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  • Timathy Lozza
    Timathy Lozza 19 soat oldin

    I'm sorry but if they ever make a sequel or more movies like this but they must call this the MAU (Marvel Animated Universe)

  • josiah 04
    josiah 04 21 soat oldin

    I can see this being surprisingly dark

    ZAK ATTACK 21 soat oldin +1


  • Tenekah
    Tenekah 22 soat oldin

    What song is playing in this trailer? cant get it out of my head

  • Nelo Simps
    Nelo Simps 22 soat oldin

    What's the name of the song?

  • Patrick Rose
    Patrick Rose Kun oldin +1


  • Patrick Rose
    Patrick Rose Kun oldin +1

    Hey fellas

  • Salehah Azizan
    Salehah Azizan Kun oldin


  • astae_
    astae_ Kun oldin

    Ion know bout yall but i love Miles

  • SaveTheGuests In Roblox

    0:45 Who said lady’s and gentlemen

  • Peece Casual editor

    Start typing about how old is she
    (Baby i'm yours started loudly)

    • szeax
      szeax 19 soat oldin

      Peece Casual editor she's not legal.

  • Varun Deepak
    Varun Deepak Kun oldin

    The music 😭😭😭 I want it!!!!

  • NRubric
    NRubric Kun oldin

    I wish they wouldn't have gone with the stuttering animation style.
    It looks like they rendered only 1/2 to 1/3 of the frames.
    I can barely watch the trailer because of it before I get headache.
    Let alone a whole movie like that.

  • XFlaSHStrIKeRXx
    XFlaSHStrIKeRXx Kun oldin +1

    Spider-Man Noir...

    My prayers have been answered

  • Thomas Boyle
    Thomas Boyle Kun oldin

    The design and voice for Kingpin looks great.

  • camo
    camo Kun oldin

    Very epic nice

  • Bobby Jenkins
    Bobby Jenkins Kun oldin

    What’s the music from the very beginning like first few seconds called

  • dceased
    dceased Kun oldin

    so excited

  • SaltyOwen
    SaltyOwen Kun oldin

    fuggin John Mulaney as Spider-Ham is literally too perfect

  • Densil Ramos
    Densil Ramos Kun oldin

    Ilove the litte girl as spidergirl😍

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy Kun oldin

    Makes me think of The Lego Batman Movie in that it's trying to be a new yet familiar story, both hamming it up and serious.
    Can't wait!!!

  • Kalem euy Official Channel

    wtf spider nigga

  • Sinu Yadav
    Sinu Yadav Kun oldin +1


  • Abi Abishek
    Abi Abishek Kun oldin +1

    This will be the biggest blockbuster of spider-man

  • Mucho Hispanico
    Mucho Hispanico Kun oldin

    Imma trip acid while watchin this movies and give it the best review possible

  • melody ward
    melody ward Kun oldin +1

    What the flip!?!!

  • Dragon Ball SUPER
    Dragon Ball SUPER Kun oldin

    Copy of marvel ultimate spiderman 😡😡

    • szeax
      szeax Kun oldin

      Dragon Ball SUPER please tell me you're joking

  • lazyber
    lazyber Kun oldin

    1:36 NANI!!!

  • Leo Oram
    Leo Oram Kun oldin

    Now pixair spidey, ah boy...

    DVESF Kun oldin

    Don't mind me, just "swinging" by to watch for the 1157th time :)

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Kun oldin +1

    Who else is here because of the new song Sunflower by Post Malone dropping soon

  • hacking toxic
    hacking toxic Kun oldin

    Anime girl this is going to be great

  • Macs710406
    Macs710406 Kun oldin

    Where’s Spider-Man 2099

  • Gavin Kale
    Gavin Kale Kun oldin +1

    Shadman no

  • Halle King
    Halle King Kun oldin

    John Mulaney my dearest boy

  • Joshua Street
    Joshua Street Kun oldin

    1:37 who is that ?

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost Kun oldin

      Joshua Street Peni Parker, Spider Girl( or rather Sp//dr) from earth 14152. She looks rather different in comics, but since she’s based on Japanese culture, they decided to make her an anime girl here.

  • Dirham Raizal
    Dirham Raizal Kun oldin

    gwen is hot

  • booyah344
    booyah344 Kun oldin

    No takuya yamashiro no buy

  • AngryChicken
    AngryChicken Kun oldin

    👌 gottem xd

  • Juan Luis
    Juan Luis Kun oldin

    What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Spiderman

  • Juan Luis
    Juan Luis Kun oldin

    I Can Wait To Watch The Movie In Chirsmas But In Theathers

  • Esabella Lopez
    Esabella Lopez Kun oldin

    OML 😳😳😳😳

  • Shen Cobra
    Shen Cobra Kun oldin +1

    Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover movie
    Sony: Hold my beer.

  • not a western SPY !!
    not a western SPY !! Kun oldin +2

    Choo Choo !!!!
    All aboard to the Hype train

  • Stephen Phelan
    Stephen Phelan Kun oldin

    So how does this fit in with the mcu?

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 Kun oldin

      This is under Sony's entirely hand.
      Besides if this was an MCU movie, it would have Marvel *Studios* logo instead of just Marvel.

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost Kun oldin

      Stephen Phelan it doesn’t and it shouldn’t.
      Well except for both this cartoon, venom and MCU are in thee same multiverse with comic books, video games and cartoons.

  • Chee Candy
    Chee Candy Kun oldin

    the ps4 game have this role , but the roles 'father is dead right...


    A spider man ps4 dlc based on this movie would be awesome!

  • AfternoonBaboon
    AfternoonBaboon Kun oldin

    Spiderman 2: Too Many Spidermen

  • Cucudus Toys
    Cucudus Toys Kun oldin +1

    this looks so awsome.. 2 months of waiting :(

  • شاروخان الملك


  • Andrew Boley
    Andrew Boley Kun oldin

    Lord and Miller always have great musical taste and this song in the trailer is no exception

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell Kun oldin

    Peter kind of sounds like JCF.

  • Daniel Cervantes
    Daniel Cervantes Kun oldin +2

    1:01 Marvel explaining DC Universe

  • Anonymous Sandwich
    Anonymous Sandwich 2 kun oldin +1

    I was hoping Spider Punk, Spider Monkey and Scarlet Spider (Kaine) would be in this movie :(

  • Jack Arnold
    Jack Arnold 2 kun oldin +2

    Remember: what makes you different is what makes you Spider-Man.

  • GamerGuy222 13
    GamerGuy222 13 2 kun oldin

    How is Gwen Stacy alive

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin +1

      GamerGuy222 13 because it was an alternate universe

  • Kungini K
    Kungini K 2 kun oldin

    Not watching it even if they pay me.

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 Kun oldin

      Why not? This movie will do great.

    • Mechs
      Mechs 2 kun oldin

      if you are not gonna watch it then get out of the Comment section.

    • Mechs
      Mechs 2 kun oldin

      no one cares.

  • Shruti Madhuri
    Shruti Madhuri 2 kun oldin

    Is the main Peter Parker Tobey Maguire? There are so many references, car coming in a building, saving the train.

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Shruti Madhuri no, this peter has web shooters

  • bore son
    bore son 2 kun oldin

    I wish we could just leave this party/movie theater/concert and go somewhere private. > *Freedaypdf*com* 5126

  • Mister
    Mister 2 kun oldin

    Spidey-Chan exists.
    Welp. *zzzZZZIP*

    • Mister
      Mister Kun oldin

      did you watch the video?

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Mister no she doesn't.

  • Haseeb Gilani
    Haseeb Gilani 2 kun oldin

    i love the soundtracks of this movie already

  • 50_shades _brighter
    50_shades _brighter 2 kun oldin

    Spider-ham is just marvel’s Scrappy-Doo

    • Asupernaruto1
      Asupernaruto1 Kun oldin

      HA! Not even close! 😎

    • 50_shades _brighter
      50_shades _brighter Kun oldin

      I didn’t mean for anyone to take it seriously, sorry

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      50_shades _brighter no he isn't? He's a serious character who's not annoying, and is actually important

  • Arno Dorian3
    Arno Dorian3 2 kun oldin +1

    I just want to see Spider-man 2099

  • Darren Dinh
    Darren Dinh 2 kun oldin

    Is that spider pig

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Darren Dinh no it's fucking spider horse

  • Shadowman 8808
    Shadowman 8808 2 kun oldin

    I thought his body was the darkness 0:54

  • CyBearTron8-7
    CyBearTron8-7 2 kun oldin

    1:55 Is that bald guy Fisk?

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      CyBearTron8-7 no, it's scorpion

  • BlockedOrRemoved
    BlockedOrRemoved 2 kun oldin +1


  • jack lajoie
    jack lajoie 2 kun oldin +2

    i hope they release a clip of spider-man noir and Peni Parker talking and getting to say more than two words.

  • M K
    M K 2 kun oldin

    Sony is crazy

  • Dovah Doge
    Dovah Doge 2 kun oldin +1

    This definitely looks more promising than homecoming so I’m a bit excited

    • Dovah Doge
      Dovah Doge 2 kun oldin

      szeax I dunno homecoming was pretty bad I just couldn’t bring myself to like it

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Dovah Doge homecoming was great

  • Judas Machina
    Judas Machina 2 kun oldin

    Is the frame rate off intentionally?

  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf 2 kun oldin

    This looks like it's running at like 10 FPS, I'm still interested in it though.

  • Bitchy fish
    Bitchy fish 2 kun oldin

    Cliche as ever

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Bitchy fish how

  • niggaz be like
    niggaz be like 2 kun oldin


  • Teodoro Reyna
    Teodoro Reyna 2 kun oldin

    this is going to be an Uncle Bens massacre

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      Teodoro Reyna actually, most of them don't have an uncle ben

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 kun oldin

    0:10 IMPOSTER!

  • OreoMask
    OreoMask 2 kun oldin +1

    *Let's be honest Spider-Ham is the main reason we're all going to see this*

  • Chris McCue
    Chris McCue 2 kun oldin

    Just need Superior Spider-man in there and I'm good

  • Spider_Monkey 48
    Spider_Monkey 48 2 kun oldin

    Is it just me or does the background music for this trailer sound like Infinite from Eminem

  • Carson Christman
    Carson Christman 2 kun oldin

    Theory: venom is going to be in this movie

  • dab police officer
    dab police officer 2 kun oldin

    Everyone should just think about all the ocs and aus that will come out of this movie.
    *insert disney crossover fanfics here*

    • szeax
      szeax 2 kun oldin

      dab police officer all of them already exist lmao

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 2 kun oldin

    Someone explain to me why a little girl is one of the spiders.

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost 2 kun oldin

      Bill Cipher she’s based on Peni Parker from Earth-14152. Her father used to be a law enforcer, piloting an exosuit. He died during the mission. Since the suit is DNA locked, she was next in line to pilot it. She doesn’t have powers on her own.

  • Iwut Here.
    Iwut Here. 2 kun oldin

    Spi-deer man? ☹️

  • jmtardogno
    jmtardogno 2 kun oldin +2

    “What makes you different, *is what makes you SpiderMan*”

  • Millie Artistry
    Millie Artistry 2 kun oldin


  • Jozef
    Jozef 2 kun oldin +5

    The animation style seems like what a stop-motion Big Hero Six might look like.

  • 수형김
    수형김 2 kun oldin

    I mean I love Gwen's costume design but generally, she annoys me. I look forward to watching this tho 👍

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez 2 kun oldin +1

    Homecoming vs into the spider verse

  • Alvarado 2499
    Alvarado 2499 2 kun oldin

    Kimiko Glenn is voicing Peni Parker I'm so fucking happy💕

  • Asther Phoenix
    Asther Phoenix 2 kun oldin

    pizza time

  • peKadoDeDioZ
    peKadoDeDioZ 2 kun oldin +2

    we need spider ham dlc in the spiderman game... now

  • Nick Bandy
    Nick Bandy 2 kun oldin +1

    I have goose bumps literally the entire time during this trailer. Sometime I go watch this only to get goose bumps

  • Mewtwo In The Master ball

    Only thing we need now is spiderman 2099

  • Hold Guard
    Hold Guard 2 kun oldin

    An Anime Spider-Man? I give up.

  • ThatRandomAsian
    ThatRandomAsian 2 kun oldin +1

    Can’t wait for Defaulty Defaulter which is part of Earth 36786483 and his Spider-Man version, Spider-Trooper

    (look on the keypad to get a message from the number so 3 is F)

  • Ben Page
    Ben Page 2 kun oldin

    Guy I know some of you think this version of peter parker is the Rahmi version just older but it cant be, different custom, in this trailer hes stopping the train with his mask on, while in the film he isn't wearing a mask. The car scene hes wearing his costume plus he punches it back. SPOILERS FOR VENOM!!!!! Finally in the after credits for venom, when peter is zapped unconscious by Miles venom touch we see miles shot Peter's WEB SHOOTER and as we know peter in the OG trilogy has organic webs.

  • Trash Queen A.K.A. Lily

    the plot is alright but YEET THEM GRAPHICS THO

  • Mr. TwangyMeerkat
    Mr. TwangyMeerkat 2 kun oldin

    Hey guys check out the fully song loop fight scene took me a while to edit the song just to make it smooth plz show support💕

  • Alexandra Kenobi
    Alexandra Kenobi 2 kun oldin


  • Katharine Schwab
    Katharine Schwab 2 kun oldin

    btw......... John mulaney is the voice of spider ham