Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!)

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  • Joylandi 12-Sen, 2017
  • Last round, my efforts to recreate the fabled McDonald's Szechuan Sauce were wild, flailing shots in the dark, pathetic and meager attempts to recreate a long-lost condiment out of scanty information and back-alley sources. But now, thanks to a very kind man named David Wasman, I have procured a sample of the genuine article. Follow along this week as we make a rendition of Szechuan Sauce near-identical to the Mulan-inspired goop from 1998. And make some wannabe Chicken McNuggets while we're at it.
    Special thanks to David Wasman for the sauce sample - you can buy the rest of it here at his ebay listing:
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • Miguel Henríquez
    Miguel Henríquez Kun oldin

    subs in spanish plz i need that sauce

  • Mr Snakes
    Mr Snakes Kun oldin

    What's the point of censoring the ingredient list if you're showing us how to make it anyway?

  • Virus_ HD
    Virus_ HD Kun oldin +1

    *Rick wants to know your location. 📍🗺️*

  • Miles Holder
    Miles Holder 2 kun oldin

    4:30 McNuggets were secretly Slav all this time! Opaaaaaaaaa! Davai Davai!

  • jack1701e
    jack1701e 2 kun oldin

    I'm probably dumb but why do people go mental over this sauce? We didn't have it over here in the UK

    CLICKMENAME 4 kun oldin

    So odd question. Since you have moved out of your apartment, do you still keep in contact with your roommate? You guys seemed like you got along pretty well

  • Clayton Benignus
    Clayton Benignus 5 kun oldin

    When "Szechuan" is used as an adjective to describe food, it usually implies two ingredients that have not been mentioned here: 1) Szechuan Peppercorns, and 2) Hot Peppers. The word "Szechuan" itself means "Four Rivers", which can refer to one of two things: 1) The Four Rivers flowing through Szechuaan Province and/or 2) the amount of water needed to quench the heat of the food.

  • Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung 9 kun oldin

    I bet that die hard fans of the Szechuan sauce just screamed when babish had contaminated the sauce( by putting his finger in it)

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD 10 kun oldin +1

    Thank you father.

  • Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff 10 kun oldin

    Now reverse engineer the Riblets! Such horror! :)

  • Mega Gun
    Mega Gun 11 kun oldin

    That's why many people loves the chicken mcnugget because of vodka

  • Thomas N
    Thomas N 11 kun oldin +1

    I call it sweet and sour sauce🤣

  • Splatoon is life oof
    Splatoon is life oof 12 kun oldin

    He blurrs out the recipe but he gives us a guide on how to make it lol

  • CT Music
    CT Music 12 kun oldin

    Chick fil a nuggets> McDonald’s nuggets my guy

  • BlueDragon
    BlueDragon 12 kun oldin

    I want chicken nuggies now

  • Clip Master
    Clip Master 12 kun oldin


  • teagbroh643 GDC
    teagbroh643 GDC 13 kun oldin

    It’s almost comical, how one little packet of sauce ruined the reputation of an entire fanbase

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 16 kun oldin

    I thought you were supposed to freeze the McNuggets then cook them

  • Kaiden the Lombax
    Kaiden the Lombax 17 kun oldin

    3:12 i want that on a t-shirt

  • ironwolf 338
    ironwolf 338 18 kun oldin +1

    Yes I can finally taste that rich flavour boy I can't wait to make that sauce

  • RedstoneGuy929 Gaming
    RedstoneGuy929 Gaming 18 kun oldin


  • Jason Sayangod
    Jason Sayangod 21 kun oldin

    I actually prefer burgerking chicken nuggets over mc donalds chicken nuggets

  • PowerfulPaper
    PowerfulPaper 21 kun oldin

    *Blurs out ingredient list, then tells us the exact same ingredients with measurements*

  • ChickenPower
    ChickenPower 21 kun oldin


  • guen pueblo
    guen pueblo 22 kun oldin

    Just have BBQ sauce. Its way more better.

  • GiggleBeard
    GiggleBeard 23 kun oldin

    Ita over-rated sauce and the rick and morty fandom is cringe cancer.

  • ThatBoyDrew
    ThatBoyDrew 25 kun oldin

    You forgot the pink fluff!!

  • Ja Cob
    Ja Cob 28 kun oldin

    Is that a Benchmade?

  • lol who did this
    lol who did this 29 kun oldin +2

    Calls a black guy for tasting chicken lol.

  • Scorpion Suebma
    Scorpion Suebma Oy oldin

    Still Waiting For Rick And Morty Season 4 Anyone???

  • James Moore
    James Moore Oy oldin

    you forgot the chicken entrails, and poweredized beaks in the nuggets.

  • MegA -
    MegA - Oy oldin

    “McDonald’s nuggets are the apex of the art form.” Have you actually eaten a good nugget before? Joking aside, McNuggets are actually garbage. They are truly terrible.

  • Dalton Michaels
    Dalton Michaels Oy oldin

    the old chicken nugget (chicken stars) from carl's junior are the best form of chicken nugget ever IMO , id dare to say better than the mcnugget. you get more surface area per nugget , carl's jr used a more rough breaded texture over a battered texture as well. i also think/vaguely remember they cooked them a little longer for a slightly crunchier texture but that may have been a variable depending on the fry cook idk, i remember them as being more crunchy. also i think Carl's has since changed the ranch dressing recipe (since the days of the star shaped nuggets) , it too used to be better IMO.

  • Ryx
    Ryx Oy oldin

    McNugget breading has no egg though.

  • Arab Money
    Arab Money Oy oldin

    "or go buy some chicken McNuggets, they're like 10 for 5 cents". Yea not up in here in Canada. Probably about a buck a nugget

  • Lycan1221
    Lycan1221 Oy oldin

    I didn’t even half to leave my kitchen to try this sauce and there were people rioting on the streets because never got any

  • DiamondTurtle 89
    DiamondTurtle 89 Oy oldin

    4:30 u remind of that lady on that food channel that says "2 shots of vodka" but instead of 2 shots its ways more then that.

  • JackBot43
    JackBot43 Oy oldin +1

    Right now I'm making the sauce using your recipe. Your right, it is so hard to get the lumps out of the xanthum gum

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A Oy oldin

    Cheese is nice...I think. Well...its ok.

  • Jacki Rabbit
    Jacki Rabbit Oy oldin

    truly a king for the people

  • Cesar Aguirre
    Cesar Aguirre Oy oldin

    Coming back to this, I only had the sauce like once or twice. Then I lost the hype

  • Krasen Gemishev
    Krasen Gemishev Oy oldin

    They sell szechuan sauce in the bulgarian mcdonalds

  • dom hasey
    dom hasey Oy oldin

    This man is legendary.

  • the swedish wanker


  • sessy33
    sessy33 Oy oldin

    and of course the taste tester was black when dealing with something that is chicken related XD lmao.

  • Oscar Meraz
    Oscar Meraz Oy oldin

    Babish but I can get vodka I’m too young

  • N A M W A R D
    N A M W A R D Oy oldin

    4:51 pranked

  • Zaman productions

    Is here any substitute for the alcohol

  • Roxas The Nobody
    Roxas The Nobody Oy oldin

    Ive noticed that you dont do food from games... plenty of untapped potential there.

    Sweetrolls from skyrim. For example.

  • Bone Crusher
    Bone Crusher Oy oldin


  • Dustin Trombly
    Dustin Trombly Oy oldin

    I feel so validated hearing Babish say that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are the apex nugget. They’re freaking good.

  • Roblox and more! Son -

    Now the Rick and Morty fandom can Rest In Peace.

  • contradicsean
    contradicsean Oy oldin

    Id buy your book if instructions use metric units lol jk

  • Stacking Trooper Dude 032

    *Rick and Morty has joined the party*

  • Nerf Kruger
    Nerf Kruger Oy oldin

    For one moment I thought he was going to eat a 20 year old McDonald’s dipping sauce

  • spooky
    spooky Oy oldin

    **FBI Would like to know your location**

  • Lord Skull
    Lord Skull Oy oldin

    Thank you somebody else who thinks one of those nuggets look like a boot :-)

  • Hi And Bye
    Hi And Bye Oy oldin

    This man can single handedly defeat Thanos

  • Mason Qiu
    Mason Qiu Oy oldin

    good vid, but after several years, I still don't give how dare they name it Szechuan sauce even without any chilli and Chinese peppercorn in it. 😕

  • Rudstarvids 226
    Rudstarvids 226 Oy oldin

    Did you search the dark web for that spy photo

  • Mo Straw
    Mo Straw Oy oldin

    pickle rickkkkkkkkkkj

  • Ian  Townshend
    Ian Townshend Oy oldin

    dont give me the sauce, unless its szechuan

  • Cheybat
    Cheybat Oy oldin

    How fucking dare he use marmite and not vegemite

  • Adam RJ
    Adam RJ Oy oldin

    Just burn soy sauce

  • Eli M
    Eli M Oy oldin

    I also have that same tupperware container.

  • Sunshine4695
    Sunshine4695 Oy oldin

    People acted like szechuan sauce disappeared off the planet. That whole ordeal was super annoying

  • Chris Rigley
    Chris Rigley 2 oy oldin

    It tastes just like Litehouse Sesame Ginger dressing. There you go.

  • Chilli Dango
    Chilli Dango 2 oy oldin

    Of course he gave the chicken a black guy

  • What's my Name Again?

    Did he really just say 10 nuggets for $0.05 dude no 10 chicken McNuggets are like $3 by themselves not even the meal the meal is like $6 I know this I currently work at McDonald's

  • Chanse McMinn
    Chanse McMinn 2 oy oldin

    This sauce was not as good as you think it would be. It is nasty.

  • Broken soffa
    Broken soffa 2 oy oldin

    You fucking did it man 😃

  • Sye Boucher
    Sye Boucher 2 oy oldin

    So kids eat vodka now...

  • Brandon The Memelord

    I thought it was chinese sweet and sour with some spicy stuff

  • Will Eva
    Will Eva 2 oy oldin

    Is it just me, or did I almost start to cry when I saw the thumbnail

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin 2 oy oldin

    If only the man children rioting could cook. Then again their mom will just do it for them

  • Wat
    Wat 2 oy oldin +2

    You can just by huge juggs of the sauce at Chinese groceries 😂. Silly white people

  • Boddah
    Boddah 2 oy oldin

    You forget the MSG.

  • theclaydoking
    theclaydoking 2 oy oldin

    Hey mate from aus just wanted to know was it ment to taste alot like soysause it very salty just wanted to know as i just finnished making this at home

  • Cal6009
    Cal6009 2 oy oldin

    Wait why does this have the same comments as the first? W I T C H C R A F T

  • JustSomeSush
    JustSomeSush 2 oy oldin

    could you just pan-fry the "chicken patty patty cake" for one big chicken mcnugget mess?

  • Agustin Novoa Coloma

    These videos are so short but so amazing.

  • MLGHardScopeFTW
    MLGHardScopeFTW 2 oy oldin

    The inner russian woke when i heard vodka

  • no one
    no one 2 oy oldin


  • TheGreen Jarret
    TheGreen Jarret 2 oy oldin

    The real stuff given with the Mulan meal was great. Near the end of the promotion they would give you the stuff mandatory coz the szechuan sauce was ignored by clients, i remember being pissed coz they'd given me the 3 pack of chezuan with my meal, i also remember thinking 5 min later that it was damn great, wish i had tasted it before... This is the source of the legend.
    Idiotic corporation failed to keep the recipe, like the fucking pizza. So amazing. I think if i were to be served one small pizz with the sausage i would cry...
    Same for PFK grilled Zinger from 2002-3. The remastered version from a few years ago was a fucking insult. Last time i went there.

  • givana shakir
    givana shakir 2 oy oldin

    i dont get the mulan joke someone explain

  • Kirollos Halim
    Kirollos Halim 2 oy oldin

    I'm pickle reeeeee

  • ecompi_youtube
    ecompi_youtube 2 oy oldin


  • nbarrager Productions

    You are one of the last people I'd expect to say positive things about McDonalds

  • Darvon Philip
    Darvon Philip 2 oy oldin

    Rick and morty

  • Mastadon King
    Mastadon King 2 oy oldin


  • Andjeo Cuvar
    Andjeo Cuvar 2 oy oldin

    wtf can you talk a little slower

    NTH THN 2 oy oldin

    :3 woahhh

  • Roberto Mon
    Roberto Mon 2 oy oldin

    McDonald's just agreed to stop using chickens that are forced to grow so fast their little hearts and organs can't keep up and they die from it. That on top of the mutant chickens they breed to have insanely huge breasts which makes them partially immobile. Fuck McDonald's and people who eat there.

  • Bannana Man
    Bannana Man 2 oy oldin

    Why vodka

  • Eric
    Eric 2 oy oldin

    no offense but Mc donalds nuggets to me have a raw cereal taste to em

  • Kvdanny
    Kvdanny 2 oy oldin

    So thats why i always get drunk off chicken nuggets😐

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 2 oy oldin +1

    Would mc Donald’s have vodka in their chicken nugget breading? *no don’t think so*

  • FlareonFlarez
    FlareonFlarez 2 oy oldin

    >censors the ingredients of the spy photo
    >tells us exactly how to make it, with what ingredients

  • Oskari Merikanto
    Oskari Merikanto 2 oy oldin


  • Kris HipsterLorde
    Kris HipsterLorde 2 oy oldin

    They actually brought it back. It's only available with their buttermilk tenders though

    • Kris HipsterLorde
      Kris HipsterLorde Oy oldin

      +TANMAN84 IDK. I have terrible memory

    • TANMAN84
      TANMAN84 Oy oldin

      Kris HipsterLorde it’s been gone since April I thought

    • Kris HipsterLorde
      Kris HipsterLorde Oy oldin

      +TANMAN84 yeah, just found out it's gone again. It wasn't that good anyways

    • TANMAN84
      TANMAN84 Oy oldin

      Kris HipsterLorde odd I they don’t have any at my location

    • Kris HipsterLorde
      Kris HipsterLorde 2 oy oldin

      GoodMachines sorry for the typo. Its 3 am and my eyes are tired. Guess I should have reviewed before I hit post. And I got some tenders about 3 or 4 months ago and they offered the szechuan sauce at the time. I asked if it was permanent and they said yes