Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

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  • Nickolaus Cantor
    Nickolaus Cantor 14 kun oldin +17177

    Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  • TheDuskeyUmbreon64
    TheDuskeyUmbreon64 9 soat oldin

    1:45 lol i have no idea whare bowsette came from Like its just a Powerup i mean srlsy

  • Geo Dude
    Geo Dude 9 soat oldin


  • tiger mask
    tiger mask 10 soat oldin

    dont you think that they wouldnt kill anyone but disqalified or banished

  • Faris Maryam
    Faris Maryam 10 soat oldin +1

    The intro is Morse code

  • samara wagenaar
    samara wagenaar 10 soat oldin

    toadette looks like a mushroom version of peach
    could she be a member of the royal family
    *cough*peach and mario's daughter*cough*
    i mean you said peach could have started out as a mushroom so...
    no regrets

  • Mike Jimenes
    Mike Jimenes 10 soat oldin

    Gett nou off ja you

  • De Derpy Derp
    De Derpy Derp 10 soat oldin

    Matpat, your intro broke again!

  • Rayneworld
    Rayneworld 11 soat oldin +1

    the static sound at the beginning is too much =(

  • carmina carrasco
    carmina carrasco 11 soat oldin

    Sis that weird red thing a clew

  • Terry Reeves
    Terry Reeves 11 soat oldin

    Yoshette... dang that’d be adorable

  • Alairik M
    Alairik M 11 soat oldin

    This is for myself, for inspection 1:24

  • Reimu Hakurei
    Reimu Hakurei 11 soat oldin

    Lolz not gonna happend

  • Auguste Yolo
    Auguste Yolo 11 soat oldin

    Toadette is a girl and she turned into a girl... if bowser put the crown he will become a prince not a princess (thats my theory)

  • Stefan Bentsen
    Stefan Bentsen 11 soat oldin

    Peachette's dress does have wrinklens tho.

  • Kitty Clover
    Kitty Clover 11 soat oldin

    Peach 🍑 is needed to be thrown over
    And get a new queen with kick butt Ninja moves
    The mushroom 🍄 kingdom needs a strong queen
    To protect
    Daisy will win a battle with Peachette
    On her team
    Make them the queens 👸

  • PlatinumMemes
    PlatinumMemes 12 soat oldin

    Hey matpat look at the Nintendo theories playlist guess how many videos there are 64!... as in Mario 64

  • Jasreet Keith
    Jasreet Keith 12 soat oldin

    What about daisy?

  • harlowfucking yourbitch
    harlowfucking yourbitch 12 soat oldin +1

    The intro made me think my phone waw broken I was really gonna cry lmaoo

  • AleemAppleCider YT
    AleemAppleCider YT 12 soat oldin

    MatPat from Game Theory! Ruining your childhood one theory at a time.

  • MSY seyeon
    MSY seyeon 12 soat oldin

    why did i feel like those crowns were on my head

  • ThingsThatGoBomb
    ThingsThatGoBomb 12 soat oldin +1

    tenretni olleh

  • ThingsThatGoBomb
    ThingsThatGoBomb 12 soat oldin +1

    tenretni olleh

  • Carry Me Anego
    Carry Me Anego 13 soat oldin

    just theory.

  • Mobbs
    Mobbs 13 soat oldin

    I'm not sure the eyes would change like that. Could be wrong, blue is a recessive gene, but grey is really blue, with some extra ingredients, collagen I think. Eyes darken with more melanin, but melanin doesn't determine greyness.
    The concept works, Peach not born human, but I'm not sold on them making a new queen. I'd be more inclined to think of Peach as a rare toad exception, the royal blood line. Toads can use the crown, but not fully, only royal blood can lift the curse

  • fishpop
    fishpop 13 soat oldin

    The Queen-Who-Calls-Herself-Princess thing reminds me of Sun-Horse. :P
    I guess she uses the princess title since it makes her seem younger/nicer/more approachable over the queen moniker.

  • Nikolas Camilleri
    Nikolas Camilleri 14 soat oldin

    toad wears a super crown hes toadette
    toadette wears a super crown she peachette
    peachette is the same spieces as peach
    Peach is just a male toad wearing 2 super crown

  • Tom Bull
    Tom Bull 14 soat oldin

    It literally says that everyone in the mushroom Kingdom was turned to mushrooms (+blocks etc.) So that suggests that the crown is returning toadette to her original form.

  • TheAnimaAnimal
    TheAnimaAnimal 15 soat oldin

    Going by popularity the new queen will then be Bowsette I guess.

  • Rofa
    Rofa 16 soat oldin

    This is controversial video

  • Rofa
    Rofa 16 soat oldin


  • ksss2000
    ksss2000 19 soat oldin

    The mushrooms have evolved in to a form that will be protected..

  • Mohn Strudel
    Mohn Strudel 20 soat oldin

    I think the text in the begining resembles a Toad face 🤔

  • Carlos A
    Carlos A 20 soat oldin

    Yeah MatPat but toadette hay grey eyes

  • thomas
    thomas 20 soat oldin

    It gets in your head tha hang on are they wingdings or no

  • Its yo boy namek Boynek
    Its yo boy namek Boynek 21 soat oldin

    Yo bowsette doesnt look like that waluigi is perfect waluigete looks pike a girl that have a mustache

  • Nigiri sushi is SHOOK Oh,hello

    1:23 is it just me or does the shape of the red text look like the crown that toadette wears??????

  • _Skelington_Gaming_
    _Skelington_Gaming_ 21 soat oldin +1

    This is DEEP O-O

  • binary cat
    binary cat 22 soat oldin

    Toadette is a unique character, like Mario, not a type of being like a toad or goomba.

  • Shadow Bunniee
    Shadow Bunniee 22 soat oldin

    Now that wasn’t a very Christian welcoming

  • Sugar Jesus
    Sugar Jesus 22 soat oldin

    okay im just gonna ignore that intro and not spend days solving it...

  • Hayden TCEM
    Hayden TCEM 23 soat oldin +1

    Are you ON mushrooms right now?

  • marioxmariox
    marioxmariox Kun oldin

    If Toads are genderless, then it isn't possible for Toad to turn into a female.

  • Meria Reusser
    Meria Reusser Kun oldin

    I mean princess

  • Meria Reusser
    Meria Reusser Kun oldin

    I dont really get it but what happens if priniss peches faither and mother is a petch?

  • triniscout
    triniscout Kun oldin

    It really hard seeing you try to be funny just stop and do the theory.

  • BLA5T3R Productions

    Y’know with the Princess getting kidnapped every millisecond, how come the Toads haven’t started a revolution?

  • Andrew Green Jr
    Andrew Green Jr Kun oldin

    I was watching this as backcrown noise while i was drawing. get it back crown!

  • Captain Cluckington

    Whats that intro about?

  • cantstandzya
    cantstandzya Kun oldin

    so are toads still humans controlled by mushrooms or are they now be mushrooms?

  • Alexi Aguilar
    Alexi Aguilar Kun oldin

    But what if peach's fathers and their head were just a second crown i mean they look normal like a human and shuldnt they be short? Im confused

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B Kun oldin

    Is the main machine from please don't touch anything connected to the super weapon and Gates holding back monsters is this real!

  • Lisa Jarrell
    Lisa Jarrell Kun oldin

    That moment when you realize luigi and peach got married and had a child

  • 12duzhina12
    12duzhina12 Kun oldin

    What about MattPette

  • Donuttheturtle 2.0
    Donuttheturtle 2.0 Kun oldin

    The intro sucks I didn’t like it

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins Kun oldin

    What is Toadette is an inside agent? Helping bower kidnap Peach over and over again so that she may ascend the throne with Peach now gone. I know that probably isn't the case but I would be interesting to see.

  • gman124309 harris
    gman124309 harris Kun oldin

    Please explain how peaches mom and or dad were killed by peach. Wouldn’t peach have to kill them, plus they both ruled together.

  • fauzan abdillah
    fauzan abdillah Kun oldin

    what is bowsette i think its a meme

    LUIGISONIC fan Kun oldin


  • KUZER2
    KUZER2 Kun oldin

    Did no one at Nintendo think about what they were doing when they created Peachette? Did they *know?* Did they _plan this?_

  • josefina enne
    josefina enne Kun oldin

    You do actually see the king in one of the games, when you are supposed to bring a wand back to him. Two very short cutscenes.
    Super Mario Bros. 1985. NES

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke Kun oldin

    I highly doubt toads can harm anything, nevermind kill it

  • sassytorchic47
    sassytorchic47 Kun oldin

    That is the scariest theory i have heard from you 😨😵😱

  • Nightshady Starly Wish

    Omg lol xD

  • Keith R
    Keith R Kun oldin

    That noise at 0:45 tho

  • BooM Pow
    BooM Pow Kun oldin

    But how does baby peach work then
    And rosalina and daisy

  • wksers serks
    wksers serks Kun oldin

    Toadette is really Cute.

  • Imsoong Rai
    Imsoong Rai Kun oldin

    Wauluigiet is my first wiafu 😍

  • Shanta Carlyon
    Shanta Carlyon Kun oldin

    I watch the video put Bon sweets transformance between browser and Peach it was scary

  • GameNerd607
    GameNerd607 Kun oldin

    wait if peach is a toad then this makes it so peach is actually dead from mario galaxy and peach has doppelganger replacing her, if you don't understand watch the rosalina unmasked theory(s)

  • Cookie is cool
    Cookie is cool Kun oldin

    Wtf this is so funny. It makes me wanna play mario again!

  • burnt f1ames
    burnt f1ames Kun oldin +1

    Now the real question is
    Does the Mario franchises even have a proper lore

  • Ty Cross
    Ty Cross Kun oldin

    She did not sprout crap

  • Ty Cross
    Ty Cross Kun oldin

    Dude when peach was a baby she was just a miniature version of her current self. Like baby mario

  • Hermione Hamilton
    Hermione Hamilton Kun oldin +1


  • Airex001
    Airex001 Kun oldin

    this is so freaking stupid....

  • Gracie Ramirez
    Gracie Ramirez Kun oldin

    is Daisy a baby shroom to then?

  • Tachanka
    Tachanka Kun oldin

    If the Mushroom Kingdom is hive like, why did they have a male ruler before Peach?

  • Cheese Stringz
    Cheese Stringz Kun oldin

    You should try and connect all your Mario theorys together

  • Pekaboo Pikachu_16
    Pekaboo Pikachu_16 Kun oldin

    Matpat Peach's dad ( the mushroom king) dose apere in the games Mario and Luigi back in time, and Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story.

    MR. KID MAD Kun oldin

    I didn't understand nothing

  • Arrun Rashidi
    Arrun Rashidi Kun oldin

    in the intro it says 74 68 65 20 66 69 72 73 74 20 21 i have no clue what that could mean

  • Sofia Braz
    Sofia Braz Kun oldin

    wow yeah long life the new queen

  • Jinny MincraftMaster

    Yup sneak Barry bee in there

  • Howling Din
    Howling Din Kun oldin

    Fans of Nintendo properties put 8 squintillion times the amount of thought into it than Nintendo themselves.

  • LightBulbKing83
    LightBulbKing83 Kun oldin

    But if Toadette needs a super crown or whatever it is(which is a power up)to become the next princess...


  • Paul Master Gaming
    Paul Master Gaming Kun oldin

    What about peacheach

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat Kun oldin +1

    If Bowzette would look like a dinosaur why does toadette not look like a midget danny davido queen?
    Game Theory instantly busted.

  • Otaku Vs. Weeb
    Otaku Vs. Weeb Kun oldin +1

    Oh oh no....

  • Carter Boots
    Carter Boots Kun oldin

    the intro has a text on it with the weird symbols i don't know what they are can someone help because there could be a puzzle they are trying to get us to solve like with the merch they released way back.

  • Dan & Shannon Thomas

    What about MARIO what is he

  • Luc & MC Galarneau
    Luc & MC Galarneau Kun oldin

    yay... a criptic message to start the video...

  • Miles Pollick
    Miles Pollick Kun oldin

    I'm scared now

  • thomas
    thomas Kun oldin

    Ow my ears:()

  • Mass Crisis
    Mass Crisis Kun oldin

    Cringe central

  • Totone Reed Smith
    Totone Reed Smith Kun oldin

    if we follow you, Mario may be just male bees who is trying to make out with the queen for reproduction,they produc red mushroom for toad to become Mario when the queen is ready :D

  • Dancin Penguin
    Dancin Penguin Kun oldin

    Wait what would happen if Peach could put the crown on? Would she turn into her a Toadette?

  • raymond mansisidor
    raymond mansisidor Kun oldin

    I hate that theory

  • Joynel Bonet Delgado

    Great another girl that will friendzone Mario

  • Box For The Odd XD
    Box For The Odd XD Kun oldin +1

    *Can You Do A Theory Of The Mother of Bowser Jr? **-Wink wink-** I mean Peach DOES spend a lot of time There...*