Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

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  • Joylandi 5-Okt, 2018
  • Two women speaking Spanish in the aisle of a Colorado supermarket were harassed by a shopper who demanded they use English, according to Kamira Trent, who intervened in a confrontation captured on cellphone video. Trent followed the woman down the aisle and called police. "It was the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised. When you see something like that happen, you don't just stay there and let it happen," she said.

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  • TheTruChaos
    TheTruChaos 23 daqiqa oldin

    Laddies and gentlemen....

    We got her.

  • Jet Harley
    Jet Harley 2 soat oldin

    Honestly she’s definitely superwomen

  • Chud Derf
    Chud Derf 4 soat oldin

    some more virtue porn for leftists to twist and use against all trump supporters or anyone with right wing beliefs

  • Gerson Cordova
    Gerson Cordova 5 soat oldin

    THIS IS AMERICA!!! Y yo hablo español cuando ami se me de la gana!

  • Vidal Hernandez
    Vidal Hernandez 7 soat oldin

    Good job pretty ladie

  • Carlos Contreras
    Carlos Contreras 7 soat oldin

    This girl is my hero. Thank you.

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 7 soat oldin

    Why cant everyone learn Spanish and english?? Let people speak what they want to speak!

  • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _
    TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ 7 soat oldin

    This is America. Our native tongue is English. People should learn English if they wish to be Americans. If they don't want to learn English, then they don't want to be Americans. Do you think I could go to China and survive without learning Chinese?
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 - See Clearly

  • Richard Bergen
    Richard Bergen 8 soat oldin

    Speak Spanish all you want. But you'll never get a decent job in the US.

  • Oscar Elenes
    Oscar Elenes 8 soat oldin +1

    "It was the right thing to do"

  • Oscar Elenes
    Oscar Elenes 8 soat oldin +1

    Wow that lady is awesome, AND beautiful.

  • Michael Studnicka
    Michael Studnicka 10 soat oldin

    Speak English!

  • Tom tom
    Tom tom 10 soat oldin

    Thx bring them to the public
    We will be praying for u. God bless
    We don't like crime. But we as a Christian country we follow Jesus footsteps we don't( cannot let the hate win ) let these things happen

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 11 soat oldin

    My kind of wonther woman beuryfull 2

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 16 soat oldin

    This woman is an inspiration! I bid thee an ode for thine kind heart and mighty spirit! She is a blessing and inspiration to this generation! We ought to all strike to be like her!
    ...I mean she's right. *We really do need to protect our country from these Mexican invaders*

  • Petey Pablo
    Petey Pablo 16 soat oldin

    Thank you for speaking up for the people in need. When there is a language barrier and lack of compassion, people really suffer and endure emotional hardships. More people need to take a stand against hate and ignorance. It’s dividing our great nation.

  • Mahdi Qurriesh
    Mahdi Qurriesh 17 soat oldin

    Good job kid

  • Mykro 325
    Mykro 325 17 soat oldin

    Come on at a certain point they do need to learn to speak English. I talk to people that have been in our country for years and dont speak 1 word of English it makes me sick. There is no way I would go to another country and be there for more then a year without being able to carry on a conversation

  • Brian axb
    Brian axb 19 soat oldin

    This popped up as an ad... now that’s definitely social engineering.

  • YeahNo101 ?
    YeahNo101 ? 19 soat oldin

    Yeah and than there’s Florida. Where English is optional. At least their was a time were immigrants learned the native tongue. Now we catered to them. It’s a joke. RIP America. Damn good run. Damn good.

  • Realiztic Entertainment
    Realiztic Entertainment 19 soat oldin

    She bad!

  • Lutsify •
    Lutsify • 20 soat oldin

    I love this lady 💯🇲🇽 !

  • flip4v
    flip4v 20 soat oldin

    I work in retail and half our staff is Spanish. One of my coworkers still says things like ppl should speak enlish here. She's the sweetest old lady but i was saddened when she said that. Good on this woman for standing, i will try too

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 21 soat oldin +1

    Now that is a good heart

  • Gene Pitts
    Gene Pitts 22 soat oldin

    HEEELL YEAH!! Good guy trend coming at ya!!

  • caddi bronze
    caddi bronze 22 soat oldin

    We Need more people like her

  • Hector Mzqt
    Hector Mzqt 22 soat oldin

    First off, Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to over 90 percent.
    Furthermore Susan, Spanish is a Latin based language (100℅ Latin). So in essence, were arguing the same thing. It's just not so apparent initially.

  • uuu xionxary
    uuu xionxary 22 soat oldin

    Flip her donald skin lookin like hair

  • The Co-Wives
    The Co-Wives Kun oldin

    I love it

  • sISters.james Nancy._

    She is kind and caring .

  • curlyhead k3y
    curlyhead k3y Kun oldin

    Didn’t English come from England? And people from England brought English to America? Then why would you tell people to speak English in America? America is full of different cultures , you don’t like well leave America and say good bye to you’re culture, I swear some people cane really! Stupid

  • Foreign Tranquility

    Let’s go !!!!!Someone who actually cares

  • peekeet78
    peekeet78 Kun oldin

    What a joke!!! This is America!!! Biased motivated harassment?! Wake up people!!! Put on your big boy, big girl pants & quit crying your feelings were hurt... what ever happened to sticks & stones?! I don't blame the "mean" woman.. English has always been the primary language of the USA.. not Spanish.. for all we know the "victims" were talking trash about the other woman... Go ahead & take jabs at me for being racist now, just because I won't conform to the over sympathetic way of society today.

  • Steven Pham
    Steven Pham Kun oldin

    Good girl

  • Total Destruction
    Total Destruction Kun oldin

    We live in a sick and twisted racist society, and I'd hate to be them when God has enough of this Satan's world. Revelation 12:9,12

  • Teddy P. Gray
    Teddy P. Gray Kun oldin

    She thought that she may have been on an episode of "What Would You Do?"

  • Abdallah Ayad
    Abdallah Ayad Kun oldin

    Good job

  • Jason Murdoch
    Jason Murdoch Kun oldin

    Sorry the lady that defended the Spanish speaking people should be the one who went to jail,thats exactly what's wrong with this country

  • Terrell DaGoat
    Terrell DaGoat Kun oldin

    When everything goes wrong "Call the police"

    Even tho it takes the an extra 20 mins to arrive

    WOODYSOOPY Kun oldin

    My Mexican friend helped me with Spanish classes and guess what i got an A, BRAVO for the good Mexican people 👏👏

  • Erik Em
    Erik Em Kun oldin

    Shes so beautiful inside and out

  • Luke H
    Luke H Kun oldin

    Wtf cares

    BUSTER FREE Kun oldin

    Thank you for doing the right thing.

  • jouseph Castillo
    jouseph Castillo Kun oldin

    People that don’t speak other language but English should start learning others specially Spanish since is one of the top 5 world 🌎 wide specially in our continent
    Just saying

  • Angirson Lopez
    Angirson Lopez Kun oldin

    Too bad John Quiñones wasn't there to stop it.

  • Yo i
    Yo i Kun oldin

    U can get arrested cause youre racist?Cause of this?America sounds like totalitarian state.

  • Legends Always Die
    Legends Always Die Kun oldin

    I do believe people should learn the language of the country they're living in, to make it easier for themselves to get by. But they're talking among themselves, that's their own business. Also that women is just erratic and an embarrassment.

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Kun oldin

    I’m so glad we have people like this we need more of this

  • Cake Fate / Henry
    Cake Fate / Henry Kun oldin

    This puta be crazy but the madam that stepped up is wat we all should be like

  • SPORT Time
    SPORT Time Kun oldin

    Good person

  • Rocio Guillen
    Rocio Guillen 2 kun oldin +3

    She is my hero.🙏 Thank you very much.

  • Kristin A
    Kristin A 2 kun oldin

    English is the official language of Colorado. It’s in the state constitution under Article II, Section 30a 😂 law.justia.com/constitution/colorado/cnart2.html

  • Antonio Mendez
    Antonio Mendez 2 kun oldin +2

    This is America. Not England!

    • KT KLT
      KT KLT Kun oldin

      This is America not mexico!

  • Name
    Name 2 kun oldin +5

    There goes our freedom of speech

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 2 kun oldin +1

    Good for her

  • Rudy Roblero
    Rudy Roblero 2 kun oldin

    Estas pero bien pendejo😂😂😂😂

  • Kalie Lopez
    Kalie Lopez 2 kun oldin +5

    Bruh America doesn’t even have an official language lmao

  • Marka Scales
    Marka Scales 2 kun oldin +3

    amen . great . lovely be blessed

  • Laxu Chettri
    Laxu Chettri 2 kun oldin +2

    She was right speak English in America

    • Green
      Green Kun oldin

      Laxu Chettri deporting racist like is right

    • Lanie Lannister
      Lanie Lannister Kun oldin +1

      What about freedom of speech and the fact that the United States has no official language?

    • seokhoe
      seokhoe 2 kun oldin +1

      It’s sad u think that way

    • ZGrav
      ZGrav 2 kun oldin

      Laxu Chettri ignorant .

  • John Landers
    John Landers 2 kun oldin

    Freedom of speech

  • Just a person on youtube watching a video

    This lady needs a medal 👏👍

    • ChumWaffle
      ChumWaffle Kun oldin

      She deserves the shitlib medal. One who thinks she's doing something virtuous but doesn't realize the very people she's trying to protect will soon replace her and her family along with all cultural traditions.

  • colin Corkery
    colin Corkery 3 kun oldin

    "You will lose your country!"
    This country was never ours to begin with. Never forget that this land was stolen from the Native Americans, after we pillaged, raped and murdered them and STOLE their land. This country was built by immigrants and will continue to be built by immigrants. This woman reeks of ignorance and hatred. Hope she sees jail time.

  • Michael Vargas
    Michael Vargas 3 kun oldin

    That is what people get for being a racist

    • Jonathan Vides
      Jonathan Vides Kun oldin

      +ChumWaffle technically America belonged to the native Americans which did not speak English. English came from the pilgrims that came from England 😀

    • Michael Vargas
      Michael Vargas Kun oldin

      +ChumWaffle which is latin and greek

    • ChumWaffle
      ChumWaffle Kun oldin

      It's racist for wanting people to speak English in a society that has predominately spoken English for hundreds of years since its creation?

  • Alex Domanovic
    Alex Domanovic 3 kun oldin

    What is motivated harassment ? Who was motivated ? I didn’t see anyone practicing

  • Young Bill
    Young Bill 3 kun oldin

    Lock the racist up, America has already been Great before a group of people stole the land from its original owners.

  • Listen& Learn
    Listen& Learn 3 kun oldin

    Interesting ...... but stupid. (rowan and martin's laugh in) The debate should be about freedom of expression, not language or cultures or acts of 'humanitarianism'. All the involved have violated basic socially acceptable norms, and the question remains: which is the instigator for the conversation, the cause or the effect? Can you say 'divisive'?

  • leonardo davinci
    leonardo davinci 3 kun oldin +2

    She's invited to the Carne Asada :) 👌🏽

  • Aiden Hill
    Aiden Hill 3 kun oldin

    1 months in a Mexico jail than she gets escorted back that’s it and a trail in between to see progress than back to that jail

  • Mahmoud Sairafi
    Mahmoud Sairafi 3 kun oldin

    Yes mem, I have the same problem at school when I speak my native language which is Arabic, thanks for speaking up✌️🙏

  • Fluffy puff
    Fluffy puff 3 kun oldin

    Fun fact: the most spoken language in the world isn't English, it's Mandarin ^u^

    • ChumWaffle
      ChumWaffle Kun oldin

      Fun fact: We don't live in eastern Asia. This country has been a predominately English speaking country since it's creation hundreds of years ago.

  • squizill
    squizill 3 kun oldin +1


  • Human Being
    Human Being 3 kun oldin

    She’s invited to the carnesada

  • Lil peep
    Lil peep 3 kun oldin +5

    Its America "the land of the free" i dont care if your white, black, latino, etc we should all respect each other

    • Jonathan Vides
      Jonathan Vides Kun oldin

      Finally!!!!!! First smart comment I've seen so far

  • Stella
    Stella 3 kun oldin +1

    Serves her right!

  • Mehhh Duh
    Mehhh Duh 3 kun oldin


  • troy Stokes
    troy Stokes 3 kun oldin +3

    Learn to speak English your here learn our language

    • troy Stokes
      troy Stokes Kun oldin

      Before you come here you need to learn some English. Not racist s just American

    • Green
      Green Kun oldin

      troy Stokes and you need to get over being a racist

    • Tomas Barbosa
      Tomas Barbosa Kun oldin

      Your right in this country you learn to speak English, you should not forget your native language

    • Hyper
      Hyper 2 kun oldin +1

      America has no official language

    • Orange Juice
      Orange Juice 2 kun oldin

      Hey dumbass it's you're not your.

  • Brybry Stevens
    Brybry Stevens 3 kun oldin

    This country was built by immigrants. There's nothing white about this country. Never has been. The ignorance of this woman. Wow.

  • ruby
    ruby 3 kun oldin

    i love her. i aspire to be like her and we need more people like her

  • roger
    roger 3 kun oldin +1

    People can speak whatever language they want.
    Stop the ignorance.

  • jojo_tech
    jojo_tech 3 kun oldin

    “Do you know who I am?”

  • Andrea Ochoa
    Andrea Ochoa 3 kun oldin

    God bless the lady who stood up for them

  • Marissa Rivera
    Marissa Rivera 3 kun oldin

    People don't realize that this country was built upon people from all over the world. There were also people here before the English who spoke a different language than them, but they were wiped out because someone just decided that this was their land and they didn't like their ways so.....

  • Jamie Harrison
    Jamie Harrison 3 kun oldin

    Great role model for her children!! Una Buena persona!!

  • VoltecRules
    VoltecRules 3 kun oldin

    They have ruined California. Don’t let them ruin the rest of the states. She is a stupid person.

  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 3 kun oldin

    Racist mother😁😄😊📞😢

  • Master G
    Master G 3 kun oldin


  • Osvaldo L Valdes
    Osvaldo L Valdes 3 kun oldin


  • Evelyn Sanchez
    Evelyn Sanchez 3 kun oldin

    See America needs more people like her may god bless her

  • Hector Avina
    Hector Avina 3 kun oldin

    Good for you 🤠

  • Lol Person I guess
    Lol Person I guess 3 kun oldin

    Thank u my dad lives in America and speaks Spanish I don’t know why people can harass people to the core

  • Dinè狼 Draven
    Dinè狼 Draven 3 kun oldin

    As a Navajo and working as a landscaping company I had no problem learning Spanish within 2 months to get along with Mexicans or Hispanics. They're good folks and they're really glad that I speak there language. Also I speak 6 different languages.

  • Fredi Alvarado
    Fredi Alvarado 3 kun oldin

    Dios vendiga i guarde a está mujer por defender a los inmigrantes aparte de bonita defensora i con muy buenos sentimientos Dios le vendidiga

  • Jose Savage
    Jose Savage 3 kun oldin

    We need more people like this

  • Davodr Romero
    Davodr Romero 3 kun oldin

    Her parents raised her well she stepped up to my race I am so proud👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Madeline Jaksha
    Madeline Jaksha 3 kun oldin

    this is the only good white woman

  • Neu Street
    Neu Street 3 kun oldin

    she is beautiful inside and out😍😍😍

  • Francisco Salazar
    Francisco Salazar 3 kun oldin +1

    Americans need to speak English !!! Get over it !!!

    • Francisco Salazar
      Francisco Salazar Kun oldin

      It’s not racism if it’s the truth

    • Green
      Green Kun oldin

      Francisco Salazar and you yourself needs to get over being a racist

  • Hernan Martinez
    Hernan Martinez 3 kun oldin

    Preach Camira preach!!!!!!!!

  • Paco Anastacio
    Paco Anastacio 3 kun oldin

    Amo este tipo de mujeres 😘😃

  • Valiant Thor
    Valiant Thor 3 kun oldin

    so she called police because they got bullied? mind your business. she broke no law . freaking do goodders.