A Day in the Life of a BJJ Competitor

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  • Joylandi 21-Okt, 2017
  • This is the first episode of The Day in the Life series. This Vlog features exactly what I get up to on a normal day of training. Follow me as I document my BJJ training as I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning and teach at the world famous school Gracie Barra Birmingham
    Coach PJ's Channel: uzclip.net/user/coconutpete24
    Top S&C Coach that works with BJJ's best competitors
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  • T K
    T K 2 kun oldin

    I was very surprised how well made this was!

  • Bear Maple
    Bear Maple 15 kun oldin

    That's a huge mat room!
    I'm making a bjj vlog soon too. Waiting for a tournament to pop up for a tourny vlog

  • BMCustoms
    BMCustoms 2 oy oldin +1

    Such a huge emphasis on drilling, even at your level it shows that you can't beat fundamentals and tedious work. Thanks man!

  • David Castellano
    David Castellano 2 oy oldin

    wow!! 9:11

  • Antonio Lobos
    Antonio Lobos 3 oy oldin

    Shout out from Gracie Barra Sydney 🇦🇺

    • Antonio Lobos
      Antonio Lobos 3 oy oldin

      Bradley Hill 👍🏻👍🏻 professor, on my bucket list to train with you guys.

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  3 oy oldin +1

      respect down under! ossa

  • d m
    d m 3 oy oldin

    7:15? I'm on my lunch break by then.

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  3 oy oldin

      Well ya wanna start living the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle mate

  • samuel beardsmore
    samuel beardsmore 3 oy oldin +1

    Nice video! (From gracie barra arnold)

  • Isca Scott
    Isca Scott 3 oy oldin

    Vídeo bom de mais. Osssssss.
    Mais um inscrito, faça mais vídeos assim. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jordan James Thompson
    Jordan James Thompson 4 oy oldin +1

    Great video 👍

  • Manuel Fellipe
    Manuel Fellipe 4 oy oldin +1

    Excelent edition !

  • fasalrafiq
    fasalrafiq 5 oy oldin

    Your alarm says 7.15, but then in the shot it says 7am lol

  • s_summerr
    s_summerr 5 oy oldin

    My dad is putting me and my brother in BJJ class and I'm gonna be new to it. Any thing I should know or do? I'm kind of scared to do it and I don't like being bare foot.

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  5 oy oldin

      Don't worry, Jiu Jitsu is more about leverage & techniques than strength & size so try to really focus on understanding the technique. You'll do great!

    • s_summerr
      s_summerr 5 oy oldin

      Not sure yet but I have a feeling I'm going to be the biggest girl there, mostly I see people skinnier than my size and I don't want to end up hurting any one..Not sure of what academy yet but I'm going to go check out the class since I'm already on the list and I'll what goes on from their.

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  5 oy oldin

      That's awesome! Glad to hear you're starting your Jiu Jitsu journey, which is your academy? Just listen to your coaches, ask questions & most importantly have fun! You could wear your socks, just ask your coach. Let me know how your first class is

  • RGB 123
    RGB 123 7 oy oldin

    At 8:12 is that danyall Azad sorry if I didn't spell it correct

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  6 oy oldin

      He's my student, he trains with me at Gracie Barra Birmingham

    • RGB 123
      RGB 123 7 oy oldin

      does he train with u and where do u train?

    • RGB 123
      RGB 123 7 oy oldin

      I fought him before but he tapped me in like 10 secs

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  7 oy oldin +1

      It certainly is!

  • Zyrrus
    Zyrrus 8 oy oldin

    do you use steriods or any performance enchancing drug?

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  8 oy oldin

      Just grappling

    • Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku
      Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku 8 oy oldin

      Do you guys punch and strike or is it just wrestling? I ask because you guys look like you just wrestle, I wanna punch.

    • Zyrrus
      Zyrrus 8 oy oldin

      thats awesome man. peace :)

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  8 oy oldin +1

      No, completely clean. Just hard work & determination!

  • Groovy
    Groovy 9 oy oldin +1

    9:12 that was awesome!

  • Jess Bess
    Jess Bess 10 oy oldin

    1:48 pigeon park haha so ironic watching this video. i quit my job and left home to travel and discovered BJJ as a passion of mine. currently training BJJ in thailand so I searched 'bjj vlog' to find out other cool places to train.
    the top result is a video of a guy from Birmingham (my hometown) hahaha

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  10 oy oldin

      That's awesome. If you're ever back in Birmingham pop by to train! Keep training!

  • Mubeen Rahim
    Mubeen Rahim 10 oy oldin

    So you did Squats and back and then rolled around 1? That’s crazy where’s the recovery??

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  10 oy oldin

      No rest for the wicked! These are my more intense days of training, which I only do 2x a week.

  • Isadora Félix
    Isadora Félix 10 oy oldin

    Yay! I just subscribed

  • samuel beardsmore
    samuel beardsmore 10 oy oldin

    what was the name of the music?

  • Marcus Everette BJJ
    Marcus Everette BJJ 10 oy oldin +1

    Such an awesome video! Great visual quality! Very Nice sub around the 4:20 point! Your movements are fluid! I love the concept of this video! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bjj Shinobi
    Bjj Shinobi Yil oldin

    I love this vid can't wait for pan ams!!!! Oss
    I would love to visit there someday.
    GRACIE BARRA New Mex #1

  • Ginge K
    Ginge K Yil oldin

    this guy is living the dream

  • Haji Dontsurf
    Haji Dontsurf Yil oldin

    Cool video. What is the song?

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown Yil oldin +1

    Awesome. Videos like this do an incredible job of what it's like to live the life.

  • moz L
    moz L Yil oldin

    who is this guy

  • Spirit Splice
    Spirit Splice Yil oldin

    Half repping

  • Life with Lagnitons
    Life with Lagnitons Yil oldin +1

    We need more BJJ vloggers like you! Great work man!

  • Back To The Bjj
    Back To The Bjj Yil oldin

    OSS !

  • John2corner
    John2corner Yil oldin +1

    A nice video and looks like you are a great person and athlete. Wish people like you with a good heart and discipline all the best. I just wonder if you do weight cut and or water cut for competitions and also how many hours a day and how many times a week you are training :)
    Thank you again for the great video. I really enjoyed it.

    • John2corner
      John2corner Yil oldin

      Yes, please share your wisdom with us! Thank you master!

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin +2

      Thank you sir! I do use water cutting strategies occasionally for my weight cuts. I'll discuss in a video soon!

  • Josue Andres
    Josue Andres Yil oldin +1

    Ahh uhh uh he Gracie Barra.
    Saludos galera desde Ecuador.

  • Allen Biinna
    Allen Biinna Yil oldin +1

    this video is really well done man!

  • Cooper James Hodda
    Cooper James Hodda Yil oldin +1

    Man you are so smooth

  • Jack sorsky
    Jack sorsky Yil oldin +1

    big up from Gracie Barra Bristol!

  • neri giron
    neri giron Yil oldin +1

    My god that balloon sweep works like a charm thanks brotha!

  • Martial Arts Journey
    Martial Arts Journey Yil oldin +1

    Great video! Well made

  • Taddeh Vartanians
    Taddeh Vartanians Yil oldin +1

    Nice rolls cousin

  • fabio .bang.
    fabio .bang. Yil oldin +1

    Nice video! 👌

  • camodigital2
    camodigital2 Yil oldin +1

    Jesus mode work nice vid

  • Max Von B.
    Max Von B. Yil oldin +1

    Nice one Brad!

  • Roberto Caio
    Roberto Caio Yil oldin +1

    Your BJJ is high quality. Congrats and I really love it. Oss!

  • Sindre Eide
    Sindre Eide Yil oldin +1

    Do a step by step on this one bacause I like it. Looks like a good and fun tecnique. 2:43

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin +1

      I'll add in some step by step tutorials in the next Vlog!

  • Steel Coated Shamrock
    Steel Coated Shamrock Yil oldin +1

    This is awesome keep going!!!!

  • Primal Strength
    Primal Strength Yil oldin +2

    Hey Bradley, I'm new to bjj. I have a question for you. I'm a big dude, I'm 5 foot 11 240 lbs. I'm a powerlifter so I'm really strong. When I'm in class should I use my strength when we roll. In my first class ever I submitted a 3 stripe white belt twice. I used good technique and implemented the submissions that the professor taught us that night, but I feel like I have an unfair advantage over the other guys being so strong. I also want to get my technique down 100%, any tips, suggestions, advice? Thanks bud!

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin +4

      Hey man, good question. I would suggest varying your intensity between sessions. (I use this a lot myself in my own training) Take some days where you won't use strength & focus completely on your techniques. For example, letting somebody pass so you can practice your side control escapes. Then take other days where you pick your toughest roll's in the academy & you spar 100% using your techniques alongside your strength. As long as you're aware during your rolling you will know when to use strength in a situation and when not to (This will also come with experience). Try to refrain from 'muscling out' of a position. Whether you're stuck in an armbar or mounted, try to think & find the most efficient way of escaping. Hope that helps, let me know how your training goes!

  • Still Rolling
    Still Rolling Yil oldin +5

    Great video👍 would love to get to train full time like that. I just try to make the most out of the time I get to spend on the mats. Uh Ah Gracie Barra!

  • König Alfons der Viertel vor Zwölfte

    Nice vid B., but next time I'd choose some music that is less 'Casey-Style'. I think ur style is great, so why not just pick some music that fits you more? Keep it up \m/

    • Bear Maple
      Bear Maple 15 kun oldin

      Who is Casey? keep seeing that name everywere. Neistat?

  • SuperDragone666
    SuperDragone666 Yil oldin +1

    Great vid man. keep em coming will ya!! :D

  • Big Liam
    Big Liam Yil oldin

    The British Dillon Danis

  • Charizard The architect

    Bradley is the best!!

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin +1

      +Charizard The architect your username is the best

  • Orange Inc
    Orange Inc Yil oldin +9

    Haha I thought I recognised you! You reffed one of my matches

  • tplummer217
    tplummer217 Yil oldin +2

    Some sick game right there

  • Ayrshire Grappler
    Ayrshire Grappler Yil oldin +19

    This was great. I liked your presentation style & so much great technique throughout. Subbed.

    • Groovy
      Groovy 9 oy oldin

      Yeah I agree, subbed as well!

  • el So
    el So Yil oldin +1

    where do i buy the grip thing you were using to lift

    • Still Rolling
      Still Rolling Yil oldin

      el So Jits Grips! The owner of the company is actually a teammate of mine here in Tennessee. You also get an elastic band that connects 2 of them to work solo spider and lasso guard techniques. Check them out👍

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin +1

      +el So Jits Grips brother!

  • Raza Rahman
    Raza Rahman Yil oldin +1

    Muito obrigado

  • Guven Cam
    Guven Cam Yil oldin +1

    Good job man👍

  • Omya BJJ
    Omya BJJ Yil oldin +4

    lovely day

  • Bernard
    Bernard Yil oldin +1

    keep them coming!

  • Jake M
    Jake M Yil oldin

    Nice bow and arrow

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin

      Jake M Thanks man, maybe I'll put out an instructional on it.

  • Nishnu TV
    Nishnu TV Yil oldin

    Awesome vid pal

    • Bradley Hill
      Bradley Hill  Yil oldin

      Thanks man, my S&C is with Coach PJ! He's one of the best & out in in California. Here's a link to his channel: uzclip.net/user/coconutpete24

    • Nishnu TV
      Nishnu TV Yil oldin

      Can you add the link to the strength and condition plan you was training ? Was hard to hear