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  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez 2 kun oldin

    30:41 Joven jinx their year ...

  • Gracie Bishop
    Gracie Bishop 3 kun oldin +1

    How come Damien sort of looks like Joey from friends

  • StarDust User
    StarDust User 3 kun oldin +1

    I love 11:24

  • Mikayla Waters
    Mikayla Waters 4 kun oldin

    ‘2018s gonna be a great year guys’ ahhhhh stupid defy!


    Joven WTF next time choose night school path

  • Jonathan Freeman
    Jonathan Freeman 5 kun oldin

    pause at 9:13

  • Carly Walter
    Carly Walter 7 kun oldin

    Such a quality intro- "Why do I have wet socks on my desk?" lol

  • Goddess Camora Terrier

    Łøøk ãt ãłł thįß mæmmæl ßãūßę-


  • froggy
    froggy 7 kun oldin

    *writes book*
    Oh look! 40 thousand dollars!

    *makes smoothie*


  • jx960
    jx960 7 kun oldin

    Damien will never give me brain surgery

  • Jay Draws
    Jay Draws 9 kun oldin

    She swam on cereal!!!!???

  • KatesInapropriateComments Lol

    Damien looked so sad about not getting children from family path or baby spinner thingy

  • Nicole Waddell
    Nicole Waddell 10 kun oldin

    omg couldn't stop laughing!

  • Spoon A
    Spoon A 10 kun oldin

    29:59 I thought that laugh was Boze

    FIFA FRANTIC 11 kun oldin

    Why does disco Joven look so much like Gru from Despicable Me

  • Emma and Hayla
    Emma and Hayla 11 kun oldin

    Me: Wait ........ is that Boze in a giant bowl in the thumbnail? IM WATCHING THIS!!!!!!!!

    Edit: Damien becomes a brain surgeon - Wes: I don’t trust this

  • athletic soccer star 1289

    i looked the game up and i can't find it online

  • That weird YouTube Chick

    I officially LOVE Joven

  • MCJR Gaming
    MCJR Gaming 12 kun oldin


  • Hannah Murphy
    Hannah Murphy 12 kun oldin +1

    omg Boze is gorgeous

  • megan H
    megan H 12 kun oldin

    In a VAN down by the RIVER

  • PrickleyPear33
    PrickleyPear33 14 kun oldin

    What kind of monster puts the cereal in after the milk

  • dogi 217
    dogi 217 14 kun oldin

    2:45 😂😂😂

  • SoraShiro523
    SoraShiro523 15 kun oldin +1

    2018 is not great. WHY DEFY!!!

  • Darth Llama the Sith
    Darth Llama the Sith 15 kun oldin


  • Darth Llama the Sith
    Darth Llama the Sith 15 kun oldin

    Damien: Name my favorite animal? I'll name it Trevor.

  • A lost child
    A lost child 16 kun oldin

    Aww you can fucken tell Wes will be a really gr8 dad one day :)

  • Natalie Oakes
    Natalie Oakes 17 kun oldin

    Anyone notice that Damien said countryside mansion!!

  • Mini M.O.C.S
    Mini M.O.C.S 18 kun oldin

    Cow sap
    Cow juice
    Mammal Drink And
    Mammal Sauce
    - Damien Has

  • Bailey Piwinski
    Bailey Piwinski 18 kun oldin +2

    I love how Wes says baby!!!!

  • Cody Ford
    Cody Ford 19 kun oldin

    If joven made a children’s book called just give up I would be so happy

  • Rich Y
    Rich Y 19 kun oldin

    so thats how babies are made... they are dropped off by helicopter!

  • Vaibhavi Dhasmana
    Vaibhavi Dhasmana 19 kun oldin

    What movie is the clip from?

  • Kaitlyn Keehner
    Kaitlyn Keehner 19 kun oldin

    who's gonna mention they put the milk in before the cereal

  • claude matthewson
    claude matthewson 20 kun oldin


  • William tv
    William tv 20 kun oldin


  • Azure_meh
    Azure_meh 21 kun oldin

    "You're kids are gonna date"
    What's with that scared look in damien's face?

  • Star dust
    Star dust 21 kun oldin


  • Hanna Catanzaro
    Hanna Catanzaro 21 kun oldin

    Ugh I love Wes. He is LITERALLY me with his baby fever

  • Cloud
    Cloud 21 kun oldin

    I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me ...

  • AxeAndAce
    AxeAndAce 21 kun oldin

    14:13 MMMM

  • MckenzieThe GachaGirl
    MckenzieThe GachaGirl 22 kun oldin

    No hate, I love all you guys!! 💜💛💚💙

  • MckenzieThe GachaGirl
    MckenzieThe GachaGirl 22 kun oldin

    Joven as a teacher: Okay everyone, turn to page 132, we will learn about how to suck at puns!! Yay!!

  • JackdUpJakob
    JackdUpJakob 23 kun oldin

    "2018 is going to be a great year"

  • Nolan Bennett
    Nolan Bennett 23 kun oldin +1

    Since when did you get that much money from farming

  • Celestal_ Meme
    Celestal_ Meme 24 kun oldin

    1:26 play it at 0.25 speed.

  • James Garrett Fishing
    James Garrett Fishing 24 kun oldin

    Why did he dink it if she was in it ??? I mean pussay

  • Dr_GonZo _44m
    Dr_GonZo _44m 25 kun oldin

    ik why your socks are wet. i just don't wanna say

  • Claudia Rose
    Claudia Rose 25 kun oldin

    4:49 to 5:00i want that teacher

  • Beebo urine dat boi
    Beebo urine dat boi 26 kun oldin

    when I saw that Damien picked farmer, I thought of this 'FARMERS ONLY.COM' ( don't ask me how I think of this)

  • Kiwichef Mancuso
    Kiwichef Mancuso 26 kun oldin

    The editors for this channel are hilarious

  • GracieFox34
    GracieFox34 27 kun oldin

    Wes: "Your kids are gonna date! A boy and a girl!"
    Me: ...

    *What if one or both of them are part of lgbtq+?*

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson 27 kun oldin

    Wes the police

  • Rosie Canoli
    Rosie Canoli 28 kun oldin

    “Odin Thor Loki Baby Boi”

  • Rach31
    Rach31 28 kun oldin

    The ending was crazy and so hilarious!!

  • Woof
    Woof 29 kun oldin

    I’m inviting my friends rn and do a try not to laugh challenge and show them this

  • Annabel Tydd
    Annabel Tydd 29 kun oldin

    I this just a big promo for Life?

  • Buddermagic55555
    Buddermagic55555 29 kun oldin


  • Gaming Friends
    Gaming Friends Oy oldin

    The board game. Game of life you have to get kids lol

  • Gordon N
    Gordon N Oy oldin

    2:42 you’re welcom

  • Noodles And Doodles

    I WISH joven was my teacher or even better Bose to be my math teacher because they would actually notice the kids that are being dickheads also they would be fricken awsome

  • Javi Guzman
    Javi Guzman Oy oldin

    Boze has sexy abs

  • Annie Engman
    Annie Engman Oy oldin

    29:23 It was at this moment she knew she f***** up.2 Seconds later.29:25 yep she knew it we all knew it.The milk was cold

  • Kyriake Mellon
    Kyriake Mellon Oy oldin

    How do I play this game on MY computer?

  • Obscura x
    Obscura x Oy oldin

    enjoy the yeast infection. yikes!

  • Exotik
    Exotik Oy oldin


  • Marlowe Van Sant
    Marlowe Van Sant Oy oldin

    Thicc boze

  • simply trash production

    yes life is great but did you know that life's a party your a boy lol

  • Katherine Poole
    Katherine Poole Oy oldin +1

    *joven starts drinking life cereal* “TheJovenShire! You’re contaminating my LIFE cereal river!”
    *joven falls in* “Uggggggghhhhhhh!”
    *joven starts going up the pipe*
    “Where does that lead to?”
    “Why, the furnace of course!”
    I’ll let you figure out the joke. 😉

  • Marie Salad
    Marie Salad Oy oldin


  • Slerpii AJPW
    Slerpii AJPW Oy oldin


  • braxton bailey
    braxton bailey Oy oldin

    Bowse is hot tell her pls

  • Ryju the potato
    Ryju the potato Oy oldin

    0:00 the age old question

  • Kizzir Ahmed
    Kizzir Ahmed Oy oldin

    That’s literally so racist

  • Sams AwkWEIRD
    Sams AwkWEIRD Oy oldin

    2 best jobs brain surgeon and lawyer haha

  • Adam Arp
    Adam Arp Oy oldin

    My brother’s name is Trevor

    GIBSON BROS Oy oldin

    Why does boze look like she is in college

  • Ralph Ng
    Ralph Ng Oy oldin

    3 grown man pouring cereal and milk on a bikini girl........amazing

  • Nicholas p
    Nicholas p Oy oldin

    boze is a trophy wife to be

  • I C O N I C
    I C O N I C Oy oldin

    Joven story is a Oscar worthy movie also I love Odin Thor Loki baby boy

  • Gabriel Hink
    Gabriel Hink Oy oldin

    i think boze and joven are perfect for each other

  • Elena Loest
    Elena Loest Oy oldin

    Damien - you gotta feed em at LEAST once a day dude😂

  • Nightcore Mystery

    Life cereal is my fav... So that's not a punishment to me. THATS A MIRACLE 🐷

  • Wabbit Hunter
    Wabbit Hunter Oy oldin

    i cant stand joven and how much of a perverted person he is to boze its creepy i can barely watch smosh games

  • Jason X
    Jason X Oy oldin

    Wes is now the sound of sirens for police cars,fire trucks, and ambulances. And is also now a car horn

  • Blu Dragon
    Blu Dragon Oy oldin

    Boze x damin

  • D3573R R
    D3573R R Oy oldin

    This punishmemt was sponsored by brazzers ...

  • Julie Starcaller
    Julie Starcaller Oy oldin

    Being adopted from China myself I appreciate Joven saying he adopted his daughter from China! Thank you joven!! ❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻

  • LOIN 2
    LOIN 2 Oy oldin

    I dissliked this video wishing I could slip into West's pants

  • The6Doll Snaps
    The6Doll Snaps Oy oldin

    *”I, I, I love you like TRUSTFUND BABY”* you’re welcome Joven.

  • EnderSofia 00
    EnderSofia 00 Oy oldin

    2:15 umm...anyone recognize that? ew t'nod yhw

  • Jake Jeynes
    Jake Jeynes Oy oldin

    5:33 omg

  • Jason Mach
    Jason Mach 2 oy oldin

    Not anymore Boze.
    You lost

  • abigail
    abigail 2 oy oldin

    the thumbnail really gives away the end lol

  • dreamin forever
    dreamin forever 2 oy oldin

    The editor of this is a dick for leaving the eye test thing in

  • BR Stew
    BR Stew 2 oy oldin

    I think Damian would be a great dad 😊😊😊

  • The6Doll Snaps
    The6Doll Snaps 2 oy oldin

    *”it’s slick like a baby seal”*

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 2 oy oldin

    How many times do I have to say it