Duke's Historic 23-Point Comeback Stuns Louisville

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  • Joylandi 13-Fev, 2019
  • Duke was down 23 points with 9:55 remaining in the second half at Louisville before the Blue Devils turned it all around with a 35-10 run to close the game. The comeback marks Coach K's biggest come-from-behind win ever, and the second-largest comeback win in Duke's history. Watch all the key plays made in this incredible comeback.
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Fikrlar • 26

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Duke go to hell carolina

  • j f
    j f Oy oldin

    Coach k hides rapes

  • Ryzha
    Ryzha Oy oldin +1

    These freshman are plain killers

  • King Jones
    King Jones Oy oldin

    At this point, who can stop them?

  • Complete Controll
    Complete Controll Oy oldin +1

    Whoever thought in their life that Duke would have the number 1 team, and have you kind of rooting for them?
    If you had told me this at any point in my 4 decades on Earth, I would have laughed you out of a room.

  • PlanetofMarz
    PlanetofMarz Oy oldin

    Reddish, RJ Barrett and Zion will be perfect NBA players. I see Reddish more like a Klay and RJ is like Paul George and Zion is Shaq,Kemp,Barkley with post moves and speed like Lebron...next season will be one hell of a Rookie of the Year race...geez

    • Ysl Pedro
      Ysl Pedro Oy oldin

      PlanetofMarz RJ smooth like Kobe

  • Juan Valenzuela
    Juan Valenzuela Oy oldin +4

    Wish the lakers had comeback abilities like this 😂

  • Keith Lee
    Keith Lee Oy oldin

    I am not surprised that Duke came back. Opponents were like 6 inch short on average. I am surprised how on earth Duke was 23 points behind.

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson Oy oldin +2

    It was the best comeback in Duke history

    • Zion Williamson
      Zion Williamson Oy oldin

      +Bobby Sanch thanks brother

    • Kris Carroll
      Kris Carroll Oy oldin

      Naw I think Jason Williams ten points in one minute was better! This was good though

    • Bobby Sanch
      Bobby Sanch Oy oldin

      Zion Williamson you are a beast brother! I hope to make the trip from michigan to watch you in Durham!

  • Joe Vicente
    Joe Vicente Oy oldin

    Jones played all 40mins... And at 2nd half was pressuring ridiculously with Goldwire. What a game!

  • Anthony Ali
    Anthony Ali Oy oldin +8

    1st time in my life that i actually like a Duke team.

  • brady chick
    brady chick Oy oldin +4

    Keep winning Duke! Congrats!

  • xenon destiny
    xenon destiny Oy oldin


  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police Oy oldin +6


  • Erickisballer
    Erickisballer Oy oldin +14

    its like david and goliath but goliath wins

  • Jaythegoat
    Jaythegoat Oy oldin +13

    Duke is winning the national championship

    • Chinarello
      Chinarello Oy oldin

      I love blue devils and their playing is entertaining, but They will not be able to catch up in all the games if they keep starting so bad all the time.

    • Grammar Police
      Grammar Police Oy oldin +2

      king lord L

    • king lord
      king lord Oy oldin

      Not so fast this still a long season we got to take this one game at a time there's still alot of good teams out of there but Duke must be hungry and fired up for this point on this LOUISVILLE comeback win should be the blueprint in their season