Fortnite - High Stakes Returns

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  • Joylandi 14-Mar, 2019
  • Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.
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  • Kirtan Panchal
    Kirtan Panchal Kun oldin

    Please it so epic see this
    Please add some selectable colour styles for laguna skin for e.g as its outfit is red add some colour like blue, gold silver really everyone would buy it and will be great for making combos

  • Meme Nugget
    Meme Nugget Kun oldin

    Plz bring back food fight

    Edit:Take out team rumble. I miss food fight

  • TC_ RaMPagE-_-
    TC_ RaMPagE-_- Kun oldin +1

    Can u get Middle East servers in season 8 because I'm doing no damage and I'm fighting people that have lower ping they have like 30 and I have 100 sometimes 200 or 300 plz get mes

  • Burger Eater
    Burger Eater Kun oldin

    Ya'll should make a non-building mode

  • Anthony 1236
    Anthony 1236 Kun oldin

    Can you add Zombies in fortnite creative?That would be cool!

  • FunForeves
    FunForeves Kun oldin

    Who Else Got All The Stuff From Both Times It Was Out

  • DancerMonkey4
    DancerMonkey4 Kun oldin

    Fix the voice chat issue on mobile please.

  • Lightning Striker78

    I have a question why won’t my Xbox account merge to my mobile account that gets me mad

  • alifaX gamer
    alifaX gamer Kun oldin

    I want to play fortnite on Samsung s3 neo but I cant
    Can someone help me

  • Daniel ramirez
    Daniel ramirez Kun oldin

    Epic games can you put fortnite for Samsung galaxy j3 because I wanna play it on my phone

  • Norbert Stelmaszczyk

    Can you put a crying emote in the item shop

  • Matt's Game TV vlogs and gaming

    Dose high stakes have stakes?

  • Crunk Cow
    Crunk Cow 2 kun oldin

    XBOX LIVE CODE GIVEAWAY! just go to mixer/crunkcow to enter!

  • Gaming Twin 1
    Gaming Twin 1 2 kun oldin

    I want the burnout to come back

  • Stergos Papadakis
    Stergos Papadakis 2 kun oldin

    Can you add a confirm screen to when you are buying something so you dont accidently purchase it

  • SP Chaik Meidine
    SP Chaik Meidine 2 kun oldin

    vous pouvez metres sur option changer de viseur

  • jessy plays games
    jessy plays games 2 kun oldin

    Epic games can I trade one of my epic emotes for take the L please I would be really happy.

  • Drake TDM
    Drake TDM 2 kun oldin +2

    Epic Games can you please bring FortNite on PS3 😄

  • Areeb .R
    Areeb .R 2 kun oldin

    Hey i want help!!!!!!
    If someone can help me playing fortnite.
    My name in game is: Areeb.R
    Plz reply.

  • Mardo Gamer
    Mardo Gamer 2 kun oldin


  • AlexDarkAlex
    AlexDarkAlex 2 kun oldin

    Fortnite pls in creative misle guidle

  • Luis Toledo
    Luis Toledo 2 kun oldin

    Bring tears to my eyes

  • XxPotato- KitXx
    XxPotato- KitXx 2 kun oldin

    Fortnite could u bring the bunny skins back? It’s almost Easter/April there my fav skins keep on the great wok

  • Lava Crazy
    Lava Crazy 2 kun oldin

    This is the most recent video so I just wanted to say that you should add a lazer rifle. I’m not saying a zapatron but a sniper with an aiming lazer on it so people know that your aiming at them so it’s fair. And I would say a body shot would be 99 and headshot a 160

  • Soradds Gaming
    Soradds Gaming 2 kun oldin +1

    Add Howard the alien dance to Fortnite

  • Rap Slob
    Rap Slob 2 kun oldin

    Like if all smgs, mini guns, and turrets should be removed, and the pickaxes should be ten instead of twenty.

  • Andro _82
    Andro _82 2 kun oldin

    Hey fortnite,why you don't put etapa forma buildings?,like they Wood or the metal

  • BobZeRa game
    BobZeRa game 2 kun oldin

    Libera essa merda pra Motorola

  • Rob_Bob_The_Corn_Cob
    Rob_Bob_The_Corn_Cob 2 kun oldin

    I want the dark vanguard to come to back to store

  • LITTLE DEVIL gaming
    LITTLE DEVIL gaming 2 kun oldin

    Epic let me get something strate fortnite is a great game it's a game I've always dreamed of playing but the new stuff you've added is actually making the game boring the players a just fine the way they are but the guns items and game mechanics aren't fortnite is dying and people want stuff back just like I do but you guys aren't listening people are begging for the return of the old dusty,factories,flush factory,greasy grove,double pump,drum gun,the old pump damage that used to do like 250 damage,the old sub machine guns Everything good in the game but you guys keep adding things no one likes so please epic we the fortnite players ask to make the game fun again thank you.

  • Callum Charnholm
    Callum Charnholm 2 kun oldin +1


  • mart .m
    mart .m 2 kun oldin

    Epic can you please set out a update for mobile players auto fire to be more responsive

  • Samantha Fay
    Samantha Fay 2 kun oldin

    tonight Brin back ghoul trooper with ghoul ranger now

  • Young king
    Young king 2 kun oldin +1

    Dear Epic games,So far what Iv’e liked in Fortnite history is the Infinity gauntlet mode.I luv it so much.IF and when you get the chance can It plz return to the lobby. I hav skins and all but I never got to be Thanos ever so plz do If you can- Sincerely Jahi El

  • TTVsnepdeb TTVsnepdeb
    TTVsnepdeb TTVsnepdeb 2 kun oldin

    Add a new bundle pls

  • anonymous &member
    anonymous &member 2 kun oldin

    Can you pls do double pump gamemode

  • Dash GAMING
    Dash GAMING 2 kun oldin

    Fortnite I keep playing getaway challenge need I so mad I can't get two red and white I was rage 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Taituha Mamaku
    Taituha Mamaku 2 kun oldin

    My pump done 40 in the head Fix your guns epic 😠

  • alferdo0
    alferdo0 2 kun oldin

    We want Server for the Middle East

  • alferdo0
    alferdo0 2 kun oldin

    All videos reach a million views, well we want servers

  • veer plays
    veer plays 2 kun oldin

    Who ever made fortnite please stop it my mum

  • yfyyhyd videos
    yfyyhyd videos 2 kun oldin +1

    Poner en creativo la casa del PC de Oasis ostentoso

  • Emiliano Patisso
    Emiliano Patisso 2 kun oldin +1


  • Helper 1
    Helper 1 2 kun oldin

    Fortnite please add something like the haymaker from bo3 or a uzi with a very high fire rate and 20 dmg i guess

  • Skyloon Games
    Skyloon Games 2 kun oldin

    Hey get Back greasy groove

  • Jp thelegend
    Jp thelegend 2 kun oldin

    Please make a 1v1 streamer only tournament

  • Team Kiah
    Team Kiah 2 kun oldin +2

    What if camp fires when they go out you could pay 100 wood to light it back?

  • shouto totoroki
    shouto totoroki 2 kun oldin

    Can you make a skin like saiki

  • عبدالباري حسين

    nahn alearab nueani min mushakilih albanq wanarju

  • Ksa123 Ksa
    Ksa123 Ksa 2 kun oldin

    We want Arabic servers💔💔💔💔💔

  • MovieFox YT
    MovieFox YT 2 kun oldin


  • Eric Godoy
    Eric Godoy 2 kun oldin

    Can y’all bring one shot on Saturday

  • It’s FreVz
    It’s FreVz 2 kun oldin

    Nerf the pickaxe epic

  • Carlos 21
    Carlos 21 3 kun oldin

    Can you put soccer skins in the item shop#💯

    RAYAN MOEIN 3 kun oldin +1

    Hi fortnite can you put the getaway back in the game

  • BananaGames
    BananaGames 3 kun oldin

    Ummm The C4 is gone tho!

  • joey welch
    joey welch 3 kun oldin

    Like if they should add a sniper shotgun

    SUPER MARIO 3 kun oldin +2

    Thank you epic games for made fortnite it's the best game and my favorite game

  • Nabil Edd
    Nabil Edd 3 kun oldin

    # fornite Infinix note 5

  • Nabil Edd
    Nabil Edd 3 kun oldin

    # fortnite

  • احمد الشمري
    احمد الشمري 3 kun oldin +1

    Epik gams : I have two accounts and I have wonderful characters and I want to compensate please.

  • Noah Peek
    Noah Peek 3 kun oldin +1

    Please remove the infantry rifle epic❤️👌❤️❤️💯🔥

  • Bruno Gamer ツ
    Bruno Gamer ツ 3 kun oldin +1

    Quando vai lançar para o xbox 360?

  • Renzo Magallanes
    Renzo Magallanes 3 kun oldin

    fortnite podrian porfavor hacer que ikonik y scenario vuelvan? plis :3

  • shane Bypass
    shane Bypass 3 kun oldin

    Fortnite can we have more pickaxes i will bye a stick with tooletpaper on it for 1,000 v bucks

  • AOD JeZTeR
    AOD JeZTeR 3 kun oldin

    Remove the damn rpg

  • Toxic llama
    Toxic llama 3 kun oldin

    Can someone a epic add me the google form wont work @Toxicllama662

  • FNAF boy
    FNAF boy 3 kun oldin +1


  • Santiago Gudino
    Santiago Gudino 3 kun oldin

    What do u 🤔

  • Santiago Gudino
    Santiago Gudino 3 kun oldin

    When is the session 8 all about is I think that seson 8is bettter then seson 7

  • solbjartur gold
    solbjartur gold 3 kun oldin

    Can u add a sandbox mode and also a fortnite skin for all fortnite players and streamers and also can u make the volcano erupt causing a castle to be formed inside and the lava rebuildd kevin and he goes thrue a rift causing other rifts to spear for 5 secondd revealing where new areas will be the rest is up to u

  • Dat boi Sta boi
    Dat boi Sta boi 3 kun oldin

    Epic games please take away turbo building it has killed the game

  • Jaydon Bock
    Jaydon Bock 3 kun oldin

    So when is the south african servers coming because were suffering !!!!!!!!??????........(pls answer)

  • Head Astronout
    Head Astronout 3 kun oldin


  • Best Trends
    Best Trends 3 kun oldin

    Every since this update I'm not gonna play fortnite anymore (I'm going to play Apex Legends) because since u mixed the lobbies I can't get wins anymore all I get is second place.

  • جهاد_ skom
    جهاد_ skom 3 kun oldin

    Fornate is not a mobile phone, it is not supported by HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2018

  • Caius Jones
    Caius Jones 3 kun oldin

    Do a collaboration with postman Malone to make new menu music or something
    Or bring back the oh music

  • Jepi Jess
    Jepi Jess 3 kun oldin

    (25)(15)(21) (12)(9)(6)

  • Skeleton GoldGuy676
    Skeleton GoldGuy676 3 kun oldin

    Same trailer that was from Season 5 but Ok.

    XD_GHERO 3 kun oldin

    Can you plz bring back skull ranger tomorrow plz

  • Z0om maj PENTA
    Z0om maj PENTA 3 kun oldin

    Like to bring them back heavy shot gun

  • ante2008
    ante2008 3 kun oldin

    Please add gifting from locker that you can gift from your things not to spend vbucks

  • Elite_Droid 18
    Elite_Droid 18 3 kun oldin

    When will fortnite be released on Vivo v7?

  • TheValkire666 !
    TheValkire666 ! 3 kun oldin

    Could you add customisable vending machines to creative for the ltm creator contest plz.

  • DarkGooxyHD TV
    DarkGooxyHD TV 3 kun oldin


  • True Sparcsi
    True Sparcsi 3 kun oldin

    Fortnite can you add desert island for creative mode

  • Ibrahim Fahmy
    Ibrahim Fahmy 3 kun oldin

    Please I want thanks mod

  • Ru Ken
    Ru Ken 3 kun oldin

    Epic you need to stop bullying me Bring back high explosive

  • Da bob'a fat
    Da bob'a fat 3 kun oldin

    Bro please WW2 theme in season 9

  • Antons Mitjuzs
    Antons Mitjuzs 3 kun oldin

    Please add fortnite to Samsung Galaxy A8 Please

  • PA Stoynov
    PA Stoynov 3 kun oldin

    Make the last challenge in week 4 not hard please and is not working

  • Rijal Fiqri
    Rijal Fiqri 3 kun oldin

    Diveas redmi 5 plus ok

  • This Here
    This Here 3 kun oldin +1

    Please bring back Thanos LTM or at least Sword Fight!

  • Jedi Jake 387
    Jedi Jake 387 3 kun oldin

    Please bring back double pump

  • Owen Heberlein
    Owen Heberlein 3 kun oldin

    You didn’t give me the battle pass and I did the overtime challenges but I only got the stopwatch banner i didn’t get the battle pass

  • FrozenFire554
    FrozenFire554 3 kun oldin

    Can Someone plz tell me if overtime is going to comeback

  • Dano mehner behind the scenes

    Can you make a assassin skin please

  • Real King Lee
    Real King Lee 3 kun oldin

    Epic games in season 6 when I was doing challenges it would not level up my battle pass and i was on tier 78 for the rest of the season pls give me dire my name is KingLennon999

    GAME RATS 3 kun oldin

    Can you put fortnite in oppo devices

  • SharkonSwitch
    SharkonSwitch 3 kun oldin

    I counted 6 different vaulted things