Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

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  • Iloveguineapigs 123
    Iloveguineapigs 123 2 kun oldin +1

    Wow.... I'm seeing people in the comments saying that they got a mouthwash ad on this video and I got a freaking diaper commercial, so what does that say about me. ☹️

  • Rosanna Redman
    Rosanna Redman 3 kun oldin

    Lol i got a mouthwash ad before this video 😂😂😂

  • The Man of Memes
    The Man of Memes 5 kun oldin

    I saw you in a St Jude ad!

  • pretty good stuff 105 one

    It would turn green with a ton of copper like from some epipens if they are used constantly

  • CyberDoctor1918
    CyberDoctor1918 5 kun oldin

    Fun and entertaining video well done,keep up the great work guys!! At GMM

  • CyberDoctor1918
    CyberDoctor1918 5 kun oldin

    I commented, liked and subscribed and it's time to spin the weel of methacality!

  • Bock Thorsen
    Bock Thorsen 6 kun oldin

    Just have every one of the 15 million subscribers donate one dollar

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 7 kun oldin

    200 000 dollars is a lot of money. it is 1636872.0000 swedish kr

  • Kobe 288
    Kobe 288 9 kun oldin

    You want your buttery teeth white? Just leave mouth wash in your mouth for a month

  • lepayen
    lepayen 9 kun oldin

    Was the tomato dope or nope?

  • soup070
    soup070 10 kun oldin

    Leave it in Coke next time - guys clean engine blocks with this stuff in their bathtubs.

  • cadance carroll
    cadance carroll 10 kun oldin

    You are weard

  • John Tomo
    John Tomo 10 kun oldin

    The writers basically said that rett’s wife was wet before he turned forty

  • Extraneouss _
    Extraneouss _ 10 kun oldin

    My sister is a st.judes patient and she absolutely loves you guys! I never knew you guys were partnered with them she'll love to hear this. 💕 you guys rock.

  • XRanger_SniperX
    XRanger_SniperX 11 kun oldin

    im craving these videos help XD

  • dinosaur tram
    dinosaur tram 12 kun oldin

    who else got a mouthwash ad?

  • Faiza Khalid
    Faiza Khalid 12 kun oldin


  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen 13 kun oldin

    i dont have insta

  • Lilliana Graves
    Lilliana Graves 14 kun oldin

    This tomato is gross,

    *rub some bacon on it*

  • Austin Driver
    Austin Driver 14 kun oldin

    *lick it* takes a bite out of it. Link you're disgusting lmao

  • GG Dutton
    GG Dutton 14 kun oldin

    The miricle didnt work 😢😢😢

  • Springtrap00978
    Springtrap00978 15 kun oldin

    leave things in blood for a month

  • adaywithbilal jt
    adaywithbilal jt 15 kun oldin

    Did anyone else get a mouthwash ad

  • Sarah Strother
    Sarah Strother 16 kun oldin

    I wanna know how much mouth wash they used😱😂😂😂

  • Moacute1975 Moravec
    Moacute1975 Moravec 16 kun oldin

    I got all of them write except the JackOlantern one.

  • Rania Yehia
    Rania Yehia 16 kun oldin

    Wait where did you get a tooth

  • Liz Babe
    Liz Babe 17 kun oldin

    Leaving things in soy sauce for a month?

  • Lani_ Queen
    Lani_ Queen 17 kun oldin

    Where on earth do you buy coagulated blood

  • Taylyn
    Taylyn 17 kun oldin


  • Elven Yun
    Elven Yun 17 kun oldin


  • Jerem0y
    Jerem0y 17 kun oldin

    link that tomato bite was wrong u gonna get botulism one day

  • Gabriel Lockwood
    Gabriel Lockwood 18 kun oldin

    Yeah, $200,000 is a decent goal for St. Jude's...
    But it's NOWHERE near the 1 (Or 2) MILLION Dollars raised by Dawko.
    (And Scott Cawthon).

  • Arthur morgan
    Arthur morgan 18 kun oldin

    Why not children's hospital La

  • Robert Sikes
    Robert Sikes 18 kun oldin

    Leave stuff in hot sauce for a month

  • Jacob Heffinger
    Jacob Heffinger 18 kun oldin

    Leave things in blood for a month.

  • Edward Marquez
    Edward Marquez 19 kun oldin +1

    St. Jude gets hella money but don’t do squat

  • Jacey Letendre
    Jacey Letendre 19 kun oldin

    Omg link sounds just like Arnold shwarzaneggar

  • Justin Dean Griffith Joy and Happiness

    Went above the donation goal!!

  • redstone 654
    redstone 654 21 kun oldin

    That moment when you realize mouthwash is poisonous

  • Salted.Donut
    Salted.Donut 21 kun oldin


  • Trevor Benoit
    Trevor Benoit 21 kun oldin

    They look like Dentiste😹

  • Straberry Blossom
    Straberry Blossom 22 kun oldin

    I clicked on this video and a dry smart mouth mouthwash ad came on what a weird cowinkydink 😂😂😂😂

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan 22 kun oldin

    Link you just ate 1 month or a 4 week old tomato.....

  • Meme Realm
    Meme Realm 23 kun oldin


  • Ali m
    Ali m 23 kun oldin

    Personally I think link looks better with a beard he might want to join Rhett in the beard Club

  • JayBeh Kay
    JayBeh Kay 24 kun oldin

    The bloody being pull out of the mouthwash just looks like my worst period in memory

  • Richard Medina
    Richard Medina 24 kun oldin

    Video start at 2:00

  • Kylie Arianne
    Kylie Arianne 24 kun oldin

    they did *coke.*

  • Taken 004
    Taken 004 24 kun oldin

    "We've done coke" ~Rhett😂

  • Matthew McGlothen
    Matthew McGlothen 26 kun oldin +1

    When I click on this video I got a mouthwash commercial 😂😂

  • Jumping Beanz
    Jumping Beanz 27 kun oldin


  • Alcat Smore
    Alcat Smore 27 kun oldin +2

    10:47 like I girl on her period gong o the bathroom

  • reachen time
    reachen time 27 kun oldin

    leave things in oil for mounth

  • Trev 25
    Trev 25 27 kun oldin

    Why did I get a mouthwash ad...

  • Leelee the Great
    Leelee the Great 27 kun oldin

    leaving things in hydrogen peroxide for a week

  • Catherine Randall
    Catherine Randall 27 kun oldin

    what the heck i got a mouthwash add XD

  • Sarah Macfarlane
    Sarah Macfarlane 28 kun oldin

    Leave stuff in cocacola for a month or in water😊

  • Brigette Follante
    Brigette Follante 28 kun oldin


  • Brosir Broziryzir
    Brosir Broziryzir 28 kun oldin +1

    I got a mouthwash ad 😱😱😱

  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera 28 kun oldin

    Free Bevin from GMM jail. #freeBevin

  • Grace Sh
    Grace Sh 29 kun oldin

    It’s biological material - link 😂😂 I think you mean biodegradable 😂❤️

  • Travis Brook
    Travis Brook 29 kun oldin

    Is it funny that I got a mouthwash ad lol

  • Kristopher Cochran
    Kristopher Cochran 29 kun oldin

    Your really just the only real human and everything and everyone is just an alien experiment to see how a human could survive in a controlled environment

  • Vicki Pokay
    Vicki Pokay Oy oldin

    they should leave teeth in things like red wine, coffee, coke, or any other staining/ damaging liquids.

  • Artimus Protensor

    I would NOT have placed Rhett as anywhere near 40.

  • Angelina B.
    Angelina B. Oy oldin

    Ha the ad was a commercial for a dry mouth product 😂

  • Aurelia Nia
    Aurelia Nia Oy oldin

    Leaving things in petrol for a month

  • Damian Durrant
    Damian Durrant Oy oldin

    The tomato one was cool for be because I thought it would turn to mush but then I turned into a scientist for a minute.... I thought about osmosis and realized that alcohol is a preservative, meaning the tomato would absorb the water but stay preserved enough to keep its shape. I still said turn to mush tho because what do I really know..... .-.

  • Natalie Alfaro
    Natalie Alfaro Oy oldin

    I got everything right /(

  • Samantha Stonick
    Samantha Stonick Oy oldin

    The video actually starts on 1:49

  • All things Ocean
    All things Ocean Oy oldin

    Leave things in soap

  • Rosie TV
    Rosie TV Oy oldin

    Rhett can't be 40, and neither can link... ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE.

  • CLEMSON 2019 CHAMPS!🔥🐅🏆🔥

    Anybody else get a mouthwash add in the middle of the video?😂

  • Maebae Michaels
    Maebae Michaels Oy oldin

    Seriously there was a mouthwash ad in the middle of the video 😂

  • joely
    joely Oy oldin

    Rhett link i just want to say thanks for the charity work you guys legit made me smile

  • Leyna Nguyen (2027)

    U guys r so lucky to be going to st Jude

  • Lucas Badukes
    Lucas Badukes Oy oldin

    Rhett thought it was gross when he ate the tomato even though these guys I have eatin animal balls

  • Annika Carlson
    Annika Carlson Oy oldin

    The reason the tomato swelled is because the mouthwash is a hypotonic solution, meaning the mouthwash can literally pass through the membrane of the tomato and cause it to get bigger. (AKA: it is absorbing the mouthwash)

  • Not ThatOne
    Not ThatOne Oy oldin +1

    Dry mouth???

  • The wwe Man
    The wwe Man Oy oldin

    I got a mouth wash commercial

  • arxsyn
    arxsyn Oy oldin

    here's a dirty secret: almost all conventional mouthwash is terrible for your teeth. They tend to be acidic and can erode your enamel. I'm not joking. It happened to me. Unless it says ph balanced, you should stay clear away! I learned a very hard lesson. Plus alcohol dries out your mouth! Just no. Look for a product with glycerin instead.

  • YSLime CREW
    YSLime CREW Oy oldin

    We Done Coke, Bleach, Salts, Crack , Weed, Meth

  • Nate E.
    Nate E. Oy oldin

    I love GMM

  • Minimg
    Minimg Oy oldin

    A literal mouthwash

  • Arthrun
    Arthrun Oy oldin

    Treatment, travelling, housing and food is free. So like in the rest of the civilized world you mean then?

  • Corinne Hyman
    Corinne Hyman Oy oldin

    Did you guys forget about osmosis

  • econaut
    econaut Oy oldin +1

    i dont like the dumb jokes at the beginning of each question lol

  • Jason Sulham
    Jason Sulham Oy oldin

    Leave things in salt water or lemon juice for a month

  • Jason Sulham
    Jason Sulham Oy oldin

    Leave things in beer or vodka/whiskey for a month

  • pittkendoka
    pittkendoka Oy oldin

    "we've done coke" Rhett 2018

  • Koks Kris
    Koks Kris Oy oldin

    Leaving behind the scream of that girl. How about that?

  • Billy De Bruyn
    Billy De Bruyn Oy oldin

    This made me anxiety

  • Random Super Fan
    Random Super Fan Oy oldin +1

    The age old question.....
    Who is hotter? Rhett or Link?
    *Let’s take about that*

  • hussien alawai
    hussien alawai Oy oldin

    When did they do coke

  • Matthew Ziemba
    Matthew Ziemba Oy oldin

    Did anyone else get a mouthwash and before this video? Lol!

  • OCTO8
    OCTO8 Oy oldin

    Taste it

  • Douglas Freer
    Douglas Freer Oy oldin

    Leave things in lemon juice for a month

  • AlutaShade
    AlutaShade Oy oldin

    Either my video was being weird or it looked like they were in front of a green screen the last half of the video? Their outlines looked weird against the background...

  • Luukas Haikonen
    Luukas Haikonen Oy oldin

    Hey link wave u playd zelda its game where u have to save link and u are zelda and you play as him
    1 edit: i dont know 0 likes felz bad man

  • SamAndFr13nd5YT
    SamAndFr13nd5YT Oy oldin

    I got a mouth wash ad before this video 🤣🤣