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  • iam den ise
    iam den ise 4 kun oldin

    Kristen: and we're done
    David: no we're not

  • Aubri Houselog
    Aubri Houselog 13 kun oldin +1

    Anyone else just care that Colby is there 💙✖️I love when the Vlog Squad and Trap House hangout 👍🏽

  • Lilly Patterson
    Lilly Patterson 17 kun oldin

    Kirsten was so annoying in this

  • Tiffany Jimenez
    Tiffany Jimenez 25 kun oldin

    You're haircut looks great! Pretty dang sexy!!!💖😘💖👌👌

  • Blue Picklez
    Blue Picklez Oy oldin

    What type of dog is Link?

  • Diana Davila
    Diana Davila Oy oldin

    Damn heath get me the begging

  • Avery Gerson
    Avery Gerson Oy oldin

    Tirisha looked so gooooooooooood

  • Mathew Trujillo
    Mathew Trujillo Oy oldin

    so i hear the assistant doesnt want to be on camera? if thats true they did a bad job cause you can see her at 6:37

  • Sunny Shadow
    Sunny Shadow Oy oldin

    I really like the intro

  • Eve Perez
    Eve Perez Oy oldin


    HOLY MOLY Oy oldin

    Love this video

  • Forest Armstead
    Forest Armstead Oy oldin

    Anyone else peep the assistant around 8:40

  • One Two
    One Two Oy oldin

    Scotty finds everyone at coachella

  • victoria woodward

    Omg I literally burped at the same time as Kristen and I didn’t know that she was burping until the end of the burp lol that was weird. ( time: 5:38 )

  • Marco Nunez
    Marco Nunez Oy oldin

    Jason’s assistant looks like Carly Alex’s high school crush

  • o k
    o k Oy oldin

    i love how his girlfriend is more concerned lmfao then him when its HIS hair

  • Shanelle Jones
    Shanelle Jones 2 oy oldin

    the replays of Toddy cutting Scotts hair hahaha

  • XxAoifex X
    XxAoifex X 2 oy oldin

    Awww I like ur long hair 😔

  • bloxburg junky
    bloxburg junky 2 oy oldin

    David:ohh hoho
    Kristen:oh ok were done
    David:no were not

  • sabryna shadow
    sabryna shadow 2 oy oldin

    Scotty is the nicest

  • tacosxo
    tacosxo 2 oy oldin

    3:30 “Are you asian?”
    Did you just assume his -gender- ethnicity?

  • adriana ordaz
    adriana ordaz 2 oy oldin


  • Jazmin Gaspar
    Jazmin Gaspar 2 oy oldin

    You’re my fav

  • Almayo Nonono
    Almayo Nonono 2 oy oldin

    0:09 Am I the only one that got hit in the feels when heath defended David and Liza’s breakup. Respect for heath tho 😊 ❤️

  • sam isawkward
    sam isawkward 2 oy oldin

    I love Colby!!! YES!

  • Triston samuel Young

    Why does he still look good after all that?😂

  • Anushka Saxena
    Anushka Saxena 3 oy oldin

    “ A young couple still together”

  • Alicia Cox
    Alicia Cox 3 oy oldin

    did Brennen say "We love BTS?" HAHAH XDD

  • Rachel Velasquez
    Rachel Velasquez 3 oy oldin

    I swear his girlfriend is bugging

  • Sakura 88 {Bts Fan}
    Sakura 88 {Bts Fan} 3 oy oldin +1

    "We love bts"

    Me too man me too 💞

  • Delourtae xo
    Delourtae xo 3 oy oldin

    "we love bts" *yes say it louder for them bitches in the back*

  • squishyminyoongi 792

    i hope u actually like bts cuZzzzz

  • Goth Girl
    Goth Girl 3 oy oldin

    I'm wondering why you gave David scissors that will then go near your scalp 😂😂😂

  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 oy oldin

    6:37 she no masked assistant

  • RuthlessRage
    RuthlessRage 3 oy oldin

    i miss his hair looking like that in the beginning like fuckk

  • Tiffany Woolworth
    Tiffany Woolworth 3 oy oldin

    *I just got film doneing your video*

  • Deep Sea Diver
    Deep Sea Diver 3 oy oldin

    He looks better with longer hair

  • Alexis Blueboy
    Alexis Blueboy 3 oy oldin

    Why don’t you just cut David’s hair instead of yours

  • xXEcho KillerXx
    xXEcho KillerXx 3 oy oldin

    I got the same haircut yesterday....

  • onion rings are am a mazing 69-666

    Love you!!!💗💗💗

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business 3 oy oldin

    I prefer the old intro song

  • Skyton _plays_it
    Skyton _plays_it 3 oy oldin

    Love the song intro ❤️

  • Isobel Cook
    Isobel Cook 3 oy oldin

    Umm your old hair was beautiful

  • Angel !
    Angel ! 4 oy oldin

    i love bts tooooooooooooooooooo

  • Maddie Petit
    Maddie Petit 4 oy oldin

    why is kristen more worried about his hair than anything hahah

  • Isa Velvet
    Isa Velvet 4 oy oldin

    "We love bts"
    Hell yeah we do

  • Por Entre Páginas
    Por Entre Páginas 4 oy oldin

    oh nooo

  • Princess Tamina WashaPoppin

    I saw Trisha Paytus in the thumbnail and I clicked it.

  • A
    A 4 oy oldin

    Kristen is so uptight jesus christ, so controlling

  • Anja Rabben
    Anja Rabben 4 oy oldin

    Who is the guy in the pink sweater in the beginning? I have seen him before but cant remember where😂

  • Molly Chard
    Molly Chard 4 oy oldin

    Brennen I also love BTS

  • Hey I'm Dead inside
    Hey I'm Dead inside 4 oy oldin


  • Wania Tahir - Lisgar MS (1569)

    Brennon saying “we love bts” makes me wanna kill my lungs 😂😂

  • Yes Sister
    Yes Sister 4 oy oldin


  • Yes Sister
    Yes Sister 4 oy oldin

    And I only watched the fucking ads BC I was asleep and I just fucking woke up so shut up

  • BlitzzRaven
    BlitzzRaven 4 oy oldin


  • BTS jahaan
    BTS jahaan 4 oy oldin

    3:33 me too❤

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones 4 oy oldin

    Scotty: korate chip
    Me: no it's "korate chop his hair"

  • Ian Zito
    Ian Zito 4 oy oldin

    Scott is so calm and chill in real life!! What a great dude!! I really enjoy wheen you appear in Davids Vlog, i wish you had more parts!!! Hahahahahaha
    But i really like your Channel, too and seeing this other side of you.
    Ive been watching your things since vine and i actualy knew you before David! Thats crazy to think! I liked your Vine more than Davids!!! Ahahahhahaha
    Anyways, got nostalgic over here!
    Thanks for always putting out great content out here!

  • Min Yoomi
    Min Yoomi 4 oy oldin +1

    3:33 I do too

  • Panda Diaries
    Panda Diaries 4 oy oldin

    Scotty: i guess this is the perfect time to be that shirt . Swipe up
    Me : OH I 'M OUT

  • MADd Hatter
    MADd Hatter 4 oy oldin

    I still like him with his old hair

  • Rayna Tripp
    Rayna Tripp 4 oy oldin

    “oohh man” love that

  • jenna bobenna
    jenna bobenna 4 oy oldin

    its great to see the kansas boiz jake and colby

  • Hi It’s me
    Hi It’s me 5 oy oldin +1

    Love the intro

  • British Butty
    British Butty 5 oy oldin

    this is the most beautiful ive seen trish!!! gorg

  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez 5 oy oldin

    Jason Nash more like Jason is an ass just kidding

  • Alejandra De Luna
    Alejandra De Luna 5 oy oldin

    love brennen taylor

  • Gabri 17
    Gabri 17 5 oy oldin

    It's so funny that in the opening song when he says 'my dog' David appears

  • Only KB
    Only KB 5 oy oldin

    6:38 his assistant 😂😂

  • Shinji Seikatsu
    Shinji Seikatsu 5 oy oldin

    2:17 COLBY

  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 5 oy oldin +6

    Omg his intro it’s amazing 😍 (first video I’m watching)

  • Tabaskii _
    Tabaskii _ 5 oy oldin

    Who’s merch is better Scott’s or David’s

  • Summer Goddard
    Summer Goddard 5 oy oldin

    Todd let us know that David and Liza broke up way before David told US

  • teddy 93
    teddy 93 5 oy oldin


  • Amaz!ng Grac3
    Amaz!ng Grac3 5 oy oldin

    Scotty's a fluffy boi

  • It's Just Panda
    It's Just Panda 5 oy oldin

    I never watchen Scotty before , but i love the vlogs already bc of the intro.

  • Amer Slfia
    Amer Slfia 5 oy oldin

    he looks like sam smith (kinda)

  • clashgamer297 clashgamer297

    Trent look like 2pac

  • Laura Riley
    Laura Riley 5 oy oldin

    Honestly that’s why I love heath standing up for Liza and David

  • erin park
    erin park 5 oy oldin

    *”we love bts”*
    ohmygosh yes

  • Anabelle Chase
    Anabelle Chase 5 oy oldin

    " we love bts" IM SCREAMING ArMY

  • Bencamdej
    Bencamdej 5 oy oldin

    Use this intro again

  • taylor stephenson
    taylor stephenson 5 oy oldin

    I just started watching your videos and I really idk why i didn’t start earlier

  • Julieta Nieto
    Julieta Nieto 5 oy oldin

    3:34 we do love BTS!!!


    3:33 "we love BTS"

  • Eileen Collazo
    Eileen Collazo 6 oy oldin


  • Joy Min
    Joy Min 6 oy oldin

    *W E L O V E B T S*

  • TealGirlyGamer 2
    TealGirlyGamer 2 6 oy oldin

    “Are you Chinese”. “No”. “We love BTS”. Ermmnmmmk

  • Af Yoongi
    Af Yoongi 6 oy oldin

    All I heard was “we love bts”

  • Cheesearemyfavorite Mozzarella

    I love how heath said don't use their break up to sell your merch😊😊

  • Super mario plush maker

    why aren't sam and colby and the others never shown

  • angel strong
    angel strong 6 oy oldin

    Wait have David and Liza actually broke up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo WHAT HAPPENED?

  • Allison Nowak
    Allison Nowak 6 oy oldin

    9:21 and 9:23 he says subsride

  • Lilly Anne
    Lilly Anne 6 oy oldin

    I loveeeee kwistenn

  • Charlotte Tomlinson
    Charlotte Tomlinson 6 oy oldin

    trisha ‘can i keep it?’ 😭😭😭

  • Lildabeast 101
    Lildabeast 101 6 oy oldin


  • aurora lafountain
    aurora lafountain 6 oy oldin

    Trisha would be me

  • Carolina Sanchez
    Carolina Sanchez 6 oy oldin +2

    Kristen is my fav

  • Freja Skautrup Poulsen

    I love the little " Oh main " in the beginning.... 😂😂