Flavored Oxygen Taste Test

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  • Ben R
    Ben R 9 soat oldin


  • Frank Costello
    Frank Costello 12 soat oldin +1

    7.2×8.3=59.76 Damn Link be close and quick too... my quick guess was 57.5

    BARTAZ 12 soat oldin

    6:33 and 9:00 is just two guys being high off of oxygen, talking 'bout feeling great. nothing better than that.

  • b s
    b s 21 soat oldin

    2:29 - 2:30 ~ The reaction of Chase is priceless.

  • BlueGacha Gurl
    BlueGacha Gurl Kun oldin


  • Alice
    Alice Kun oldin

    Thest is 70% smell so the flavouring makes since

  • GalaxyHorNet 88
    GalaxyHorNet 88 Kun oldin

    I love links tshirt

  • Zarah Hill
    Zarah Hill Kun oldin

    Rhett herring 😂😂

  • Joseph Foree
    Joseph Foree Kun oldin

    Sean Carter lol

  • Tyler Ackermann
    Tyler Ackermann Kun oldin

    7:45 I’m dying😂😂😂

  • SavannahSavage325
    SavannahSavage325 Kun oldin

    I took a big whiff when they said to and it smells like cow crap

  • τοαsτεy
    τοαsτεy Kun oldin

    Oh yes i wanna snort piña colada baby

  • Skye_is_da_ limit
    Skye_is_da_ limit 2 kun oldin

    are they high...

  • crazy moustache
    crazy moustache 2 kun oldin

    So vaping. Basically the same as vaping

  • mattgoldfinger
    mattgoldfinger 2 kun oldin

    Saw this when it came out and they were talking about getting vasectomies together. Never really thought they'd go through with it... shouldn't doubt GMM I guess 😂

  • The artist with mouth
    The artist with mouth 2 kun oldin

    I think both of them are high on that stuff xD

  • Conk life
    Conk life 3 kun oldin

    ya my dad thought he was smarter from inhaling a frenchfrie

  • Abraham Green
    Abraham Green 3 kun oldin

    The bartender looks like the I don't guy lmao

  • aquatarkus
    aquatarkus 3 kun oldin

    this is still the funniest episode to me lmaoo

  • Hadil A
    Hadil A 4 kun oldin

    Lmao they both sound high af

  • Savannah Lyons
    Savannah Lyons 4 kun oldin

    Where can I get this thing

  • Savannah Lyons
    Savannah Lyons 4 kun oldin

    More of these videos plz

  • Ishaan Uniyal
    Ishaan Uniyal 4 kun oldin

    13:42 Link has definitely never ridden a motorcycle.

  • Khanh Kha Minh
    Khanh Kha Minh 5 kun oldin

    isn't 'pure' oxygen toxic to your body though??? It's gonna be very hard to breathe just oxygen. How is it going to remove toxins from your body if itself is a toxin??? 0:44

  • Jazmyne Layman
    Jazmyne Layman 5 kun oldin

    I had to have an oxygen tank when I was little because my tonsils were to big

  • Michael Kloepfer
    Michael Kloepfer 5 kun oldin

    rhett looks like a werewolf....:)

  • Nuel Kuhn
    Nuel Kuhn 5 kun oldin

    8:05 Link looks like a surprised weasel.

  • Wyatt Bachtell
    Wyatt Bachtell 6 kun oldin

    "Watermelon backwards spells honeysuckle"

  • Conner Dickerson
    Conner Dickerson 6 kun oldin

    Carbon dioxide is not an element carbon and oxygen are elements but together they are not

  • Hazel Watermelon Cat
    Hazel Watermelon Cat 6 kun oldin

    O crap........I'm Hazel

  • SomethingRandom :3
    SomethingRandom :3 6 kun oldin

    I'm allergic to oak so I would never have an oxygen that's flavored that.

  • Kat Licks
    Kat Licks 6 kun oldin

    They did it.

  • Katie F
    Katie F 6 kun oldin

    I swear I must be using the same brand essential oils they used to flavor the oxygen cus the names for all their blends are the same as what my oil blends are called with the same scents they smelled 😂

  • Katie F
    Katie F 6 kun oldin

    “I feel like I can see longer” “you mean see for a longer period of time” “yeah like a longer distance”

  • blank blank
    blank blank 7 kun oldin

    Lmao rhett got high

  • Caitlin OConnor
    Caitlin OConnor 7 kun oldin +4

    I think Rhett was high.

  • TRC Raids
    TRC Raids 7 kun oldin +4

    I wanna see like 15 mins of Rhett and link high the video just called like trying medical marijuana 😂😂

  • Vera Bates
    Vera Bates 8 kun oldin +1

    There is a picture of a fennec fox in the back and wow I love it

  • F for Faizal
    F for Faizal 8 kun oldin +1

    Lmao I feel so bad for link

  • Idk what to name myself :/

    Rhett got so high lmao

  • Josh Raffield
    Josh Raffield 8 kun oldin

    Ask Eminem he will tell you

  • alli
    alli 8 kun oldin +1

    oh god i bet its like laughing gas

  • Left in The SmokeSD
    Left in The SmokeSD 9 kun oldin

    i'm glad that it's not 100% oxygen because oxygen is quite flammable

  • Corrupted_Sniper 72
    Corrupted_Sniper 72 9 kun oldin

    You can be your own bartender with some whip its

    RIFUUZE 9 kun oldin +1

    2:12 Foreshadowing

  • Noah Parker
    Noah Parker 9 kun oldin +1

    "When i woke up this morning i could only breath outta one nose" - Link

  • Rgjarrell1992 J
    Rgjarrell1992 J 9 kun oldin +1

    We used to have one in the old mall in my hometown. My favorite was eucalyptus.

  • Scottish Peppa Pig
    Scottish Peppa Pig 9 kun oldin +2

    It sounds like they're getting high..

  • Scottish Peppa Pig
    Scottish Peppa Pig 9 kun oldin +3

    I'm starting to feel G O O D

  • Scottish Peppa Pig
    Scottish Peppa Pig 9 kun oldin +1

    It smells like P L A S T I C oxygen.

  • Scottish Peppa Pig
    Scottish Peppa Pig 9 kun oldin +1

    Rhett sounds hella high. Like Rhett, stop making the video, go take a rest, like wth is watermelon backwards is honeysuckle.

  • Gundam Vlogs
    Gundam Vlogs 9 kun oldin +1

    but pure oxygen could kill u sorry

  • joshie boi84
    joshie boi84 10 kun oldin

    *hits blunt*

  • Bob Shoe
    Bob Shoe 10 kun oldin

    When I woke up this mornin I could only breath out of one NOSE. But you only have one nose.

  • Cryptic Comet
    Cryptic Comet 10 kun oldin +1

    Chase looks soooo awkward back there

  • Kathy Ola
    Kathy Ola 11 kun oldin

    Does Rhett need oxygen for real lol

  • Matlock Crowl
    Matlock Crowl 11 kun oldin +4

    would'nt it be "scented" not flavored?

  • Matt Billy
    Matt Billy 11 kun oldin

    5:45 is the best moment in history of 2 bff not breathing pine oxygen 😂

  • Rafael Araujo
    Rafael Araujo 11 kun oldin

    Elizabeth from Texas is so pretty, nice.

  • Kannibal Kandy
    Kannibal Kandy 11 kun oldin

    Chase’s expression @2:29 be like ‘wait, what?’

  • AYX AYo
    AYX AYo 11 kun oldin

    If u made fart flavor it would’ve been funny

  • Sarah 72779
    Sarah 72779 12 kun oldin


  • omg ronny
    omg ronny 12 kun oldin

    Bro they seem high af

  • xXMexipatriotXx :D
    xXMexipatriotXx :D 13 kun oldin

    They look high

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson 13 kun oldin

    Link deserves to lose a lot of the time.

  • Zorkon597
    Zorkon597 13 kun oldin

    whats funny is that link actually did have his nasal cannula on upside down

  • Terry K
    Terry K 14 kun oldin

    Two words.

    Free radicals

  • Cellobear1411
    Cellobear1411 14 kun oldin

    Flavored oxygen.... you mean vaping???

  • Wayne Bruner
    Wayne Bruner 15 kun oldin

    And they actually did the vasectomy

  • hanna laredo
    hanna laredo 15 kun oldin

    "When you serene really hard, you start chillin'" man, my new favorite quote, lol

  • football card reviews
    football card reviews 15 kun oldin

    They sound so high towards the end

    VIDEOS FTW! 15 kun oldin

    they got these all over vegas

  • under gaming
    under gaming 16 kun oldin

    Rhett has gone high

  • Mαndy MacKenzie
    Mαndy MacKenzie 16 kun oldin

    Why didnt anybody else comment on the awesome pun Link said ... "Rhett herring" that was super clever!

  • ツFredi
    ツFredi 16 kun oldin

    So basically they are smoking Shisha without the coal and tobacco, just the flavoring, in water.

  • Dumpling
    Dumpling 16 kun oldin +1


  • RandomGirl Vlogs
    RandomGirl Vlogs 16 kun oldin

    That was a great poem five stars

  • Olivier Bond-Dodier
    Olivier Bond-Dodier 17 kun oldin

    Youd die if you only breath oxygen

  • SkyJanni
    SkyJanni 17 kun oldin

    Are these oxygens from the Lorax?

  • Derp Turt
    Derp Turt 18 kun oldin

    Do a podcast

  • A.C. Jelly
    A.C. Jelly 18 kun oldin

    pure oxygen is toxic.

  • Sa ns
    Sa ns 19 kun oldin


  • a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    I love Chasé

  • Brayden K.
    Brayden K. 20 kun oldin +1

    2:30 they really did it lol

  • Brad Baharier
    Brad Baharier 20 kun oldin

    5:41 Twin Jk

  • Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?

    By the way if there was more oxygen in the air we would get way stronger that's why Ret feels like he can do more

  • Melanie Lindberg
    Melanie Lindberg 21 kun oldin +1

    I thought for the whole thing Oh no Rhett’s getting high

  • peachy sweet boy
    peachy sweet boy 21 kun oldin


  • Lexis House
    Lexis House 21 kun oldin

    I think that they are getting high off of this 😂😂😂😂

  • Liliana Gridley
    Liliana Gridley 21 kun oldin +15

    "I could only breathe out of 1 nose"

    You only have one.

  • Awesome dude
    Awesome dude 21 kun oldin

    They get high

  • Kuhndog 3
    Kuhndog 3 21 kun oldin

    When they were doing the peppermint I was eating a candy cane

  • I Gaming
    I Gaming 21 kun oldin

    Why do I feel dizzy from watching this

  • Loena Bischop
    Loena Bischop 21 kun oldin


  • lenni
    lenni 21 kun oldin

    They should do it with 50/50 helium oxygen.

  • Mr Scindo
    Mr Scindo 21 kun oldin

    “Oxygen is 78% nitrogen”
    No, air is 78% nitrogen.
    Oxygen is 100% oxygen.

  • Mrcaidozrellik
    Mrcaidozrellik 21 kun oldin

    Links brain needs about 10 times the normal oxygen then Rhett

  • Andrea's weekly fun
    Andrea's weekly fun 21 kun oldin +1

    Me watching 2 guys breath! 😂

  • D8kip8ki
    D8kip8ki 21 kun oldin

    And we wonder why they did surgery on a grape

  • BinaryButter
    BinaryButter 22 kun oldin

    i accidentally got super glue on my fingers now its really easy to play the guitar XD