A Night With My Hot Babysitter | Valentine's Day (Pt. 4)

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  • Lalo Mcfly
    Lalo Mcfly 9 oy oldin +10043

    And they said sequels were always bad.

  • Valmy DISUEMI
    Valmy DISUEMI 6 soat oldin

    WOW 😐

  • Sauce Hot
    Sauce Hot 9 soat oldin

    Man your dad's like Julius from everybody hates Chris 🤣

  • Jimmy p
    Jimmy p 12 soat oldin

    I looked it up on vrv it said page not found EXPLAIN

  • SSJB10 Son goku
    SSJB10 Son goku Kun oldin

    😓😭........ dude I feel bad

  • Milagros Valdez
    Milagros Valdez Kun oldin

    I love your videos more videos

  • Dave Nguyen
    Dave Nguyen 2 kun oldin

    Your very gay

  • prashant ghoshal
    prashant ghoshal 2 kun oldin


  • tim sussenbach
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  • Christian TDW
    Christian TDW 3 kun oldin

    Sorry but theodd1sout is beter.

  • Sky Ellie
    Sky Ellie 3 kun oldin


  • Nivain Alahakone
    Nivain Alahakone 3 kun oldin


  • Joshua Ayala
    Joshua Ayala 3 kun oldin

    Dragon Ball super episode 131 watch it ;)

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia 4 kun oldin

    Weird how lobster is a luxury meal nowadays lmao a hundred years ago, everyone used to eat it, but then there was a shortage for a bit and it got expensive so only the rich could eat it, and now its a luxury...

  • Castillo Miriam
    Castillo Miriam 4 kun oldin

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Claeb Meers
    Claeb Meers 5 kun oldin

    I Love his sister she is soooooo funny

  • M3nta
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  • Jessica Slayton
    Jessica Slayton 7 kun oldin

    Do you no de wae

  • abdalla noser
    abdalla noser 7 kun oldin

    You are haked

  • AC With friends
    AC With friends 8 kun oldin

    2:34 you think that's allot I made $242

  • Young beats
    Young beats 8 kun oldin

    Llalalalallala lol

  • Elano Rafferty
    Elano Rafferty 8 kun oldin

    Alex has the same b-day as me

  • lilywann smooth criminal

    Valentines day is my birthday

  • AtoZgaming 101
    AtoZgaming 101 9 kun oldin

    She got da suppa soaker 5:22

  • Speeder Productions
    Speeder Productions 9 kun oldin

    Jesus Christ this is becoming season 3 of the baby sitting show

  • michelle gillott
    michelle gillott 10 kun oldin

    I thought the black haired girl was your mother

  • Viridiana Bermejo
    Viridiana Bermejo 10 kun oldin

    Yo Alex do a Q&A with the babysitter

  • Yessi Rivera
    Yessi Rivera 11 kun oldin

    You wet her...

  • Taylor Hathaway
    Taylor Hathaway 11 kun oldin

    What happens if I like valentines day🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Eliáš Gaydečka
    Eliáš Gaydečka 11 kun oldin

    When is your Birthday??? :D because I have Birthday on the 2nd of February...

  • attention destroyer 9000
    attention destroyer 9000 12 kun oldin +1

    admit that you came here because of thumbnail

  • Naruto Uzamaki
    Naruto Uzamaki 13 kun oldin

    Sub to the Odd1sout

  • albert yeet
    albert yeet 13 kun oldin

    That is not da wae

  • Dresden craft
    Dresden craft 14 kun oldin

    Warning protect zogo is trying to delete your channel!!!!

  • Makayla Bee
    Makayla Bee 14 kun oldin

    Who was the voice of bobby

  • beast mode
    beast mode 14 kun oldin

    He didnt even take the shoes :(

  • Daniyaal Saleem
    Daniyaal Saleem 14 kun oldin

    Sub cuz I

  • AndreaGaming
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  • Jeffy from sml
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  • Gina-Ritchie Tanner
    Gina-Ritchie Tanner 15 kun oldin

    Patrick Circle April we are doomed a date 615

  • DearChris
    DearChris 15 kun oldin

    Your sister is my fav (:

  • senpai :3
    senpai :3 15 kun oldin


  • Tania Muñoz
    Tania Muñoz 15 kun oldin +1

    Zorgo defussed (2: 20)

  • K Udd
    K Udd 15 kun oldin

    Never give money to a kid that is a jerk

  • Mabry Sumner
    Mabry Sumner 15 kun oldin

    Is that your girl fr8end the girl with the black hair

  • BrickMaster3000
    BrickMaster3000 16 kun oldin

    This is a great video Alex clark

  • Dorian Melrath
    Dorian Melrath 16 kun oldin

    U should have stole the shoes

  • Brigitta Johanna Paas
    Brigitta Johanna Paas 16 kun oldin

    alex what do you think is your fav part in valentine part 4?

  • feenekin pokemon
    feenekin pokemon 17 kun oldin

    WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZealotStorm
    ZealotStorm 17 kun oldin

    Hey Alex, I hate to break it to you, but I think your sister might be Moriarty.

  • Cozart 11
    Cozart 11 17 kun oldin

    Hey,Why are you making me a bully
    Just because my name is Darrell does'nt mean that im a bully

  • Danielle Rodriguez
    Danielle Rodriguez 17 kun oldin

    The Sister creeps me out so much

  • Moses UBF
    Moses UBF 18 kun oldin

    wait....WHAT DID THE NOTE SAY???!!!!!!

  • Ahsoka987
    Ahsoka987 18 kun oldin

    Why does your sister sound like Darth Maul when she says: "Hello Brother." 😂

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 18 kun oldin

    -šūćk mē ŵørm bøï-

  • Naruto Gaming
    Naruto Gaming 19 kun oldin

    I swear your sister's voice actor long story short i die of laughter everytime she pops up.

  • eliza caelyn macayan
    eliza caelyn macayan 20 kun oldin

    I have a friend that has a gf he told me that 'his gf dumped him' he was so sad I told him some tips I don't know well.... if it worked so I hoped it did

  • Mafia Wolf
    Mafia Wolf 21 kun oldin

    I one got €316 on my birthday once.

  • Apurv Chaturvedi
    Apurv Chaturvedi 21 kun oldin


  • Boled girl😁
    Boled girl😁 22 kun oldin

    Why do you torcher us by making us wait for the sequels😥😭😫

  • Aj Ciroma
    Aj Ciroma 22 kun oldin

    Hackers are trying to hurt chad wild clay

  • Emma Lacelle
    Emma Lacelle 22 kun oldin

    I love bravest warriors and I love Cat bug

  • Viktor the UFO
    Viktor the UFO 22 kun oldin


  • Cole Horner
    Cole Horner 22 kun oldin

    Hot Darryl baaaaaaaaaalllllllls

  • Calvein Dator
    Calvein Dator 23 kun oldin

    3:55 Disgusting

  • Drawish Colors
    Drawish Colors 24 kun oldin

    **Darryl joined the chatroom**

  • mr.2612 earnestdeer2612

    I never have anybody on Valentine's day

  • fi go
    fi go 24 kun oldin

    The beginning is gold

  • Miles Monaco
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  • Earl Lavilla
    Earl Lavilla 25 kun oldin

    Wait wait wait...... You're cheating?!?!?! You have a girlfriend man!!!!!!

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas 27 kun oldin

    The Lion King is my all time favorite movie!

  • InsaneKitty Lover
    InsaneKitty Lover 27 kun oldin

    Sis: Hello, brother....I've been exspecting you
    Bruh if i had a sis like dat i would of moved in with my dad years ago

  • Finley Chin
    Finley Chin 29 kun oldin

    did u lose the V- CARD???

  • Дмитрий Чумаков

    Пережываю за их отношения больше чем за свои

  • Godfrey Abangwu
    Godfrey Abangwu 29 kun oldin

    Well it is a steak

    Hmm.. Its cheaper than a ring, why I put THAT in my wife's finger

  • Buddy Mitchell
    Buddy Mitchell 29 kun oldin


  • Jahaira Davey
    Jahaira Davey 29 kun oldin

    Meets up
    Girls Says " where gonna be late"
    *In Car*
    Girl open mouth like bowl and Alex's tongue goes inside
    *Goes to Back of car*
    *Driving with one hand and on top Alex*

  • Wafflesthechichicken II

    My birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day......

  • nevaeh and Friend's


  • venus nail spa
    venus nail spa Oy oldin

    do you actualy have a sister in real life

  • The Heyt
    The Heyt Oy oldin

    0:11 the alarm clock says 5 : 54 and its 5: 55 as I type this comment. WTF.

  • Abrianna King
    Abrianna King Oy oldin

    Same doooo

  • MasonAnimamamates

    V day spray wow ummm don’t ask wut it really means

  • Lisa Kirby
    Lisa Kirby Oy oldin

    I love the water sprays

  • Jacques Restaneo
    Jacques Restaneo Oy oldin

    U s

  • Ye Moe
    Ye Moe Oy oldin

    Omg I just realise why the Sister voice is so familiar.
    It’s the voice for Garmadon in ningago

  • Starry Mouse
    Starry Mouse Oy oldin


  • Emily Guillarte
    Emily Guillarte Oy oldin

    You know Uganda nuckles because you said da was...

  • Marcus Dekawei
    Marcus Dekawei Oy oldin

    Your little sister is so creepy..😅😅

  • WetBackDory
    WetBackDory Oy oldin

    So boys really don't forget their first love 😔 my insecurities are showing lol.

  • Cher Yang
    Cher Yang Oy oldin


  • Cher Yang
    Cher Yang Oy oldin

    This almost is the exact same thing that happened to me

  • Sams Ziga Zone Ink

    This seems fake.....

  • Dj of Death
    Dj of Death Oy oldin

    I want all the money

  • I like Noodles
    I like Noodles Oy oldin


  • Cheese
    Cheese Oy oldin

    That sister is creepy

  • David
    David Oy oldin


  • RoGaFort Girl
    RoGaFort Girl Oy oldin

    Hello Brother..I’ve been expecting you.

  • Scope
    Scope Oy oldin

    Lol you only got 223$

  • Eivind Eriksen
    Eivind Eriksen Oy oldin

    Is all of this real?