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  • EthanTheBeast
    EthanTheBeast 2 kun oldin

    I knew because of Olivia

  • EthanTheBeast
    EthanTheBeast 2 kun oldin

    I love that I’m in this vid

  • Emanuel Sanchez
    Emanuel Sanchez 3 kun oldin

    I want to see you at Sunnyside in three days

  • dragon wing
    dragon wing 7 kun oldin

    4:46 is it just me or is the whip cream made into pi

  • richard harman
    richard harman 8 kun oldin

    lol im eating meat lovers pizza and watching this i screamed at it and my mom came in to see if i was ok

  • galaxy starstruck
    galaxy starstruck 8 kun oldin

    Hes lucky i would love to meet you guys

  • Five Flix with Freddy
    Five Flix with Freddy 8 kun oldin

    My mum and my dad Brock up ☹️

  • Gacha Wow Clarity Cally

    I wanna meet y’all,my address is 109 Doyle street

  • Donna ochs
    Donna ochs 11 kun oldin

    Ligma balls

  • Ethan Moore
    Ethan Moore 12 kun oldin

    My name is Ethan

  • ps4 and netendo switch gamer

    My brother name is kameron w a k he's 16

  • spacedog65 spacedog65
    spacedog65 spacedog65 17 kun oldin

    Of your channel

  • spacedog65 spacedog65
    spacedog65 spacedog65 17 kun oldin

    I'm a big fan

  • family gamer
    family gamer 17 kun oldin

    I 💘 you gise because your so nice

  • Cute kitty
    Cute kitty 17 kun oldin

    lol soo funny but failed

  • Royal Bandits
    Royal Bandits 17 kun oldin

    I love the way you can prank

  • Royal Bandits
    Royal Bandits 17 kun oldin

    Smosh is cool

  • Torrian Maurice
    Torrian Maurice 19 kun oldin

    id like to be met by a youtuber im 10 :D

  • Mr Sunshine
    Mr Sunshine 19 kun oldin +1

    its really sad that their dad died and its really good that smosh tried to cheer them up but u know what really would've helped........IF ANTHONY STAYED!!!!!!!(no hate against anthony i totally respect his descion)

  • Alex Thorp
    Alex Thorp 19 kun oldin


  • Tomasz Pazgan
    Tomasz Pazgan 20 kun oldin

    Horist street

  • Galixyfox 186
    Galixyfox 186 21 kun oldin

    I wish I could see Smosh tho too I have never seen a real you-tuber 😢 it would mean the world to me.

  • Gabriella Unicorn
    Gabriella Unicorn 21 kun oldin

    Have a dragon

  • Anna Wang Jørgensen
    Anna Wang Jørgensen 21 kun oldin

    wow lucky kids!...btw your guy are so funny! living in Denmark

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia 21 kun oldin

    That pizza places was packed when I went their

  • leilani diaz
    leilani diaz 23 kun oldin

    I what to meet smosh .

  • Several gaming Kid
    Several gaming Kid 24 kun oldin

    Anthony :(

  • GalaxyGamer Girl
    GalaxyGamer Girl 24 kun oldin

    Slosh I love you guys you cheer me up because my dad and my grandma died and your the only one who can cheer me up

  • siraj siraj
    siraj siraj 25 kun oldin

    This is a wonderful time for you to be surprising them

  • The Android Patriot
    The Android Patriot 25 kun oldin

    Scream at the meat!!!!!

  • meme bois
    meme bois 27 kun oldin

    My name is ethan

  • Adam Harrenstein
    Adam Harrenstein 27 kun oldin

    Everybody is Smosh is so awesome in really nice nicest Channel ever

  • Jenner
    Jenner 27 kun oldin

    children watch smosh? me too. XD

  • ian skelin
    ian skelin 28 kun oldin

    when i saw keath my nose bleaded

  • Freddy Fazbear Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear Fazbear 29 kun oldin

    Can i see u you

  • Gacha Wolf 1973
    Gacha Wolf 1973 Oy oldin

    I said I was there I wanna meet my favourite UZcliprs

  • Matt Schomaeker
    Matt Schomaeker Oy oldin

    Have a dragon

  • Bradlee Groff
    Bradlee Groff Oy oldin

    I’d rather have a dragon

  • Riley Direnzo
    Riley Direnzo Oy oldin

    they also look younger than me and im 9

  • Crystal B Rose
    Crystal B Rose Oy oldin

    this is my mom's account.

  • J AND A GAMING Jacob carranza

    This is so loooooooooooool

  • Kurkku Boyy123
    Kurkku Boyy123 2 oy oldin

    Gan you pleas come to wisit me becase my mom died and want my mom back!!!:(

  • JJ Plays
    JJ Plays 2 oy oldin

    Their grandma actually is a good actor

  • Amazing potato
    Amazing potato 2 oy oldin

    Noah keep screaming at the pizzas

  • Mystic Gengar DX
    Mystic Gengar DX 2 oy oldin

    I can’t find their channels and it just shows an error when I go to the link

  • Cameron Maher
    Cameron Maher 2 oy oldin

    Me and Cameron be friends

  • bigskull559
    bigskull559 2 oy oldin

    3:46 is true I miss the Ian and Anthony smosh

  • Orca Whale
    Orca Whale 2 oy oldin

    Awww you guys are sooo sweet but Keith is Soo funny ,Keith should have say ET han

  • Anali Correa-ramirez

    I do not have a dad he is in jail

  • Oliver Welles
    Oliver Welles 2 oy oldin

    So emotional 😭

  • Jeffry Junior
    Jeffry Junior 2 oy oldin

    Hey Ian and Anthony I recently just lost my dad yeah its kind of sad because I really loved him

  • Allie .B
    Allie .B 3 oy oldin

    Omg I love smosh I can’t even they are so nice and brighten my day every time I watch them

  • Milk shake Gam
    Milk shake Gam 3 oy oldin +1

    Do this to me pls 😿😭😢

  • ombeer drunk kid
    ombeer drunk kid 3 oy oldin

    And also I live in Florida.The other thing is I live in South Ramo tares lecanto . Florida

  • ombeer drunk kid
    ombeer drunk kid 3 oy oldin

    could you please do this to me I have been crying to meet you all you are the best UZclip stars out there and my phone number is 352\249\1044

  • Rosalina Galaxy
    Rosalina Galaxy 3 oy oldin

    I never got pranked by my favorite youtuber 😢

  • The Garletts Family
    The Garletts Family 3 oy oldin

    I wish I could meet Smosh 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😓😓😓😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😓

  • Alexander Mortensen
    Alexander Mortensen 3 oy oldin

    Say Voldemort 5 times
    Clap 3 times
    Don't talk until you post this to another video.
    You will sneeze.

  • Epicnightblades
    Epicnightblades 3 oy oldin

    Have a dragon

  • terraynot
    terraynot 3 oy oldin

    hey its Nicole furphy my 10 year old is getting bulled and on the way to suicide and her only wish is to meet you and i was wondering if u would meet her for me we live in Colorado fountain

  • Mark Blancco
    Mark Blancco 3 oy oldin

    Who ever disliked the video ur a heartless piece of shit

  • Point stop Dagstore
    Point stop Dagstore 3 oy oldin

    I want to see Cameron and Ethan’s channel

    • Liam Hunt
      Liam Hunt 12 kun oldin

      Point stop Dagstore Spidercam 818

  • fortnite_ player245
    fortnite_ player245 4 oy oldin

    my wewe poped up 2:30

  • Poisoned Gaming
    Poisoned Gaming 4 oy oldin

    Is this real or setup

  • KV Hunt
    KV Hunt 4 oy oldin

    This was awesome

  • KV Hunt
    KV Hunt 4 oy oldin


  • Jungshook 2.0
    Jungshook 2.0 4 oy oldin

    Keith looks good as a girl

  • Cingkin YT
    Cingkin YT 4 oy oldin

    I'm C-A-M-R-I-N. XD

  • Un Defeated
    Un Defeated 4 oy oldin

    Huga waky taky uka ra

  • Un Defeated
    Un Defeated 4 oy oldin

    I would have a dragon so we could switch souls

  • Meran Ahmed &laven Ali Vlog S


  • Djimmy River
    Djimmy River 4 oy oldin

    The 909 PEPs who disliked are sick

  • love me baby
    love me baby 4 oy oldin

    Aww their mother is not on the photo

  • l3arda a
    l3arda a 4 oy oldin

    I wìsh smosh would come into my school 😁

  • doggo boi
    doggo boi 4 oy oldin +1


  • Eli Hart
    Eli Hart 4 oy oldin


  • Linneboi
    Linneboi 4 oy oldin +1

    aww lucky kids xD

  • Libby Anderson
    Libby Anderson 4 oy oldin

    Please tell them god bless them

  • Super Mario Builder
    Super Mario Builder 4 oy oldin

    Scream at the meat it makes it more tender

  • Karin Hage
    Karin Hage 4 oy oldin

    be a dragon

  • Julian Qarim
    Julian Qarim 4 oy oldin

    4:11 no high fives for u

  • Iron Gaming
    Iron Gaming 4 oy oldin

    *Screams into the meat*

  • uta uta
    uta uta 4 oy oldin

    bring back anthony bro

  • foxy nuts dam
    foxy nuts dam 4 oy oldin

    They are lucky ass hell

  • Elliot Sellars
    Elliot Sellars 4 oy oldin

    I want to meet you guys

  • That Brogaming
    That Brogaming 4 oy oldin

    Have a dragon

  • ItzYaBoiChipzAhoy Asmr Slimes

    Awwwww this was so sweet of Anthony and Ian

  • Maria Soto
    Maria Soto 4 oy oldin

    I would be a dragon

  • Muaaz Ibn Zayed
    Muaaz Ibn Zayed 5 oy oldin

    Have a dragon

  • Cloudx music
    Cloudx music 5 oy oldin

    Ian have herpes

    HEROBRIN98 5 oy oldin

    2:45 that woman is just thinking about life

  • meme
    meme 5 oy oldin

    Hey Guys Can We Do This With Me Please

  • XxBoNeZxX Diss
    XxBoNeZxX Diss 5 oy oldin

    Lmao was that docterDisrespect in the back, during the beginning

  • Caleb Pinkerton
    Caleb Pinkerton 5 oy oldin

    This reminds me of impractical jokers

  • Valerie Ramos
    Valerie Ramos 5 oy oldin

    ZxzCXZ🧒🏻🧒🏻🤪🦊🖕🏻🖕🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧟‍♂️👨🏻🧟‍♂️🖕🏻🖕🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🦊🦊🧟‍♂️🖕🏻🤪🤪🧟‍♂️🦊🤪🧒🏻🦊🦊🖕🏻🖕🏻🧒🏻😆🧒🏻🦊🧒🏻🧟‍♂️🤪🦊😚🤪😿🦊🧟‍♂️🤪🧒🏻🦊😿🧟‍♂️🤪🤪🤪🦊🧒🏻🤪🤪🖕🏻🤪z X 🧐🧟‍♂️👽🧐🧟‍♂️🧐🧟‍♂️🎃🐨🧟‍♂️🎃👽🎃. Multiple ,zzxccCBXVC

  • fortnight watchers
    fortnight watchers 5 oy oldin

    OMG I HOPE HEEL BE HAPPY IN HEVEN!!!! im so sorry fore dem:'(

  • OeXz GT
    OeXz GT 5 oy oldin

    All this bring me so Much joy

  • The CherryAngel101 TV

    4:12 Poor Noah.....Did he get his high-5?

  • BT Rust
    BT Rust 5 oy oldin