Slay It, Don't Spray It with Gwyneth Paltrow

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  • Olihana Faatali
    Olihana Faatali Soat oldin

    Damm American shows really be stealing asian shows 😂

  • Shrijana.A Limbu
    Shrijana.A Limbu Soat oldin

    Oh she sounds like Miranda sing😂😆

  • Tanvi Puranik
    Tanvi Puranik 2 soat oldin

    Jimmy, that must have hurt Shawn!

  • 26bella_husky
    26bella_husky 2 soat oldin

    I think I could do well at this game 😂 please do more! ♥️

  • Jen HR
    Jen HR 5 soat oldin

    Gwyneth, what you talking about. U sing great.

  • Tomu Reau
    Tomu Reau 5 soat oldin

    Jimmy’s panic attack is me lol @ 5:00

  • Jaden Mathis
    Jaden Mathis 6 soat oldin

    When she started singing 😂

  • alan bang
    alan bang 10 soat oldin

    Casting Couch got me here Mrs Weinstein Lmao🤣😂🤣😂🤣😊.....

  • actualtrash __
    actualtrash __ 11 soat oldin

    manipulate masturbation

  • Sammy Uwu
    Sammy Uwu 15 soat oldin

    She is amazimg, beautiful, nice personily, great vibes, I see what stark saw on you (silly joke sorry xD)
    Amazing actress and person!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Janitha Batagoda
    Janitha Batagoda 16 soat oldin

    She is going to get inspired by this spray mic and going to introduce a product to clean the bum using this spraying mechanism.. and singing.. it is going to be hella expensive too.

  • broom broom
    broom broom 18 soat oldin

    2:57 manipulate masturbation killed me

  • Dragon _Girl
    Dragon _Girl 20 soat oldin


  • Sushant Fotedar
    Sushant Fotedar 23 soat oldin

    "Manipulate masturbation " - WTF !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lavender Stories
    Lavender Stories Kun oldin

    I love that meme song

  • Khyati Jain
    Khyati Jain Kun oldin +4

    Anybody realises that "Say It, Dont Spray It" was Phoebe's dialogue from FRIENDS

  • natalie tiller
    natalie tiller Kun oldin

    "There's nothing holding me back" - Shawn Mendes

  • M Shann
    M Shann Kun oldin

    Jimmys hair looks like a nerd kid in the 50’s who just got a swirly

  • predoc. sefa
    predoc. sefa Kun oldin


  • Big Man
    Big Man Kun oldin +1

    felt bad for her, she's not a singer. but she killed with genie in a bottle. jeez.

    LAURA REDZ Kun oldin


  • mysha khann
    mysha khann Kun oldin

    2:30 Shawn mendes who got excited about the song

  • Iife talk I حديث الحياة

    Lol i love it !! I wish if i can be there 😂

  • d d
    d d Kun oldin

    Fallons show has really moved dangerously close to just plain

  • KoenTalks
    KoenTalks Kun oldin

    Gwyneth Paltrow is a Fraud

  • Umairah Sarah
    Umairah Sarah Kun oldin

    2:55 mAnIpUlAtE mAsTrUbAtIoN

  • Gulfiya Mukhamatdinova

    She is gorgeous!

  • Viktoria Gee
    Viktoria Gee 2 kun oldin

    Oh my gosh, that wasn’t a little mist. That was like a small water pressure hose to the face. Lol

  • Fumi Yama
    Fumi Yama 2 kun oldin

    He is not playing the game right

  • Demian Reith
    Demian Reith 2 kun oldin

    7:22 OK. That one alone, though, is one of the best of this. 😂 I should see Jimmy keep failing at most of it because I know he does and I think it’s funny and I think there should be more of that. 😂

  • Caliboss Nelson
    Caliboss Nelson 2 kun oldin

    This is by far the hardest game on The tonight Show! Really fun to watch tho 😂

  • Johane Almir
    Johane Almir 2 kun oldin


  • dinosaurs eating tomatoes

    2:57 did he say 'manipulate masturbation'?

  • N. RQ
    N. RQ 2 kun oldin

    These idiots who hate on her all the time are likely the same idiot's who vilify Megan Markle. What is so terrible about her? She's had Hollywood boyfriends and is still friends with every single one of them. She met Chris Martin. Married and had kids got a divorce you actually see her with her children instead of always with nannies. She then dated a guy for a long amount of time (5 years) before she remarried. And people hate her because there's a website she started that is geared towards rich people but she's been Rich her whole life. Why would she recommend something from Target if she never really shopped at Target. That would be a lot more false. She has other people who work on her website with her and they also have Imports on what gets recommended. And she's never said anything bad about anyone. You can Google to your heart's content and you'll never hear her say anything bad or backstabbing anyone but they hate her. Because that's how they'll treat women in this world. See same people who hate are probably happily watch the NFL and dance to Chris Brown songs like it's no big deal. They're going to hate this girl for no reason at all...smh

  • Mao Kuribayashi
    Mao Kuribayashi 2 kun oldin

    I'm just so mad at Jimmy for missing there's nothing holding me back

  • Tree Toxic
    Tree Toxic 2 kun oldin

    "manipulate masturbations" lmao im dying

  • Piper Hamilton
    Piper Hamilton 3 kun oldin

    ok please tell me in not the only one that heard Jimmy say *manipulate masturbation* 😂😂

  • Chaitanya Tewari
    Chaitanya Tewari 3 kun oldin

    Did not know gwnetyh could sing so great. Another talent 😊😊😊😊😊thats great

  • kit_kat
    kit_kat 3 kun oldin

    jimmy was transformed into tom arnold

  • liliana lucho
    liliana lucho 3 kun oldin +1

    2:30 shawn mendeeeees!!
    Lo amoooo
    Supuse que estaría por eso lo puse, instinto de mendes army XD
    2:59 no manches no se la sabe!!!
    Jajajaja mejor yo la canto y mejor que jimmy XD
    Manipulate masturbation jajajajajaja

  • Geometry Dash Smilez
    Geometry Dash Smilez 3 kun oldin

    2:57 what xD

  • cynthia edwards
    cynthia edwards 3 kun oldin

    Actually Gweneth is a good singer! Check out her and Huey Louis’ song

  • iluv arcticmonkeys
    iluv arcticmonkeys 3 kun oldin

    How come they don’t know aaaany of these songs like I know them by heart

  • Patsy Hooker
    Patsy Hooker 3 kun oldin

    Gwyneth is a good sport. No way I would d that

  • Twerking Styles
    Twerking Styles 3 kun oldin

    Damn, she can sing and she's so modest about it hahah. Loved it like I loved your voice

  • Kshitij Banerjee
    Kshitij Banerjee 3 kun oldin

    OMG😂😂 0:43

  • Noreen Donovan
    Noreen Donovan 3 kun oldin


  • Hui Seng Lau
    Hui Seng Lau 4 kun oldin +1

    7:20 Hey Ya

  • RenRen Jamskookie
    RenRen Jamskookie 4 kun oldin +1

    I don't understand why ppl hate on her, I love her

  • Sketcher Lays
    Sketcher Lays 4 kun oldin

    My sister's name is Gwyneth.

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 4 kun oldin

    Shaaawnieeee i knew iittt hahahaha

  • Татьяна Белькова

    That's so funny 😅

  • Lacie White
    Lacie White 4 kun oldin

    I would slay every single sing if I was playing that with Jimmy

  • VC Creative
    VC Creative 4 kun oldin

    Now I seriously think that name of the game should be SLAYED and SPRAYED. :)

  • Abigail Davis
    Abigail Davis 4 kun oldin

    Tony: "I'm going to die out here."
    Pepper: "I'M A GENIE IN A BOTTLE!"

  • Lisenka Lisenka
    Lisenka Lisenka 4 kun oldin


  • Nati Garcia
    Nati Garcia 4 kun oldin

    "Manipulate... Masturbation" I DIEDDD

  • Abigail Salyer
    Abigail Salyer 4 kun oldin

    Manipulate masturbation 😂

  • Kayla May
    Kayla May 4 kun oldin

    She should have sang Forget You like she did on Glee

  • Rafael E. Nunes
    Rafael E. Nunes 4 kun oldin


  • Reem Matersin
    Reem Matersin 4 kun oldin

    4:40 it went off before he hit the button

  • Rosio TOPP
    Rosio TOPP 4 kun oldin

    "Manipulate Masterbation, Baby! There's Nothing Holding Me Back!"

  • mary xtae
    mary xtae 4 kun oldin +1

    She literally slayed gennie in a bottle.⚡⚡

  • hospitalcakewalk
    hospitalcakewalk 5 kun oldin

    She can't sing

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish 5 kun oldin

    inez Qtaish is apostle sent of One Allah speaking to the people in united states America, inez Qtaish is saying " bitch if your bad step up to Inez Qtaish and get your ass knocked back down, quit talking shit, all people in the world knows , all people will feel what inez Qtaish feel, inez Qtaish fall everybody will fall, if inez Qtaish die, the world and the people will end, dumb , weak motherfuckers.scared to fight against evildoers and stand for truth to get justice, inez Qtaish is warning the united states America people who refuse to fight for the truth, no help will the united states America receive no help, evildoing, selfish, money hungry, corrupted half naked lying ass wig wearing, old crunch up, low self esteem, Deaf, blind, weak bitch motherfuckers.

  • Z 18
    Z 18 5 kun oldin

    I forgot that she was actually in glee

  • Spud
    Spud 5 kun oldin

    A wet Jimmy in glasses looks like Clark Kent 👓

  • Lexilovescheese
    Lexilovescheese 5 kun oldin


  • MJade
    MJade 5 kun oldin


  • P B
    P B 5 kun oldin

    She was a good sport for doing that

  • Nusrat Supti
    Nusrat Supti 5 kun oldin

    So miss Potts survived infinity war!! 😂

  • Luis
    Luis 5 kun oldin

    These “actors” are nothing but AntiChrist Globalist Cabal Beastial Avatars.

  • Sophia V
    Sophia V 5 kun oldin +1

    I miss Shawn 🤔😂

  • Marie S.
    Marie S. 5 kun oldin

    Wie konnte sie ntltc nicht können ich liebe ariana

  • Wizard Suth
    Wizard Suth 5 kun oldin

    I've never heard of any of these songs. The only artist whose name I recognized was Ariana Grande, and I'm not familiar with anything she's written. Apparently neither Paltrow not Fallon knew the lyrics to any of these songs either.
    Perhaps they should have tried songs that people actually know. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody go by, but unfortunately it didn't come up.

  • juli ignacio
    juli ignacio 5 kun oldin

    oh okay, let's appreciate gwyneth for just a moment. she is absolutely stunning 💘

  • Tiffo ism
    Tiffo ism 5 kun oldin

    I wish their duet was Cruisin lol

  • suman rajesh
    suman rajesh 6 kun oldin +1

    Jimmy is always the one to say that he knew the lyrics and messes it up later😂

  • Maeve Melenius
    Maeve Melenius 6 kun oldin

    Nothing bringing her back when she has put peoples health at risk. Sorry. Used to love her but no.

  • K Na
    K Na 6 kun oldin

    Lol she’s so mad her makeups coming off.

  • Nicole Alexander
    Nicole Alexander 6 kun oldin


  • Jacky Yip
    Jacky Yip 6 kun oldin

    Why is Jim such an awkward twitchy studdering little weasel, it makes me uncomfortable just to watch him, never again will i watch him in anything.

  • Alyah M.
    Alyah M. 6 kun oldin

    Soo I watched this with my ear buds on and started dieting out loud and everyone in the room was so confused (I’m known as the shy kid at school >_

  • Joe Sanders
    Joe Sanders 6 kun oldin

    She can kinda sing...

  • Joe Sanders
    Joe Sanders 6 kun oldin

    Damn that thing SPRAYS 💀

  • Eileen Brown
    Eileen Brown 6 kun oldin +1

    Gwen has a decent voice. Who knew? The dress is beautiful.

  • Sarcasm ._.
    Sarcasm ._. 6 kun oldin

    i got the shawn mendes one

  • Kiki Chan
    Kiki Chan 6 kun oldin +1

    Sorry Jim good night at least

  • Abr B
    Abr B 6 kun oldin

    4:02 oh my god her voice!!!!!!😭💜💜

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 6 kun oldin

    I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off with the "LET ME FIGURE IT OUT" part 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Júnior
    Daniel Júnior 6 kun oldin

    Why didn't have slow motion for Jimmy?

  • Brianna P
    Brianna P 6 kun oldin

    I want to see this with Demi Lovato.

  • Oona Hiltunen
    Oona Hiltunen 6 kun oldin +1

    2:57 😂 manipulate masturbation

  • Maria Schoenecker
    Maria Schoenecker 6 kun oldin

    lol these games they come up with

  • Xx Emma xX
    Xx Emma xX 6 kun oldin +5

    Do this with Ariana Grande

  • Nachoo Arambo
    Nachoo Arambo 6 kun oldin

    These games are sooo fake! everybody can feel that teleprompter in front of them... and the yellow lyrics?

  • Pete Metts
    Pete Metts 6 kun oldin

    The tonight show with drew carey

  • Tayli Morgan
    Tayli Morgan 6 kun oldin

    I’m so disappointed in jimmy for not knowing the Shawn Mendes song

  • Kimberly S.D.
    Kimberly S.D. 6 kun oldin

    Why does Jimmy kinda look like Austin Powers with those glasses on??