My First Time (Renting An Apartment)

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    So when are you juggling the chainsaws with iJustine

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    cute kitty 2 kun oldin

    Yes! Mr. Roggers just has this way of making you feel special and cared for.

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  • Yaretzi Pulido
    Yaretzi Pulido 4 kun oldin

    was there relly dead bodys

  • Honoray J
    Honoray J 4 kun oldin

    A few seconds in the video and his voice starts cracking like crazy.

  • Dollie Fashion email
    Dollie Fashion email 4 kun oldin

    you should have gotten a job at 𝐒 𝐎 𝐎 𝐔 𝐁 𝐖 𝐀 𝐘

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  • lazy assed professional

    i feel like he stole the couch thing from friends

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    GamingForBosses 9 kun oldin

    Mr Roger's is a OG

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    Malachi Stewart 10 kun oldin

    I love that show its my fave

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    By Credit Karma

  • BritneyTheRobloxFox RobloxandMore

    By Craigslist

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    Evan Mcloughlin 12 kun oldin

    I will tell you about my 1st apartment

    When I get into college

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    Guys alex is going to get hacked

  • Bashar Sabit
    Bashar Sabit 14 kun oldin

    Zorgo defuse 2:06

  • mr. penguin 4769 gaming

    Zorgo diffuse 7:06

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    PBS kids

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    Your like the odd 1s out

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    Zorgo diffuse 4:23

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    blackbeard1104 16 kun oldin

    Alex I live in Boston

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    Taina Deluna 18 kun oldin

    I remember mr.rogersons

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    Super Saiyan Kermit 18 kun oldin

    This was published on my birthday! 😁🔫

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    Jensen O’Brien 19 kun oldin

    Am I proud of this yes. Should I. No

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    JDI Team 19 kun oldin

    Do you do your comics?

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    Love your videos you are doing great on the channel

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    Well yeah I'm kind a lazy I am sitting in my bed eating cereal without milk because I'm too lazy to go to the fridge and get it XD

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    Guys like if you like Alec Clark dislike if you like the odd1sout

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    Hello neighbor... lol

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    I saw Wayne manor

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    That’s new to me proof of income I gotta check that out

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    I want to meat you

  • Nate Hill
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    Your the Best UZclip

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    What you guys doing

  • Cray Cray Alex
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    My dad is still at the grocery store

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    Your game is fine

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    Yes please do a tablet give away

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    Joseph Castillo Oy oldin

    RIP Mr rogers. He got stomach cancer.😣

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    MR ROGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mr Rodgers last episode was so depressing

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    But now Alex Clark is flexing lol

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  • Maxim Gosselin
    Maxim Gosselin Oy oldin

    I love mr Rogers I watched him all the time as a kid

  • fortnite defult
    fortnite defult Oy oldin

    The sawed couch is from sml supermariologan

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    the art lion26 Oy oldin

    Do the tablet giveaway please I really want a tablet please I'm begging you😭😭

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    April 13 2029 🌎☄️🎆

    • Nate_Comic_Art 118
      Nate_Comic_Art 118 9 kun oldin

      GamingWith Lama it’s going to pass earth 31,600 km away then. Stop trying to cause panic

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    Fluffy Dragon Oy oldin

    U hv a really fun life

    GT R3KTER Oy oldin

    What is the music for this

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  • James Brown
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    By by

  • James Brown
    James Brown Oy oldin

    Alex your good 😀
    Wow your dad so cool

  • James Brown
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    alex hi me & u wow lol

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    Will you be my neighbor he he

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    omg hes me child hood

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    itsalekcl my dad went to jail

  • Scaryslenderman488

    I will probably see your dad on extreme cheapskates

  • King DOGE
    King DOGE Oy oldin

    hey your apartment is better than mine at least (i have smokers on my porch)

  • sesamifish
    sesamifish Oy oldin

    Well my dad is never there bc hes ALWAYS WORKING LIKE A F*KING SLAVE IN THE SUN ALL DAY FOR ME TO ATLEAST HAVE FOOD.But luckily i have a laborius tata. Tata means grandfather in spanish. And he is realy laborus. I love them both ._.

  • CrazyBananaBoy Life

    Good video

  • Super AFM
    Super AFM Oy oldin

    Sawed in half supermariologan sawed his couch in half *IN HALF*

  • Super AFM
    Super AFM Oy oldin

    The guy in the glasses looks like markiplier from 2013

  • AbbaJay S
    AbbaJay S Oy oldin

    Tablet giveaway 😃 cool
    I hope there weren’t actually rats on the couch when you found it

    JULIE Oy oldin +1


  • ALRB❤
    ALRB❤ Oy oldin

    I was thinking of getting a dorm... but on second thought, apartment it is.

  • MsCiara 123
    MsCiara 123 Oy oldin

    Do u know for the poll where is the I'm underage option

  • Kitty Clover
    Kitty Clover Oy oldin

    I’m in 3rd grade So I don’t have to deal with Adults and annoying people

  • MihalisNavara
    MihalisNavara Oy oldin

    1:12 Is it a new laptop manufacturer??? :D

  • Harry the artist
    Harry the artist Oy oldin

    I love Mr Rogers naberhood

  • TopAnimeLoverEver

    I've watched this one before, but I couldn't relate then. Now however...I'm just renting my first apartment, and I gotta say, awful experience. Moving in with my childhood friend, rent is pretty decent, the video she sends me looks like a nice place. I thought "yeah this will be simple." Till I went to move my stuff in and hand in my application, and. The place is basically in the "ghettos", dumpsters overflowing with garbage above and beyond, the parking area ia so cramped and the speed bumps are every few feet, and the apartment is infested with cockroaches. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I've already handed in my notice at work and lined up another job where I'm moving, I have many reasons to want to leave my horrible home town, so I think "yup. Guess we're dealing with this." So I move in 2 days. Wish me luck. * slips on my Alex Clark hat and narrows eyes * Let's do this * ventures into the horrible unknown *

  • Maureen Hermelijn

    I tink your in a youtubers appartment because they cut a couch in half to the channel name is sml

  • Erika Stewart
    Erika Stewart Oy oldin

    I'm in middle school right now so I'm worried about that now

  • Nick Kemerer
    Nick Kemerer Oy oldin

    I just signed my lease this past Monday for my new apartment.

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    Is a SANIT. He is GOD. HE IS A ANGEL

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    I think that was sml

  • Dizzy Skyz
    Dizzy Skyz Oy oldin

    so u did sell drugs looooooool

    BLACK REBEL Oy oldin

    I love your intro alex. from only fan in georgia🇬🇪

  • Jeremy Rodriguez
    Jeremy Rodriguez Oy oldin

    What college did he go to?

  • Maximum shades
    Maximum shades Oy oldin

    I dont have a dad

  • XxZombieBossxX12
    XxZombieBossxX12 Oy oldin

    I live in uk we don’t have dorms

  • EverythingG
    EverythingG Oy oldin

    I’ve been with you sense 100k

  • Rosa Meme
    Rosa Meme Oy oldin

    Lmao this story is the type of story I want in my life, and just have fun and enjoy life so I look back on these stupid silly memories and laugh about it

  • TrollsRule20
    TrollsRule20 Oy oldin

    your dad deserves some hugs

  • Jason Fellows
    Jason Fellows Oy oldin

    vid starts at 1:32

  • Bryan konkwo
    Bryan konkwo Oy oldin

    I just started watching your videos and I am hooked. keep up the good work

  • Heather Mueller
    Heather Mueller Oy oldin

    I hope the roommate that actually got the bedroom paid more rent then you. That’s just shitty.

  • Dr. Chalet/ The Shattered One/ Chairman.

    The final episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood made my cry.

  • mikedawg games
    mikedawg games 2 oy oldin

    You should have just got yourself a apartment not them

  • AnimeGamerCreater
    AnimeGamerCreater 2 oy oldin

    OMG MR ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD IS THAT OLD!!!???? I remember that show when I was little!!! Now its some kids baby show called Daniel tigers neighborhood..... I'm only 16 btw

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    I already hear about credit karma on an ad everydaY

  • Valerie LpsYt11
    Valerie LpsYt11 2 oy oldin

    Dont they now call that show daniels neighborhood

  • mathew sibanda
    mathew sibanda 2 oy oldin

    Lwould like a tablet

  • John Finch
    John Finch 2 oy oldin

    I like your lazy song

  • squashy 14323
    squashy 14323 2 oy oldin

    These stories are faker than my virginity, hate all you want, but you will all soon accept the truth someday and find out for yourself.

  • kemoriya davis
    kemoriya davis 2 oy oldin

    My brother dorm got 2 bathrooms