MacBook Pro 2018 review: can it stand the heat?

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  • The Verge
    The Verge  7 oy oldin +80

    What do you think of the new MacBook Pro?

    • Gaurav Tomar
      Gaurav Tomar 4 oy oldin

      The Verge Unaffordable as usual ☺️🤭. I just love watching videos of things I cant afford.

    • Zhou Fang
      Zhou Fang 5 oy oldin

      A 10 minute of a mess review, we expect better from you guys

    • Matthew Joshua Sosito
      Matthew Joshua Sosito 6 oy oldin

      One word, Ewwwwwwwwwww

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 4 kun oldin

    TBH, I think we should definitely expect more than just "a little faster" when you buy any laptop that costs as much as the MacBook Pro. It is not like this is an upgrade you're doing every year. You're not always doing this, so you really have to expect to get the best when you pay this much.

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 4 kun oldin

    You guys really shouldn't rush this review. I'd rather wait a little more than watch a disorganized review and wasting my time.

  • Farley Sakri
    Farley Sakri 18 kun oldin

    Music is also too loud. The video got my attention more on the background music than the content itself.

  • migisha boyd
    migisha boyd 18 kun oldin

    this is a beautiful video

  • TechTale-3T4
    TechTale-3T4 25 kun oldin

    much vague review
    I didnt like it seriously just a trash
    moving on

  • The Johnson
    The Johnson 26 kun oldin

    So they have come up with a patch to stop the throttling, but all the heat is still there. I wonder how that heat will effect the longevity of the machine. At this price point, there should be zero compromises!!!

  • Erik Lundberg
    Erik Lundberg Oy oldin

    I hope Apple will add a SSD slot in the Touch Bar versions of MacBook Pro as in the non Touch Bar version of 13” MacBook Pro. Who want to throw their $3200 4TB SSD upgrade away if some part of the logic board fail after warranty period is over? And who want to throw their logic board away if the flash memory in the SSD get corrupt in a few years? Flash memory wont last forever.
    One thought I have is: Maybe Apple wanted to have a SSD slot in all models but lack of space in the Touch Bar versions made it impossible at introduction? And maybe they will find a solution for this by future optimizations? What else would be the reason only to have it in the non Touch Bar version of MacBook Pro?

  • Jack Jin
    Jack Jin 3 oy oldin

    Did anybody realise they were mocking Unbox therapy when Lew constantly interrupting Dave??!!

  • Banica Georgian Vasile

    Worthless video about a specific device...
    What about the i7 macbooks? What about the 13 inch?
    I'm interested in buying a macbook and you provided 0 info. Give me back my 9:20 back!

  • Dr. Balaji Dhanasekar

    An irritating, unnecessary and an irrelevant review

  • Mike Manzano
    Mike Manzano 4 oy oldin

    You can type an ellipses by typing Command-semicolon. Typing three dots make you seem like a plebe.

  • vignesh parameshwaran

    bullshit video. cut out the useless scenes and get to details and the process you used if you want to create better content

  • busywl69
    busywl69 4 oy oldin

    does anyone honestly review macs? seems everyone has got 'the fear'.

  • bilboXbartok
    bilboXbartok 4 oy oldin

    the back and forth between you two is just plain silly, tedious, and STUPID!

  • RickOShay
    RickOShay 5 oy oldin

    Even basic video editing grinds down within a few minutes with the Pro - what a waste of money. I tried playing some 3D games and it got hot in just 5 minutes - I had to stop playing mostly because of really bad lag.

  • find searcher
    find searcher 5 oy oldin

    >>> who is using a 15" MBpro mid2015 2,2Ghz or 2,8Ghz i7 16GB and using it mainly for Photoshop and Premiere Pro?
    please share your experiences if it keeps up well enough to do photo + some video editing.
    My 15" 2010 MBP recently gave up. Squeezed out the last drop and it worked like a beast for 8 years. Upgraded the ram to 16GB tough and popped 2x SSD's in it. my use in a laptop is lots of Photoshop some Premiere pro and daily browsing multitasking.
    > Now I am a bit in a crisis choosing a new upgrade watched many many videos on the 2018 MBpro but well I might want to wait for a few more years until Apple comes up with something new in 2019 or 2020 and so on. In the meanwhile I tend to go for an older model such as the 2015 MBP's read lots of good things about them. As a test I bought a brand new MBpro a few days ago. 15" mid 2015 MBpro 2,2Ghz i7 16GB 256GB (with the idea of upgrading to 512GB or 1TB). Tried out this model for a 2 days with very minimal use. Placed 40GB of photo files on the SSD. But after a few seconds I already noticed that the colourful Apple 'loading logo' occured way too often even when scrolling through jpeg files. When opening 6-8 raw files in Photoshop at once the fans start to go loose + the bottom heats up pretty heavily or when opening big PSD files (which is very normal with such a heavy load). But mostly what bothers me is the colourful 'loading beach ball occurred' constantly. Multitasking was not happening it was waiting waiting waiting and waiting and waiting before the spinning colour wheel would go away (even just when scrolling through jpeg files in finder using the arrow keys on a normal pace). I brought the laptop back for a refund. Still you read very good stories from people using a mbp 2015 model. Will it make a difference to go to a 2,8Ghz i7 instead?
    * Now I don't really know what to do next, was this 2,2 Ghz i7 just not working properly, it came straight out of the box brand new and everything looked fine nothing weird besides the loading logo. I can pick up a refurbished mid2015 2,8Ghz i7 16GB 1TB Intel Iris Plus version but can't really test that one out. What do you guys think? Or do you have a 2,8Ghz i7 2015MBP ? And what are your experiences in Photoshop / Premiere Pro does it keep 'loading' as well most of the time when doing simple tasks ? please share your experiences with me if you are indeed working on a 2,2Ghz or 2,8Ghz MBP2015 model

  • Christopher Jue
    Christopher Jue 6 oy oldin

    Due to heating issues do you guys advise not using a hardshell case on this machine?

  • Cam Cooke
    Cam Cooke 6 oy oldin

    Slurring your speech, adding in useless timewasting footage, no clear indication of timeline. Annoying video.

  • Ranz Vann Llido
    Ranz Vann Llido 6 oy oldin

    Love this kind of review

  • Omi Azad
    Omi Azad 6 oy oldin

    "Here is a question, is what's here is actually enough to make professionals to trust these machines" when you said that, you seemed unpleasant. :)

  • Gila Monster
    Gila Monster 6 oy oldin

    That’s why I love the 💻 air the batterie life is so good

  • crushingalldeceivers

    This is the worst review of a product I have ever watched, I learned nothing from this.

  • Moi 2926
    Moi 2926 6 oy oldin

    It is not normal to put such a CPU in a laptop that can not handle it properly just to have better specs on paper or whatever reason pushed Apple to do it.
    Just make it thick enough to avoid going straight to 100°C immediately.

  • Skells
    Skells 6 oy oldin

    Stop the worthless skits. Just report the facts.

  • linux1123
    linux1123 6 oy oldin +1

    3:20 A "professional" that works like that for a whole day? Must be really efficient

  • Ruslan Nikolaev
    Ruslan Nikolaev 6 oy oldin

    Why cant there be a shot of two of these guys in the room? I just watched the awkwardest conversation of two people ever

  • Debopriyo Basu
    Debopriyo Basu 6 oy oldin

    I don't understand why reviews from The Verge on Apple products always end up on a positive note, no matter how horrible the product actually is or how limited value it offers.

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 6 oy oldin


  • Landry Sibomana
    Landry Sibomana 6 oy oldin

    SURFACE BOOK 2 for me

  • Gabe Fore
    Gabe Fore 6 oy oldin

    I suppose they have to find *something* wrong with it in order for it to be interesting, but a lot of the negative stuff here sounds super nit picky. I mean, sure, if you’re really pushing this machine to the max on a regular basis as Vjeran seemingly does, then yeah, maybe. But there are, of course, lots and lots of pros out there who don’t do video editing or photography work but could still benefit from the latest processors and extra RAM. For all of those people (including myself), as with previous iterations of this computer, I suspect you’ll be perfectly fine and really enjoy the machine.

  • Jiaqi Zhang
    Jiaqi Zhang 6 oy oldin

    Any big improvement next year?

  • Amanjot Gill
    Amanjot Gill 6 oy oldin

    Is iMac 2018 refresh expected with new processor?

  • TankQ
    TankQ 6 oy oldin

    Which Apple product is free from controversy or limitations? Maybe the iMac pro. But that’s just Apple. They killed off headphone jacks but technology hasn’t gotten there yet, and again they bet big with all USB C. Also not the the perfect world yet right. USB A still a big thing. Go to any new hotel and likely they might have a USB A port on the wall socket but never C. Or a recent model car so far I know Mercedes has a C, the rest? Maybe still A.

  • HF Z
    HF Z 6 oy oldin

    is that... radeon 650x the unreleased future graphics card from amd? did i just traveled through time?

  • sun yoon
    sun yoon 6 oy oldin

    apple died when jobs died

  • sarvesh dhiman
    sarvesh dhiman 6 oy oldin

    Boy, do they not wanna say that it's bad.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S 6 oy oldin

    yo whats the music fam

  • Ivan Stojanovic
    Ivan Stojanovic 6 oy oldin

    Uvek je lepo videti nekog iz EXYU ko je usoeo u svom poslu. Vjeran odlično radi, svidja mi se njegov Color Gradient i bas mi je drago da sam ga video uživo 😀

  • Guillermo Gonzalez
    Guillermo Gonzalez 6 oy oldin

    Just imagine one of these on AZ today burning everyone and everything.

  • Nicholas Chaplin
    Nicholas Chaplin 6 oy oldin

    Riker sitting

  • G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy

    Seriously you put a title like “The Heat is On” up and didn’t have the music opening to go with it!

  • 이태검
    이태검 6 oy oldin

    If you upgrade only one of the cpu or ram on a 13-inch computer, what parts would you upgrade?

  • Tobias Beer
    Tobias Beer 6 oy oldin

    Who is to blame if you decide to buy a machine that won't allow to replace a broken ssd or ram once the warranty is gone? Don't do it.

  • Matthew Fuentes
    Matthew Fuentes 6 oy oldin

    Lol the way he justifies Apple's shortcomings is crazy.

  • Shubham Desai
    Shubham Desai 6 oy oldin

    Your scrip writing is better than anyone on these planet

  • evans boateng
    evans boateng 6 oy oldin


  • Scott Pleasants
    Scott Pleasants 6 oy oldin

    These are not well engineered. The keyboard is horrible and will damage your joints due to the lack of energy dispersement. Microsoft and other vendors are outclassing the performance of the MacBooks at a lower price and more features. He was right in this video...the 2015 MBP’s are a better buy.

  • Scott Pleasants
    Scott Pleasants 6 oy oldin

    Went with the Surface Book 15” and have not looked back.

  • N Afzal
    N Afzal 6 oy oldin

    This is over produced, hard to follow and not very funny. A missed opportunity. I had to stop watching.

  • Greg Farello
    Greg Farello 6 oy oldin

    the verge likes to hire good-looking peoples.

  • Za3eemawe
    Za3eemawe 6 oy oldin

    last great MacBook is 2015 , after that battery life and cooler going to big step down.

  • Jiezi Guyz Studio
    Jiezi Guyz Studio 6 oy oldin

    Digital key missing? Despite the price? Come on! This abuse of customers

  • Mael Barre
    Mael Barre 6 oy oldin

    Advocate suspend half rating ugly file implementation analysis investigator negotiation.

  • Shane Moore
    Shane Moore 6 oy oldin

    It is faster, it does have a better keyboard...and the T2 chip should add a little capability for the same price and the previous version MBP. Sure, Apple could go bigger but that would defeat the purpose of creating a nice portable unit to have with you. Also, these performance improvements come at the same cost as the previous version(ie, no price increase). The only difference being that you can get a bigger SSD and more RAM which you couldn't before(for more cost). People just want something to complain about I guess!

  • UzEEInc
    UzEEInc 6 oy oldin

    When are we going to stop blaming ourselves for Apple's mistakes and actually take them to task for not being up to the mark. Good enough is NOT what you expect from a $2400 premium laptop, specially when the Core i9 doesn't really differentiate from the Core i7 version despite being $300 more.

  • Ahmad Almasri
    Ahmad Almasri 6 oy oldin

    This video is a nightmare for people with ADHD

  • Nayre
    Nayre 6 oy oldin

    THE VERGE fanboyism is way too obvious. It performs as expected you said, but seconds later you contradicted yourself by saying "you didnt get a bump up in performance and battery life". Wtf?

  • r0ssel0203113
    r0ssel0203113 6 oy oldin

    Apple laptop and its users are all about bragging..they want that look and they want that specs to brag about...they really don't care about how it's performed so it's a perfect product for perfect user base..if you really cared about performance you won't buy this in the first place...

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia 6 oy oldin

    Since when are consumers at fault? SHOULDN'T the company try satisfying the needs and wants of their consumer and adapt to the evolving market

  • GarageBand beats iOS

    Don’t buy Mac guys if you want specs and need to do heavy work

  • ShivamKrishn Agrwal
    ShivamKrishn Agrwal 6 oy oldin

    Super amazing content..

  • TheJosiahTurner
    TheJosiahTurner 6 oy oldin

    Why don’t tech companies just make usb-C accessories?! “Dongle life” has existed for about 4 years now, why aren’t there a ton of USB accessories at this point, USB C is better in every way to type A

  • Abdullah Aslam
    Abdullah Aslam 6 oy oldin

    I enjoyed the theatricality. Made an otherwise boring nerdy video watchable

  • James Andrews
    James Andrews 7 oy oldin

    what is this video?

  • Sean Thomas
    Sean Thomas 7 oy oldin

    LOL. It’s like people have only just realised computers adjust performance based on internal temperature. Thermal throttling isn’t a crime or a bad thing. All computers do it, the 2018 MacBook Pro just had a bug that was fixed. It still does it but correctly like every other computer.

  • M Kaelani
    M Kaelani 7 oy oldin

    It doesn't matter when everybody said that this leptop is a fail.. People who have a money will buy this.. Just take a look iPhone X we used to mock it because of the notch and now 2018 still best selling phone on the market.

  • Rocky Calabrese
    Rocky Calabrese 7 oy oldin

    Props for the Riker sitting! 1:09

  • Jamie Glenn
    Jamie Glenn 7 oy oldin

    That shade that was thrown at the end 💀💀🌴

  • Andres Albrincole
    Andres Albrincole 7 oy oldin

    Blame yourself after expending 7000 on a pc that's just sad.

  • Andres Albrincole
    Andres Albrincole 7 oy oldin

    the first review from the verge that i don't like

  • David Jensen
    David Jensen 7 oy oldin

    I feel like every damn reviewer is gonna keep complaining about using a dongle forever. I have a USB3 adapter...used it once, and I’ve since switched over all remaining cables to USBC versions. There, issue solved.

  • Timo Stroet
    Timo Stroet 7 oy oldin

    Dieter does the best reviews tbh

  • BigLama
    BigLama 7 oy oldin

    That laptop is as about thick/thin as the headphone jack. I bet Apple has MBPs in their lab without them, and somme crazy thin MBPs. That may never see the light of day.

  • Anonymous Ted
    Anonymous Ted 7 oy oldin

    Did you change the video editor?

  • Dave McKenzie
    Dave McKenzie 7 oy oldin


  • Darian Hutchinson
    Darian Hutchinson 7 oy oldin

    Anybody know the music in the intro?

  • Lucius Augustus
    Lucius Augustus 7 oy oldin

    Great video but I had to dislike it because we keep giving apple slack on terrible performance just because they're apple and I don't like that attitude. We "expect" to get good products that work.

  • theonlyredspecial
    theonlyredspecial 7 oy oldin

    Omg how many of these videos are we going to get.....

  • Stewart Craig
    Stewart Craig 7 oy oldin

    Did he just say the the battery is bigger to offset faster Processors? WTF Its for the DDR4 not being LPDDR.

  • Haider
    Haider 7 oy oldin

    Wow this review was useless

  • Vihari N
    Vihari N 7 oy oldin +2

    This review sounds like Macbook Pro 2018.....😒

  • FreeFromWar
    FreeFromWar 7 oy oldin

    It would be too much to expect if it was like $2000. But it's not. It's more than 3x that

  • Joshua Tatro
    Joshua Tatro 7 oy oldin

    I think it feels like a letdown when your most demanding (i.e. actually "pro") users are almost universally ambivalent about a product and its performance. $2500 is a lot to pay for ambivalence, $7000 just seems mildly offensive.

  • nuka_dorm
    nuka_dorm 7 oy oldin

    tbh everyone's expectation is not higher than its price tag

  • YouTube Music
    YouTube Music 7 oy oldin

    This is bullshit

  • Tushar Thorat
    Tushar Thorat 7 oy oldin

    Apple releases new mac os update for resolve thermal throttling issue. I think It will resolve the issue.

  • Phoenix Dawn
    Phoenix Dawn 7 oy oldin

    Yeah, Dieter, sorry, this was a subpar video. But, maybe, I was expecting a little too much from your videos?

  • V X
    V X 7 oy oldin

    When I bought MacBook Pro I didn't ask "do I trust it?". If you pay 2500-4000 euros for a laptop, you shouldn't need to ask if you can trust the device or not. Only time you need to ask it, it is when you buy a laptop around 300 euros or so. If you need to ask the same question before buying MacBook Pro, then there is something wrong. Either the issue is you or there is something wrong with the design.
    So.. Can you trust a laptop which is running around 95-98 C at 2.8 Ghz? And that is under its base clock speed (2.9Ghz). How long do you expect it to work without having internal issues because it is too hot all the time when actually doing something else than writing an email?

  • foreverbbooyy
    foreverbbooyy 7 oy oldin +1

    the laptop is so goddamn beautiful

  • David León
    David León 7 oy oldin

    To much for a multi billion company make a new slim way to cool their laptops..? WOW Apple, you don’t deserve our money

  • Andrew E
    Andrew E 7 oy oldin

    I make apps for a living. I have the 2016 as a work machine and 2014 as a personal machine and much prefer the 2014 model in almost every way.
    Would I pay this ridiculous price premium for a non-repairable 2018 machine with a maybe-fixed-keyboard, a 1 year warranty, or even more for a 3 year warranty? Absolutely not.

  • Nathan Budd
    Nathan Budd 7 oy oldin

    Getting a like, *just* for the Riker sitting!

  • theblackboyjoe
    theblackboyjoe 7 oy oldin

    3:02 560x

  • Leo D. Astoria
    Leo D. Astoria 7 oy oldin

    Another example from Apple of Form before Function.

  • David M
    David M 7 oy oldin

    Dieter, seriously, you need to do your own videos. This one was not up to the standard you've set w/ your other ones.

  • Arnav
    Arnav 7 oy oldin

    Buy a surface book 2

  • Alias Rehbar
    Alias Rehbar 7 oy oldin


  • Jens Kessler
    Jens Kessler 7 oy oldin

    I really like the format with the two talking and texting to each other. 💕

    REVIEWERtm 7 oy oldin

    This video is a total mess