I Made A Girl Cry 😇

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  • Joylandi 30-Noy, 2016
  • How did that happen?!
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  • amber junkins
    amber junkins 22 soat oldin

    # save the cookies lol

  • corby olson
    corby olson 5 kun oldin

    Says it 5:58 clock says 5 59

  • sgt.Peppers
    sgt.Peppers 9 kun oldin

    The cartoons and live video reminds me of who framed Roger Rabit.😅

  • Treeko Tracers
    Treeko Tracers 10 kun oldin

    Goldfish on the table.

  • Krish Karthic
    Krish Karthic 12 kun oldin

    Whats your number

  • Eduardo Beato
    Eduardo Beato 14 kun oldin

    D7gheuwdugwudwgxyva {D7gheuwdugwudwgxyvaUgzvqsuyvdaisygxw iabxihqsciuasncajhcp8ahcaodh8xi9axmlipapeqkscblueq lizckz cjdhfbdnsndnfjdjscjdjcdjdn
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    Xbox khbzdfiugdaoucgasoufgasoufgdakufgdakufgwdkuadkhfdaoufgwdifgdsivgRivage

  • Eduardo Beato
    Eduardo Beato 14 kun oldin

    Jgdjggdkydjgdjgejydjythdjtdjhtsjdh#&$*%'*/$*%$*^$*^$*^$*$%*$*^$*^*$*$*^$*%*%%€÷€=÷÷5€5÷!!^&!!!;::/*$€%$€%'😯😯😡😈☺😇☺😇😆😇😆😡hvsakqqeulghfufshfsufdutdhfxjtdjgjtxhfdjvdjgdjgdjcjcjgdjgcgj&/'&$€%€%$€%"=€€%_//€'€=$&/$€€/&="€"%€&$&/&/&/€%€/*"* & &" "&&/'€$&,",-?#_/'€%$€%$£_"€/'€/^😢⛎⛎⛎😟 €/'/&€/'&"&/'€/'/&*^'/€'&$_$'^$yd^$$😬^$👚'_$😯😯😯😈😡&$😡😡&$€%'€xixjgxfuxutxfjxuxufxgjchf&/'*^'*^"*^"*^"*"*"*/$*/"&/'&'*^"£%$xjcjgtjxgjxudfxjgdidtjditdididutsutdutsursrusutxitxjgcjtxudtuxursurursursursufhfduxudurxyrd5yftydtd

  • Kawii Queen
    Kawii Queen 21 kun oldin +1

    Wheres the 2019 squad!!! 🤘

  • George Washington
    George Washington 21 kun oldin

    I punched a girl because she hit me i knonked her out she should of seen that

  • Isla Williamson
    Isla Williamson 22 kun oldin

    I’m your biggest fan Alex

  • Andrew Perez
    Andrew Perez Oy oldin

    When u say it's five fifty eight when it's actually five fifty nine (0:30)

  • Scratch X
    Scratch X Oy oldin

    2019 comment :)

  • IndigoWolf Soul
    IndigoWolf Soul Oy oldin

    I might buy a ticket for one of your shows here in Texas...hopefully

  • Josiah Hillman
    Josiah Hillman Oy oldin

    Any time I think about judging you It makes me happy you are always just yourself.
    This is just who you are and I'm totally okay with it. You're goofy and all that but the content is quality.

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green Oy oldin

    I live in sc

  • Jackson Johnson
    Jackson Johnson Oy oldin

    Sorry 2019

  • Jackson Johnson
    Jackson Johnson Oy oldin


  • greenlightning dragon

    And I am a kid

  • greenlightning dragon

    I wake up at 4:00 every day

  • Tiffany Ito
    Tiffany Ito Oy oldin

    Where the 2019 squad at?🥳

  • SuperVixen5
    SuperVixen5 Oy oldin

    Girl are WEIRD

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez Oy oldin

    We have been there we want swimming there but there a other way there too

  • Fex12 TR
    Fex12 TR Oy oldin

    Some Weird Guy Here At 0:28...

    WHERES IT!!?!!?!?!!??!!???!?!? 0:37

    THE SWORD GAMEZ!!! 2 oy oldin +1

    Can you make a video with your sister teaching us how to do pranks

  • Turkey Hunter
    Turkey Hunter 2 oy oldin

    But I don't see any girl crying

    LARA JANE BOUSSEAU 2 oy oldin +1

    Poor cookie...

  • the besturtle420
    the besturtle420 2 oy oldin

    Are you at the state fair at new mixico😕😕

  • Kawaii unicorn Lover
    Kawaii unicorn Lover 2 oy oldin +2

    The glasses tho 😂😂

  • Allison Hilaire
    Allison Hilaire 2 oy oldin

    Actually 5:59

  • Jaylen Henne
    Jaylen Henne 3 oy oldin +1

    You think 6 is early
    I wake up at 5 every morning for school and go to bed at 11pm
    I'm still in middle school

  • Jpp Garcia
    Jpp Garcia 3 oy oldin +1

    Alex clark : a #** meany

  • Brendon Hoke
    Brendon Hoke 3 oy oldin

    Alex I think we all have

  • ASchmitt 48
    ASchmitt 48 3 oy oldin

    My favorite part is when he is jumping to the bacon

  • Venice villarin
    Venice villarin 3 oy oldin

    Zorgo diefuse 5:20

  • Gareth Mavin
    Gareth Mavin 3 oy oldin

    Tell everyone to write zorgo diffused and the current Time there watching to save your channel

  • Gareth Mavin
    Gareth Mavin 3 oy oldin

    Zorgo diffused 13:31

  • mike kim
    mike kim 3 oy oldin

    5:58AM you say?

  • Parker Bobere
    Parker Bobere 3 oy oldin

    what do you use to edit???

  • Eggtoenail123
    Eggtoenail123 3 oy oldin


  • CJ
    CJ 3 oy oldin

    Yes the 4h buildings are the best but now they have kids run it like me:-)

  • CJ
    CJ 3 oy oldin

    It's 5:59 couldn't u just say 6 witch is really not that early

  • Jack Wheet
    Jack Wheet 3 oy oldin

    You KNOW she flipped when she saw that you put her in a vid.😂

  • Essa Siddiqui
    Essa Siddiqui 4 oy oldin

    0:33 He lied to us....

  • the blue eyed youtuber

    I'm a bigger fan and respond because your nice and well your just cool

  • badass and the babes

    anyone still watching in October 2018

  • Savage Princess
    Savage Princess 4 oy oldin +4

    Title: I made a Girl cry.

    Me: haven't we all?

    • 4EverVictorious
      4EverVictorious 2 oy oldin

      Haha so many crying girls everywhere...!
      I feel so powerful.
      No but seriously girls are just too easy to make cry, like I have probably cried as much as I have made others cry(a lot)

    • AimbotSiLyGoOsE
      AimbotSiLyGoOsE 2 oy oldin

      Lol I rejected a girl and she cried

    • Draw Matic
      Draw Matic 4 oy oldin +1


  • Waterellen 1234
    Waterellen 1234 4 oy oldin +1

    I WAS AT THAT FAIR GOSH DARNIT I live in South Carolina 😂😄😶🙁😥

  • My Italian cousin Is American

    Are you going to the SC state fair this year I am going Tuesday.

  • My Italian cousin Is American

    are you ever going t go back to Columbia? I just moved her and just saw this video and would love to se a live show or see you somewhere. -IT'S REESE

  • Naturally Loachy
    Naturally Loachy 4 oy oldin +1


  • William Seery
    William Seery 4 oy oldin

    You lied you said it was 5:58 when it really was 5:59

  • Ber_ Nano
    Ber_ Nano 4 oy oldin

    10 45:12

  • Ber_ Nano
    Ber_ Nano 4 oy oldin


  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor 4 oy oldin

    0:38 continuity error

  • Cattt Woops
    Cattt Woops 4 oy oldin


  • Aiden Rock
    Aiden Rock 4 oy oldin

    Was that at the big e

  • Hector Guerra
    Hector Guerra 4 oy oldin

    In second grade now I am in 4th grade

  • Hector Guerra
    Hector Guerra 4 oy oldin

    In school

  • Hector Guerra
    Hector Guerra 4 oy oldin

    I made a girl cry to we were talking mean things about us

  • Phyro Eyhe
    Phyro Eyhe 4 oy oldin +1

    I’m watching this at 10:30

  • Kirra's Channel
    Kirra's Channel 4 oy oldin


  • Octavia Jinxy
    Octavia Jinxy 4 oy oldin

    I wake up at 4am... Don't judge and I don't understand how your tired.

  • London life time
    London life time 4 oy oldin +1

    yo you made a girl cry why

  • Will Koss
    Will Koss 4 oy oldin

    come back to sc pls I missed you then but pls come again

  • Greenblade
    Greenblade 4 oy oldin


  • te a
    te a 4 oy oldin

    Wow. Noice

  • Danielle Hernandez
    Danielle Hernandez 4 oy oldin

    UZclip is a job SON!

  • Zain Purkiss
    Zain Purkiss 4 oy oldin

    2019 anyone

  • KAyden Powell
    KAyden Powell 4 oy oldin


    BLACK REBEL 4 oy oldin

    O hellllllll naw am bigest fan. am only one fan in georgia

  • The Ravager
    The Ravager 4 oy oldin +1

    Wait hold up is u in South America cuz u said Columbia and that's is in South America

  • Izaura Amos
    Izaura Amos 4 oy oldin

    *wears sunglasses, still dark outside*

  • Valle Beast
    Valle Beast 4 oy oldin

    Sweden hej

  • Galaxy YT
    Galaxy YT 5 oy oldin


  • kace_ gacha
    kace_ gacha 5 oy oldin

    this must have token millions of hours to edit..

  • Sassyclaws
    Sassyclaws 5 oy oldin

    6:03 thumbnail girl crying

  • kaleb horvath
    kaleb horvath 5 oy oldin

    Lol 5:58 - "it's really early"

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price 5 oy oldin +1

    The cookie animated was the best ever

  • MosangCookieChan
    MosangCookieChan 5 oy oldin

    Dude why where you werring sunglasses in the dark😑😑😑😑

  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay 5 oy oldin +1

    You look up to early

  • Incogyeeto
    Incogyeeto 5 oy oldin

    *GET A REAL JOB SON* XD everyone spam this

  • Djpuppy 109
    Djpuppy 109 5 oy oldin

    Me too it was when i was trying to "show of my basketball skills"😂

    I hit her in the head with the basketball (i said sorry ok 👌🏻)

  • JLB Destroyer
    JLB Destroyer 5 oy oldin


  • #internettroll I trigger people

    It was -5:59- !!!

  • #internettroll I trigger people

    "I made girl cry " he put a smiley face
    Jeff: hey UZclip I made a girl cry ( he tortured her) 😇
    Moral of the story his sentence can be used many ways
    Me:I made a girl cry (from my hotness)😎

  • Captain Eggroll
    Captain Eggroll 5 oy oldin +2

    2018 anyine

  • Star Lights girls
    Star Lights girls 5 oy oldin


  • Birch Animations
    Birch Animations 5 oy oldin +1

    Laurens is also in South Carolina
    Edit: redefining bravery

    • Waterellen 1234
      Waterellen 1234 4 oy oldin


  • Jugeyeong Lim X Suho Lee

    2:42 if your havin a bad day..

  • Dulce's World
    Dulce's World 5 oy oldin

    Love u Alex !!😘😘

  • RandomKitty Gamer
    RandomKitty Gamer 5 oy oldin

    2:37, thats not any bug...thats a centipede or a millipede lol

  • Jasbir Jassal
    Jasbir Jassal 5 oy oldin

    Did you here the crickets

  • Kiki Bell
    Kiki Bell 5 oy oldin

    I make girls I call sister cry all the time

  • Mr . Megasis Mature
    Mr . Megasis Mature 6 oy oldin

    Why should I subscribe to you I want a good reason

  • The Butt Goblin
    The Butt Goblin 6 oy oldin +1

    I still don’t get what he was showing at the very end tbh

  • Budge Lighte
    Budge Lighte 6 oy oldin +20

    Me in Australia: 75 degree's mate? You should be hiding in your freezer that’s what not going for a run. Oh he means farenheight... cheers mate.

    • Ari A.
      Ari A. Oy oldin


    • Alexis le chat YT
      Alexis le chat YT 3 oy oldin

      Yea a can imagine that “mate“ oh boiiiiii it’s hot at lazarbeam state

  • Ray
    Ray 6 oy oldin

    What was the site called for cheap cables? Mono something?

  • Bendys Channle
    Bendys Channle 6 oy oldin

    Actually it's 5:59 😐

  • Tiffany Pyper
    Tiffany Pyper 6 oy oldin +1

    Mistakes:Sin counter:0 0:30 You see A homeless man right? 0:37 HE'S GONE!! Sin counter:1 0:31 He says "It is 5:58 in the morning" He shows the camera AND IT'S 5:59!!!!

  • Tom Cast
    Tom Cast 6 oy oldin

    Not as good as the ekka 😏😄(Brisbane Australia)