My House Tour!

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  • Lucia Cinquino
    Lucia Cinquino 13 soat oldin

    I would actually cut my shins open with that glass coffee table

  • unnamed civilian
    unnamed civilian 14 soat oldin

    He never showed outside

  • Lady Darkana
    Lady Darkana 14 soat oldin

    Literally this looks like my Pinterest board irl I love it so much this is literally what I want my house to look like lol

  • Itsjessiemaytay
    Itsjessiemaytay 14 soat oldin

    Yessss!!! Do a in depth studio tour 💖💖💖

    INIGHTW0LFI 14 soat oldin

    wow beautiful home!I black and white theme is cool

  • Rahel Chiwai
    Rahel Chiwai 14 soat oldin

    The question is ... is James going to keep his house nice like this?

  • raheem bashir
    raheem bashir 14 soat oldin

    Bro you're butters relax

  • Em m
    Em m 15 soat oldin

    You are so joyful and your house is gourges. Love u james

  • Mary Katherine Divine
    Mary Katherine Divine 15 soat oldin

    “Welcome BAUCK to my UZclip Channel!” 😂😂 I love a compassionate sister 😉😂

  • eric13zombie
    eric13zombie 15 soat oldin

    “Working” “needs red bulls”

  • M4551V3_L393ND
    M4551V3_L393ND 15 soat oldin

    i'm only here for research purposes.

  • Gaming with Brady Piggy boi

    Nice house

  • FearFox
    FearFox 15 soat oldin

    Love your new house! :)

  • Tara Guretzky
    Tara Guretzky 15 soat oldin

    James your videos are like GOALS!!! U have it all from the lighting to the editing it is the bomb! All I have to say is sister u rock! Stay sister super! #sisterstylingandprofiling

  • eva
    eva 16 soat oldin

    Why are you so cute! Love your personality ❤️

  • Caitlyn Brooke
    Caitlyn Brooke 16 soat oldin

    the master bedroom shower is insane omg

  • Sheelow J
    Sheelow J 16 soat oldin

    James should make the wine seller into a little waterfall instead of keeping bottles there

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask 16 soat oldin

    When you lowkey want to know where he lives so you can egg his shit.

  • tessa patricee
    tessa patricee 16 soat oldin

    i think were due for a sister squad video

  • brittnay cattaneo
    brittnay cattaneo 16 soat oldin

    lol I want a james jacket lol

  • brittnay cattaneo
    brittnay cattaneo 16 soat oldin

    PARTAYYY @ JC*s!!:D

  • Brendon van Niekerk
    Brendon van Niekerk 16 soat oldin


  • Leah S.
    Leah S. 17 soat oldin

    That shower was like the best place in the house to take selfies, ngl

  • Rodi Mousa
    Rodi Mousa 17 soat oldin

    Amaxing house 😍

  • worm salad
    worm salad 17 soat oldin

    james b like ..... womp womp womp

  • Paige Bartram
    Paige Bartram 17 soat oldin

    Why does he have so much money? He's not even that good at make up. Bitch cant even match his foundation.

  • mel _
    mel _ 17 soat oldin

    my question is: where’s the pantry??

  • Gianna P
    Gianna P 17 soat oldin

    at 27:33 why does James literally have 17 white Adidas sweatshirts

  • Eva Clements
    Eva Clements 17 soat oldin

    I am going to sister scream

  • Maya Lake
    Maya Lake 17 soat oldin

    The simplistic design with such key accessories is so well done in this monochromatic scheme. absolutely flawless interior design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. beautiful!

  • JK F1
    JK F1 18 soat oldin

    Lol. What the hell is this? A guy that thinks it's a girl?

  • P-Seriez
    P-Seriez 18 soat oldin

    Help the bros sister

  • Katherine Hoey
    Katherine Hoey 18 soat oldin

    Am I not a sister if I didn't know you were from New York until this moment :( I sister suck

  • FNAF Adventures and more!
    FNAF Adventures and more! 18 soat oldin +1

    So modern! Love it!

  • Blue
    Blue 18 soat oldin


  • Lillie Andrews
    Lillie Andrews 18 soat oldin

    OMG I try to do my makeup but it never works how do you do it

  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories 18 soat oldin

    James, you are so amazing!!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!! I think it is so amazing that you love the way you are. I love the house and I love you! ~Don’t stop believing

  • fraugyrich
    fraugyrich 18 soat oldin

    You have a beautiful home, James! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Ivette Aucapina
    Ivette Aucapina 19 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who peeped the dog in the thumbnail

  • LaMar McNeil
    LaMar McNeil 19 soat oldin

    I have a sudden urge to become a UZclipr/MUA now...

  • Kenzie Nicholson
    Kenzie Nicholson 19 soat oldin

    You grew up an hour from me! I live in the Saratoga area, half hour from Albany (:

  • Petit Coquinou
    Petit Coquinou 19 soat oldin +1

    that is ridiculous, look at what you gave to this person, does he deserve all of this money... THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE WATCHING ON YT

  • Jinx116
    Jinx116 19 soat oldin

    Jaaaaaames, I LOVE your house. You guys did an amazing job with everything. I'm so proud of you. 2019 holds big things for you, keep working hard.

  • Tana D'Amico
    Tana D'Amico 20 soat oldin

    Yea. NO. This will be BLACK, and then this will be WHITE. THEN, THIS will be WHITE, and THIS will be BLACK! OMG loves it! Yea, let’s do THAT! Sister, no... imagination, creativity or softness.

  • Miguel Navarrete
    Miguel Navarrete 20 soat oldin +1

    10:41 "the only coke James Charles will ever do"- Tana

  • destiny gonzalez
    destiny gonzalez 20 soat oldin

    Sister James are you going to get a dog you did say you would get one straight when u get a house so are you??? And if you do please show it in one of ur video's!

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis 20 soat oldin

    I want to see see your nice home but i have to watch this video on mute omg slow down what are you saying? I cant understand anything you say you talk so fast.

  • Ayumi FiFi - English US & Portuguese Brazil


  • Camilla Gasperoni
    Camilla Gasperoni 20 soat oldin

    how can you play the piano with long nails

  • Julie Ann
    Julie Ann 20 soat oldin

    "Hasn't happened yet, but maybe 2019's my year... Probably not"
    SAMEEE 💀

  • Taylor McCoy
    Taylor McCoy 20 soat oldin +1

    Do basements just not exist is LA????

  • KingZz _
    KingZz _ 20 soat oldin

    15:03 Xbox controllers where?

  • katelyn woods
    katelyn woods 20 soat oldin

    Don’t like James but his house is perfection

  • Kacey Oneill
    Kacey Oneill 20 soat oldin

    Aesthetic; adjective ,
    James Charles house

  • Sofie nummer
    Sofie nummer 20 soat oldin

    Your style is so similar to mine, love it! When people come to my home they say it's way too sterile lol. Almost like a hospital or a museum! But I love clean, white, glass etc.

  • Strawberry TallCake
    Strawberry TallCake 20 soat oldin

    Yes yes yes behind the scenes video!

  • Sincerely AJG
    Sincerely AJG 20 soat oldin

    Beautiful home

  • Hailey Eifert
    Hailey Eifert 20 soat oldin

    Also in ur thumbnail is that ur dog? Or someone else’s??

  • Hailey Eifert
    Hailey Eifert 20 soat oldin

    U forgot the backyard
    The “deck” in ur master bedroom (it looks like there is one in ur master bedroom)
    And the toilet in the master bathroom

  • Gigi Quartuccio
    Gigi Quartuccio 20 soat oldin

    Or watever type of doggo was in the thumbnail

  • Hanie Hedayati
    Hanie Hedayati 20 soat oldin

    You're saying you hate yellow but your foundation looks yellow

  • Gigi Quartuccio
    Gigi Quartuccio 20 soat oldin

    But what about the sister frenchie doggo?

  • Katherine Allison
    Katherine Allison 21 soat oldin

    yaaassss sista

  • queen avery
    queen avery 21 soat oldin

    I love it and I think the documentary idea was cool😘

  • Brooke Bernard
    Brooke Bernard 21 soat oldin +1

    Ive always wondered does he take his shoes off when he walks around his home😂these questions must be answered sisters

  • onhazz
    onhazz 21 soat oldin

    He has a telephone only for selfies... wow sister

  • Brandon Luna
    Brandon Luna 21 soat oldin

    Hey sis

  • Taylor McCoy
    Taylor McCoy 21 soat oldin +1

    4:56 do I see some decorative bolls?? *in British accent* 😂

  • Rosy Jackson
    Rosy Jackson 21 soat oldin

    so basic lmao

  • חיה נקאש
    חיה נקאש 21 soat oldin

    You live alone?

  • Mia Simic
    Mia Simic 21 soat oldin

    imagine getting a piano as a gift😶 #cantrelate

  • thatswhat Shesaid
    thatswhat Shesaid 21 soat oldin

    Ugh James your videos are the best and never fail to sister snatch my wig 😘

  • Madelyn Hamilton
    Madelyn Hamilton 21 soat oldin

    James you should do a 24 hour challenge without saying sisters

  • Raul TV
    Raul TV 21 soat oldin

    He is such a charismatic person wow 👏👍

  • XO Julie’s gaming XO Roblox and Others !

    I heard this girl on tiktok lives next to you. She said so herself ? Is that true????

  • Not Craig
    Not Craig 22 soat oldin

    Akward flex, but OK

  • Dakiniwoman
    Dakiniwoman 22 soat oldin

    James.... of course you will never read my comment... This is the first of your videos I have seen... and it is amazing... Such a young man to have accomplished so much in your life... Such great taste you have... and focus... Someone for other young people to look up to... Many Blessings to you from a small woman on Vancouver Island...

  • Ellie Vlogs
    Ellie Vlogs 22 soat oldin

    please do a sister studio tour ahh

  • maya mccobbina
    maya mccobbina 22 soat oldin

    Having money can’t relate lol love you James

  • Alexandra Winter
    Alexandra Winter 22 soat oldin

    Apple slices in plastic bags? WTF?? What about slicing apples yourself? Holy sh......

  • Youtube fan
    Youtube fan 22 soat oldin

    For those who are not familiar with American culture, 90% of Americans take a mortgage or rent houses they don't actually own it. They even rent furniture and cars.

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 22 soat oldin +1

    James makeup look good

  • Geca Lavs You
    Geca Lavs You 22 soat oldin

    where’s the dog in the picture?? 😭😂

  • Carla Romani
    Carla Romani 23 soat oldin

    Why are you more girly than me

  • Lucy Mahalovich
    Lucy Mahalovich 23 soat oldin

    We love an iconic sister but...syrup in the fridge?? Anyone else NOT do that??

  • bonne grâce
    bonne grâce 23 soat oldin +1


  • Grace Noe
    Grace Noe 23 soat oldin

    SO AMAZING! also i would LOVE that studio video i think it would be soooo interesting

  • •Gacha Potatoe•
    •Gacha Potatoe• 23 soat oldin

    ᴵ'ᴹ ˢᴵˢᵀᴱᴿ ˢᴴᴼᴼᴷ

  • Sid and Liv Dupre
    Sid and Liv Dupre 23 soat oldin

    I love your home just your kitchen looks exactly like mine!

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 23 soat oldin

    I have those chairs!!!!!!

  • Mèl Rose
    Mèl Rose 23 soat oldin

    Thought you got enough of ppl stalking you from your last tour . You get a new place and do another tour??? ... hopefully you built this home

  • Mika benoit
    Mika benoit 23 soat oldin

    House so empty need a centrepiece

  • meanabeana 12345
    meanabeana 12345 23 soat oldin

    Omg at 32:00 with that rainbow 🌈 on James’s face, so beautiful 💗

  • Rozina momo
    Rozina momo 23 soat oldin

    Love you

  • Zainab Waqas
    Zainab Waqas 23 soat oldin

    Can someone kill me after watching this idont want to live any more ifeel poor

  • Alejandra Zarate
    Alejandra Zarate Kun oldin

    the most gorgeous house

  • Kate Villegas
    Kate Villegas Kun oldin

    aww. my favorite part of this video is simply the fact of how happy he is! james has worked so hard and deserves to be proud

  • Maria Băisan
    Maria Băisan Kun oldin

    yeah but why does he have 2 toothbrushes in his bath

  • Fait h
    Fait h Kun oldin

    That couch a year at my school

  • samantha martinez
    samantha martinez Kun oldin

    Omg love you the rainbow was so on point