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  • Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2018
  • To celebrate the announcement of the new Pokemon Let's Go! We play a fun game and try to draw Pokemon from memory! Let's just say some us know Pokemon better than others!
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Fikrlar • 5 366

  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit  8 oy oldin +945

    Which Pokemon is YOUR favorite? Let us know and maybe we'll draw it next time!

  • Rebecca VIckerstaff
    Rebecca VIckerstaff 17 daqiqa oldin

    Latias and Latios

  • Amatangelo 758
    Amatangelo 758 10 soat oldin

    They´re merch should be these drawings

  • Guy Flawless
    Guy Flawless 13 soat oldin

    Shane won

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 19 soat oldin


  • Ruben Maciel
    Ruben Maciel 20 soat oldin

    evn im roxxy

  • Ruben Maciel
    Ruben Maciel 20 soat oldin

    at #2:08 that looks like gumball but a little

  • GhostDragon Playz - Fortnite

    Olivia wins in forgetfulness

  • r a w r
    r a w r Kun oldin

    I dIdInt know 80% of these
    *B U Y M E B I T C H*

  • Cesar Merino
    Cesar Merino Kun oldin

    I'm in third grade

  • Magische Fotze
    Magische Fotze Kun oldin

    Keith - Being selfish and not respectful about Noah.
    Olivia - Salty and triggered as always.

  • CharMayBe IAmHer
    CharMayBe IAmHer Kun oldin

    I want Keith's cow bug on a shirt

  • Taylor Bousquin
    Taylor Bousquin 2 kun oldin

    Why did geodude have a penis

  • Emma Erickson
    Emma Erickson 2 kun oldin

    Noah's nails are painted

  • Cody Cai
    Cody Cai 2 kun oldin +1

    All those Pokémon fans out there get triggered when they watch this.................

  • Joining Mich
    Joining Mich 2 kun oldin

    Shane won

  • Choco_Chippy 321
    Choco_Chippy 321 2 kun oldin

    I want those magmamites on my long-board

  • Choco_Chippy 321
    Choco_Chippy 321 2 kun oldin

    Noah are you gay?? Not to be rude

  • Micheal Barnhill
    Micheal Barnhill 2 kun oldin

    courtneys vanillite had boobs at 12:34

  • Gatcha Taco
    Gatcha Taco 2 kun oldin

    I wanna be friends with Kourtney soooooo bad

  • Carol Ryan
    Carol Ryan 3 kun oldin


  • Carol Ryan
    Carol Ryan 3 kun oldin

    I love Pokémon collect cards The Pokémon cards I love smosh

  • Eli Blackburn
    Eli Blackburn 3 kun oldin


  • Michelle Schneider
    Michelle Schneider 3 kun oldin

    Good job Noah 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Riverdale Dream
    Riverdale Dream 3 kun oldin

    My favorite moments were when Olivia always drew the same thing and when Shane said that it was a cow and Keith draw a cow

  • Static buzz
    Static buzz 3 kun oldin

    Keith was so mean

  • Moises Gonzalez
    Moises Gonzalez 4 kun oldin

    Olivia won

  • Explocs
    Explocs 4 kun oldin

    Cortney is a drawing GOD.

  • Shwee
    Shwee 4 kun oldin

    I want Keith's and Courtney's drawing skills.

  • Cringe boy
    Cringe boy 4 kun oldin

    Who else thought that the gravel monster looked a bit like chee chee robo?

  • Aireen Montes
    Aireen Montes 4 kun oldin

    pls next time draw these pokemon: Zapdos, Emolga, Pidgeot, Xatu, Blastoise, Venusaur, Machamp, Alakazam, Golem, Milotic, Magikarp, Feebas, Chikorita, Dragonite, Raichu, Bisharp, Dratini, Articuno, Nidoking and Manetric

  • Aireen Montes
    Aireen Montes 4 kun oldin

    there is only seven generations. gen 1 kanto, gen 2 johto, gen 3 hoenn, gen 4 sinnoh, gen 5 unova, gen 6 kalos, gen 7 alola.

  • DeltaBen
    DeltaBen 4 kun oldin

    Olivia, did you even watch Pokemon

  • J O
    J O 5 kun oldin

    Is Noah gay

  • Imran Chang
    Imran Chang 6 kun oldin

    Please let me know if you need anything else from me please let me know if you need anything else from me please let me know if you need to talk to you about it when I get to the office with you and have sex

  • AJLawrence
    AJLawrence 6 kun oldin

    Boo! Bitch!

  • Zaria Amorese
    Zaria Amorese 6 kun oldin

    Olivia’s were 100% the best

  • exxcluded
    exxcluded 6 kun oldin

    Courtney's Magnemite... is my favourite pizza place.

  • EpicFoxy HD Mark
    EpicFoxy HD Mark 6 kun oldin

    My fav was Olivia lol

  • Nsreen Jaradat
    Nsreen Jaradat 7 kun oldin

    Olivia won 100%

  • Nsreen Jaradat
    Nsreen Jaradat 7 kun oldin

    Olivia has wired ass drouings

  • [] Addie YT []
    [] Addie YT [] 7 kun oldin +1

    I like Meowth, *change my mind*

  • writx12
    writx12 8 kun oldin +1

    Ha look at these dweebs struggling, I'm a certified weeb!

    Jk guys I love you

  • Belle C.
    Belle C. 8 kun oldin

    Noah's mew looked like peppa pig

  • Blue Squad
    Blue Squad 8 kun oldin

    Is Noah gay

  • Melody Degraw
    Melody Degraw 8 kun oldin

    The rock one

  • Xammeron
    Xammeron 8 kun oldin

    Courtney should make company logos

  • Xammeron
    Xammeron 8 kun oldin

    Keith is so toxic when they do any art

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith 9 kun oldin

    Olivia drew the best pokemon

    ALMIGHTY LOAF!!!!!! 9 kun oldin

    Noah I choose you!!!!

  • Alana Ngo
    Alana Ngo 9 kun oldin

    9:45 bummoo bee

  • Diego Dumlao
    Diego Dumlao 9 kun oldin

    Olivia did the best

  • Ava Murray
    Ava Murray 10 kun oldin

    Keith hates everything

  • michael allen
    michael allen 10 kun oldin

    I think the mew the girl drew in the Tom and jerry short won

  • buy in lord fail
    buy in lord fail 10 kun oldin


  • Ayden Reed
    Ayden Reed 10 kun oldin

    I’m pretty sure that Shane is the goat of Pokémon

  • Ayden Reed
    Ayden Reed 10 kun oldin

    My favorite Pokémon is Noah!!🥇

  • MadGamez
    MadGamez 10 kun oldin

    When people say Asians know pokimon I’m gonna show them this video

  • RashaunB X
    RashaunB X 11 kun oldin


  • //vxmi t
    //vxmi t 11 kun oldin

    Shayne laughs and then turns into a hyena.

  • Evan Biss
    Evan Biss 11 kun oldin

    I think Olivia won

  • Heni Fogolyan
    Heni Fogolyan 11 kun oldin

    Is noah gay? Nah fam im kidding!! :) ;) ×D

  • IMaGinaTiON mY bOi UwU
    IMaGinaTiON mY bOi UwU 11 kun oldin +1

    Noah looks like a 70's fashion icon

  • Nickolas gaming
    Nickolas gaming 11 kun oldin

    Noah looks like 69

  • Alayna Kiana Vids and vlogs

    Is Noah gay is nails are painted

  • Sammy Choong
    Sammy Choong 11 kun oldin

    Ur drawing is so good like if u agree

  • Dede Slays
    Dede Slays 11 kun oldin

    Is Noah gay or does he like to paint his nails???

  • Alexis Unicorn
    Alexis Unicorn 12 kun oldin

    Is Noah’s nails painted

  • Thunder Gamer
    Thunder Gamer 12 kun oldin

    Is it only me that thinks that Olivia doesnt do HER best?

  • Sydney Parisien
    Sydney Parisien 12 kun oldin

    I love Olivia so much 😂😂😊😋

  • Thibodeaux _13
    Thibodeaux _13 12 kun oldin +1

    I relate to Keith so much "I like to blame my life problems on other people" 😂😂

  • Pete Espinoza
    Pete Espinoza 12 kun oldin

    Why does Nah have his nails decorated

  • golden boss 1213 was
    golden boss 1213 was 12 kun oldin

    Is Noah gay ????????

  • golden boss 1213 was
    golden boss 1213 was 12 kun oldin


  • mooneclipse Xx
    mooneclipse Xx 12 kun oldin +1

    Olivia won she knew them the most 😂😂

  • TIlavanh Soukkaseum
    TIlavanh Soukkaseum 12 kun oldin

    This video was made on my birthday day so yay

  • Matt ・
    Matt ・ 12 kun oldin

    Deeri Quuem is my favorite pizza place

  • John Lawrence Caalaman
    John Lawrence Caalaman 12 kun oldin +1

    Olivia won

  • truly greg
    truly greg 13 kun oldin

    anyone the love Noah's nails?

  • Liberty Bourne
    Liberty Bourne 13 kun oldin

    Pikatchu because that’s the only one I remember

  • pink fluffy UNICORNS
    pink fluffy UNICORNS 13 kun oldin

    Megamite was meh first pokemon

  • Jashandeep Singh
    Jashandeep Singh 13 kun oldin

    Ganger is my favourite pokemon

  • Hi_ There
    Hi_ There 13 kun oldin +1

    The people who dislike the video didn’t buy the ice cream from olivia

  • Cali Black
    Cali Black 13 kun oldin

    Olivia 😂

  • Justin Zheng
    Justin Zheng 13 kun oldin +1

    *B O O BITCH* 👻👻

  • jacelynn Hepler
    jacelynn Hepler 14 kun oldin

    Wait is Noah gay

    I thought he was straight

  • Miniboymack29 Armitage
    Miniboymack29 Armitage 14 kun oldin

    You guys should put some of these drawings on your own merch

  • Skylar Bruce
    Skylar Bruce 14 kun oldin

    I legit want some of these as t-shirts

  • Skylar Bruce
    Skylar Bruce 14 kun oldin

    Courtney could do cartoons if she wanted that magnet was impressive

  • grant bess
    grant bess 14 kun oldin


  • Boreasolo Noob
    Boreasolo Noob 14 kun oldin

    I like ass..
    Assasin Creed Oddesy

  • Marcelo Calagui
    Marcelo Calagui 15 kun oldin


  • Nabi Hussain
    Nabi Hussain 15 kun oldin

    CORNY artist (don't know how to spell your name)

  • Gaming Weeb
    Gaming Weeb 15 kun oldin

    Shayne wins

  • maddison coombs
    maddison coombs 15 kun oldin


  • Piny Nam
    Piny Nam 15 kun oldin


  • kim youngquist
    kim youngquist 15 kun oldin

    Why is oliveas mew german see wrote mew in german?????

  • Jillian Mcinnis
    Jillian Mcinnis 15 kun oldin

    Shayne best Pokémon,but Olivia would’ve had a decent ash’s main Pokémon,I love Courtney and Keith they got awesome DETAIL! WOW

  • Jackie Wei
    Jackie Wei 15 kun oldin

    Pleace do pupitar

  • Briar Hamrick
    Briar Hamrick 16 kun oldin

    Can I have a Courtney onion on a sweatshirt or an Olivia Gengar plush please