Ben Askren on bjj schools doing it WRONG

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  • Space Cesar
    Space Cesar 14 soat oldin

    BJJ is for fat ppl

  • Brandon Eshleman
    Brandon Eshleman 3 kun oldin

    This guy is very intelligent or at least has high potential to be very intelligent. He hasn't been hit in the head very much so he must be doing something right. I have a feeling he's going to dominate in the UFC

  • Forte Astro
    Forte Astro 4 kun oldin

    When the coach had judo/wrestling background. Ben suggested same thing. We would drill a shitton.
    Most ppl burn out from these more hardcore sports vs bjj.
    Best to learn various grapplings arts to work better on base, grip fighting, etc.

  • Marco Leblanc
    Marco Leblanc 4 kun oldin

    For the most part, most wrestlers do wrestling because they have the goal of competing and dominating. So wrestling classes are intense as fuck, and its good like that. Not everybody can handle it. Jiu-Jitsu is very similar however it is more "Normal people friendly" meaning they learn the techniques and everything but they dont necessarily kill themselves all the time. The goal of jiu-jitsu isnt to build fighters, is to educate and have people learn effective self defense for everyday life. Some jiu-jitsu schools train hard like wrestling gyms do, and some is for the the fun of it. Thats the main difference. It doesnt have to be insane all the time. Some do it to compete, some for self defense, some for health. 95% of people that train wrestling aim to compete and train hard. I do believe if jiu-jitsu schools would train as hard as wrestlers, jiujitsu would come up superior as far as grappling goes. But wrestlers are tough as fuck for a reason. They all train like animals, so jiu-jitsu guys struggle vs wrestlers cause wreslters are generally more powerful/explosive, which is really hard to deal with for everyone.

  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson 5 kun oldin

    Muay thai fighters in Thailand grind. 8 hours a days from the time they are just wee lads.

  • Ish a
    Ish a 5 kun oldin

    you know what , from going from wrestling to jujitsu it took me a while to feeling ok with being on my back. but i don't really like how the drilling wasn't like wrestling. it was vary fast and just like oh here's this technique we are going to learn today and then they'll teach you it but it's a short amount of time. like what an hour ? and then the next day its another new one and then straight into sparring. as apposed to a few hours of wrestling practice. so had more time to learn something and getting it down.from my experience.

  • Tito Mish
    Tito Mish 5 kun oldin

    Ooh so joe rogan and this guy are going to teach the guys who have been doing bjj since the 20’s???

  • crawlFace
    crawlFace 6 kun oldin

    Great conversation.

  • Santana El Chio Leandro

    Ben is a beast call him what you want but he will get a belt in UFC

  • TheTails63
    TheTails63 7 kun oldin

    Bla Bla Bla another butt-hugger who thinks wrestling was Jesus Christ's wife.Can't wait to see him get smashed like snowflake.

  • Thomas Villavicencio
    Thomas Villavicencio 7 kun oldin

    Watch him lose his first fight to a bjj fighter

  • Autistic Super Powers
    Autistic Super Powers 8 kun oldin

    Ben Vs Colby (Fuck anything else)

  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness 9 kun oldin

    Tyron W's Wrestling coach :)

  • Xul
    Xul 9 kun oldin

    I have about 12 years experience in Judo, Karate & Kickboxing (brown belt), Boxing and MMA but coming to a BJJ/SW class was SOOO confusing. Though there were drills it was basically just showing quickly some moves then figuring the details out by yourself and then - maybe - having luck to get a grip of the trainer and ask 2 questions until it went to the next move... this continued for like 5 moves and then it straight went to rolling ...
    In every other style (even in the MMA classes) it was always a systematic approach of breaking moves down into parts, training them with attention to detail and combining them later - especially when showing it to less experienced guys. But in BJJ it was like: you go there, there and there and then you have your mount ... even for the non-BJJ moves like the double leg (which left my rather unsatisfied ... since I was rather rusty and struggled with the basic setup ) ... After rushing through those techniques they just went "So, now roll ..." for the last 30 minutes ...
    In no other style I have encountered this mentality. Nobody in the striking styles would ever teach a Jab or 1-2 combo in such a manner - since in most cases you will have much more work later to correct and "unlearn" all the little flaws that sneak in when you rush through such techniques....

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus 10 kun oldin

    Mr. Rogan! Why d U give this dude ben ass crane 2 muvh credit b4 he shows any proof of his fight worth in UFC standards. If he is beaten by Lawyer what wuld u say then?

    • Benjamin Lane
      Benjamin Lane 7 kun oldin

      I'd say learn English better, that was incomprehensible.

  • Jared Nixon
    Jared Nixon 10 kun oldin

    baseball is a grind

  • Steve Means
    Steve Means 10 kun oldin

    There is so much wisdom packed into this clip you can forgive the clickbait title because more people will watch it. :D

  • Alec Gross
    Alec Gross 12 kun oldin

    2:30 the problem doing that in fighting is what?? I've always thought 1 hour weighins or weigh ins in the cage would solve the weight cut issue, but I can't hear their objection

  • Chriz Daman
    Chriz Daman 12 kun oldin

    I only cut 5lbs in highschool, guys closer to my real weight need more help than the light guys. We made states

  • Architeuthis Dux
    Architeuthis Dux 13 kun oldin

    Can we just get to see this Askren bloke shut up and fight already?

  • Pazz
    Pazz 13 kun oldin

    Joe you should have tossed this dude out of you studio like 4 min into interview

  • Bad MF
    Bad MF 16 kun oldin

    Its the person not the style. Either YOU are good at what you do, or YOU suck at what you do.

  • J F
    J F 17 kun oldin

    Jiu Jitsu wouldn't be nearly as popular if they ran like this. I'm 100% interested in finding a school and training Jiu Jitsu I'm 100% not interested in attending anything like an in season wrestling practice other than as a coach. Wrestling season/practice is a grind and come January-February spin drills and stand up return drills are a fucking nightmare lol. Find me a grown man that will pay 90$ a month to drill stand up returns, spin drills, follow drills, etc. Year around fucking way, I'm getting negative feelings even writing it lol. I also, from my very small understanding of JJ, don't think its as necessary. JJ is a lot of thinking about your position where as wrestling is more just reacting and to be able to just react you have to drill, if that makes sense. But Ben has good points.

    LIVAZ 19 kun oldin

    Funky about to take over the ufc

  • Iviko99
    Iviko99 21 kun oldin

    where does askren coach? does he have his own gym?

  • Kevin Smitty
    Kevin Smitty 23 kun oldin

    So happy to have met Ben and Max at some Wisconsin tourneys. Kid was a beast in High school and every one in the local school districts knew who Ben was max are.
    Rumor always heard was that the Dad had the whole basement for the two of them to come home and always wrestle against one another.
    Keep on driving strong BEN.
    looked up to you when I was at BCHS 2006

  • Michael James
    Michael James 25 kun oldin

    Don't forget that Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High......and also Joe Rogain looks like Hans Moleman

  • StarLord 28
    StarLord 28 25 kun oldin

    I'm a Cobhrina Student and the main thing here is action, reaction is 1 maxim but the other one is drillers make killers, Conbrinha loves the drills, i actually love drilling i find so many details in breaking down a technique during the drills that I find these details during the rolls and I can capitalize on them.

  • drutgat2
    drutgat2 26 kun oldin

    Ben Askren is a bright guy.

  • Akram Refaat
    Akram Refaat 26 kun oldin

    To quote Roger Gracie :" Drilling is bullshit" . enough said!

  • Major MajorMajor
    Major MajorMajor 26 kun oldin

    Tell the dudes that do the cycling classics that they don’t know the grind or how to suffer.

  • Andrew Yee
    Andrew Yee 27 kun oldin

    That was amazing.

  • La Quijada Boxing
    La Quijada Boxing 27 kun oldin

    There’s actually an easy solution to this. I go to Kimura in boston with my cousin.... yes... they teach like that, somewhat work on new drill/technique then roll the rest of the class. Guess what, me and my cousin have a mat in our basement and further drill the techniques on our own time. Then We actually excel in learning new technique and have fun rolling at Kimura. in other words not enough time to practice/drill in class, then simply do it elsewhere during your time.

    HABRACADABRA 28 kun oldin

    I need to see Askren V Khabib that would be something

  • yeah you
    yeah you 28 kun oldin

    damn now i feel like my class sucks

  • James Allen
    James Allen 28 kun oldin

    I spent 2 summers in high school going to Mizzou with this man and his brother Max ; he's such an amazing teacher and amazing wrestler

  • harun koc
    harun koc 29 kun oldin

    what a good mindset lot to learn in this short video woww

  • Mark467
    Mark467 Oy oldin

    Monthly reminder that Joe needs to get Paul Chek on his podcast:

  • john smith
    john smith Oy oldin

    sounds gay

  • Jerry Shea
    Jerry Shea Oy oldin

    He's absolutely correct!..Once u up the standard of any Sport,the Training has 2b more sophisticated and Disciplined..The best Practioners of their specific Sports(And I'm talking about Sports right an cross the Spectrum)will work on Specifics on different Days&that has 2b emphasized to the Younger generations,because they wont the Drills unless the Coach,instructor,Trainer is on their case..That is the way it is!

  • Southpaw Moose
    Southpaw Moose Oy oldin

    lol, that as a great impersonation of Rickson Gracie

  • Hiroki Lory
    Hiroki Lory Oy oldin

    This was all very well put, and Mr. Askren seems like a great coach. Excellent. Thank you!

  • Wally Brown
    Wally Brown Oy oldin

    Ben has it figured out.

  • Solomon Carter
    Solomon Carter Oy oldin

    GSP would kill this yuppie fruit loop..

  • countremy730
    countremy730 Oy oldin

    Good conversation. This is the element of martial arts that we don't hear often and only get the load mouth foolishness.

  • Jonathan Clarkin
    Jonathan Clarkin Oy oldin

    I like Askren especially his animosity to cunty Colby Covington, I hope they fight and Colby gets absolutely smashed.

  • Trill Talk
    Trill Talk Oy oldin

    Simplistic in words yet so difficult in application for most

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus Oy oldin

    Another shit talk. Mr. Rogan, is this kid traded in to UFC t b yr talk assistant? Then if he loses to Lawler, will u still invite him to yr box to talk? Come on, Mr. Rogan, he hasnt done nothing in UFC standards. Dont u c he is just too slow to fight t likes Whittaker, Yoel Romero or Tyron Woodley?

  • withoutmalicexo
    withoutmalicexo Oy oldin

    since when did Casey Neistat start MMA?

  • Kane Danaher
    Kane Danaher Oy oldin

    Since when was Casey Neistat an expert on Jiu Jitsu?

  • Daniel Malek
    Daniel Malek Oy oldin

    Ben Askren video clips are stalking my YT Feed. STOP IT!! Didnt even search for the guy :S

  • MMA etc. Podcast
    MMA etc. Podcast Oy oldin

    Ben Askren is the man.

  • Peter Sullivan
    Peter Sullivan Oy oldin

    Joe sounds like Rigan at 4:44.

  • txanakonda
    txanakonda Oy oldin

    So lame to cut a lot of weight. Don’t be scared to fight guys your own size💯

  • oliver closehoff
    oliver closehoff Oy oldin

    this is why bjj guys today are total pussies i just took a purple belt kid i train to a purple belt tourney for 2 grand for the winner and he went out dominating we worked heel hooks for just 1 week only he isnt even good at those positions but since he was smaller than everyone we decided to drill just 3 scenarios and we did it for 2 hours straight for4 days he goes out and makes it all way to finals

  • mak _88
    mak _88 Oy oldin

    looks like he has down syndrome

  • Kutulue
    Kutulue Oy oldin

    Water cutting sounds like a damaging thing to me. Being dehydrated at any time is a bad thing. It is damaging your internal organs, making your heart work harder, your brain is under functioning. So I think water cutting should never be done. Not sure what a better answer is but water cutting ain't it.

  • Adiel Wilson
    Adiel Wilson Oy oldin

    True because when I was doing fencing more than 90% of the time was drilling and strength training

  • Brasileiro 82
    Brasileiro 82 Oy oldin

    Not every Jiu-Jitsu Academy is like that Guys. Ben and Joe need to stop by my Academy. Cutting Edge BJJ out in NJ.

  • Nico365
    Nico365 Oy oldin

    I fucking wanna see Ben grapple people like Khabib and T City just for the fun of it cause of the weight difference ;) Would still be awesome to see

  • Jonas Steinberg
    Jonas Steinberg Oy oldin

    He seems highly intelligent bc he understands delaying the instant gratification of competition for mastering technique

  • Jonas Steinberg
    Jonas Steinberg Oy oldin

    so true what he said about wrestling season and daily practice translating to toughness. It makes one tough af.

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard Oy oldin

    All this talk about mental and physical toughness.....I would be willing to bet my pay check this goon wouldn't make it a week framing custom homes on an all Mexican crew.....fucking bitch.

  • Shadow Production

    Thaa new superstar??

  • SuperNachtAktiv
    SuperNachtAktiv Oy oldin

    I don't know what he's trying to say but it triggers me

  • Anish Nair
    Anish Nair Oy oldin

    Life Lessons Here

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami Oy oldin

    7:39 lol Joe's reaction was good.

  • Thomas Casey
    Thomas Casey Oy oldin

    Great exchange, people like Ben Askren seem to have this spark that other people don't have. Really positive guy.

  • Tan Plays
    Tan Plays Oy oldin

    I thought this was gonna be Ben talking about bjs he got in school....

  • Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts

    Ben Askren- A very smart guy with good advice!

  • Benjamin Moriniere

    Loved it.

  • Terrell Williams
    Terrell Williams Oy oldin

    I’m so impressed that I listened to this guy! I’m a blue belt in karate and wrestled in high school. He is spitting straight FACTS!!! I’ve rolled with people in different locations. There has to be a balance. The average guy isn’t disciplined enough to go over technique back to back over and over without rolling about 50% of the time. In order to continue training you have to keep the doors open. You need money to keep the doors open and that means keeping your students engaged.

  • 2009stevecry
    2009stevecry Oy oldin

    Say "RIGHT" one more time Mr. Askren!!!.... and I'll do nothing but angry type >:(

  • soap1000
    soap1000 Oy oldin +1

    AM I the only one that clicked on this link thinking it was about BJ's?

  • Garrett Eastman-Pinto

    I love askren, but he kind of looks like gate. Mattarzzo

  • It'sme Josh
    It'sme Josh Oy oldin

    Top Wrestlers are obviously hardcore but they are both off base with a bunch of things in this argument...first off, High-level jiu-jitsu guys train like animals, especially these days. There are blue belts now training full time and going around the world to compete and they drill like crazy. Joe was never a competitor in JJ and I remember watching a video of Askren getting DESTROYED by Marcelo Garcia so to say wrestlers are standouts above the rest is just not true. Also, Joe saying Muay Thai doesn't embrace the grind like wrestling is just retarded....those dudes take more punishment than maybe any other sport. Proper Thai boxers have well over 100 fights by the time they are 20 and getting shins, knees, and elbows bashed against your body is no fucking joke.
    I like Joe but he gets on these trips where he thinks his opinion is gold and sometimes he's kinda full of shit.

  • Charlie Ricker
    Charlie Ricker Oy oldin

    Everything in moderation, nothing in excess. Words to live by.

  • James R
    James R Oy oldin

    I have to agree. If you want to be good at something well you need to do it about a 1,000 times. But if you want to master something then you need to do it 10,000.


    Open your eyes. Dare to challenge. Dare to be an outlier. Or even an outcast.

  • CathodeRay
    CathodeRay Oy oldin

    I hope he doesn't wilt under the UFC pressure lol

  • Deno
    Deno Oy oldin +1

    his eye lids scream bladder problems according to traditional chinese medicine

  • anon.
    anon. Oy oldin +1

    Smart guy, Ben Askren. Realist who speaks the truth. Looking forward to seeing what he achieves in the UFC.

    CROOKED CLOWN Oy oldin

    Ben Askren instead of cutting water he needs to cut all that fat around his waist. He easily has 15 lbs of visceral fat.

  • Future Society Of Gentlemen

    Please trace the entymology and history of ain't wrestling, and it was modernized for matches. Note to commenters, not Ben. Each individual has to adapt techniques that suits their purpose and goals. One does not have to stick to the script when on your own path. It is the BJJ instructor's job (you are paying them) to give you all the basic skills and drills required according to the curriculum. Once you've reached your limit, then by all means drop out.

  • Sonny Singh
    Sonny Singh Oy oldin

    Who the fook is this guy?

  • Tee Breeze
    Tee Breeze Oy oldin

    Askren has a "always high" face

  • Albert Twangle
    Albert Twangle Oy oldin +1

    Kebab would beat the FUCK out of this dude

  • Albert Twangle
    Albert Twangle Oy oldin

    Wtf does this no namer know?

  • David
    David Oy oldin

    Wrestling vs BJJ? Shit the reputation of BJJ got trampled by a Japanese wrestler who defeated Gracie Family's top fighters even earning the nickname "The Gracie Hunter" "The Gracie Killer".

    • David
      David Oy oldin

      +Ramus Sumar Yeh, he made BJJ look so over rated.

    • Ramus Sumar
      Ramus Sumar Oy oldin

      That was Kazushi Sakuraba.

  • Morpheah
    Morpheah Oy oldin

    Fucking hell,it's like listening to a fucking scientist!!!

  • TheGodfather101
    TheGodfather101 Oy oldin

    There has been no greater impact on BJJ as a culture than that of wrestling culture. Period. You walk into any of the top academies during their worlds camps: Unity, Atos San Diego, Alliance Sao Paolo, Cicero Costha PSLPB, AOJ, Brotherhood (Leandro Lo), Marcelo Garcia, Danaher's Guys etc etc, Its a wrestling practice. Not a BJJ class, a motherfucking wrestling practice with a Gi, submissions instead of pins. Get tough or get out. Wrestling is the SHITTT!!!!!!

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia Oy oldin

    This guy has grabbed and smelled alot of man's nuts in his life

  • Brian
    Brian Oy oldin

    Drillers make killers.

  • Dave Paterson
    Dave Paterson Oy oldin

    ive been wanting someone to take out Khabib.. Looks like that person( Ben Askren) has arrived!!!!

  • Rmurder
    Rmurder Oy oldin

    Askren is the man and he is so dead on here. I've coached wrestling for over 15 yrs and have practiced BJJ for almost 10 and the amount of time spent on technique compared to rolling is ridiculous. In a normal school this may be 30 mins as opposed to 3 hrs on one technique

  • alonzo solo
    alonzo solo Oy oldin

    Didnt really like this guy for talking all the shit b4 he enters ufc, but i guess This is Just Busine$$....
    have to agree though that what he says makes a lot of sense and he has a lot to say... hes growing on me)

  • gottabump
    gottabump Oy oldin

    Dudes a master on the ground but better start working on them striking skills in UFC

  • tattoodrdoke
    tattoodrdoke Oy oldin +1

    Mental toughness is in muay thai. If you don't think it is your training under the wrong kru and with the wrong team.

  • Anthoney
    Anthoney Oy oldin +1

    Joe, your accents are awful and highly offensive. Stop doing them. Please.

  • Sudu Rai
    Sudu Rai Oy oldin

    Ben likes balance almost as much as Thanos