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  • Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2018
  • To celebrate the announcement of the new Pokemon Let's Go! We play a fun game and try to draw Pokemon from memory! Let's just say some us know Pokemon better than others!
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Fikrlar • 4 477

  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit  6 oy oldin +746

    Which Pokemon is YOUR favorite? Let us know and maybe we'll draw it next time!

  • steph broadbent
    steph broadbent 14 soat oldin

    CORNEY (darn google )

  • steph broadbent
    steph broadbent 14 soat oldin

    corey (sorry if i spelt it wrong) drew what should've been a pokemon when you drew the magnamite

  • bella
    bella 17 soat oldin

    do more of these!

    URTE MAZRIMAITE 18 soat oldin

    OLIVIA WON 100%

  • Sean De Loyola
    Sean De Loyola 21 soat oldin

    Today I learned that one of you has a funny drawing 😂😂😂😂
    PS. I can't stop laughing

  • Sophie McKenzie
    Sophie McKenzie Kun oldin

    They are all good drawing

  • Nan Nobles
    Nan Nobles Kun oldin

    I loved Keith's cow

  • Denise Cruz
    Denise Cruz Kun oldin

    Olivia 💕💕💕

  • Zan Goon
    Zan Goon Kun oldin

    Damnnnnn Noah’s hair dò

  • Diana's World
    Diana's World 2 kun oldin

    Olivia won

  • Forever Anonymous
    Forever Anonymous 2 kun oldin

    Olivia was just spot on, she's the clear winner. But fr, where did that image even come from, what kinda fucked up shit did she watch 😂😂

  • Optimal Games
    Optimal Games 2 kun oldin

    I was thinking of geodude when they said it

  • Brialee Rivera
    Brialee Rivera 2 kun oldin +1

    I love Pokémon so much my favorite one is slyveon and lucario and braxion

  • Kady_ Pop_Pop
    Kady_ Pop_Pop 2 kun oldin


  • Oscar Tapia
    Oscar Tapia 2 kun oldin

    If Keith knew what the Pokemon looked like he would most likely win

  • Tristan Nines
    Tristan Nines 2 kun oldin

    why does Noah change his hair color

  • Tricia Mowbray
    Tricia Mowbray 2 kun oldin

    Olivia won

  • Pais Gumma
    Pais Gumma 2 kun oldin

    7:35 ''DID YOU MAKE AN ONION'' i died LOL

  • Isabelle Niedner
    Isabelle Niedner 2 kun oldin

    Alakazam you guys should draw next

  • Kiara O’Brien
    Kiara O’Brien 2 kun oldin +1

    all the eevee eveltions are all my favorites ALL. OF. THEM.

  • Aj Oi
    Aj Oi 2 kun oldin

    Draw the hardest pokemon to draw

  • KGA14
    KGA14 2 kun oldin


  • The savage
    The savage 3 kun oldin

    on the gengar one the black guy drew a died penguin with horns

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 kun oldin

    I cant get over how taltenter Keith and Courtney are!

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 kun oldin

    I love Keith's cow!!

  • Kenzie Lynn
    Kenzie Lynn 3 kun oldin

    Olivia won

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 kun oldin

    Give Jaiden Animations credit!

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 kun oldin

    Courtney and Keith are such good artists!

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 3 kun oldin

    Noah's voice was so deep in the beginning wow

  • Unicorn Squad
    Unicorn Squad 3 kun oldin

    Does Noah wear nail polish

  • Miranda 2008
    Miranda 2008 3 kun oldin

    Olivia’s vanillite

  • Mary Schaefer
    Mary Schaefer 3 kun oldin

    no there are 19 gen

  • H :D
    H :D 3 kun oldin

    Noah looks like 69 but worse

  • DJC 1002
    DJC 1002 3 kun oldin +1

    10:05 why does noahs drawing look like the 3rd form of freiza from dbz

  • KingJet Playz
    KingJet Playz 4 kun oldin +1

    My favourite pokemon is ash greninja

  • Emily Lovely
    Emily Lovely 4 kun oldin

    I have to say Olivia was definitely on a roll in my opinion I think she won

  • Joanne Anastacio
    Joanne Anastacio 4 kun oldin

    Olivia drew the best out of all of you

  • pandatigerboy123 _
    pandatigerboy123 _ 4 kun oldin +2


  • Telogen TV
    Telogen TV 4 kun oldin

    Noah is not the Poké master keith is

    • Telogen TV
      Telogen TV 4 kun oldin

      When I said Keith I mean shinne

  • Alyssa Hope
    Alyssa Hope 4 kun oldin

    OLIVIA hers is the boss

  • Luke Silvers
    Luke Silvers 5 kun oldin

    I still draw like a kindergartner

  • Krazy Koder
    Krazy Koder 5 kun oldin

    Olivia is such a meme XD

  • Danny
    Danny 5 kun oldin

    my favs are from oliva

  • lēâh
    lēâh 5 kun oldin

    “Buy me bitch”

  • Nataila Onorato
    Nataila Onorato 6 kun oldin

    I like Courtney’s drawings were the best Olivia no offense

  • Unicorn Twins
    Unicorn Twins 6 kun oldin

    Can you do this challenge again

    ASHLEY D 6 kun oldin

    My favorite pokemon is mega charzard x

  • Aiden Joseph
    Aiden Joseph 6 kun oldin


    MOMO21CHEZ LIFE 6 kun oldin

    Who else thought of its Brittney bitch when Olivia did vanillite

  • R_P 10
    R_P 10 6 kun oldin


  • vFLazii 4 I 0
    vFLazii 4 I 0 6 kun oldin

    I like Noah but is he gay?🤒

  • ShyloDaBoss
    ShyloDaBoss 6 kun oldin

    olivia was drawing unknown!

  • FIRE_JckAtk04
    FIRE_JckAtk04 6 kun oldin


  • DatGuyFreaks
    DatGuyFreaks 7 kun oldin

    Why did shawns drawing of mew give me the 2014 minecraft letsplay feels, and dont act like you dont know what i'm yalking about.

  • Logang Logang
    Logang Logang 7 kun oldin

    Geoduck is suppose to be mew in thumb nail

  • Dorian Garcia
    Dorian Garcia 7 kun oldin

    Olivia won

  • Master gaming Nic
    Master gaming Nic 7 kun oldin

    Get on me haters!

  • Ginny Weasly
    Ginny Weasly 7 kun oldin

    I’m in sixth grade and I wish I could draw as good as that

  • Kaylin Andrews
    Kaylin Andrews 7 kun oldin

    Olivia wins

  • kathryn and firend's
    kathryn and firend's 7 kun oldin

    DID YOU MAKE AN ONION??!!!! That killed me

  • Meagan Ray
    Meagan Ray 7 kun oldin

    i like pikachu

  • Javon Brown
    Javon Brown 7 kun oldin

    Boo bitch

  • Colleen Feeley
    Colleen Feeley 7 kun oldin +3

    Give me a like if Shane won

  • cami day
    cami day 7 kun oldin

    Love the bull

  • reactionboys
    reactionboys 7 kun oldin

    keith has some talent

  • CupCake Buns Laura
    CupCake Buns Laura 7 kun oldin

    i dont know VERY MANY pokemons i only know evee and pikachu

  • Tew ai ping
    Tew ai ping 7 kun oldin

    Shayne wins

  • Cyruz Chiuco
    Cyruz Chiuco 8 kun oldin


  • IT Syaddad
    IT Syaddad 8 kun oldin

    Keith being to judging

  • Vaneti Denise
    Vaneti Denise 8 kun oldin

    OLIVE WINS (lol)

  • Sabri Lomomi
    Sabri Lomomi 8 kun oldin

    1. Shane
    2. Noah
    3. Shane
    4. Shane
    5. Shane
    6 . Shane

  • TheAnimeCult
    TheAnimeCult 8 kun oldin

    It’s Gengarlic

  • ck creeperkenzie08
    ck creeperkenzie08 8 kun oldin

    We need to make a cartoon about Courtney’s magnet! XD

  • Conn Vlogs
    Conn Vlogs 8 kun oldin

    I have a Persian

  • Amy ortiz
    Amy ortiz 8 kun oldin

    Olivia definitely had the most creativity

  • Sid Heffler
    Sid Heffler 8 kun oldin

    I love Shane is the best

  • Lavon Gray
    Lavon Gray 8 kun oldin

    Your last pokemon is pokemain

  • xdnub
    xdnub 9 kun oldin

    I thought Olivia lost but when I seen her gengar


    VINCENT ALEXANDER 9 kun oldin

    oh hey it’s white Tyler the creator

  • Silence Sings
    Silence Sings 9 kun oldin +1

    13:20 no he drawled Cobe

  • JAW Plays
    JAW Plays 9 kun oldin

    I know 300 pokemon by heart my mew drawing looks exactly like the one on the appear that was printed/better than shaynes

  • Jevil The chaos
    Jevil The chaos 9 kun oldin

    2:42 When you care more about your arms than you do of your legs

  • Gaming With Riley Berberet

    Is Noah gay

  • Diamond Snow
    Diamond Snow 9 kun oldin

    I only know the new version of Pokémon, COME AT MEH PIKACHU

  • Victoria Kuete
    Victoria Kuete 9 kun oldin

    Is Noah gay ????

  • Kay GachaTuber
    Kay GachaTuber 9 kun oldin

    Courtney:-reads Olivia’s text next the ice cream bin-“BUY ME BITCH!”

  • Kay GachaTuber
    Kay GachaTuber 9 kun oldin

    But Olivia though xD

  • Ann!e Guthr!e
    Ann!e Guthr!e 9 kun oldin +4

    To Olivia all pokemon are rocks

  • The King
    The King 9 kun oldin

    I think Keith did best because like it was way off but still turned out 20/20

  • Ty and Cal
    Ty and Cal 9 kun oldin

    is Noah just moosecraft in disguise???

  • Yorkie Plus Poatao
    Yorkie Plus Poatao 10 kun oldin

    "Cort cort"
    Keith: " *DID YOU MAKE AN ONION!?"
    his voice lol.

  • the glitch
    the glitch 10 kun oldin


  • Squshilove472 Slimme
    Squshilove472 Slimme 10 kun oldin

    I ship Shane and Courtney but nooo there not😓😓

  • Cupcake Rainbows
    Cupcake Rainbows 10 kun oldin

    Keith's magma mike looks like a binacle from the XYZ anime series

  • oasis is the Greatest
    oasis is the Greatest 10 kun oldin

    Olivia drew the best

  • Melanie Heath
    Melanie Heath 10 kun oldin

    court board is my fav

  • Nicolas Rodrigues
    Nicolas Rodrigues 10 kun oldin

    Acthooaly there’s theven genth🤓

  • Lydia Stipa
    Lydia Stipa 10 kun oldin

    shane and his beard

  • David Acevedo
    David Acevedo 10 kun oldin +1

    I love you guys