The World of Jake Paul

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  • shane
    shane  10 kun oldin +4071

    Part 6 up NOW!

    • Jaci Davenport
      Jaci Davenport Kun oldin

      I have a question do u have tic tok/musically? I know u won't respond but I'm jw

    • Jordan Baldwin
      Jordan Baldwin Kun oldin

      Love you Shane

  • Kirsty Wright
    Kirsty Wright 17 soat oldin

    Why was Kati invited back? She deals in failing marriages and eating disorders, she isn't a pychologist.

  • AudreyWood
    AudreyWood 17 soat oldin

    Looking at Jake Paul and thinking about some of the things he’s had to go through actually fucking shatters my heart😔

  • Zesty ranch Grenola
    Zesty ranch Grenola 17 soat oldin

    In the description the genre says it's comedy

  • Zesty ranch Grenola
    Zesty ranch Grenola 17 soat oldin

    Everyone has had a faze that they loved Jake Paul lol

  • Sparkey
    Sparkey 17 soat oldin


  • Carys Fraser
    Carys Fraser 18 soat oldin

    Andrews skills are to die for 😍😍😍

  • Some Nerd
    Some Nerd 19 soat oldin

    Shane you said you were going to cut out the age of when jakes parents divorced dick move

  • ThatIdiotPersonNobodyLikes

    I honestly skipped 6 episodes to see this

  • Dry Dumps
    Dry Dumps 20 soat oldin

    Shane is too over dramatic lmfao

  • Aaliyah Rivera
    Aaliyah Rivera 20 soat oldin

    IF jake Paul acted more calm and sort of like this on his channel then I may have actually went to watch his videos and subscribed

  • Kaden Wester
    Kaden Wester 20 soat oldin

    every time jake says like take a shot

  • Jayda & Ruby
    Jayda & Ruby 20 soat oldin

    Jake said like, like 12 or like 13 times like how like weird like you know what i mean?

  • Valeria Arellano
    Valeria Arellano 20 soat oldin

    Troyce tv!

  • Angelo James
    Angelo James 20 soat oldin

    15:24 to 16:25 the music sounds like More Wolfie intro music

  • Jayda & Ruby
    Jayda & Ruby 20 soat oldin

    omg we have the same duck!

  • Eva Cat
    Eva Cat 20 soat oldin

    3 ads in 27 minutes dayum

  • LPS Pixie
    LPS Pixie 21 soat oldin

    They got a new house????

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    5:03 I thought it said the rapist instead of therapist

  • K D
    K D 21 soat oldin

    Really enjoyed watching Jake and Shane just talking and laughing with each other :)

  • Hailey Marroquin
    Hailey Marroquin 21 soat oldin

    “My dad like” he like” “like yea “ lol LIKE LIKE LIKE

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 21 soat oldin

    All I’m wondering is how much he pays in taxes for *_that house_*

  • Emmy Liz
    Emmy Liz 21 soat oldin

    How many people feel like a sociopath themselves after watching this episode , on the real note?

  • Spencer Shurr
    Spencer Shurr 22 soat oldin

    Jake seems like a great guy

  • nolan singh
    nolan singh 22 soat oldin

    17:14 "who's this dog" LMAO

  • pug123 hey
    pug123 hey 22 soat oldin

    *goes to bathroom*

  • ツlynna
    ツlynna 22 soat oldin

    Jake looks so stoned and high LMAO

  • samantha473
    samantha473 22 soat oldin

    does anyone know the name of the song from the end of the video?

  • Mjgirl55
    Mjgirl55 22 soat oldin

    Ok why are Shane an Kati being so secretive about what shes actually doing there when at the start he posted a disclaimer saying Jake was aware a Psychologist was going to be observing him at some point and he had told Shane he was fine with that and with no limits?

  • Gabriel Gill
    Gabriel Gill 22 soat oldin

    Around 42:27 Andrew needs a stabilizer for the camera to not move 😂😂

  • Gabriel Gill
    Gabriel Gill 22 soat oldin

    Around 37:00 he acted like he has never seen a lambo yet Jeffery has one and a Rolls Royce

    MISS DIENYE 22 soat oldin

    if I won a dollar for every time Jake said like..

  • Blondekitten808
    Blondekitten808 22 soat oldin

    "antho...chance...?" "no its Anthony" "oh hi Anthony fuck chance" IM DONE

  • emilyfdiaz
    emilyfdiaz 23 soat oldin

    "who's this dog?" i died

  • Blackcop33
    Blackcop33 23 soat oldin

    Chad is a whole mood

  • Samantha Shugars
    Samantha Shugars 23 soat oldin

    SO MUCH BETTER!!! Would be perfect without the sociopath stuff

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 23 soat oldin

    Did Jake lie well the actually showed the messages between chance and Anthony and Anthony saying I changed the password because Greg and Jake said too just look it up

  • Brittany drew
    Brittany drew 23 soat oldin

    When Shane yells I don't want to be in TEAM 10 I FELT THAT

  • Sock
    Sock 23 soat oldin

    at 4:40 when it said Kati Morton, therapist I thought it said Kati Morton, The Rapist

  • Summer Rohrer
    Summer Rohrer 23 soat oldin

    Wow. This editing! 😍😍

  • Summer Rohrer
    Summer Rohrer 23 soat oldin

    When Shane starts screaming I laughed too hard.

  • Jenna Leigh
    Jenna Leigh 23 soat oldin

    does anyone else think its weird that i was watching this and then bizaardvark turned on or is it just me lol

  • Avi Harris
    Avi Harris 23 soat oldin

    Shane always has to pee when he goes to another house! Lol!!😂

  • Hannah Barzee
    Hannah Barzee 23 soat oldin

    What if Shane is a sociopath and he made this documentary to hide his sociopathic tendencies. Oh dear my whole life has been a lie.

  • Elizabeth Mae
    Elizabeth Mae Kun oldin +2

    Watching this, Jake feels like a real human. Like I sympathize with him, and I honestly wanna like him and idk anymore if that’s a good thing or not

  • Wilder Dork
    Wilder Dork Kun oldin

    Video: If you are prone to motion sickness...
    Me: *fullscreens*

  • Navilyn West
    Navilyn West Kun oldin


  • Elizabeth Mae
    Elizabeth Mae Kun oldin

    Fucking dead😂😂💀💀 i thought that at 2:44 he sAid “see what his dick is like” BAHAHA someone needs to literally clean my brain because sis it’s all the way in the gutter

  • Ana Kim
    Ana Kim Kun oldin +1

    He went from 15 million subscribers yesterday. And now he has 18 million...

  • Quinn Roselle
    Quinn Roselle Kun oldin

    I'm about halfway into this and all I can think is, "Shane actually needs to join team 10."

  • Ella I
    Ella I Kun oldin +1

    Wait wait!? Has Jake like not watched any of this because if he has wouldn’t he like know who the therapist is?

    • emmzie
      emmzie 20 soat oldin

      Ella I maybe they filmed it all before uploading??

  • Addy Moore
    Addy Moore Kun oldin +1

    Andrew deserves a Grammy

  • wendy o
    wendy o Kun oldin

    he promised us the kettle an delivered the whole stove

  • Morgan Vaughan
    Morgan Vaughan Kun oldin

    Am I the only one who loves when Andrew laughs throughout he video like it’s a mood

  • wendy o
    wendy o Kun oldin

    making that none of my business face

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Kun oldin

    Hardest choice in my life was when I forgot to do,my homework so I snuck my homework in my shirt and went to the bathroom and did it I was scared may seem like a pity decision but hey it was scary

  • Alexis Cronk
    Alexis Cronk Kun oldin

    ok, my adhd just kicked in, if he lives in ohio, why did he wear a michigan wrestling shirt in a video?

  • wendy o
    wendy o Kun oldin

    uno momento. how did Jake not know about Katie? she was in the first episode.

  • SCAR -JR
    SCAR -JR Kun oldin

    I got a mouse trap ad after the mouse trap tongue thing

  • wendy o
    wendy o Kun oldin

    What in the unseasoned chicken is going on here?

  • Analeah M.
    Analeah M. Kun oldin +1

    Jake: "Send it!" .... Me @ Elton Castee: "Elton, he know's who you are. *just utter shock* xD

  • Yolanda Bennett
    Yolanda Bennett Kun oldin +2


  • hanging with georgia

    Can I join team 10?

  • lxcidream
    lxcidream Kun oldin +1

    please put “what in the unseasoned chicken is going on here” on my gravestone

  • Jason Lanzerone
    Jason Lanzerone Kun oldin

    6:10 I fucking love that movie

  • Hanny Echeverria
    Hanny Echeverria Kun oldin

    A bunch of ghost background music and call it a Shane Dawson video

  • Leyna Nelson
    Leyna Nelson Kun oldin

    I've always loved you and jake but this video made me love you both 100 x more. He is missunderstood and sure he has done unforgivable things but IN MY OPINOIN he is a good guy. This video changed a lot of people and things.❤🔥💬

  • Molly The Cheetah Lover

    I feel so bad now for Jake in a way. He was grown up with a dad like this.... I feel as if the dad is the sociopath and I feel like the parents need to be interviewed but then again my insides are telling me NO HE SHIT! D:

  • analeaze keyting
    analeaze keyting Kun oldin

    shane was acting like such a bottom when that guy put a mouse trap on himself

  • Petmiss123
    Petmiss123 Kun oldin

    who noticed the girl wearing a my chemical romance shirt?

  • Carla Emma
    Carla Emma Kun oldin

    do the beverly hills brat next lol (nicolette gray)

  • Antoya Pryce
    Antoya Pryce Kun oldin

    In 3years jake Paul is gonna bE MURDERING PPL BECAUSE iTs a dArE.😂

  • Mileven's Hair
    Mileven's Hair Kun oldin

    The trailer for the next video looks like a trailer that Netflix would make

  • CaptainMiss Lovato
    CaptainMiss Lovato Kun oldin +2

    One part of me is saying that he's so nice, and I feel sympathetic for him. But another side of me is saying it's an act and this is all fake. I'm torn between the two..

  • Laura MiPe
    Laura MiPe Kun oldin

    I really think you could measure a person’s IQ just by counting the amount of “likes” they say in a sentence.

  • TeeOozy
    TeeOozy Kun oldin

    I’m weak ass hell when Shane was in that car thing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gracee Houston
    Gracee Houston Kun oldin

    I do the same thing as Jake did because my parents have been divorced since I was four.

  • Layla Cavin
    Layla Cavin Kun oldin

    How many times has jake paul said like (no offense)

  • Elzette Bam
    Elzette Bam Kun oldin

    Shane:"how many cars do you have?" Jake:"I like have 10 'probably'"
    me saying how many cars I have like Jake:" I have like 1 car 'propbably'"
    the fact that this guy is so sheltered in his comfort of luxury bothers me more then wether or not he's a sociopath.

  • Rose Contreras
    Rose Contreras Kun oldin +1

    How many times is jake gonna say “like”

  • elena andersson
    elena andersson Kun oldin +1

    I actually think he’s depressed, just goes to show that money doesn’t make you happy

  • tata litty
    tata litty Kun oldin +6

    Don’t hate me .......but I don’t loathe Erika

  • Angela Angela
    Angela Angela Kun oldin

    38:55 he took the words out of my mouth

  • Bri Cheeze
    Bri Cheeze Kun oldin

    Shane: *opens fridge that costs more than my house* wait i want to join team 10

  • Gabby Camacho
    Gabby Camacho Kun oldin

    Who else thinks Shane should join team 10? I would watch them again if he was in it

  • Night Gaming
    Night Gaming Kun oldin

    how you can have more then 16 years old and still watch this video? That s the question...

  • • rosed
    • rosed Kun oldin

    Why does this make me feel bad for jake paul??

  • Paula Oh
    Paula Oh Kun oldin

    42:20 ok that highkey looks fun asf

  • Purple_GRETHAN Twins

    Shane’s next video : why I joined Team 10

  • lindsey russo
    lindsey russo Kun oldin +1

    Does he have a health insurance😂

  • Alex Herran
    Alex Herran Kun oldin

    i have to do homework but i rather watch this ooof

  • pogthehog games
    pogthehog games Kun oldin

    27:15 you also love cocaine

  • Jaylen Lopez
    Jaylen Lopez Kun oldin

    Couldn’t watch 27:23 to 30:00

  • Jdog 12525
    Jdog 12525 Kun oldin

    PLEASE bring Mandela effects and conspiracy videos back!!!!!!!

  • marrii why not xoxo

    i’m living for this series

  • Tiana_the _weirdo
    Tiana_the _weirdo Kun oldin

    42:05 *Shane reading his shirt*

  • Tiana_the _weirdo
    Tiana_the _weirdo Kun oldin

    Shane's me in my class. The thickest one there

  • Brooklyn Nielsen
    Brooklyn Nielsen Kun oldin +3

    When he looks at shane it is so scary

  • SwirlyMarshketeer
    SwirlyMarshketeer Kun oldin

    Andrew: I don't know how to feel. Me: SOCIOPATH