Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!)

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  • Joylandi 12-Sen, 2017
  • Last round, my efforts to recreate the fabled McDonald's Szechuan Sauce were wild, flailing shots in the dark, pathetic and meager attempts to recreate a long-lost condiment out of scanty information and back-alley sources. But now, thanks to a very kind man named David Wasman, I have procured a sample of the genuine article. Follow along this week as we make a rendition of Szechuan Sauce near-identical to the Mulan-inspired goop from 1998. And make some wannabe Chicken McNuggets while we're at it.
    Special thanks to David Wasman for the sauce sample - you can buy the rest of it here at his ebay listing:
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  • Ian Brouwer
    Ian Brouwer 4 soat oldin

    Vodka nuggets? Dope

  • Patrick Mella
    Patrick Mella 11 soat oldin

    10 for 5 cents 😂

  • Parafron
    Parafron 2 kun oldin

    2:34 crafting with babish

  • Noah Toe-ah
    Noah Toe-ah 2 kun oldin

    I got the sauce from McDonalds. Not terrible.
    Fun meme while it was going on.

  • Me_No_Spek_Ingrish
    Me_No_Spek_Ingrish 2 kun oldin

    Hey he asked a black dude to taste his chicken, he knows the stuff

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead 4 kun oldin +1

    He calls his "friend" over...
    Obviously this friend has a low iq so that he can hide his massive Iq brainwaves from the government...

  • Mystik Cyan
    Mystik Cyan 4 kun oldin

    Got a sauce AND nugget recipe. Lets get it

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  • Hyper crew/austinplayz

    My favorite McDonalds nugget size is root

  • Pudgyplumber
    Pudgyplumber 4 kun oldin

    "Just go out and buy some Chicken McNuggets, they're like 10 for 5 cents"
    I wish, here in Canada 10 nuggets cost 8 bucks.

  • Dehan Wijesinghe
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    Suddenly a portal appear.

  • Burglar Games
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    Rick wants to know your location

  • Trevor Cook
    Trevor Cook 5 kun oldin +1

    rip, when you batter something like that you have to let it rest for at least 5 minutes before frying

  • Adrian Wisniewski
    Adrian Wisniewski 6 kun oldin

    He added vodka to chicken nuggets!!!!!!!

  • andy garcia
    andy garcia 7 kun oldin


    RuSsIa WaNtS To kNoW YoUr LoCaTiOn

  • Niro Racoon
    Niro Racoon 8 kun oldin

    Oh the irony, he called the black dude to check out which sauce goes better with chicken nuggets

  • Zoe Doggo
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  • gausm warhole
    gausm warhole 9 kun oldin +1

    Ok is this sauce the classic sugar chinese sauce? Cuz it's still sold in McDonald's here in france... Its the best fucking sauce

  • 573r340 L1f3
    573r340 L1f3 9 kun oldin

    I had szechuan sauce it tastes like bbq, ketchup and a little bit of honey mustard to me.

  • airognol salocin
    airognol salocin 11 kun oldin

    You're a chicken patty patty cake

  • Sheldoggg Kaglik
    Sheldoggg Kaglik 11 kun oldin

    “5 cents for 10 McNuggets”
    Easy to say when you average 2 million views per video

  • Gecko 1993
    Gecko 1993 11 kun oldin

    That’s sweet. A fan donated you Szechuan Sauce after winning it?! If that isn’t generosity, I don’t know what is!

  • Anxietyprimev69
    Anxietyprimev69 12 kun oldin

    Ladies, gentlemen, and all you non-binary folk, I present to you the reason why we haven’t committed mass suicide yet.

  • Random_ Boi
    Random_ Boi 13 kun oldin

    Ah. The Szechuan Sauce,The Sauce Everyone Remembers During The First 2000s.
    When It Came Back In My Country,My Cousins And My Mother Tasted It Last Year,The Taste Was,Very Spicy They Said,If You’ve Tasted It,Tell Me How Was The Original Taste.

  • Skain
    Skain 13 kun oldin

    Is this Binging with Babish or Art Attack wait a sec

  • Claire West
    Claire West 15 kun oldin +1

    Looks like sweet and sour sauce from McDonald's Australia
    Someone compare this it looks the same

  • Mulan Mcnugget Szechuan Sauce

    I don't know how I should feel about this.

  • Chhant
    Chhant 17 kun oldin

    5:44 He DoubleDipped !!!!

  • Archive
    Archive 17 kun oldin

    Some kid at my school brought 100 packs of this not even lying

  • Samar Adhikari
    Samar Adhikari 18 kun oldin

    Instructions unclear, added Szechuan pepper in the sauce.

  • JustKonga
    JustKonga 18 kun oldin

    somebody needs to show this video to Rick

  • Travis McCutchan
    Travis McCutchan 18 kun oldin

    No way in hell I would eat sauce sent to me in some dudes Tupperware container. He could’ve pissed in that shit.

  • Soviet Guy
    Soviet Guy 20 kun oldin

    The nuggets have vodka.

  • Your Lord Kermit
    Your Lord Kermit 21 kun oldin +1

    *Rick entered the chat*

  • Y-P-One
    Y-P-One 24 kun oldin

    Made out of chicken skin... This is one resone why not eating Macdonald

  • DisneyGuy80
    DisneyGuy80 25 kun oldin

    How to make money:

  • DrummerXero626
    DrummerXero626 26 kun oldin

    So did you add the liquefied chicken skin to the batter or the ground chicken?

  • Pleskavica
    Pleskavica 26 kun oldin +1

    4:29 *TwO sHoTs Of VoDkA*

  • Sibéal Meehan
    Sibéal Meehan 27 kun oldin

    Yeast extract can also be referring to msg

  • Joseph
    Joseph 27 kun oldin +2

    How do you know these fun facts about 20 year old McDonald's chicken nugget recipes

  • John
    John 27 kun oldin

    Aww shit Babish is getting schwifty!!

  • Jordan Sweet
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    Have you Evan seen rick and morty?!?!?

  • LordOfGnomes
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    That guy is the luckiest roommate ever damn

  • yunmi
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    Who's here after Being with Babish?

  • Harley H
    Harley H 28 kun oldin +5

    Seeing this after watching being with babish really puts things into perspective. i‘m so proud of u and that u still pushed urself to make this great great great episode.

  • The Oneabove
    The Oneabove 29 kun oldin

    alcoholic chicken nuggets

  • billybob the fan
    billybob the fan 29 kun oldin

    They have this sauce in Japan all the time

  • Jason King
    Jason King 29 kun oldin

    Dude... thank you so much for not giving up.

  • Haleigh McElroy
    Haleigh McElroy 29 kun oldin

    I’m legit going to make all four recipes you’ve posted. I’ve never had the sauce but I’m excited to make my own now.

  • Nathan Muschinske
    Nathan Muschinske Oy oldin +1

    4:34 i thought he said black powder, oh boy

  • Aidan Rogers
    Aidan Rogers Oy oldin

    You can make it it’s great!!!

  • Parker Chen
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    Who else is here from his being with babish series

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    Zahra Ramirez Oy oldin +35

    Comming back from his most current video (at the time) you can kinda hear the broken heart in him

    • Zahra Ramirez
      Zahra Ramirez 11 kun oldin

      He just talked about how right before this video he had gotten his heart broken, in his first "Being with Babish"

    • Villalosers
      Villalosers 11 kun oldin

      Zahra Ramirez What happened in his current video?

    • jbe tfifty
      jbe tfifty 11 kun oldin

      What happened?

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    Creamy Sriracha from Wenders?

  • salsabilaa
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    Came back to this video after watching Being With Babish. I’m crying.

    • Jackson Joseph
      Jackson Joseph 18 kun oldin +7

      aria t - his girlfriend broke up with him before this video and it was a really rough time for him. He wasn't going to make the video and probably forego making videos in general, but he remembered he had the sauce in his fridge so he pushed on and it helped him become successful and move on.

    • Dizzy 034
      Dizzy 034 20 kun oldin +1

      Same 🙈

      SUPER BUNNY 21 kun oldin

      +aria t Because there was a lot of emotion behind this episode.

    • aria t
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      SUPER BUNNY 22 kun oldin

      yup me too

  • PointAndPurpose
    PointAndPurpose Oy oldin +129

    who's here after the being with babish episode?

    • Walker Riley
      Walker Riley 24 kun oldin +1

      +rafael rios Go watch it. It's great, heartwarming, feels, etc. And they cook good food.

    • rafael rios
      rafael rios 26 kun oldin

      Isaac Graff oh thank you so much

    • Isaac Graff
      Isaac Graff 26 kun oldin +4

      +rafael rios Recently Babish had an episode called Being with Babish, where he actually visits the guy who sent him the sauce because he is having a tough time.

    • rafael rios
      rafael rios 26 kun oldin

      PointAndPurpose what are you guys talking about?, I’m so confused please explain

    • Isaac Graff
      Isaac Graff 29 kun oldin +2

      No doubt, quite a few people. Myself being one of them

  • Michael Clark
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    Good on Babish for pulling through his tough times during this episode! What a champ 😎

  • Joshua Tang
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  • Mrf Ruiz
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    "I am pickle rick"

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    After trying it
    It wasn’t worth the hype at all.

  • Kimmy Andrei Raphael


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  • TasrH
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    I still have 2 if the sauce packets

  • Regular Old Plumbus

    So reduce white vinegar and apple cider by 10% or increase

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    Your rommate is back and he is tasty***

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    *McDonalds wants to know your location*

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    Did this guy go to culinary school

    • Cool Cal
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      He didn’t, in another video he says he learned his cooking skills from videos.

  • hardrockinhere
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    I think i'll just stick to mixing Sweet & Sour with the BBQ sauce

    • Robert Adams
      Robert Adams Oy oldin

      I recommend mixing buffalo sauce with sweet and sour sauce. It's also good.

  • Champ At Soccer
    Champ At Soccer Oy oldin

    McDonald’s uses vodka when making their chicken nuggets...? This is a serious question

    • Kinsley
      Kinsley Oy oldin

      cooking with alcohol doesn't make it alcoholic because it burns off so it's not big deal

  • Jack Tingey
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    10 McNuggets for 10 cents? Are you going to McDonalds in Thailand or something? It costs like 4.50 in Colorado.

  • William Menendez
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  • Jay Jay Boi
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  • How is your cafe doing?

    what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe what is the recipe

  • Tania C. Ruv.
    Tania C. Ruv. Oy oldin

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    Justin A. Oy oldin

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  • Nick H
    Nick H Oy oldin +2

    Hey Babish! I used your vodka technique for some batter at home and it worked perfectly for deep frying some some crispy mushrooms. I'm actually vegan and I would love to see some more plant based recipes on your channel. Keep up the good work. I'll always be a visitor of your channel.

  • evanhensley11
    evanhensley11 Oy oldin

    McDonald’s already has hired guns looking for you

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy Oy oldin

    how much vodka now?

  • Juan Paolo Datu
    Juan Paolo Datu Oy oldin

    Szechuan sauce is available in Mcdonald’s China.

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  • The Dark Lord Cthulhu

    Bro I have the same Tupperware too.

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  • Lefteri Chritis
    Lefteri Chritis 2 oy oldin

    Just ordered your cook book, do excited!

  • Michael Haas
    Michael Haas 2 oy oldin

    I love your series!
    While The kitchen isn’t totally alien to me, your series has markedly improved a number of my skills!
    Recently, I watched an episode in which you recreated a retired sauce from McDonalds, and you discussed using xanthan gum as a thickening agent. In the video, you used a fine sieve when incorporating the gum. As a pharmacist fortunate enough to train at a top school, I'd like to offer an alternative method. Xanthan gum was used a fair amount when creating compounded (unique) dosage forms. The trick to xanthan (and most wet-dry mixtures that don't readily combine) is to first wet the dry ingredient minimally and then add additional ingredients in geometric proportions. I could explain this concept further but a quick Google/UZclip search yields videos that far surpass written explanation.
    Hope this helps! Bon appétit!

    AUZCOR 2 oy oldin

    How long does this sauce last covered in the fridge?

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  • Impy
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    Wait whys it called szechuan sauce if it doesnt contain any szechuan pepper

  • wolvenar
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    Inception begins

  • Devious
    Devious 2 oy oldin

    Is this anything like the Szechuan Sauce u can get at chinese resturangs? And how is there actually no Szechuan peppar in it..?

  • Mitchel Thornton
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    4:29 that's why I love chicken mcnuggets so much