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  • CoffieTie pl
    CoffieTie pl 11 soat oldin

    comon ayano-chan

  • Moth
    Moth 11 soat oldin

    whait didnt gwen died in the amazing spiderman 2

  • Jiwesh Chauhan
    Jiwesh Chauhan 11 soat oldin

    Huge thanx to stand Lee
    For making 1990's kids older days to make such a memorable days of their childhood.....
    We will always love u alot

  • Jiwesh Chauhan
    Jiwesh Chauhan 11 soat oldin

    It's so collll

  • Declared Independent
    Declared Independent 11 soat oldin

    Before trailer: Meh
    After trailer: Take my money!

  • tokyo- chan
    tokyo- chan 12 soat oldin

    1:37 there's the anime gal whom i have been lookin' for !

  • Andrey Anisimov
    Andrey Anisimov 12 soat oldin

    Get Hyped! This movie is the best Spider-Man movie... EVER. Watch it and tell me I'm wrong.

  • Get Nattawat
    Get Nattawat 12 soat oldin

    Spider-Man had a Nike airjordan off-white 555

  • Denny Firmansyah
    Denny Firmansyah 13 soat oldin

    Now I'm still wondering how many Spidey on the next film. There are still many Spidey who still hide themselve.s on this film lol

  • Samir Parekh
    Samir Parekh 14 soat oldin

    They just told us the whole story in the trailer, what's the point in watching it!!?

  • Red Offset
    Red Offset 15 soat oldin

    Holy crap, just saw the movie. Greatest superhero movie ever made. Seriously a 10/10

    DAKHAR P 15 soat oldin

    What date this film in cinema?

  • JoelWilliamSphere
    JoelWilliamSphere 15 soat oldin +1

    Saw this movie today first thing when it came out and its absolutely incredible! One of the best movies I have seen this year

  • Thesuburbsaiyan
    Thesuburbsaiyan 16 soat oldin

    They should’ve added in Scarlet Spider and Spider Man 2099.

    • Red Offset
      Red Offset 15 soat oldin

      Thesuburbsaiyan lol stick around til the very end

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 16 soat oldin

    Spoilers Alert Miles Uncle Was Killed by that fat dude! And the movie. Is amazing hell yes!

  • Carlitoschiken gamer g g
    Carlitoschiken gamer g g 17 soat oldin +1

    A black spider man is not the same as the original

  • Dave Manning
    Dave Manning 17 soat oldin

    If no one is going to say it, I will...

    Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does.

  • Dave Manning
    Dave Manning 17 soat oldin

    John Mulaney as a spider pig? I’m in.

  • linningmaster 891
    linningmaster 891 18 soat oldin

    Was I the only one to hear jontrons voices as the pig

  • Taipolar
    Taipolar 19 soat oldin

    Will we be seeing Leopardon in this movie?

  • Gabriel Blume
    Gabriel Blume 20 soat oldin +1

    What I want to happen since Venom is a success, that Sony makes another deal with Marvel. Like since Morbius is coming out and it could easily be a success, they should have Venom and Morbius come together and form the Midnight Sons. Like also since there's a Nightwatch movie coming out, through him in there as well, and Sony could make a deal with Marvel for the rights to Blade and Ghost Rider, and have them join the Midnight Sons as well. Have a Midnight Sons movie with Venom, Morbius, Nightwatch, Blade and Ghost Rider. They could be the horror version of the Avengers.

  • Protoshag46
    Protoshag46 20 soat oldin

    One of the best Spider-Man films ever

  • vsk harsha
    vsk harsha 20 soat oldin

    I lv it

  • Vishal Borah
    Vishal Borah 20 soat oldin

    How many copies are gonna come ...common original is original fck off ni99a

  • Fresh Squeezed
    Fresh Squeezed 20 soat oldin

    i love this trailer

  • Braidy Brown
    Braidy Brown 21 soat oldin

    Why does black spider man have to have a black spider man suit?..

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Braidy Brown because it looks cool

  • François Bessing
    François Bessing 21 soat oldin

    Wonderful. Will be getting tickets and taking every buddy of mine.

  • Lebron James Hairline
    Lebron James Hairline 21 soat oldin +1

    Who’s here a day before release

  • Grace G.
    Grace G. 22 soat oldin

    Was this movie any good?

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Grace G. Great.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 22 soat oldin

    Is this kid safe?

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Amanda M yes.

  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin 22 soat oldin

    This looks absolutely incredible. The cool thing about the plot of this movie, is that it showcases the dangers of the Particle Accelerator's that CERN have created. The Scientists that work at CERN, have even made statements, talking about how this thing can open up doors to different dimensions, and that Inter-dimensional Beings & Demonic Entities could break threw into our World. It's incredibly dangerous, because they're goal is to try & re-create the Big Bang Theory. Which is an incredibly stupid idea. These Particle Accelerator's could literally destroy & swallow up the whole Universe.

  • S C
    S C 23 soat oldin

    Just remember.... repeat after me... this is the best movie ever made, just like Black Panther, or you’re a racist.

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      S C what? This has two black people in it, if people dont like the film that doesn’t make them racist.

    ANTHONY MTZ 23 soat oldin


  • Jessie Seiler
    Jessie Seiler 23 soat oldin

    so cool

  • Muhammad Arviantara Nagradaputra

    1:13 famous shoes 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elis Cage
    Elis Cage Kun oldin

    woke broke

  • Alecia Wood
    Alecia Wood Kun oldin


  • Hugo GamePlay57
    Hugo GamePlay57 Kun oldin +1

    *Remember what makes u different, is what makes u spider-man*

  • TXejas19 TXejas19
    TXejas19 TXejas19 Kun oldin

    Hype! That animation looks gorgeous

  • Brandon Blaze
    Brandon Blaze Kun oldin

    1:37 Yaaaay Loli SpiderGirl !!!
    iM Sold.

  • Andrei Denis
    Andrei Denis Kun oldin


  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner Kun oldin

    This looks crap-tastic! Why is this even in theatres?

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Blade Runner it was fucking amazing.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Kun oldin

    This movie makes me want to go on an all-bacon diet.

    Just kidding. I’d be so sick that I wouldn’t be able to go see it.

  • abdullah02016
    abdullah02016 Kun oldin

    This sh*t is an insult to all spiderman show's,movie and games it's a disgrace🖕

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      abdullah02016 How? Why?

  • Doudou Ba
    Doudou Ba Kun oldin

    I saw spider verse today and wow
    1-Best spiderman movie since spiderman 2
    2-Best comic book movie of the year
    3-Best movie of the year
    4-best animated movie of the year
    And defenitely deserve the oscar

  • Mario Kriibo
    Mario Kriibo Kun oldin +2

    Watched it yesterday. Its my favorite movie today!
    🛑 *SpiderMan-SpiderVerse-Film fiIm:* ~ bit.ly/ah3Nn7UpLJ_Sp8u
    Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  • GameTrax
    GameTrax Kun oldin

    Wat is the song at the beginning???

  • Datz Nasty
    Datz Nasty Kun oldin

    Wait didnt thanos wipe out 50 % of the earth especially spiderman

  • Peter Dobeš
    Peter Dobeš Kun oldin

    is that the spider-pig from the simpsons movie?

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Peter Dobeš no

  • JP Studios
    JP Studios Kun oldin

    🕸Fun Fact🕸:
    The Directors of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse considered casting Tobey Maguire as the older Peter Parker, but decided not to because they thought it would be confusing to some people.

  • Eathos
    Eathos Kun oldin

    Eyy lol

  • Bertrand Russell
    Bertrand Russell Kun oldin

    Oy Vey more PC crap

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Bertrand Russell how? Are you just gonna label anything with a black person “politically correct trash”?

  • waayaaha d
    waayaaha d Kun oldin

    this is gonna smack 😌

  • dimas hernandez
    dimas hernandez Kun oldin

    like si un hombre araña te parece igual a porky de WB

  • Meenal chandra
    Meenal chandra Kun oldin +1

    What's the intro music? 0:43

  • Crystal Rampersad
    Crystal Rampersad Kun oldin

    After I saw the name of this trailer (before I even watched at the trailer) the first thing came to mind was, "I wonder if Spiderman from Avengers: Infinity War went to this "Spider-Verse" after disappearing and in Avengers 4 he returns and brings back an Army of Spiderman's to help take down Thanos?" LOL

  • solargaming channel

    i'd prefer the Japanese trailer.

  • Poe Mukai
    Poe Mukai Kun oldin


  • Ahmet Hakan Mazman
    Ahmet Hakan Mazman Kun oldin

    Trailer doesn't seem good but ı think the movie ll be AWESOME

  • Mugg Men
    Mugg Men Kun oldin

    Check out this crappy trailer reaction I did, with a bunch of other Spider-Man

  • LE6ION
    LE6ION Kun oldin +1

    Not gunna lie, this is probably the best Spider Man movie in years. Its just super fun to watch, all the characters are so awesome and it makes this movie such a fun adventure. And the art stile is one of the best ive seen. THIS MOVIE IS A MUST WATCH!!!

  • ケネスKenesu-kun

    peni parker is very cute

  • Restinpeace Avicii
    Restinpeace Avicii Kun oldin +1

    gwen is hot af

  • ghostPepper
    ghostPepper Kun oldin

    wearing my spider man Jordan 1's to this

  • depressed cockroach

    im gonna watch this on Saturday!!!!!!!

  • MegaLordBroly
    MegaLordBroly Kun oldin

    Just wish Stan got to see this come to theaters. R.I.P. hero!

  • Kizzy Quartey
    Kizzy Quartey Kun oldin

    there's a similar one. It's an episode in ultimate Spiderman about Spiderman's from different universes

  • Kizzy Quartey
    Kizzy Quartey Kun oldin

    Man...his dad

  • Flameroni
    Flameroni Kun oldin

    This was out 2 days ago in my country

  • DiscipleTD
    DiscipleTD Kun oldin

    Can someone please tell me who is narrating? I recognize the voice but can’t put a name to it.

    • DiscipleTD
      DiscipleTD Kun oldin

      Never mind. It’s Jake Johnson (plays Nick Miller in New Girl)

  • Joseph Zothanpuia
    Joseph Zothanpuia Kun oldin +1

    when your movie will re-least

  • Comfort Prince
    Comfort Prince Kun oldin

    Marvel is now making a play for the animation industry
    DC watch out

  • Andrew Palma
    Andrew Palma Kun oldin

    I swear that this is the best of the best SPIDERMAN to date.

  • Adathanael M
    Adathanael M Kun oldin

    It won't be that great, me and millions like me think the same.

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Adathanael M it WAS great!

  • Melo Dramatic
    Melo Dramatic Kun oldin

    I want to see the Spider-Man Christmas album in the dvd, classics like joy to the world I just saved lol

  • Deny Ardiana
    Deny Ardiana Kun oldin


  • prakash Peter
    prakash Peter Kun oldin

    Incredible script incridble ideas all spiderman in one dimension really is a fantastic mission

  • Icy Mark
    Icy Mark Kun oldin

    Oh boy I can’t wait for people saying the frame rate isn’t doing the movie justice even though that’s supposed to be on purpose and why does peter Parker sound so old even though it’s been established by the trailer he has anxiety because aunt may died mj had a divorce with him anxiety can make your voice raspy

  • Critical Willow
    Critical Willow Kun oldin

    slow fps

  • Thecoconutpie
    Thecoconutpie Kun oldin

    OMG the spider pig

  • CJCroen1393
    CJCroen1393 Kun oldin

    I love how everyone's animated in a different style depending on what universe they're from!

  • Briar Henry
    Briar Henry Kun oldin +1

    John Mulaney is my boi and he is in this

  • Fullmetal Weeb
    Fullmetal Weeb Kun oldin

    I will DIE for John mulaney. Also does anyone know the song they used for the trailer? I love it so much!!

  • ODD aka Bridecorpse


  • a s
    a s Kun oldin +1

    You know what's cool it comes out on my birthday

    • a s
      a s Kun oldin

      +Icy Mark aw sorry

    • Icy Mark
      Icy Mark Kun oldin

      a s this comes out 2 days after my birthday kinda triggered

  • Te Amorangi Peihopa
    Te Amorangi Peihopa Kun oldin +2

    I heard x and ski is on tha soundtrack

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Te Amorangi Peihopa but he’s dead

  • Meme YT
    Meme YT Kun oldin +3

    I am watching it tomorrow

  • Maycee Woodward
    Maycee Woodward Kun oldin +1

    MAN that's gonna be a great movie!!

  • Kylie Padila
    Kylie Padila Kun oldin +2

    This looks so cool and so fun to watch but where's Silk and Spiderwoman or even Arachiknight? Too much spiders I guess

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Kylie Padila there are people complaining about too many characters already, so i guess this is for the better.

  • TheRandomDragonBall

    0:47 *BROOKLYN*

  • Random Youtube Commenter

    Stop trying to inject PC culture into kids movies!

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      Random UZclip Commenter
      >being black = PC culture

    • EvanMe
      EvanMe Kun oldin +2

      Stop trying to inject racism into the world.

  • Stanalicia Nudjulu
    Stanalicia Nudjulu Kun oldin +1

    Spiderman loli I can already feel the artists in rule34 furiously drawing away

    • Brimstone_ _
      Brimstone_ _ Kun oldin

      John Riordan stop 🛑

    • Brimstone_ _
      Brimstone_ _ Kun oldin

      Stop 🛑

    • John Riordan
      John Riordan Kun oldin

      Stanalicia Nudjulu
      Spiderman: adds a pseudo-anime loli with a robot*
      R34 artists: *hold my beer*

  • :Dillon Wingull
    :Dillon Wingull Kun oldin +1

    Looking good lads

  • Juan Carlos Alas Majano
    Juan Carlos Alas Majano 2 kun oldin +7

    This could either be really fucking good, or complete trash

    • fran991213
      fran991213 Kun oldin

      congrats, this movie is a masterpiece

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 Kun oldin

      This is like Lego Batman movie, full of references and easter eggs to Spidey's mythos, plus a love letter to both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    • CJ C
      CJ C Kun oldin +2

      I second Common Chris. If you're a Spidey fan, you'll like it. Lotsa references in the movie.

    • Common Chris
      Common Chris Kun oldin +6

      It's real fucking good 👍👍❤️❤️

  • KandN Dad
    KandN Dad 2 kun oldin

    Sorry just doesn’t do it for me. Guess I should be 12 or something. Wait for it to be free

    • Fezaki
      Fezaki 20 soat oldin

      KandN Dad well if you expected an adult spiderman film, you’re gonna have to leave this earth

  • gavin reid
    gavin reid 2 kun oldin +2

    They say the last thing an actor appears in before they die is usually the worst thing they done . I hope not as our dear old Stan Lee makes multiple cameos in this & it would be a fitting tribute to the great man if it turned out alright.

  • Roman Black
    Roman Black 2 kun oldin +1

    Spiderman Off the Dark was better than this disgusting crap. What a waste of money...

  • Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas 2 kun oldin

    When spider man say I made a Christmas album is that a Easter egg for xxxtentacion EP single If it is that's dope 💯

  • CrazyLegs
    CrazyLegs 2 kun oldin

    This looks AMAZING

  • Julian Brathwaite
    Julian Brathwaite 2 kun oldin +80

    *I would bet $20 to see Spider-Ham defeating Thanos in Endgame.*

    • Allysa Frewer
      Allysa Frewer 17 soat oldin

      Watched it yesterday. Its my favorite movie today!
      🛑 SpiderMan-SpiderVerse-Film fiIm: ~ t.co/RbgFjJ3M8H
      Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

    • Mario Kriibo
      Mario Kriibo Kun oldin

      Watched it yesterday. Its my favorite movie today!
      🛑 *SpiderMan-SpiderVerse-Film fiIm:* ~ bit.ly/ah3Nn7UpLJ_Sp8u
      Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!