • RameNoodles Gaming
    RameNoodles Gaming 5 kun oldin

    Heavy "Dutch" oven

  • Rai
    Rai 5 kun oldin

    So they made an entire game out of this cooking video.

  • nikkalick
    nikkalick 5 kun oldin

    Ugh this is the only game that made me cry at the end of it and had me sad for the following week

  • Fouad King
    Fouad King 6 kun oldin

    You made a pretty good version good job 👍

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 6 kun oldin +12

    Amazing. Love the costume and voice work. Hope you do more fun stuff like this.

  • Asveen Ramchurn
    Asveen Ramchurn 6 kun oldin

    Did you really murder a bear

  • Junk Dog
    Junk Dog 6 kun oldin

    u should of made rabbit stew next from minecraft

  • JakeBox
    JakeBox 6 kun oldin

    Please do more of these things

  • Владимир Воробьёв

    Why did i think it was beer stew

  • Mikhail Diljohn
    Mikhail Diljohn 6 kun oldin

    0/10 bear stew gave me tuberculosis

  • BeasT Boii
    BeasT Boii 6 kun oldin

    I just got the hard joke 😂😂😂

  • arthur morgan
    arthur morgan 6 kun oldin

    Hey babish how much MUNEH does bear meat cost

  • MasterLINK657
    MasterLINK657 6 kun oldin +12

    I see the cheez it box @ 3:57 youre not slick.

    • Madison Falco
      Madison Falco 2 kun oldin +1

      MasterLINK657 I couldn’t really see it until I put it at .25 lol

  • KeBzz414
    KeBzz414 6 kun oldin

    im from brunswick. i love brunswick stew a ton.

  • lexi westerterp
    lexi westerterp 7 kun oldin

    a tried and true cowboy. a cowbabish if u will.

  • Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor 7 kun oldin

    I actually own the knife you're using in the video, and son of a bitch I hate the way that grip feels

  • squid iddly
    squid iddly 7 kun oldin +3

    You never cease to amaze me, babish!! Great job, man.

  • dylan w
    dylan w 7 kun oldin +29

    Dude, this is one of my favorite videos of all time. Starting now, and ending never.

  • Bruer Remm Wilcox
    Bruer Remm Wilcox 7 kun oldin

    Babish has cwd

  • Sonia Cano
    Sonia Cano 7 kun oldin

    2:42 i honestly thought that is was someone else but babish

  • Yiit JB
    Yiit JB 7 kun oldin

    It’s lit

  • Mr. Irish Cat
    Mr. Irish Cat 7 kun oldin +234

    I was legitimately sad when he stopped making his Arthur voice

    • DarkPandaLord
      DarkPandaLord Kun oldin +1

      +Mr. Irish Cat, in my opinion I'm happy he returned to his old voice. I'm heavily used to his regular voice, and the Arthur voice was distracting.

    • Madison Falco
      Madison Falco 2 kun oldin +1

      He’s really good at it!

    • Byamba
      Byamba 4 kun oldin +7

      i was suprised , i tought it was another person doing it

  • LovelyLaura
    LovelyLaura 7 kun oldin +1

    Never heard Brunswick stew made with beer 😂 squirrel or rabbit maybe. And I have a recipe from colonial Williamsburg

  • Brent BJ G. Resngit
    Brent BJ G. Resngit 8 kun oldin

    DUTCH oven?

  • 00fster X
    00fster X 8 kun oldin +6

    How does Dutch cook his meat?

    A *DUTCH* Oven!
    *Bad Jokes 101*

  • miguel rivera
    miguel rivera 8 kun oldin +1

    It looks like Afritada, Shout out from Philippines man!

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 8 kun oldin

    Can you adopt me

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 9 kun oldin

    I thought he was a Pinkerton or an o’Driscoll until this video came out.

  • Moki Mon
    Moki Mon 9 kun oldin

    the voice acting is actually good

  • Bean Boi
    Bean Boi 9 kun oldin

    The prarire chicken looked great.

  • Cavin Bob
    Cavin Bob 9 kun oldin

    Watching this while playing the game

  • Doggy Woof
    Doggy Woof 9 kun oldin

    Fishing for Cow Pies?
    That sounds more YSAC than whoever he said in the video.

    • Doggy Woof
      Doggy Woof 9 kun oldin

      YSAC is You Suck At Cooking btw

  • John Marston
    John Marston 10 kun oldin +3

    Just like Pearson used to do it

  • Julian Martin
    Julian Martin 10 kun oldin +7

    Props for Pulling off Arthur Morgan's voice so well

  • Angie S
    Angie S 10 kun oldin

    Where can I get a bear??

  • Victor Eli
    Victor Eli 10 kun oldin


  • Tatsuya Takeshi
    Tatsuya Takeshi 10 kun oldin

    Funny and yummy

  • Anna Pate
    Anna Pate 10 kun oldin

    Hard.... core😂😂😂😂😂

  • Javier Charlier
    Javier Charlier 11 kun oldin

    You look like an O’Driscol

  • Ondřej Tax
    Ondřej Tax 11 kun oldin

    The "Dutch" oven also seems to be quite fitting

  • Alex Fosberg
    Alex Fosberg 11 kun oldin


  • rolfyyy
    rolfyyy 11 kun oldin

    wait you really got outside i thought it was greenscreen danm

  • David Cappadoccia
    David Cappadoccia 11 kun oldin

    I now want to make this. Where do I get game meat?