Ben Askren on bjj schools doing it WRONG

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  • My Univerz
    My Univerz Kun oldin

    Ben is absolutely correct about BJJ schools doing it so wrong.... you can clearly see it .... he got a hole on his T shirt....BJJ guys grabbed him by his T Shirt collar

  • BJJStrength
    BJJStrength 2 kun oldin

    I agree with what Ben is saying, we perform many of those exercises at our skill. Yet, the reality of most BJJers, is that 95% of them don’t want to compete. So, putting them through endless, monotonous drills, is effective, but much less enjoyable, and not good for business if most students goals are to learn some BJJ, stay in shape and have fun.

  • Al Pena
    Al Pena 3 kun oldin

    Kick boxers don’t have to grind cuz they just kick you in the head instead of dry humping you for an hour!

  • SpatialK
    SpatialK 4 kun oldin

    American adults don't play much recreational sport . So there's a loss of understanding about the 'fun' (and mental floss) aspects of BJJ for adult recreational BJJ players. Also, for those BJJ players that are competitive, most serious academies also have "drill" classes and open mat opportunities for drilling. So I feel they missed the big picture here. Though it was otherwise a great interview and top-class wrestlers are indeed awesome athlete's

  • Medic Engineer
    Medic Engineer 4 kun oldin

    The way most BJJ schools train is proximal to going to football practice, warming up for ten-twenty minutes then spending the rest of practice playing a live game, day in and day out.

  • MrTcp01
    MrTcp01 4 kun oldin

    I agree 100%
    Most jiu jitsu schools I’ve seen aren’t structured like wrestling
    That’s why wrestlers smash jiu jitsu guys 99.99 times out of 100

  • Hawk270 Leadflinger
    Hawk270 Leadflinger 4 kun oldin

    Askren douchebag! I’m not a fan! 😳 I can’t wait to see him get his ass beat!

  • Ready Red
    Ready Red 4 kun oldin

    Askren first L is on the horizon if he doesn’t work on that stand up.

  • Owen Rabbitt
    Owen Rabbitt 4 kun oldin

    Does anyone notice that joe toe head Rogan sounds gay ?

  • swag daddy
    swag daddy 5 kun oldin

    Title should read "ben askren on never subbing anyone with anything other than a neck crank" 'jujitsu

  • Dead Juan Bob memes
    Dead Juan Bob memes 5 kun oldin

    I know everyone hates Jon Jones but he does it right he walks around at 220 ish so he only has to cut 15 lb in 6 weeks

  • New OpporTUNEities Studio

    Very good. I’m a full time private music teacher to kids and see the same as he is discussing everyday. Different medium, same attributes.

  • Jacoby Martinez
    Jacoby Martinez 6 kun oldin

    Ben gets k.o stiff have mercy on his soul on March 3rd

  • Micha Bosnjak Strack van Schijndel

    If you see or here a pro it make sence .

  • james Collier
    james Collier 8 kun oldin

    Cant wait until the day Kabibi has Askren on his back screaming USA USA

  • The Finer Points
    The Finer Points 8 kun oldin

    I FEEL Ben on that. It's my school! Don't tell ME how to teach you. Shut up, pay attention, work hard, and I'll show you what I know

    POWER 8 kun oldin

    This guy is such an attention whore and a blow heart. Knob

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher 9 kun oldin

    And to think I used to not like this guy.

  • Najib Rahman
    Najib Rahman 10 kun oldin +1

    After seeing him being a dick calling 20 people out at a time you wouldn't expect him to be such an intellectual and a mindful coach.

  • Greg K
    Greg K 10 kun oldin +1

    Can't wait to watch his UFC debut.....not too long left 😁🥊🤼‍♂️

  • Noah Stewart
    Noah Stewart 10 kun oldin

    Theres arent many people who can nail a brazilian accent😂joe that was pretty good😂

  • PetrisFitness
    PetrisFitness 10 kun oldin

    Training a lifetime with the rules of wrestling (especially not being allowed to clasp) creates a trunk stability an internal external balance that is superior to any other mma component.. it allows the wrestler to have a 100 times more control gaining levarage over any non wrestlers on the ground without clasping to gain control over them they depend on their overall body to stay on top and not grabbing their hands together to gain control unless they have a limb.. THIS IS WHY TRAING THIS WAY FOR A LIFETIME OF WRESTLING IS SUPREREOR..

  • buck waller
    buck waller 11 kun oldin

    When you own a business you have you keep clients coming in, most people choose rolling a lot of the class because that is what keeps the class fun. Not the most effective but its what gets people in the door.

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 11 kun oldin

    The Samurai trained one TAKA (tecnique) 1000 times and then 10,000 times to refine the technique.

  • gabehcuoD suoitneterP
    gabehcuoD suoitneterP 12 kun oldin

    One of the reason I like Judo is the amount of drilling on one technique per class.

  • Demetrius Dasilva
    Demetrius Dasilva 12 kun oldin +1

    (04:27) - Why Wrestlers Kick Everyone's fanny
    (05:21) - Psych, situations, scenarios...

  • sosickhcdrums
    sosickhcdrums 12 kun oldin

    How Rogan provided a platform for Askren to prove he is worthy of conpeting in the UFC!

  • rod ger
    rod ger 12 kun oldin

    I am gay and love the small of MAN… I would love to roll with Askren and breath him in… hhhhmmm he is all man… i bet he smells like a bear on heat.

  • guilherme ferreira
    guilherme ferreira 13 kun oldin

    Wrestling is really hard ano high level.
    But also judo, olimpic level is crazy, hard, injuries and mental control is so important is in wrestling.

  • 000LONER
    000LONER 13 kun oldin

    Ben Askren is wrong about JJ.

  • Mark Ramsey
    Mark Ramsey 14 kun oldin

    "I fear not the man that throws one thousand kicks. I fear the man that practices one kick a thousand times."-Bruce Lee Situational and to practice over and over again until it becomes muslce memeory and virtually know almost all possible scenarios from that first scenario. I love how he mentioned the best wrestler in the world, is asking questions. Questions are such a basic fundamental and underrated tool to make oneself improve. I wish I knew these concepts then in my hs wrestling and combat sports day cuz It would have helped greatly but I use it in my college courses. I be the main person in all my classes aski g questions. Plus its an Emt program so, I dont have time for doubt when lives are on the line. I wish I could train again serious the most I do is hit the heavy bag at my gym with different strikes trying to learn but my lowkicks suck thats my weakness and this encouraged me to go to that first now and repetition repetition and more repetition till you get it right. I also think people are afraid of failure/they have an image to uphold to not look bad, get too excited with the thing they do right, even in my basketball days I had a good shot and hustle overall just like anyone else usually but also just like anybody else I avoid goin to my left in boxing do both orthodox and southpaw, kicks practice both sides its such an easy concept but is overlooked. Now Im ranting lol im done now 😬😂

  • Mark Ramsey
    Mark Ramsey 14 kun oldin

    This is the problem with Conor Mcgregor and the difference between Khaib. Conor has that update software and without damaging your hardware mentality he got from his coach where as wrestlers embrace the grind and to be great you must do both workhard at the little things/details(Mcgregor) and just work as hard as you possibly canand break your limit over and over again(Khabib) except the latter will get you injury prone and the former will make you have bad cardio in a very intense pressure fight.

  • The Holy Mackerel
    The Holy Mackerel 14 kun oldin +1

    Imagine being able to overcome being a dude with curly hair.

  • Cody Bouscaren
    Cody Bouscaren 15 kun oldin

    Fucking love the wrestler mentality. I only wrestled for 3 years in high school, but the experience of getting my ass beat for 2 years (but drilling like a madman) and finally kicking ass my third year has shaped the way I've lived the last 20 years. Drill a low single leg a couple thousand times and be damned if it doesn't flow like water during a match. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  • send nukes
    send nukes 15 kun oldin

    best way
    1 hour drill
    30 min rolling ( optional for people)

  • Jon Test
    Jon Test 15 kun oldin

    The problem with BJJ schools is I stopped going. Soon......

  • foxybrown2
    foxybrown2 17 kun oldin

    You hit the nail on the head. I just started BJJ and that is what they do. I am used to Goju Ryu, Hung gar Kung Fu and Tae Kwondo. When I am training BJJ they don't even start with white belt moves they just start showing move,. and like you said the teacher will say this is what we are going to work on clap clap. then we work on it for about 15minutes and then do a new move. Then after class he will say if you want to stay around an roll to work on your moves you can. I also found out at our school also teaches Judo and they are very organized like Ben is saying about working on the same moves over and over. That is what i am used to.

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 18 kun oldin

    Wrestling is the hardest sport on the planet. It's probably one of the hardest things to do, period... assuming you're at a good gym or at a school with a good coach. The practices are fucking miserable; worse than anything I've ever done in the Marines.. Magnitudes worse. I'm so thankful that I got into wrestling Freshman year, and so thankful for my coaches for grinding our asses beyond the limit.

  • Manjinder Johal
    Manjinder Johal 18 kun oldin

    Goes to Marcelo Garcia's gym....


    He looks like an old neighbour we all have 😂😂

  • Alex Jin
    Alex Jin 19 kun oldin

    I'd love to see this fella against Yoel Romero.

  • Lord Bones
    Lord Bones 20 kun oldin

    What a likable character!

  • savagemaestro
    savagemaestro 20 kun oldin

    OK Newbs, Ben's style is NOT boring unless he's fighting someone with the same level of wrestling. Dude can strike, and he's fast, dynamic takedowns and he's so dominant that he doesn't have to wrestle somebody for the full length of the fight. He's actually more active when he's on the ground than Cormier.

  • julian gomez
    julian gomez 21 kun oldin

    ohhh yeah he can tell how bjj needs to be done .... but gets destroyed by marcelo garcia who made him his bitch on a single 5 minute roll .

  • The Vulture MMA
    The Vulture MMA 22 kun oldin

    in my gym we do 30 minutes of warm-ups for flexibility n stuff
    and then we drill techniques according to our belts for maybe 1 hour.
    at the end we roll till one taps or it hits five minutes

  • Dimebag Darrell
    Dimebag Darrell 23 kun oldin

    Marcelo Garcia disagree

  • DMMDwrestler
    DMMDwrestler 23 kun oldin

    American Wrestling BEATS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s been proven over and over again. There is no debate.

  • Smedly Dumpsterjuice
    Smedly Dumpsterjuice 24 kun oldin

    So when is Askren fighting in ufc? Getting old!

  • TheKro16
    TheKro16 26 kun oldin

    The school I just recently started attending for BJJ does a split of about 33% conditioning, drilling and rolling. Some days it's more drilling and others it's more rolling. It just depends on what the focus is that day. I feel like I'm getting a good balance but to be honest, I do go home to watch, analyze and drill techniques on my own to improve. I come from a wrestling background so I think that's why I spend my own time to drill and learn. It's just second nature for me at this point. Ben makes good points here.

  • brunonator
    brunonator 27 kun oldin

    in BJJ we drill technique at the beginning of class for 5 minutes each, after shrimping (3) laps. We drill 2 techniques every single day of the week (5 days a week), the same 2 techniques every day. After we drill those techniques we do 2x 2:30 minute rolling sessions from guard, then we do 3-4 rounds of free rolling 2:30 each round, switching partners in between. I feel this has been a very effective strategy in helping drill techniques into my brain. Not only are you drilling the techniques, but you are also trying to apply it in a real scenario. I feel like when I was doing judo and wrestling, it felt more like a boot camp (lots of drills, lots of stretching- leaving you more exhausted and prone to injuries).

  • Slugga k1
    Slugga k1 28 kun oldin

    Kickboxing dosnt have a grind shit try 1000 kicks in which i have not done so yeah only wrestling has a grind white boys

  • Jon O
    Jon O Oy oldin

    Why did Joe sound like renato when he did the bjj coach ha ha 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔

  • Chris South
    Chris South Oy oldin

    Ben "you're doing it wrong" Askren

  • mma savage
    mma savage Oy oldin

    Ben is such a knowledgeable guy and very well spoken a top notch athlete

  • mixalis
    mixalis Oy oldin

    Joe has no clue @@ Grind in MuayThai exist ! Maybe not in weak USA, but it exist !@!

  • ImPacosTacos
    ImPacosTacos Oy oldin

    Ben would be an amazing teacher, but I get it. All these men and woman have the fight in them, they want to prove themselves and the world wrong and gain as much knowledge from bjj as they can as fast as they can. But in the end, by rushing themselves they miss almost all the key teaching moments their instructors give them. They are all mainly used to being top of the world I bet when your in a camp with someone like Askren, you get alot of wake up reality checks when you get samshed

  • idontwanttousemyname

    While I agree somewhat, he has to keep in mind most of us aren't training to be champions. I'm just a regular dude having fun at the gym, I enjoy it being fun and casual.

  • Hot-blooded Martial Artist

    Askren's face is very punchable.

  • Gary Host
    Gary Host Oy oldin

    The BJJ academy where I train is supposed to be one of the best in the state. a LOT of people recommended I come here. But they don't have a curriculum, you can be a beginner on your first night and they're doing advanced techniques that night, then you're doing advanced techniques that night, which is exactly what happened to me. Then after drilling 1 or maybe 2 techniques for 20 minutes the rest of the 1 hour and 40 minute class is rolling. But none of the advanced shit they're teaching through the class has really stuck because you're new and now you're rolling with blue belts flailing around on the floor with no idea what's happening. I was going to quit the class over it but they told me it's the BJJ way and it's like that at all schools. They have such a ridiculous turn over of students who come in and experience this then leave, but they're proud of it they look at it like weeding out the weaker new people. Now I just stick with it because I don't want to be a quitter :( I have a pretty extensive martial arts background, I've lived in Thailand and trained muay thai, I've lived in China and trained kung fu, and I have a blackbelt in Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do in Australia. I feel like BJJ has the most potential of anything I've ever studied, but the teaching methods are so unorganised and unsystematic that none of it is communicated effectively :(

  • Robert Newell
    Robert Newell Oy oldin

    Yeah Coach but the games Wrestlers play are not for the weak of heart.

  • Lorendrawn
    Lorendrawn Oy oldin

    Why in the fuck would any numpty training under Ben Askren _not_ listen to him during wrestling training?

  • Danny Cash
    Danny Cash Oy oldin

    TLI Drills like that

  • 405 Hooligans
    405 Hooligans Oy oldin

    As someone who wrestled in oklahoma in high school I can definitely say cutting and over exhaustion is still a problem. The dudes who placed in state tourneys would be drinking 5 hour energies in between matches to stay awake. And honestly wrestlers love the grind, it takes a special kind of person to do it. They love the satisfaction of achieving a weight or a win. Plus most wrestlers are kinda macho douches at least in oklahoma haha

  • bbq seitan
    bbq seitan Oy oldin

    You should get Eric Bugenhagen on the program!
    He's a D1 wrestler, a monster and a WWE guy!

  • Juggling Taxi Famous

    Juggling Taxi 🚕 Ben V Jon Bone 🍖 Jones

  • Juggling Taxi Famous

    Juggling Taxi 🚕 can’t wait to see this guy fight .

  • Joe Mako
    Joe Mako Oy oldin +1

    I'd like to Askren smash everyone.Seems like a really good dude.

  • Dumb Broken AI AI works on word

    i need a summery cuz i understood nothing, im bad at listening

  • TrueLegendGamer
    TrueLegendGamer Oy oldin

    Ben askren is the best.

  • srinivas kumar
    srinivas kumar Oy oldin

    Gee I dunno about that maybe this is a thing where kids are taught to wrestle from a young age, like USA, Russia Senegal, India etc. But in places like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Japan and Myanmar you can realistically expect to be in a Muay Thai or a TKD or a Karate gym with the equivalent of 40 black belts. Same for BJJ and Brazil

  • dfpguitar
    dfpguitar Oy oldin

    Joe is wrong as could be about Muay Thai. It is involves at least as much grind as wrestling, possibly more. Kids join the sport at 5 and then are committed to that sport for life. They will train 2x3hour sessions every day from the age of 5 to 30s when it may increase.
    The kids will also be in professional fights , earning money for themselves and family from age 7 and fighting at least every month.
    I can't believe how dumb Joe was to say that muay Thai doesn't have the grind of wrestling.

  • Andrew Potterton
    Andrew Potterton Oy oldin

    Mental Monday!

  • Sir Maggotbone
    Sir Maggotbone Oy oldin

    i wish i had BJJ or any martial art when i was growing up. family did not have the money to put me in classes.

  • David Walker
    David Walker Oy oldin

    Can not wait to see Ben fight his first UFC fight.

  • Dimebag Darrell
    Dimebag Darrell 2 oy oldin

    Here we go for 1 hour everyday, and i belt my fucking ass, 9 out of 10 black belts would beat Ben
    Porrada Ben, porrada!

  • Dimebag Darrell
    Dimebag Darrell 2 oy oldin

    Marcelo Garcia rolling with ben looks like Marcelo always did everything right, n Ben was doing it wrong in terms of training

  • Space Cesar
    Space Cesar 2 oy oldin

    BJJ is for fat ppl

  • Brandon Eshleman
    Brandon Eshleman 2 oy oldin

    This guy is very intelligent or at least has high potential to be very intelligent. He hasn't been hit in the head very much so he must be doing something right. I have a feeling he's going to dominate in the UFC

  • Forte Astro
    Forte Astro 2 oy oldin

    When the coach had judo/wrestling background. Ben suggested same thing. We would drill a shitton.
    Most ppl burn out from these more hardcore sports vs bjj.
    Best to learn various grapplings arts to work better on base, grip fighting, etc.

  • Marco Leblanc
    Marco Leblanc 2 oy oldin

    For the most part, most wrestlers do wrestling because they have the goal of competing and dominating. So wrestling classes are intense as fuck, and its good like that. Not everybody can handle it. Jiu-Jitsu is very similar however it is more "Normal people friendly" meaning they learn the techniques and everything but they dont necessarily kill themselves all the time. The goal of jiu-jitsu isnt to build fighters, is to educate and have people learn effective self defense for everyday life. Some jiu-jitsu schools train hard like wrestling gyms do, and some is for the the fun of it. Thats the main difference. It doesnt have to be insane all the time. Some do it to compete, some for self defense, some for health. 95% of people that train wrestling aim to compete and train hard. I do believe if jiu-jitsu schools would train as hard as wrestlers, jiujitsu would come up superior as far as grappling goes. But wrestlers are tough as fuck for a reason. They all train like animals, so jiu-jitsu guys struggle vs wrestlers cause wreslters are generally more powerful/explosive, which is really hard to deal with for everyone.

  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson 2 oy oldin

    Muay thai fighters in Thailand grind. 8 hours a days from the time they are just wee lads.

  • Ish a
    Ish a 2 oy oldin

    you know what , from going from wrestling to jujitsu it took me a while to feeling ok with being on my back. but i don't really like how the drilling wasn't like wrestling. it was vary fast and just like oh here's this technique we are going to learn today and then they'll teach you it but it's a short amount of time. like what an hour ? and then the next day its another new one and then straight into sparring. as apposed to a few hours of wrestling practice. so had more time to learn something and getting it down.from my experience.

  • Tito Mish
    Tito Mish 2 oy oldin

    Ooh so joe rogan and this guy are going to teach the guys who have been doing bjj since the 20’s???

  • crawlFace
    crawlFace 2 oy oldin

    Great conversation.

  • Santana El Chio Leandro

    Ben is a beast call him what you want but he will get a belt in UFC

  • TheTails63
    TheTails63 2 oy oldin

    Bla Bla Bla another butt-hugger who thinks wrestling was Jesus Christ's wife.Can't wait to see him get smashed like snowflake.

  • Thomas Villavicencio

    Watch him lose his first fight to a bjj fighter

  • Autistic Super Powers

    Ben Vs Colby (Fuck anything else)

  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness 2 oy oldin

    Tyron W's Wrestling coach :)

  • Xul
    Xul 2 oy oldin

    I have about 12 years experience in Judo, Karate & Kickboxing (brown belt), Boxing and MMA but coming to a BJJ/SW class was SOOO confusing. Though there were drills it was basically just showing quickly some moves then figuring the details out by yourself and then - maybe - having luck to get a grip of the trainer and ask 2 questions until it went to the next move... this continued for like 5 moves and then it straight went to rolling ...
    In every other style (even in the MMA classes) it was always a systematic approach of breaking moves down into parts, training them with attention to detail and combining them later - especially when showing it to less experienced guys. But in BJJ it was like: you go there, there and there and then you have your mount ... even for the non-BJJ moves like the double leg (which left my rather unsatisfied ... since I was rather rusty and struggled with the basic setup ) ... After rushing through those techniques they just went "So, now roll ..." for the last 30 minutes ...
    In no other style I have encountered this mentality. Nobody in the striking styles would ever teach a Jab or 1-2 combo in such a manner - since in most cases you will have much more work later to correct and "unlearn" all the little flaws that sneak in when you rush through such techniques....

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus 2 oy oldin

    Mr. Rogan! Why d U give this dude ben ass crane 2 muvh credit b4 he shows any proof of his fight worth in UFC standards. If he is beaten by Lawyer what wuld u say then?

    • Benjamin Lane
      Benjamin Lane 2 oy oldin

      I'd say learn English better, that was incomprehensible.

  • Jared Nixon
    Jared Nixon 2 oy oldin

    baseball is a grind

  • Steve Means
    Steve Means 2 oy oldin

    There is so much wisdom packed into this clip you can forgive the clickbait title because more people will watch it. :D

  • Alec Gross
    Alec Gross 2 oy oldin

    2:30 the problem doing that in fighting is what?? I've always thought 1 hour weighins or weigh ins in the cage would solve the weight cut issue, but I can't hear their objection

  • Chriz Daman
    Chriz Daman 2 oy oldin

    I only cut 5lbs in highschool, guys closer to my real weight need more help than the light guys. We made states

  • Architeuthis Dux
    Architeuthis Dux 2 oy oldin

    Can we just get to see this Askren bloke shut up and fight already?

  • Pazz
    Pazz 2 oy oldin

    Joe you should have tossed this dude out of you studio like 4 min into interview

  • Bad MF
    Bad MF 2 oy oldin

    Its the person not the style. Either YOU are good at what you do, or YOU suck at what you do.

  • J F
    J F 2 oy oldin

    Jiu Jitsu wouldn't be nearly as popular if they ran like this. I'm 100% interested in finding a school and training Jiu Jitsu I'm 100% not interested in attending anything like an in season wrestling practice other than as a coach. Wrestling season/practice is a grind and come January-February spin drills and stand up return drills are a fucking nightmare lol. Find me a grown man that will pay 90$ a month to drill stand up returns, spin drills, follow drills, etc. Year around fucking way, I'm getting negative feelings even writing it lol. I also, from my very small understanding of JJ, don't think its as necessary. JJ is a lot of thinking about your position where as wrestling is more just reacting and to be able to just react you have to drill, if that makes sense. But Ben has good points.

    LIVAZ 2 oy oldin

    Funky about to take over the ufc