I Model The Thing I Hated Most Feat. Tess Holliday

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  • Leona Chiaki
    Leona Chiaki 14 soat oldin

    OMG. Mu eyes hurt watching this video with the crazy in and out zooming. I’ll just listen to her sexy voice.

  • Little Miss BOSS
    Little Miss BOSS 18 soat oldin +2

    I adore your confidence and self esteem
    However, you are unhealthy and you owe it to yourself and everyone who loves you to lose weight

  • IdarkphoenixI
    IdarkphoenixI 2 kun oldin +1

    Dying before you reach 40 from a heart attack isn't something to really be proud of

  • Hi Nellz
    Hi Nellz 3 kun oldin +1

    " The reality is...when I go most places...no one looks like me" That's a very good thing and I hope it continues. Especially when the obesity is rapidly increasing with such alarming numbers. Take care man!

  • Pizza Addict
    Pizza Addict 5 kun oldin

    You should love yourself and feel happy and accepted at any size or weight, just be aware that this is not healthy. Being overweight is a sign of a problem, though even if you’re not - you should still be healthy (one big problem with linking weight to health is skinny people with great metabolisms think it’s okay to eat garbage). Anyway, it’s great that there are models like this to help you accept yourself, but acceptance is not the enemy of improvement. Being healthier and losing weight is easier said than done, though, so don’t be a judgmental prick and hate on or make someone feel uncomfortable because they are unhealthy or “fat.” Also, there’s a line between plus size and obese, and plus size is fine. Just be aware that HER body is not a healthy one. Again, that doesn’t mean you can harass her and tell her to kys, but you know... respect.

  • Phillyst
    Phillyst 5 kun oldin

    Why is her health literally anyone's concern? You are not her doctor so stop giving an opinion her health.

  • Gahenna Honda
    Gahenna Honda 5 kun oldin

    You are a BEAUTIFUL person, inside and out.

  • Angel xox
    Angel xox 6 kun oldin +1

    Promoting obesity is just as bad as promoting drugs it’s not okay you need to get healthy the way you are currently is *NOT* healthy

  • Ívan
    Ívan 7 kun oldin

    I'm 120 kg, but she dwarfs me.

  • Britt H
    Britt H 8 kun oldin

    she forgot to mention in the advice to other plus size models to scam people out of their money and to truly be a crappy person who only cares about making more money from her circus act !

  • Peggy Biles
    Peggy Biles 8 kun oldin

    I love her hair

  • Games, Gear and Politics

    Perhaps you should just lose it since you hated it vs accepting defeat.

  • Games, Gear and Politics

    There’s a reason you hated it.

  • Lisa Time
    Lisa Time 10 kun oldin

    “Wherever i go nobody looks like me” but isnt it good that people are healthy? And if you have an illness that prevents you from losing weight, isnt it good that nobody else is sick?

  • Sues Anna
    Sues Anna 10 kun oldin

    Thank you Tess for just being there and speaking out! I wish people like you existed when I grew up. I got bullied by classmates and even teachers for being fat (size 12-14) and when my mom and sister found out about it they where just telling me it was my foult. „If you where not that fat people would treat you nicer“ and „what did you expect? You are not pretty and fat.“ if you grow up around those people you need people like Tess who bring positivity back into your live.

  • Akanksha K
    Akanksha K 11 kun oldin


  • Emszter Karácson
    Emszter Karácson 11 kun oldin

    I think that Tess Holliday is not a curvy girl to look up to. I don't wanna fatshame people but her body is not healthy. I love and support all the plus size women who work out and eat healthy like Ashley Graham, she is my girl i LOVE her. But Tess is a girl who wanna change the world because she has a pretty face. I don't hate her i don't know her personally she seems sweet, but i just don't like what she is trying to motivate in people. (Sorry if my english is not perfect but i hope you get what i'm trying to say.)

  • Sue Boo92xo
    Sue Boo92xo 11 kun oldin

    Tess has a next level kind of face. I don’t think we all have to fit into society’s norms of beauty or anything else for that matter. However, coming from a big girl- I would be very uncomfortable carrying around that much weight. She’s the same height as me. But probably has atleast 100 pounds on me or more. Im overweight by 50 or so pounds and its a job to lug it around. I have been fighting daily for a long time to lose the rest of my weight but it’s difficult due to having PCOS and bad genetics. I hope the best for her. I love her message, face, and energy. But being that big can’t be fun. She could still be plus size even if she shed a lot of weight. I wonder what her health is like. The weight is bad for your joints and a lot of overweight people develop arthritis, back issues, etc. this is why I fight to not be any heavier then I am. Most of my family is big like Tess and I see the struggles they endure from it.

  • joydeb das
    joydeb das 12 kun oldin

    there's a difference between plus size and obese..

  • kermit da frog
    kermit da frog 12 kun oldin

    I am all for body positivity and plus size modeling. However, I think you should always be improving your health as well. She said "you only live once" so... you should make the best out of your life. She makes it seem like if your morbidly obese then it's fine and you shouldn't do anything to help it. It's not like I'm saying that if your not skinny, then you should loose weight. I'm saying that you should pay attention to your physical AND mental health.

  • kermit da frog
    kermit da frog 12 kun oldin

    Contour on point 👌

  • Vianney Ducellier-Cavalié

    Si t'es perdu sur youtube,like

  • Samantha Mutsekwa
    Samantha Mutsekwa 13 kun oldin


  • JessWho
    JessWho 14 kun oldin

    Good. People SHOULDNT look like you. Morbid obesity shouldn't be normal and it shouldn't be praised.

  • Tina Msb
    Tina Msb 14 kun oldin

    I live for healthy and beautiful plus size models like Ashley Graham but Tess is actually obese! So just STOP

  • Ryleigh B
    Ryleigh B 14 kun oldin +1

    I don't care who you are, you cannot tell me that this is in any way healthy.

  • Deathpacito qಠĹ̯ಠp

    She looked like a healthy size when she was younger, but I think she might definitely be teetering on the line now. I would never want her to feel she doesn't deserve to be happy, and a lot of these comments are flat out mean but I think if her weight gets to a point where it effects her mobility she should at least consider losing some weight

  • Nelly Ryan
    Nelly Ryan 16 kun oldin

    She is so beautiful and I wish I hade her hair colour, because it is so gorgeous!!!

  • Maritza_ Crescent
    Maritza_ Crescent 16 kun oldin

    I’m 12 years old and I am a little chubby but I want to be a model do you have any tips for me

  • ashuu ashu
    ashuu ashu 17 kun oldin

    You got shoved into lockers, Tess? Really?

  • Megan Thompson
    Megan Thompson 17 kun oldin

    when are they gonna do a eugenia cooney version?

  • arabellatrevino
    arabellatrevino 18 kun oldin

    It’s like the person who edited this wanted the video to be hated.

  • Gabriella Roney
    Gabriella Roney 18 kun oldin

    she’s sooooo pretty

  • nicolochan leo
    nicolochan leo 18 kun oldin

    I didnt know immobility, self hate and diabetes was something to look up to

  • Sono
    Sono 19 kun oldin

    She seems like the type of insecure fat chick that really wants to be popular so she sleeps around in school and gets humiliated.

  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan 19 kun oldin +2

    Omg this camera is giving me a headache it keeps changing to the same two angles

  • gbc sneg
    gbc sneg 20 kun oldin

    guys stop getting angry the reality is she is gonna die in 10 years so who cares

  • Jewel Dubien
    Jewel Dubien 20 kun oldin

    She is like so pretty though 0v0

  • Avery Hearings
    Avery Hearings 20 kun oldin

    GET IT GIRL! I’m under 15years of age and I am a little under 200LBS. Do u have a recommendation for a modeling gig ?

  • Brianna Calderon
    Brianna Calderon 20 kun oldin

    I don’t blame her for this “self love thing” at all
    I just think she’s kinda ridiculous on how she acts towards people
    It’s weird 030
    Other than that
    I’d like her

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 20 kun oldin

    A reminder for all folks out there
    Being fat is not wrong
    But I think being fit and healthy is the most important.
    If you want to live longer see you children growing up eat healthy and be fit

  • sixthofnine
    sixthofnine 22 kun oldin

    she would be so pretty if she lost 100 pounds

  • Miranda Flechsing
    Miranda Flechsing 22 kun oldin

    My concern is more with others that may be encouraged to continue with an unhealthy and possibly dangerous lifestyle due to this type of influence.

  • Sandra Hope
    Sandra Hope 22 kun oldin


  • F2Pro
    F2Pro 22 kun oldin

    "you look great" - LMFAO

  • Lori Fresina
    Lori Fresina 23 kun oldin

    You pretty and I’m LIVING for your makeup!

  • Madison Edwards
    Madison Edwards 23 kun oldin

    Like she's beautiful but i'm worried about her health if she stays at the weight she's at she could have some really serious health issues

  • Erika García Delgado
    Erika García Delgado 23 kun oldin

    this is not good... Is not ok to shame people because of their physical appearance, but it also NOT OK to encourage people to be like this or maintain a condition that is unhealthy... thin doesn't mean healthy, obesity doesn't mean healthy either and vice verse ... Loving yourself doesn't mean leave your body the way it is even though you are unhealthy... loving yourself is maintain your physical and emotional health in the right path.

  • Leland Sumner
    Leland Sumner 23 kun oldin


  • Gemma Elizabeth
    Gemma Elizabeth 24 kun oldin

    "I model the thing I hated the most" - when does she do that in this video?? The title makes no sense!

    • Lee Trevis
      Lee Trevis 23 kun oldin

      Gemma Elizabeth I know, not once did I see her model a healthy lifestyle!

  • sheep sheep
    sheep sheep 24 kun oldin

    *1,2,3,4,5, camera angles change*

  • Goofy Ave
    Goofy Ave 24 kun oldin

    You go girl your so rocking that swimsuit

  • Baleigh Nielsen
    Baleigh Nielsen 24 kun oldin

    You are beautiful💝you be you and don't listen to the haters💝you are perfect and a great role model👧

  • Alliquake Grande
    Alliquake Grande 24 kun oldin

    She’s so beautiful tho

  • Sister Shook
    Sister Shook 24 kun oldin

    I love this so much. Confidence is everything. You can feel so free with confidence, but of course it takes time. All good things take time

  • Allen P
    Allen P 24 kun oldin

    obesity is being in risk of a heart attack obesity and being fat is bad, stop promoting it, oh and btw i am a guy and your not very attractive to me

  • Lea Dingman
    Lea Dingman 24 kun oldin

    Wow!!! That's BIG!
    According to the webs, she's 5'3" or 5'5" and 278-280lbs!!!
    Holy crap that's Morbidly Obese no matter how you justify it!
    I'm not a toothpick, and used to model when I was. At 6ft I was 135-145 when I was modeling at ages 13-17. I'm now a Mother of 3, 47 years old, and at 210lbs, most people, and the BMI charts, consider me overweight! I measure 48-38-48. In comparison Tess's posted measurements are 52-49-59. Not a good image regardless of how pretty her face is. Lymphedema is a real threat to her, among other very serious health issues, not to mention the musculoskeletal disorders of carrying that much weight on a tiny frame!

  • Jada McCalla
    Jada McCalla 24 kun oldin

    She's pretty...

  • Lydie Bagaza
    Lydie Bagaza 24 kun oldin

    all i gotta say be you because you know your perfect fat thin it doesn't matter if you don't feel perfect search up perfect to me bee you and nobody else.

  • Aishwarya Kulkarni
    Aishwarya Kulkarni 25 kun oldin


  • Susanna Briones
    Susanna Briones 25 kun oldin

    Self love and confidence doesn't mean you can't change yourself and even though Tess is really pretty she should lose some weight. She doesn't look healthy

  • Fernanda Altamirano
    Fernanda Altamirano 25 kun oldin

    this is beautiful ❤️

  • Charlotte Labaquere
    Charlotte Labaquere 25 kun oldin

    I love you Tess

  • Techno EttaTM
    Techno EttaTM 25 kun oldin

    Whoever edited this video needs to be thrown off a bridge

  • Violet Van Heel
    Violet Van Heel 26 kun oldin

    ok, everyone in the comments saying she isn't healthy, you're right. But you know what else isn't healthy? Dieting, malnourishing yourself, lack of sleep, overworking yourself and working out too much. When you diet, your body is like "ok you need this much calories now" and when you get off the diet and start eating normally, your body doesn't change how many calories you need, so it stores even more fat and in the end, you end up fatter than you were before. Exercising too much can break down your muscle. lack of sleep is just TERRIBLE for your brain. Everyone is unhealthy if you're a size 2 or a size 22. Ok? Ok. so please delete that mean comment about her needing to go on a diet. She's fine.

  • Chris Bacon
    Chris Bacon 26 kun oldin +1

    So if people that criticize tess holiday are considered as fat shamers, then what does that make doctors or nutritionists? It's not healthy to be overweight OR underweight thats why we promote a HEALTHY lifestyle.

  • Tammy Joyce
    Tammy Joyce 26 kun oldin

    WOW!! Your soo beautiful!! Absolutely LOVE the color of your eyes & hair!!!! Gorgeous!!

  • MAY7317
    MAY7317 26 kun oldin

    I say love yourself not you’re kgs

  • MAY7317
    MAY7317 26 kun oldin

    She’s pretty but i don’t think promoting obesity is something positive..

  • Nellie Maganga
    Nellie Maganga 26 kun oldin

    I love your hair 😍😍😍I always wanted red hair

  • VoicelessSoldier
    VoicelessSoldier 26 kun oldin +1

    Someone needs to edit and reupload this video again because 130 cutaways is crazy for a 7 minute video.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 26 kun oldin

    It’s a good thing she doesn’t see a lot of people who look like her

    • Lee Trevis
      Lee Trevis 23 kun oldin

      Just Me she should watch wall-E she’d feel right at home

  • orca2390
    orca2390 26 kun oldin

    Stay Puft is modelling now?

  • orca2390
    orca2390 26 kun oldin

    Bring me Solo and the Wookie

  • Lian Haggis
    Lian Haggis 26 kun oldin


  • Laura Sophia Rose
    Laura Sophia Rose 27 kun oldin

    I can't watch this... The editing is giving me a headache

  • ana 1
    ana 1 27 kun oldin

    Your so beautiful

  • searcher
    searcher 27 kun oldin

    tattoos cover the cellulite and rolls. Strategic.

  • Emmy Millender
    Emmy Millender 27 kun oldin

    I’m from Mississippi!!!!

  • Kendra Bernot
    Kendra Bernot 27 kun oldin

    let’s not promote this

  • Emma Brooks
    Emma Brooks 27 kun oldin

    Yay You look great

  • Minecraft Girl
    Minecraft Girl 27 kun oldin

    When did she model the thing she hates most???????

  • I love cats
    I love cats 27 kun oldin

    I think body love is good to an extent she is risking her life she is so far and obese I don't think this is right I bet if someone was anorexic people would make less of a big deal people arerisking their lives

  • Tom b
    Tom b 27 kun oldin

    This is so wrong! Stop using this obese woman to push your agenda.Stop normalizing and glorifying obesity.
    Instead put women and men who overcame obesity so it can motivate others to do the same!
    Nobody should embrace obesity,instead everyone should try to overcome it!

  • Secret Zexyula Teloiv
    Secret Zexyula Teloiv 27 kun oldin

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  • Swoodie
    Swoodie 27 kun oldin +1

    0:00 thank GOD

  • Kiki Kardashian
    Kiki Kardashian 27 kun oldin

    Her makeup is on point btw.

  • Laura Mihalache
    Laura Mihalache 27 kun oldin

    I 💖 her eyebrows

  • J B
    J B 27 kun oldin

    Why are liberals shoving obesity down everyones throats but are so damn anti smoking? Where are smokers rights????

  • Vanesa Martinez
    Vanesa Martinez 27 kun oldin

    she's actually really pretty.

    • Swoodie
      Swoodie 27 kun oldin

      Vanesa Martinez you would check your sight

  • Rangitiaho Eketone
    Rangitiaho Eketone 28 kun oldin +1

    I don’t understand why people rage over seeing people being underweight, but when someone is extremely overweight its seen as a god send. Either way they’re unhealthy

  • Rayla
    Rayla 28 kun oldin

    This is not empowerment. This is promoting an unhealthy narrative. Inspiring kids that being obese is okay. You don’t need a perfect body. But health is important! Don’t enable!

  • Christina Roland
    Christina Roland 28 kun oldin

    I think you are beautiful!!!

  • Kynslie Burke
    Kynslie Burke 28 kun oldin

    Wow her dad is horrible.

    • Swoodie
      Swoodie 26 kun oldin

      Kynslie Burke he was helping her. If she would’ve join a swimming team, well I’ll let you think what would’ve happened, he was trying to save her

    • Kynslie Burke
      Kynslie Burke 26 kun oldin

      +Swoodie more like abusive. But your abusive too. So it's a waste to even acknowledge your existence. 💨

    • Swoodie
      Swoodie 27 kun oldin

      Kynslie Burke more like realistic

  • Veronica Ramirez
    Veronica Ramirez 28 kun oldin

    Imagine if her dad is watching this and feeling teribble and how he said those terrible things

  • Lost_My_Keys
    Lost_My_Keys 28 kun oldin +1

    Yeah...no.....people are definitely looking at you for the single fact that you are beyond morbidly obese.

  • Solus Emsu
    Solus Emsu 28 kun oldin

    Getting dizzy. Why change the camera angle 3 times before she can complete a sentence? Your job is not that difficult.

  • chiglett
    chiglett 28 kun oldin

    This video was beautiful like u sis😩❤️

  • Love Life
    Love Life 28 kun oldin

    No your not fat your thicc

    • Lee Trevis
      Lee Trevis 23 kun oldin

      Love Life you’re* also she isn’t fat or thick, she’s morbidly obese

  • C Nz
    C Nz 28 kun oldin

    lump of lard