Flavored Oxygen Taste Test

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  • Olivia Ceballo
    Olivia Ceballo 19 daqiqa oldin


  • Jayce D'rick
    Jayce D'rick 8 soat oldin

    6:11 stoned with oxygen, like, man

  • FishDish
    FishDish 19 soat oldin


  • ItsTony
    ItsTony 22 soat oldin

    Are they saying JAHSEH?

  • k p
    k p Kun oldin

    So basically its a scam 😂

  • Graham YT
    Graham YT Kun oldin

    Did anyone else notice there shirts changed

  • Maggie Glidewell
    Maggie Glidewell Kun oldin

    10:54 how many noses do you have link?

  • James Shanks
    James Shanks Kun oldin

    Rhett mentions the tandem operation they end up getting ! noice

  • Bigfirdfin
    Bigfirdfin Kun oldin

    This is what I call content, two middle-aged men getting high on flavored oxygen

  • Kyra Rose
    Kyra Rose Kun oldin

    Lmaoskks they high

  • MateoA
    MateoA 2 kun oldin +1

    1:30 did he just predict our lord and savior Jahseh Onfroy??

  • Rachel Otremba
    Rachel Otremba 2 kun oldin

    "It's like.. when you serene really hard.. you start chilling."

  • Nicholas Froats
    Nicholas Froats 2 kun oldin

    They ended up getting surgery together and there was snipping

  • Hey It’s Savannah
    Hey It’s Savannah 2 kun oldin

    These guys look high when breathing pure oxygen

    “I can see farther.”

  • shmless
    shmless 3 kun oldin +2

    “we should go into surgery together”
    **gets a vasectomy 1 year later**

  • JaySay63
    JaySay63 3 kun oldin

    To this day, whenever I think of or hear someone say the words "Here we are..." I always end it in my head with "at the oxygen bar!"

  • Aman Chase
    Aman Chase 3 kun oldin

    Ok peppermint is too easy to sniff out.

  • Aman Chase
    Aman Chase 3 kun oldin

    Ugh.. when I was in the hospital.I always hated those things in your nose.

  • Hey Vsauce Micheal here


  • bluelover929
    bluelover929 5 kun oldin

    ALso, Nive Kylo Rhett shirt

  • bluelover929
    bluelover929 5 kun oldin

    basically vaping

  • Kaylah Johnson
    Kaylah Johnson 5 kun oldin +1

    Rhett and link: PINE ( look at each other in amazement)
    Chasè: BlackBerry

    Rhett and link: (our dreams, ARE CRUSHED)

  • Cameron Bigley
    Cameron Bigley 5 kun oldin

    13:01 I love that they switched the camera angle to just Chase nodding at what Rhett said. That's true camera work.

  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan 5 kun oldin

    Rhett should've gotten a full point for spruce. The answer was Christmas tree and spruce is a Christmas tree.

  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan 5 kun oldin

    1:55 Of course Link is prepared to die.

  • Noah Myers
    Noah Myers 6 kun oldin

    2:20 funny because they actually did end up doing it

  • friggin zineeus
    friggin zineeus 6 kun oldin

    this is the first gmm i've ever watched

  • Evan Curtis
    Evan Curtis 7 kun oldin


  • Kirsty Ashman
    Kirsty Ashman 7 kun oldin

    As a full time oxygen user, watching you two try and put on nasal cannula was hillarious.

  • Cold space between fantasy and reality

    Oof, I skipped 30 seconds ahead just after link said “today we sniff”

  • Iris G
    Iris G 8 kun oldin

    "can you see longer" 😂

  • Jacob Morris
    Jacob Morris 9 kun oldin

    This is what Rhett and link are going to look like when they are old and still doing to show

  • Nathan Kott
    Nathan Kott 9 kun oldin

    So we just watched them do healthy vaping with no smoke

  • Emily Dimeler
    Emily Dimeler 10 kun oldin

    "When I woke up I could only breathe out of one nose"
    Link, darling, you only have one nose. Bless your heart 😂

  • Potato Tube
    Potato Tube 10 kun oldin +1

    Rhett: being reasonable about why he has heightened senses.
    Link: being high on oxygen and making weird faces.

  • Katrina Byrd
    Katrina Byrd 10 kun oldin


  • Jamie  Murray
    Jamie Murray 10 kun oldin


  • Matthew Hernandez
    Matthew Hernandez 11 kun oldin

    Aye mcallen!

  • Julia Miller
    Julia Miller 11 kun oldin

    2:29 chases face like hahahahaha

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 12 kun oldin

    10:55 i could only breathe out of one nose. same here link. do link have a second nose

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos 12 kun oldin

    2:25 its funnier now cuz they actually did it

  • ・ғαяяүη ・
    ・ғαяяүη ・ 12 kun oldin +1

    “When you serene really hard”

  • Kajal Singh
    Kajal Singh 12 kun oldin

    They talked about getting vasectomies in this video and then finally got it done

  • Livvy Bean
    Livvy Bean 12 kun oldin

    When Rhett said I feel like I can do math I thought he said meth

  • Dylan Curley
    Dylan Curley 12 kun oldin

    12:41 “fifty nine a point a one a

  • CyberneticWolf1 Gaming
    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming 13 kun oldin

    8:05.... links face will cure any type of depression

  • Knukle Not dead meme
    Knukle Not dead meme 13 kun oldin

    That was drugs for sure...i mean look at theit faces xD

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman 13 kun oldin

    bruh they got high on air

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman 13 kun oldin

    if only you could do weed that way

  • AngryToast
    AngryToast 14 kun oldin

    You should both do a veseptimy

  • Lil'Shahain
    Lil'Shahain 14 kun oldin


  • moon spirit
    moon spirit 14 kun oldin

    they seem high

  • Myah Ackerland
    Myah Ackerland 15 kun oldin

    I came to this video from the vasectomy video and the when Rhett mentioned it I laughed so hard

  • Chxcolate Chip
    Chxcolate Chip 16 kun oldin

    what was in the oxygen? which drug?

  • dragon fly
    dragon fly 16 kun oldin

    Link: leather is envigerating for you when worn where.
    I died

  • Phoebus Seeder
    Phoebus Seeder 16 kun oldin

    7:44 ROTFL

  • Artonline
    Artonline 16 kun oldin

    I feel like I would beat Link at most of these games as well.

  • Taylor Boyles
    Taylor Boyles 17 kun oldin


  • Dudemitri Moxemberg
    Dudemitri Moxemberg 17 kun oldin

    They're so high

  • Sixth Side
    Sixth Side 17 kun oldin

    Water melon 🍈 doesn't even have a spell

  • UndeadAirwaves
    UndeadAirwaves 17 kun oldin

    3:32 I have never heard anyone say "roses" like that.

  • Legend76
    Legend76 19 kun oldin

    anyone else come back to this video and hear them mention about planning the vasectomy?

  • Joe LaBz
    Joe LaBz 19 kun oldin

    “I had a woman on my back before” Rhett and link 2016

  • Austin Laiche
    Austin Laiche 19 kun oldin

    Rhett leveled up

  • Jah TV
    Jah TV 19 kun oldin

    5:42 so in sync

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 19 kun oldin

    Why is no one talking about the fact chase said his name was jahseh

  • Tefy Olivares
    Tefy Olivares 20 kun oldin

    Chase is cute😁

  • Gold butter
    Gold butter 20 kun oldin +5

    Watermelon-nolemretaW BACKWARDS

    • terrarian
      terrarian 20 soat oldin

      You that read wrong. I too speak the property of the English lexicon

  • McKenna Grimes
    McKenna Grimes 20 kun oldin

    When high school boys are asked what’s in their vape pen during school “uhh it’s flavored oxygen. it’s prescription”😂

  • Lauren
    Lauren 20 kun oldin

    "Hi I'm...

  • Koda jablonski
    Koda jablonski 20 kun oldin

    This was the first ever gmm episode i watched. Now i watch it as much as i can. U have helped me out. Im so glad i watch u guys. I hope u guys never stop doing this. Keep being your mythical best. Mythical beasts unite
    And dis they get that "snip snip"-yes. Did they do it together-yes. Did they record it-yes. Did they post it as a episode-definetly. Did i need to see that-not at all

  • Zaerdna
    Zaerdna 21 kun oldin

    They looked very high at the end

  • extra. avah
    extra. avah 21 kun oldin


  • Seth Shovan
    Seth Shovan 22 kun oldin

    16 years old and already know what plastic oxygen smells like cause i know the surgury routine

  • Speedee C
    Speedee C 22 kun oldin

    Link is literally bad at EVERY competitive game they play, its pretty pathetic 😆

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 22 kun oldin +1

    You should of had them inhale helium 🥴🤣😂

  • Super Sarcastic Sokka
    Super Sarcastic Sokka 22 kun oldin

    It makes me feel like you are doing drugs! XD

  • Наталья Баранова

    Ментол от ванили не определить,кошмар нос у низ гавно

  • Наталья Баранова

    А по русски немного есть? Про что здесь речь то?

  • Epo Killa
    Epo Killa 22 kun oldin

    This would be good in vr


    This is what the world has come to, two guys smelling air and guessing what it is, so basicly just breathing juice.

  • Brodie Ducharme
    Brodie Ducharme 23 kun oldin

    Lol when I woke up this morning I could only breathe out of one nose 10:50

  • Mette Trøgelborg
    Mette Trøgelborg 23 kun oldin

    Isn't pure oxygen toxic though? I feel like ive read that somewhere. Like someone made a joke that the reason people die is because of oxygen toxication that slowly kills us. I know thats not true and its really just because our cells break down after splitting in two too much . But i still believe the "pure oxygen being toxic" part was true.

  • Mette Trøgelborg
    Mette Trøgelborg 23 kun oldin

    Okay but like the bartender guy is so freaking cute. Can i steal him?

  • beyblade117
    beyblade117 24 kun oldin

    do they seem high or is this me

  • E lepzer
    E lepzer 24 kun oldin

    Welp Ima try and buy this

  • Serenity Torreiro
    Serenity Torreiro 24 kun oldin

    For some apparent reason i got excited when he said serenity but then again it is my name 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Trysten Lucas
    Trysten Lucas 25 kun oldin

    They mean SMELL test

  • Board Game Picnic
    Board Game Picnic 25 kun oldin

    Breathtaking video!!!

  • Jostein V. Jordet
    Jostein V. Jordet 25 kun oldin

    I dont like the smell of number 2

  • XSoulbound __
    XSoulbound __ 25 kun oldin

    Likely the reason they feel weird is due to oxygen poisoning. Pure oxygen is incredibly toxic, and can seriously hurt you.

  • Naomi Akerman
    Naomi Akerman 25 kun oldin

    poems don't need to rhyme, Link!

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 25 kun oldin +2

    I love that Rhett foreshadowed their vasectomies

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 25 kun oldin

    Basically you guys are just vaping now

  • I Velvet I
    I Velvet I 26 kun oldin

    Link has more than one noses now apparently

    *when I woke up this morning I could only breathe out of one nose!*

  • FBI .
    FBI . 26 kun oldin

    Call Eminem he’ll tell u

  • Thomas Cullinan
    Thomas Cullinan 26 kun oldin

    Breathing pure Oxygen is actually pretty bad, potentially poisonous. Seriously, look up Oxygen Poisoning, it's an actual thing astronauts and divers have to be careful about

  • Mason Hyde
    Mason Hyde 27 kun oldin

    Lol 'call Eminem he will tell ya' 2019

  • Kyle Knight
    Kyle Knight 27 kun oldin

    it's called a nasal cannula

  • Katelyn Stiltner
    Katelyn Stiltner 27 kun oldin

    what are “smellbuds”??😂