11" vs 12.9" 2018 iPad Pro!

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  • Karl Conrad
    Karl Conrad  Oy oldin +87

    The new 2018 iPad Pro's finally have an edge to edge display and no longer feature the home button. The 12.9" felt surprisingly good in the hands and I prefer the larger form factor over the smaller 11". I guess the hardest choice now is to either grab the Space Grey or Silver :)

    • Karim Hadidi
      Karim Hadidi 24 kun oldin

      Karl Conrad q

    • Zachary Stevens
      Zachary Stevens Oy oldin

      Apple said its GPU is as powerful as an Xbox One S not an Xbox One X. You made a mistake in your video just wanted to point that out.

    • Saivion Brown
      Saivion Brown Oy oldin

      +Arvind Sharma nothing really just the size and i think the storage options

    • Ian Ho
      Ian Ho Oy oldin

      Silver is so underrated T.T Does anyone feel the same way???

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 7 soat oldin

    "What's up guys, I'm Corey"....

  • Tevin Parker
    Tevin Parker 5 kun oldin

    Its outrageous

  • Ana Mendes Lemos
    Ana Mendes Lemos 6 kun oldin

    Space grey, for sure!

  • Gerard Freeman
    Gerard Freeman 7 kun oldin

    12.9 inch must be black :-)

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes 11 kun oldin

    Her Haw, hey Mr. Ed bite on an Apple! 🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Alec Lokey
    Alec Lokey 15 kun oldin

    So, the wired Apple ear buds I just bought for my iPhone have no use with this iPad? That

  • Sang Ponce
    Sang Ponce 20 kun oldin

    space gray

  • Republic of royale
    Republic of royale 21 kun oldin

    11 inches is best cause its comfortable to hold

  • hector Cañas
    hector Cañas 23 kun oldin

    Im student and find the 11 too small screen, I'm returning it and getting the 12,9

  • Carlos m
    Carlos m 27 kun oldin +1

    Ipad pro hasn't accept any external drive and flash DRIVE too. Sorry guys

  • neel vanu
    neel vanu 28 kun oldin

    You have a future in UZclip Boy!!! - Kratos Voice

  • Phoenix beats
    Phoenix beats 29 kun oldin

    I wanna get the 12.9 but it’s to expensive so if I can get it at all I’ll get the 11 but the 12.9 would be better for drawing like how I want to use it.

  • Dantley Davis
    Dantley Davis 29 kun oldin

    "USB game" LOL

  • Kuzey Guner
    Kuzey Guner Oy oldin

    Space grey

  • Danill Osipov
    Danill Osipov Oy oldin

    За смех???

  • Danill Osipov
    Danill Osipov Oy oldin


  • Krill Siluroid
    Krill Siluroid Oy oldin

    Concerns here, looks thin and fragile. What would be super dope is for you to bend test your new unit for your viewers. Just bend that puppy into a letter A until you pop a lithium battery and a jet of orange flame shoots out the side of it. Super Dope.

  • Jimmie Wood
    Jimmie Wood Oy oldin

    @Karl When looking at the new iPad Pro which one do you recommend for the business traveler. I am leaning toward the larger but do I really need more than 64GB? My iPhone is 256GB and I never have more than 100GB on it. My surface pro has 256GB and has never had a storage issue, albeit I use a 400mb micro SD. Just looking for some advise before I buy. I would leave my laptop at home when traveling with this.

  • Oskar Schmidt
    Oskar Schmidt Oy oldin


  • tea_m
    tea_m Oy oldin

    Xbox one s not x

  • Starlit Skye
    Starlit Skye Oy oldin

    Dude this is just an extended ad for apple, not a compare and contrast of the screen sizes. Give this video a new title.

  • Richard Northrup
    Richard Northrup Oy oldin

    How is this a verses episode?

  • Muhammad’s Comedy

    The best video i have ever watched about the ipad thx a lot💜💜💜💜💜

  • J Wentz
    J Wentz Oy oldin

    This guy took a couple of lines of coke before he started talking!

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo Oy oldin

    This isn't a vs video... thumbs down... vs means one against the other

  • cance7984
    cance7984 Oy oldin

    I purchased the 11” version WiFi only in 256 GB of storage.

  • Collins Embry
    Collins Embry Oy oldin

    I want silver

  • Omar Al-Bochi
    Omar Al-Bochi Oy oldin +1

    Been waiting for this iPad for a long time. I keep trying to tell everyone laptops are a thing of the past, hopefully, this product will help.

  • RumerWillisChin
    RumerWillisChin Oy oldin

    I just bought both in 256gb with cellular. One is porn/tumblr and the other one if for work.

  • Acoustic Waffles
    Acoustic Waffles Oy oldin

    Can you tell if there is a difference as far as performance between the 1TB with 6GB of RAM and the other version with 4GB of RAM.

  • Narendra Gupta
    Narendra Gupta Oy oldin

    Space grey

  • Steve McNeal
    Steve McNeal Oy oldin

    The 11 could *potentially* fit in a white coat, so that's the one I want to get.

  • - _/That one boy\_ -

    12.9 iPad Pro 2018 is cheaper than the iPhone Xs max

  • Kaka Kaka
    Kaka Kaka Oy oldin


  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix Oy oldin +1

    Still better than spending a $1000 bucks on some iPhone XS!

  • TARS 515
    TARS 515 Oy oldin

    Could you use the keyboard for gaming on the iPad Pro

  • ritesh
    ritesh Oy oldin

    Damn this thing scored a 550k on antutu..

  • Arnold Asonganyi
    Arnold Asonganyi Oy oldin

    She doesn’t say ;”insertments in the bottom”.

  • Alkaline7y
    Alkaline7y Oy oldin

    Save your money and get an iCloud subscription.

  • riccia888
    riccia888 Oy oldin

    The topic is 11 vs 12.9. thumbs down

  • Vineeth S
    Vineeth S Oy oldin

    Space Grey everything

  • Michael Shipman
    Michael Shipman Oy oldin

    Space gray all the way

    REN X ZERZ Oy oldin

    more worth it than iPhone X..

  • Dustin Trombly
    Dustin Trombly Oy oldin

    If you had 2018 iPad-sized bezels for a “notchless” iPhone, you’d have a terrible looking phone.

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris Oy oldin

    Does it still only have 4GB of Ram?

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris Oy oldin

    they should make it so I can run virtual machines on it But it would need mouse support and a lot more ram

  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby Oy oldin

    Why didn't Apple give the screen a little PPI bump? Say around 326. I know you hold the ipad further away but it's noticeable on my 10.5 ipad.

  • Le PaPaRaD'nis
    Le PaPaRaD'nis Oy oldin

    Xbox One S not One X

  • Bhavdeep Rehal
    Bhavdeep Rehal Oy oldin

    Not 1000x previous iPad, its 1000x 1st gen (original iPad)...apple said it in their keynote loud and clear!
    Otherwise great video :)

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball Oy oldin

    For me, it’s always been the best thing I can get at the smallest form factor. Computers started as rooms and miniaturization is an important art.

  • Camda Beast
    Camda Beast Oy oldin

    They need to have wireless charging into the iPads

  • Chris Neves
    Chris Neves Oy oldin

    1000x more powerful than the first Gen iPad not the previous Gen...

  • Russell Somdahl
    Russell Somdahl Oy oldin

    Just ordered my 12.9 iPad Pro (1Tb) gray on the 3rd. They’re hopefully shipping to me to get here by the 21st Nov in time for Thanksgiving. I guess I’m giving my 9.7 iPad Pro to my girlfriend. Yes expensive with an extra cable (2m usb-c to lighting), extra Mac Pro usb charger and Smart Keyboard. Early Christmas gift to me...

  • Amjad Ghazal
    Amjad Ghazal Oy oldin +2

    It's not 1000 times powerful than the previous generation, but 1000 time than the first iPad 😅

  • Boy Bad
    Boy Bad Oy oldin

    No hand on puff

  • Lydia Béland
    Lydia Béland Oy oldin

    Pre-ordered the iPad Pro 12,9 inch with 512 gb in space grey with the Apple Pencil . Can’t wait to get them!😍

  • Cian L
    Cian L Oy oldin

    As powerful as x box one x?
    1000x faster than the previous gen?

  • jwalzer
    jwalzer Oy oldin

    Karl (or anyone else who reads this), do you think 256GB is enough for the new iPad from the use of the new iPad as a pure art based (Procreate, Affinity Designer, upcoming PS for iPad? $200 to jump to 512GB and wondering if that's worth the price. Would appreciate any feedback and thoughts.

  • Fares Alsaygh
    Fares Alsaygh Oy oldin

    I'm planning to use it heavily, sketching, reading pdfs, playing games and etc. So, Which storage size should I take? >> Any suggestions, Thank you

  • asantesamuel13
    asantesamuel13 Oy oldin

    As much as the larger one would feel more like a normal laptop, the 11” is what I ordered because I want it to be more portable/easier to hold in one hand. I might still keep my MacBook Pro if the 11” is too awkward to type on though, that is my biggest concern.

  • Epsilon Star
    Epsilon Star Oy oldin

    It doesn't really matter to me if I get silver or space gray, I'll probably end up putting a skin or case on it anyway.

  • Epsilon Star
    Epsilon Star Oy oldin

    They said it's 1000x more powerful than the original iPad not the last gen iPad

    Also they compared it to the Xbox One S not the X, the S is significantly less powerful.

    No offence, but try getting your facts right before misinforming everyone.

  • Gaming W Camila
    Gaming W Camila Oy oldin

    1:25 Oof what was that about

  • Matys
    Matys Oy oldin

    I want to buy this so bad but I’m too cheap to get it :(

  • Lucas van Hout
    Lucas van Hout Oy oldin +1

    My preference is:
    Space Grey
    1 Terabyte
    Wifi + Cellular
    AppleCare+ for iPad Pro

  • sleep me
    sleep me Oy oldin

    which one you recommend for note taking in class? which size yo?

  • Fajer njr
    Fajer njr Oy oldin

    I need that sweater

  • Amr Jaber
    Amr Jaber Oy oldin

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    I Have a New Camera App Allows Recording 3D Videos (SBS) like Movies! Yes, it’s allow that without any camera lens or adapter and output video can show it on any 3D monitors or VR Glasses too!

  • Abdullah Nazlawi
    Abdullah Nazlawi Oy oldin


  • Anatoliy
    Anatoliy Oy oldin +1

    It’s also more expensive then 92% of laptops. LoL

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account


  • Seth Mitchell
    Seth Mitchell Oy oldin

    Hey buddy love your show! I believe they said better than a Xbox One S not X ;)

  • Kadeen Brown
    Kadeen Brown Oy oldin

    I’m pretty sure they said Xbox one S which is less powerful then the X

  • Prince Risen
    Prince Risen Oy oldin

    I’ve been searching, and haven’t seen anyone doing the *Animoji* related video for the new iPad Pro. ;^;

  • Zachary Stevens
    Zachary Stevens Oy oldin

    Apple said their 3rd generation Ipad Pro's GPU wise is as powerful as the Xbox One S. This guy made a mistake in the video and said Xbox One X lol.

  • QTronicProductions

    1000x more powerful than the first ever iPad. Not the last gen.

  • Unknown94
    Unknown94 Oy oldin +1

    I choose the 11" inch because I think the 12.9" is too much and break like ease.

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A Oy oldin +1

    Now we need a 15inch

  • Daniel Lindholm
    Daniel Lindholm Oy oldin

    The ipad IS NOT A LAPTOP.

  • SiliconSicilian
    SiliconSicilian Oy oldin

    Going for the 12.9 Space Grey and debating between 512 and 1024. Pencil is now a must with this new version. Reasons for avoiding it have been seriously diminished with the matte finish, smaller design, magnetic charge, and new pairing.

  • Dumb Savage
    Dumb Savage Oy oldin

    I’m getting the 12.9 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil next week come sooner

  • Rajat Gupta
    Rajat Gupta Oy oldin

    Bro! Your jacket is from???

  • Brandy Ward
    Brandy Ward Oy oldin

    I purchased the 11” 1TB space grey. I like they smaller one because I like carrying it with me in me purse.

  • TayTay BeyNippy
    TayTay BeyNippy Oy oldin

    This might be a stupid question but I saw the iPad was attached to a screen and the screen was basically used a second display for the iPad. Does that mean that the iPad can be used as a second screen itself with the usb-c?
    Sort of like a display graphics tablet??

  • Andrii Iermolaiev

    Space grey boiiiis

  • Shahzad Khan
    Shahzad Khan Oy oldin

    Looking forward to see unboxing of 11" model on 7th November 18. 👍

  • Chris Blunt
    Chris Blunt Oy oldin

    That was shit

  • Junior525
    Junior525 Oy oldin

    Technically my house is the most expensive power bank i will ever own

  • Ethan Holmes
    Ethan Holmes Oy oldin

    Pre ordered my 12.9 space grey 256gb so excited

  • samocréia
    samocréia Oy oldin

    *It's graphics are 1000x better than the FIRST generation iPad, not the previous one.* Great video.

  • Regina Antoinette

    Space grey for suuuurreee. Honestly anything with space in the title is perfect for me. Also apparently AR apps will work on it, can't wait to try the constellation one. Still can't afford any of these though 😂😂😂😂

  • avfc1956
    avfc1956 Oy oldin +1

    Insertments? 🤣 Word doesn't exist. Try insertion.

  • Chris Beale
    Chris Beale Oy oldin


  • ujjal 8822
    ujjal 8822 Oy oldin

    it's beautiful

  • David Dowling
    David Dowling Oy oldin

    Lose the glasses.

  • Smart Sushi!
    Smart Sushi! Oy oldin

    I’m liking silver lol

  • charly bávaro
    charly bávaro Oy oldin

    Hello, to draw, what do I buy? Thank you.