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  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    Elizabeth Sanchez Soat oldin

    the riddle about silence was so easy

  • Aimee Wolosin
    Aimee Wolosin Soat oldin

    This video makes me cry with laughter😂😂

  • FoxGirlGames
    FoxGirlGames 2 soat oldin

    I took this... i tied with gray and im 12 XD

  • skidoo1996
    skidoo1996 2 soat oldin +1

    YES i got the egg ridle right!

  • Jessica Persaud
    Jessica Persaud 2 soat oldin

    Yea I have

  • Kaelyn Arredondo
    Kaelyn Arredondo 2 soat oldin

    I lokey got 1 right

  • Island HQ
    Island HQ 3 soat oldin

    10:08 thats an easy one, UR NAME!!!!!

  • Island HQ
    Island HQ 3 soat oldin

    8:28 When ever I blank on a tests

  • alexis seminoff
    alexis seminoff 4 soat oldin

    19:32 who's heart melted for Grayson when he said "that not what that means brotha"

  • Jordyn Brooks
    Jordyn Brooks 4 soat oldin

    i got the name one because of my teacher.

  • Cook the Puppy girl
    Cook the Puppy girl 4 soat oldin


  • Cook the Puppy girl
    Cook the Puppy girl 4 soat oldin


  • Cook the Puppy girl
    Cook the Puppy girl 4 soat oldin

    I feel bad for Ethan in this video

  • alexis seminoff
    alexis seminoff 4 soat oldin

    awww poor Ethan. My heart. oof i melted when he said that. but i did guess silence sooo:)

  • mira tokuda
    mira tokuda 4 soat oldin

    I really like how Ethan is being over dramatic about the consequence, but he has a typo in his bio on his instagram

  • stay pressed
    stay pressed 5 soat oldin

    wait which one is older

  • Hannah Muniz
    Hannah Muniz 5 soat oldin

    I got the silence one right and I'm 12 years old I also got the name one right

  • Ur weekly Trash can
    Ur weekly Trash can 5 soat oldin +1

    Ethan looks like Elvis when he turns his head. Anyone agree?

  • Cameron E
    Cameron E 6 soat oldin

    I’m dyslexic 2222

  • mineralmango
    mineralmango 6 soat oldin


  • Yarii Perez
    Yarii Perez 7 soat oldin +1

    4:07 was so easy I got right when they read the riddle it's a *kite*

  • Katie Kearns
    Katie Kearns 7 soat oldin

    I love how stupider is apparently a word.

  • M &M
    M &M 8 soat oldin

    I got the riddles wrong because I was thinking too hard 🥵

  • Alyssa_Tube
    Alyssa_Tube 9 soat oldin


  • MultiGabuawad
    MultiGabuawad 10 soat oldin

    You spelled tall wrong, you put talk.

  • Zara DOGAR
    Zara DOGAR 10 soat oldin +1

    10:36 it’s your name
    Edit: I said this before they announced the answer

  • Astrid Ghk
    Astrid Ghk 14 soat oldin

    The name one omg soon easy

  • Emma Dionne
    Emma Dionne 15 soat oldin

    The tea is... you’re both dumb

  • Janet Ledford
    Janet Ledford 16 soat oldin

    grays face at 23:14 he was just so happy

  • Georgia Sitepu
    Georgia Sitepu 18 soat oldin

    23:08 - 23:13 🤣🤣

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez 18 soat oldin

    "we're like brothers" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ohana 4life
    ohana 4life 19 soat oldin

    Gray is so f*cking cute

  • Rekha Jijo
    Rekha Jijo 19 soat oldin

    Grayson’s my brother I’m Ethan....

  • Joiabird McJimpson
    Joiabird McJimpson 20 soat oldin

    i can’t take the outro im dying😂😂

  • raelee
    raelee 20 soat oldin

    23:03 😂😂

  • Hope Klingenstein
    Hope Klingenstein 21 soat oldin

    poor ethan’s heart😂

  • Christina McCarthy
    Christina McCarthy 21 soat oldin

    You guys are probably too smart for those riddles 😂

  • ShaeD Shae
    ShaeD Shae 22 soat oldin

    7:17 my guesse is a glowstick just doing this so I know i didnt cheat

  • Mia Wiltin
    Mia Wiltin 22 soat oldin

    I got all of the riddles correct

  • didi xoxo
    didi xoxo 23 soat oldin

    Grayson got possessed at 23:06 to 23:13 lmao

  • Skylar Demers
    Skylar Demers Kun oldin +4

    Ethan is literally me during a test....lmao

  • Gomolemo Mogwera
    Gomolemo Mogwera Kun oldin

    I have just discovered that I am a dumbass

  • lulu chrysy
    lulu chrysy Kun oldin

    always been team grayson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cataluvs BTS
    Cataluvs BTS Kun oldin

    Lol I got a lot of the riddles right like the one they got wrong I got right

  • Layla Niamh
    Layla Niamh Kun oldin

    Who's older

  • Riyaan Bile
    Riyaan Bile Kun oldin

    I got all of them correct. I love your UZclip channel.

  • Tara Plevnik
    Tara Plevnik Kun oldin

    Im thirteen and I would do everything better

  • Erica Miguel
    Erica Miguel Kun oldin

    6:32 he was like "where like brothers" 😭💀❤

  • Ahmed Alieldin
    Ahmed Alieldin Kun oldin

    Nov 6 is my birthday

  • FloridaGirl360
    FloridaGirl360 Kun oldin

    Sorry Ethan but Grayson’s hotter too lol he’s soooo freaking hot

  • Jackie Cole
    Jackie Cole Kun oldin

    ethans going thro something we must pray lol

  • Jackie Cole
    Jackie Cole Kun oldin

    "whoever is stupider" stupider isnt even a word. lmao love you guys tho

  • Silya Nek
    Silya Nek Kun oldin

    Who knows the name of the test ?

  • MyWorldAs Me
    MyWorldAs Me Kun oldin

    I beat both of you in the riddle

  • Hailey Rhoden
    Hailey Rhoden Kun oldin

    I hated that tweet! I am a grammar queen! I have to correct my friends when they speak! Don’t do that again, please.

  • ashi minoz
    ashi minoz Kun oldin

    OK, so I have taken the same exact IQ test before and I don't remember whether there was a time limit but my IQ was between 115 and 125 or maybe between 125 and 135

  • tea
    tea Kun oldin


  • Mente Terhaag
    Mente Terhaag Kun oldin

    I am on ethan side

  • Mente Terhaag
    Mente Terhaag Kun oldin

    Ahhhggg ethan

  • Cure Jury
    Cure Jury Kun oldin +1

    Gryson is the more fun more smart and more cutest

  • Cure Jury
    Cure Jury Kun oldin +1

    in the riddles i won yayayay

  • Briana Summers
    Briana Summers Kun oldin

    I totally related to Grayson about being dyslexic. That is probably why he did better on the IQ test because people who have dyslexia are basically close to being a genius. Fun fact: Einstein was dyslexic and a lot of other famous scientists and inventors.

  • Cindy Arreola
    Cindy Arreola Kun oldin

    23:18 SMACK

  • Emma Jara
    Emma Jara Kun oldin

    “You have to brake me before you use me” I thought it was a glow stick 😂😂

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly Kun oldin

    New to the channel love the videos..use aren't boring at all..you do shit no one does..I SISTER SUBSCRIBED LOL

  • the procrastinating narwhal kk

    Um I feel stupid for watching this video and that I always say "Your" instead of "You're"(I think that is wrong and why am I watching this in December)

  • the procrastinating narwhal kk

    21:26 is the face u make when the teacher calls on u in class

  • amari flowers
    amari flowers Kun oldin

    I got the last riddle right

  • ZotechCuteHat
    ZotechCuteHat Kun oldin

    My response after answering all of them correct:
    Your'e both stupid

  • Hey, everyone its Dri
    Hey, everyone its Dri 2 kun oldin

    I got all except one correct, I am the riddle master

  • Bread Melon
    Bread Melon 2 kun oldin

    0:32 = eye scratch

  • Michelle Vasquez
    Michelle Vasquez 2 kun oldin

    Love you

  • Matteo Santagata
    Matteo Santagata 2 kun oldin

    got 8

  • yaya mendez
    yaya mendez 2 kun oldin

    I feel asleep and the Outro was so loud omg 😂

  • Gamer Girl xx
    Gamer Girl xx 2 kun oldin +1

    Who was screaming the answers out 😂😂😂

  • Lorena Torres
    Lorena Torres 2 kun oldin

    Sake I lo ve u guys💋

  • Lorena Torres
    Lorena Torres 2 kun oldin

    You are two litte ******

  • Lorena Torres
    Lorena Torres 2 kun oldin

    Wow that video is lame

  • BabyUnicorn 06
    BabyUnicorn 06 2 kun oldin

    I got more correct lol

  • Lilian Arthur
    Lilian Arthur 2 kun oldin

    Ahahah that's how we spell your in Ireland

  • -Eli- Sherlock Ejder Neftali Elijah Whiting

    I decided to watch this video knowing he would win.

  • Bentang Prameswari
    Bentang Prameswari 2 kun oldin

    bro I'm shook wtf is wrong with the end of this vid you guys like screaming I'm scared:'')

  • daija medina
    daija medina 2 kun oldin

    Grayson has a huge ego skskskskgddhh

  • Alice K
    Alice K 2 kun oldin

    Ethan, you are going through some shit bro

  • Noah Uta'i
    Noah Uta'i 2 kun oldin

    i did for round one

  • Taylor Rojas
    Taylor Rojas 2 kun oldin

    u ok Ethan

  • Reina Vasquez
    Reina Vasquez 2 kun oldin

    10:52 *cough* ethma *cough*

  • Audrey Stine
    Audrey Stine 2 kun oldin

    I just found you guys and I’m crying! You guys are so funny. Definitely subscribing ❤️❤️

  • Frances Reineke
    Frances Reineke 2 kun oldin

    why do I love you guys?!

  • Jaylin Dumpson
    Jaylin Dumpson 2 kun oldin

    6:47 "What has to be broken before it can be used"
    I was thinking a secret because u need to break it in order to tell someone

  • Sarah Aguirre
    Sarah Aguirre 2 kun oldin

    "dude, maybe we're too smart for these riddles." -Ethan
    "That's probably true." - Grayson
    "OMG ME TOOOO" - me

  • Gabriella Case
    Gabriella Case 2 kun oldin

    I got all of them right

  • Nathan Scott Kaiser
    Nathan Scott Kaiser 2 kun oldin

    Greyson why do you two even care who's smarter

  • Josie’s world Josie’s world

    How did I lose to this idiot?! 😂

  • Madelyn Battaglia
    Madelyn Battaglia 3 kun oldin

    You guys are both stupid lol because you both said who’s smarter and STUPIDER witch is not a word lol 😅😂 still love you guys also I am ten and I know that lol love you guys

  • Twitch Does Things
    Twitch Does Things 3 kun oldin

    7:33 I said a glow stick. Close enough, right?

  • Madelyn Battaglia
    Madelyn Battaglia 3 kun oldin +1

    I was so annoyed because i knew the name one

  • Kevin Gilchrist
    Kevin Gilchrist 3 kun oldin

    Whoever edited the video at 6:13 the word bare is spelled like 🐻 lol. Another smarter test who edited the video? Dun dun duuuuun... Ps love y'all
    Also I'm a girl using her dad's account

  • LEGO Queen
    LEGO Queen 3 kun oldin

    Grayson is smarter

  • Elizabeth Draper
    Elizabeth Draper 3 kun oldin

    This really boosted my self esteem