A House with a Pin in it's Balls

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    Jack black in gaming commercial when he was a kid

  • Chris The Little Guy

    who disliked this?

  • scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

    I think jack black is studying pewdiepie nobody else ssays ice review jack its. meme review I an on the interntane all the time if you need help I could love you jack lol hahahahahajsjhs hahhahah dude play resdeint evil 7 man its fun

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    The God Emperor requests a subscribe to Pewdiepie episode.

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    When are we gonna get a subscribe to Pewdiepie episode?

  • James Beatley
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    We need a subscribe to Pewdiepie episode.

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    Do meme review with pewdiepie

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    We need a subscribe to Pewdiepie episode.

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    who else saw that 7 11 sign? lol

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    Jackblack is cool and Sam

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    Jablinski is the future, I am the jable

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    0:02 You want a Jack Black Time?

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    Host meme review 👌🏻

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    Okay..... THIS IS EPIC

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    ice review

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    Whos here from the official podcast

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    oh you look a lot like the dude in school of rock

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    why am i watching this

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    That Beard though...😂

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    Now THAT is a beard

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    Your son is pretty great with the camera, no joke.

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    Mother father

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    You are my favorite boy

  • Every day We stray further from god

    I can’t help but how wholesome this channel is

  • Every day We stray further from god

    Yes jablinski yes

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    I was literally here three days before this

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    Love it. LOve it. LOVE it. Your Son is AwESOME!!! Power to him who holds the Blacksack ransom :))

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    Jack Black is officially an crazy old man. Love it.

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    Been there - It is AWESOME!

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    Why does he sound like all the random voices in my head

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    So that's a gaming

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    sammy reppin that h3h3 merch

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    Jack Black is the only gamer

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    Jb needs a shave

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    Any idea where to find the intro tune at 0:20 ? Searched everywhere and nothing

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    This makes me so happy

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    Jack black makes me cringe and laugh at the same time

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    I LOVE PINBALL GAMES. Also, I love your movie work

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    Hello I love all your vids. I'm a new you-tuber that is making an environmental enclosure
    for mice. I will then make the human world around them disappear.
    They will be in a Matrix-ed world that I control. Just like Humans
    developed over millions of year and so shall I modulate such
    intelligence and consciousness. Thanks fan for life you are an inspiration when people talk down too me.

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    Why does this man make me so happy? Can't stop smiling and laughing

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    I was hoping to see Jack Black get into a scuffle outside the pinball centre.

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    you need to play starcitizen!

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  • Ian Halterman
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    Holy shit he was in Vegas for this. I’ve been there like 50 times, I recognize all of these.

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    Jack Black Is no more... All the world has now Is Jablinski.

  • jomoises
    jomoises 3 kun oldin

    Thanks to this video I checked that place out last night. Pretty cool place.

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    Pewdiepie WHO???

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    *A house with a pin in it's balls*

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    That's such a cool intro

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    I wonder when's jacks new movie

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    Jack Black's kid is wearing Teddy Fresh hahaha nice!

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    Play Brutal Legend!

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    Oh yeah yeah, we are going to be everywhere and there is no stopping it

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    he knows his memes :D

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    You’re the only person who’s beard hair I would eat as spaghetti. 🍝

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    *_G A M I N G_*

  • Moe Sizlak
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    How epic would it be, if JB would start up a pinball arcade and call it "Jable's Tables"?

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  • claire
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    jack black will defeat thanos.

  • Febin K Dominic
    Febin K Dominic 3 kun oldin

    2016 Rewind: Rock
    2018 Rewind: Will Smith
    2019 Rewind: Jack Black
    Lets just hope that it's better than this year... like waaaaaaaaa(x13M)y better. Also pewdiepie.

  • Eli Soder-Montalvo
    Eli Soder-Montalvo 3 kun oldin

    what do you think sammy HAHAH

  • Brain
    Brain 3 kun oldin +1

    You are a hairy clown that isn't funny. Do your kid a favor and have him get a real job! Handing him over a boosted UZclip channel will only set him back! You have a small base of fans and they don't care about your kid. Your kid sucks at video games anyway! Hopefully this channel loses subs as fast as it gained them!

    • Reacting Maniac
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      Brain your stupid and you should stop hating on the poor guy

  • Kratos Aurion Plays
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    Is Jack Black the fastest youtuber to reach 3 million subscribers from 0? XD

    WAKE UP ALREADY 3 kun oldin

    I’m hoping you start playing ps4

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    Your beard is badass

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    Well, I wanna go to Las Vegas now.

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    Oh ok

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    I can't tell if your gay or not. it seems like you are but I still can't tell..(no homo)

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    Oh yeah yeah


  • BoyButter229
    BoyButter229 4 kun oldin

    Oh yeah yeah


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    Oh yeah yeah

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  • Dinkleberg™
    Dinkleberg™ 4 kun oldin

    Jack Black putting Nacho Libre references in his videos... I knew this was special

  • Synderblock
    Synderblock 4 kun oldin

    This so pretty neat, I'm ecstatic to see a pinball machines from that far back still working!! I gotta go check it out frfr!

  • River Knox
    River Knox 4 kun oldin

    Omg I’m so excite I’m tuning in every Friday

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  • EcnalKcin
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    I like how he referenced the Will Smith UZclip rewind meme.

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    43 bumper stickers and a YOLO license plate \,,/ :D \,,/

  • Deadeth Memeth
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    1:16 you’re welcome

  • Carson O'Donnell
    Carson O'Donnell 4 kun oldin

    Pinball Hall of Fame?! I’ve bean their

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  • NipSlick
    NipSlick 4 kun oldin

    You're just the best, always loved you so much Jack, always funny, keep up the good work and let the games begin...🤘

  • Adhem _ أدهم
    Adhem _ أدهم 4 kun oldin

    This 7 Time I watch it 😂😂

  • The Goddess Of Puns
    The Goddess Of Puns 4 kun oldin +1

    Oh god the commentary is too much cringe. But at least it’s a little bit funny

  • Zenk Knez
    Zenk Knez 4 kun oldin

    Jack is like a stereotypical “cool uncle”

  • Denboy Denboy
    Denboy Denboy 4 kun oldin

    I’ve been watching for 4 years

  • Kevin Cook
    Kevin Cook 4 kun oldin

    There's a lot of woooosh in this comment section.

  • Sparky Marie
    Sparky Marie 4 kun oldin

    Jack Black is here to rescue UZclip

  • Justin Severns
    Justin Severns 4 kun oldin

    I wish Jack Black was my dad, like so bad.

  • John Sandypoint
    John Sandypoint 4 kun oldin

    Jackie blacko u still got it, keep it regadigeling

  • Comtex
    Comtex 4 kun oldin +1

    like dines drivers and drives and diners and drivings and drive ins

  • Prudence Amsden
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  • SinO'Slothful Despair
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    The house with ligma in its balls