Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...

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  • Joylandi 17-Okt, 2018
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  • Wulf Wulf
    Wulf Wulf 7 soniya oldin

    Remember that logo ? I always got a feeling that my wallet got a bite too when fixing my phone !

  • Caleb Roskelly
    Caleb Roskelly 2 soat oldin

    Summary: complains about apple, talks about how he loves his note 9, then points out how people who use android think their better than people than use apple, then immediately starts talking about the pros of apple, and then talks trash about it again

  • Kevin Chao
    Kevin Chao 4 soat oldin

    iPhone XS

  • Willster7471
    Willster7471 5 soat oldin

    What does he meant by apple not having T9 dialing?

  • bilditup1
    bilditup1 6 soat oldin

    So is Amazon suing people who say the word 'Alexa' or something? Is that why you had to literally spell it out?

  • John M.
    John M. 7 soat oldin

    What a lot of you fail to realize is the fact that Apple doesn’t have to produce a lot of new hardware. That’s not what sells, the user interface is what sales. As long as Apple can provide a better iteration of something you already have, then you will make the purchase. We buy iPhones because of the iOS experience, not because of how advance the camera or CPU is; because we clearly know Samsung has the game on lock when it comes to hardware. But not when it comes to Android OS. iPhone may not be the best smartphone on the market, but it’s the most ‘popular’.

  • Tony's Trinkets
    Tony's Trinkets 9 soat oldin

    When you turn on Captions it calls the phone the iPhone ''Tennis" XD

  • BlackCouchGaming -YT
    BlackCouchGaming -YT 11 soat oldin

    Nah I got pissed when he said the note 9 was too expensive

  • BlackCouchGaming -YT
    BlackCouchGaming -YT 11 soat oldin

    This guy does good reviews but I really hate when he does his high pitched voice.

  • Michael Hamson
    Michael Hamson 12 soat oldin

    Ale X A?? or ALEXA??

  • Jamal Ahmed
    Jamal Ahmed 17 soat oldin

    i stick to my samsung, what is apple anyway.

  • LightFuse
    LightFuse 19 soat oldin

    Normal people will still buy iPhones.
    Sensible people will buy Android.
    Smart people buy OnePlus.

  • EarthChallenge
    EarthChallenge 21 soat oldin

    i "member

  • jeff avecenix
    jeff avecenix 21 soat oldin

    i just using iphone XS max for several days then trade in to android huawei mate 20..although dont hve wireless charger,but still hv 3.5mm headphone jack,nfc,infrared,bluetooth 5.0

  • Luke Pruscino
    Luke Pruscino 23 soat oldin

    Can everyone just shut up.... it’s a fking phone. Besides calling people, everything is just extra. I can still eat, snit, and sleep the same way if I have a Samsung or Apple phone. I have the XR because I don’t trust Samsung’s security

  • chris chi
    chris chi Kun oldin

    wait can’t you swipe the screenshots over to save them

  • guynumber20
    guynumber20 Kun oldin

    I real iPhone user knows how to check , just go to wallpapers

  • cholo barin
    cholo barin Kun oldin

    Rants are good for improvement. But im still not buying Samsung and will stick to Apple.

  • Seanis Wagner
    Seanis Wagner Kun oldin

    15:33 Galaxy S9/ Anti-Apple commercial. Don't waste your time watching this if you want anything remotely objective.

  • SilVerRoxetZ
    SilVerRoxetZ Kun oldin

    tbh both of em sucked,
    Android = Performance issues, too much copyright bullshit, made by google
    Iphones = less features, boring, stupid, retarded
    I stopped owning a smartphone and decided to have an old nokia from 2009, extremely happy with it.

  • noheadlights
    noheadlights Kun oldin

    You sound like an apple user.
    Complaining about minor things with a whiny voice as if the world depended on a thing like t9 dialing. :)

    • noheadlights
      noheadlights 14 soat oldin

      +J E R R Y i didn't call anyone a hater. I said he sounded like one. This is how I felt watching the video.
      Also: great Idea to tell people to think before they post. Makes room for a relaxed discussion.

    • J E R R Y
      J E R R Y 15 soat oldin

      "complaning about minor things" if you've actually watch the video, you know that that's part of the point of the video. Also so calling someone a "hater" doesn't negate their points. People who use the term "hater" often dont have a lot of point to argue and they are just salty about something. so next time, think before commenting.

    • noheadlights
      noheadlights Kun oldin

      +Kieran Macdonald Actually he sounds just like a hater running out of reasons, because it is a capable phone with only minor flaws. Complaining about the price is a non starter too. Nobody says buying a Maserati is stupid even though it is expensive and a totally non pratical car in most situations. Still people are buying it - and that is totally OK.

    • Kieran Macdonald
      Kieran Macdonald Kun oldin

      noheadlights bro it’s cos it costs so much

  • Saroj poudel
    Saroj poudel Kun oldin

    Lol.. turn it to 11 reference..

  • Lil beach
    Lil beach Kun oldin +6

    If you hate Apple, buy orange

  • Ronald Boykin
    Ronald Boykin Kun oldin

    I feel a bit crazy for buying a iphone Xs when my iphone 7 is good enough! Apple has over hyped the X and Xs for a lot of money! I'm going to sell it and go back to my iphone 7!

  • Retro Man
    Retro Man Kun oldin

    IPhone is simply garbage that is why..but people seem to be sucked in to that over price crap..there are so many wonderful phones out which is nicer and most of them are better then iPhone...but everybody will buy what they like..android rules and always will and apple just does not like getting beat...sore losers is all.

  • Septien Patterson
    Septien Patterson Kun oldin

    Dude, why is this video so long...???

  • FBI
    FBI Kun oldin +1

    Linus you're actually a dumbass

  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez Kun oldin

    Well if you heard George carlin ever that’s because what iPhone 9 ... iPhone 11 .. bullshit iPhone X .. cause ten sounds important.. X sounds oficial... lol .. and they keep releasing the same phone basically year after year because the same asshole year after year keep buying them. Blame the idiot brainless public for this not apple.

  • God
    God Kun oldin

    lol you're just stupid dumbass

    • J E R R Y
      J E R R Y 15 soat oldin

      found another salty apple fan

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa 2 kun oldin

    This just highlights how much I hate the ergonomic disaster zone of large screen phones. Apple really let me down giving up on the iPhone SE.

  • Gabriel Diamante
    Gabriel Diamante 2 kun oldin

    3:58 all the way laughing

  • anthony tamburro
    anthony tamburro 2 kun oldin

    Whats happening is When Steve Job left in the 80's or 90's apple went down hill because there CEO was a follower in the tech industry and their tech innovation sucked then apple hired Steve job back and the CEO of apple Steve Jobs CREATED IPHONE, IPOD AND IPAD in 2000's and now. when Steve job passed away is going downhill because there current CEO is following the current trends of the tech industry with there ridcouis price. Therefore apple need a NEW CEO to keep up and being innovated company again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Razor Reznov
    Razor Reznov 2 kun oldin

    Apple is greedy
    It doesn't care it has too much confidence on its sheeps who buy their product
    Apple is nothing but a luxury phone not in terms of usage , technology but cuz it is expensive
    Also Apple doesn't even give free devices to youtubers to review their product
    Apple is that greedy and will lose for sure
    They need to fire Tim Cook he sucks

  • Jaber Martini
    Jaber Martini 2 kun oldin

    Dumb ugly Notch

  • MissFirenze1
    MissFirenze1 2 kun oldin

    I don't plan on going past the iPhone 8 Plus which is what I currently own.

  • Muffin Z
    Muffin Z 2 kun oldin

    File management has always been a horrible thing on Apple

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes 2 kun oldin

    Linus Awesome Video and really enjoyed Deb.👌👍✌

  • Pyrosanical
    Pyrosanical 2 kun oldin

    I updated from a budget Android to an XS Max. So it’s good to see Linus’ opinions. Really opens my eyes. Still like my phone, but it’s good ! Thanks for the video

  • Bradley Scott
    Bradley Scott 2 kun oldin

    Was gonna upgrade my 7plus to the newest. Didn’t want to give up my finger print scanner.

  • Arturo Pena
    Arturo Pena 2 kun oldin

    The only good thing about apple is the 2012 macbook pro

  • Ck Espino
    Ck Espino 3 kun oldin

    I actually like my iphone xs whatever.

  • Cosmin Lungu
    Cosmin Lungu 3 kun oldin +1

    Dis mudafucka married with a korean, lmaooo no wonder😂😂😂 yh hes daughter, but also cuz he has a TECH channel😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • iTz L0N3xW0LF
    iTz L0N3xW0LF 3 kun oldin

    triggered apple fans incoming

  • Hard Nation
    Hard Nation 3 kun oldin

    I am thinking to buy an iPhone Xs Max. I never owned an iPhone. I've been using Android phones for ages. I thought I'd go for an iPhone so I can experience iOS too. But I am just afraid that I won't like the simplicity and the lack of customization of it. Also that notch, it doesn't really annoy me, but I am afraid that it will be in the way.

  • Killin Smallz
    Killin Smallz 3 kun oldin

    this here is one nit-picky review. gotta nit those picks.

  • Vincenzo Bertelloni
    Vincenzo Bertelloni 3 kun oldin

    Yeaaaah i got the I-Fuck Xs with 2nd camera ...not a third camera waith i got one I-Fuck phone with FIVE..... But is not able to make a fucking phone call ...u ... K N O W ....i keep my LUMIA 720 ...4 years old that make randmly geberated pictures ...i can watch my favourite UZclip channels like Linus Tech ..and play games and make phone calls ...fuck that useless piece of plastic ot even worth 1499.99$......and is not even a notebook screw you Apple.

    • clash clans
      clash clans 3 kun oldin

      Vincenzo Bertelloni instead of saying the F word 20 times take some English classes to learn to type you’ll need it

  • Vedansh Chauhan
    Vedansh Chauhan 3 kun oldin

    Note 9 costs $100 less than even the XR now.

  • Devrek Wassupi
    Devrek Wassupi 3 kun oldin

    Yes they do include the “Dongle”. It’s on the back of the earbuds. You didn’t turn over the earbuds. Oh well.

  • dudewtf1776
    dudewtf1776 3 kun oldin

    is the Iphone 10 ass the 2019 model???

  • Lucas Walker
    Lucas Walker 3 kun oldin

    the most important difference between Apple ios and Google Android, Apple respect your privacy and when installing an app on Apple ios, you can block what ever you don't want that app to have access too. With Google Android, you half to give up all your right just to install an app, even if the app doesn't required it. I had to us an Android phone for 3 months while I was waiting for my new iPhone to arrive. I was trying to install telegram, what's up and OMG, i had this popup stating that I had to give access to my contact, microphone, camera, OK, that was the same thing on my iPhone, then it notice that it also wanted access to my phone GPS location, my surfing and history, phone usages, my pictures, apps installed, google maps etc... and I was like, what the f&%K!
    Remember, I was just installing telegram and what's up, the first tree (IE: contacts, microphone and camera) are part of the app, but the rest of the access is from google, and for everyone out there that owns a Android phone, you had to wave your rights on everything single detail of your phone info, usage, location etc ... just to install the app.
    People are so upset with Facebook for tracking everyone's movement, text, etc... But is Google is doing it through every app, they want to know in my case, telegram and what's up, what I would be sending, receiving and to top that off, they wanted access to everything else on your phone, everything.
    I was so offended that I had no choice of what the app or google would have access to, that I just never installed the app, and put this new Android phone back in the box and give it away. I am so surprise that every body using and Android is OK with waving all privacy, unbelievable!!
    I don't like all apple products cause most of it is over price. But iPhone, for me and for my privacy, is the only way to go.

  • Ari Nielsen
    Ari Nielsen 3 kun oldin +1

    What about the split screen on iPhone, did they finally get it?

  • Jacob Mcdaniel
    Jacob Mcdaniel 3 kun oldin +11

    One thing apple has always stuck with is the idea that a clean system is better than more options. I would imagine most criticisms stem from this ideology.

  • Lien Trinh
    Lien Trinh 3 kun oldin

    Bla bla bla no sell no upgrade new iPhones Apple company MUST BRING THE PRICE NEW IPHONES DOWN!!!

  • Israel Monica144
    Israel Monica144 4 kun oldin

    Apple can get away with mediocracy because iOS is the best phone os

    • Israel Monica144
      Israel Monica144 3 kun oldin

      redrock861 sorry. I guess I misunderstood your comment.

    • redrock861
      redrock861 3 kun oldin +1

      Israel Monica144 I agree. I did not insult you in any way.

    • Israel Monica144
      Israel Monica144 3 kun oldin

      redrock861 I don't deserve to be insulted. We're just giving our opinion about phones. Let's not be rude.

    • redrock861
      redrock861 3 kun oldin

      Israel Monica144 ...did you just claim that you're simple?

    • Israel Monica144
      Israel Monica144 4 kun oldin

      Tristan Dennis in my opinion, best.

  • hepotitus
    hepotitus 4 kun oldin +1

    What did you mean they didn't have a large phone last year? They had the 8+

  • Kyle2kxx
    Kyle2kxx 4 kun oldin

    Apple have always been bad Linus c'mon. They're super user friendly, no the wonder they're most popular tbh

  • Italo Maeda
    Italo Maeda 4 kun oldin

    Best Iphone to buy today is the SE. Just saying

  • X777 1235813
    X777 1235813 4 kun oldin

    The Notch is the biggest fail in Apple History. Then there is the Keyboard 2nd biggest fail. Tim Cook is a dick wad

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 4 kun oldin

    Fifteen minutes of you yelling in our ears was not pleasant. Listen to yourself.

    • redrock861
      redrock861 3 kun oldin

      Donna Peroche the guys name is Linus, and he sounds like a whiney veggie tales character. I really expected nothing less.

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 4 kun oldin +1

    Will be interesting to see if people will still line up to suck Tim Cook's cock ..or the other way around

  • Frozenn00b
    Frozenn00b 4 kun oldin

    They used roman numerals for the 10th iteration of their OS... MacOS X is also MacOS 10. No one calls it MacOS 10, they call it MacOS X. But roman numerals were used post-1994.

  • Troll King
    Troll King 5 kun oldin

    I know this is not the right video for my comment, and I am a major fan of your videos. I wonder if it’s worth to upgrade to R5 2600x from 2400g I have gtx 1070. Thanks in advance.

  • Eli Suryana
    Eli Suryana 5 kun oldin

    "there is still no t9 dialing"
    why apple why

  • a9udn9u
    a9udn9u 5 kun oldin

    Still, my wife still insists on buying iPhone Xs.

    • MonsterJam2005
      MonsterJam2005 4 kun oldin

      a9udn9u the xr is probably a better choice

  • Simply Raiding Your Fridge

    The iPhone X’s is actually a huge upgrade if you don’t buy an iPhone every year

  • Van Vu
    Van Vu 5 kun oldin

    Wait till the iPhone 11 comes out. The price will be in the 2000

  • Yogi on a Scooter
    Yogi on a Scooter 5 kun oldin +2

    Perfectly enjoyed your video on my LG Stylo 3 Plus going strong after 1.5 years and all of $160.00. It's been getting timely security updates as well and one OS upgrade. Stylus comes in handy as well. I don't get the need for $1000 phones period.

  • sxnsei
    sxnsei 5 kun oldin +2

    Staying at iphone 6s thanks

    • Doge Meme
      Doge Meme 19 soat oldin

      sxnsei This phone fucking suck the iPhone eight plus is the phone I’m getting instead of this trash

  • Yoonsang Rhee
    Yoonsang Rhee 5 kun oldin

    I had an iPhone 3s, i used to charge it while driving and at some point it began to swell to an enormous size that the outer cover finally came off. The worst part was Apple's answer to my complaint. No explanation, no refund. Nothing. From that moment I told them adios. All the major tech companies might have their own issues on some technical glitches, but a leading phone company showing complete lack of customer service was not what i had expected.

  • Tile Setter 191
    Tile Setter 191 5 kun oldin

    Idk guys I just upgraded to the xs max from the iPhone6 and to me it’s a gigantic difference. Also who in the fuck upgrads phones every year??? Makes no sense especially since everyone is saying it’s the same shit every year.

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 5 kun oldin

    Moto e4 for life (my dad has a note nine) my phone is from the nougat days

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 5 kun oldin

    iPhone X?
    More like iPhone You’ll never have seX!
    I’ll see myself out...

  • havanatlc
    havanatlc 6 kun oldin

    You really need a life Linus!

  • thesparitan
    thesparitan 6 kun oldin

    10 years ago there were two types of people, apple critics and everyone else.
    Now there are two types of people, apple fans and everyone else.

    • redrock861
      redrock861 3 kun oldin

      thesparitan so people with brains who know how to use them, and on the other side, apple fans?

  • Josip Ricov
    Josip Ricov 6 kun oldin

    iPhone is just way to expensive. This is coming from ex Aople fan boy.

  • 223 Remington
    223 Remington 6 kun oldin

    Oh my God! There are bezels on my phone, I’m gonna drink bleack and die. Seriously, people are retarded.

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. 6 kun oldin

    No one ever mentiones that you can't turn the flash on and off when taking a video. You have to make multiple videos with flash on then flash off. You still can't change resolution on the camera app but in the settings. The camera was always in the worst place ever in the top corner where your first gets get in the way of a video or photo and the flash reflects off your fingers and ruins the shot. Shot on iPhone my arse.

  • jacksoft1o1
    jacksoft1o1 6 kun oldin +1

    To save a screen shot you can just dismiss the screen shot lol

  • Bumble Baytuna
    Bumble Baytuna 6 kun oldin

    I’m still rockin an IPhone SE

  • Emily Strickland
    Emily Strickland 6 kun oldin

    I bought this phone because I wanted a good camera. Now I hate the camera.

  • LateNite
    LateNite 7 kun oldin

    Apple will let you know what you need and want so stop complaining.

  • MultiKorven123
    MultiKorven123 7 kun oldin

    A little harsh on the good ol’ iPhone but kinda fair still

  • vivi xD
    vivi xD 7 kun oldin

    Note 9 is like a double big mac. Fully loaded
    Xs is like that overpriced and overrated restaurant where the soup is cold and bread is wet. But hey it looks fancy and you would get more likes on Instagram.

  • tubilicous
    tubilicous 7 kun oldin

    All first world problems lol

  • E E
    E E 7 kun oldin

    There are SO many things my Xs doesn’t do (it did type Xs with no problem) lol but it has a camera slightly comparable to my dslr and that is exactly what I bought it for. This is my first iPhone and I’ll never buy another one.

  • Omri Alexander
    Omri Alexander 7 kun oldin

    Idk why people argue about a damn phone it’s all about preference tbh Androids are to messy for me

  • T130AT
    T130AT 7 kun oldin

    If Apple would release a new phone in the SE/5S design with best technic for 500€, then i would buy it. I love the iphone 5 design. I was an iphone 4 user and since 2016 Samsung Galaxy S6 and my next phone will be also a Samsung but a new Iphone SE would be nice too.

  • Mazen Fire
    Mazen Fire 7 kun oldin

    At least you can play fortnite at 60 FPS on the XR.

  • Twopunch
    Twopunch 7 kun oldin

    android users love hating on Apple loooooool so sad

  • Keiren Gaming.
    Keiren Gaming. 7 kun oldin

    Hello I hate modern apple
    That is why I STILL OWN A IPHONE 6S+ and I would not upgrade ANY TIME SOON!

  • Sheepy.
    Sheepy. 7 kun oldin

    After using IPhone for 10+ years, I chose to get Huawei Mate 20X for my new upgrade

  • david jones
    david jones 7 kun oldin

    Baby hands

  • Bravo Agario Mobile
    Bravo Agario Mobile 7 kun oldin

    I wonder what the next IPhone will be: iPhone XsL for IPhone 10s Large

  • Jatin Saxena
    Jatin Saxena 8 kun oldin

    Did you upgraded from s8 to s9 or note 8 to note 9 . Comon linus you are better than this

  • D Brown
    D Brown 8 kun oldin

    Almost every feature described minus the camera is a feature of IOS 12+ and not a feature of the Iphone X itself. I switched to IOS from Android a few years ago. And in those years my imessages still shuffle themselves, my gps still loses connection often and randomly likes to spin. They made new hardware and as far as I've seen all these problems still persist. It's been 3 major version upgrades but it's good they made a silly phone that cuts a rectangle out of videos.

  • Lil puff
    Lil puff 8 kun oldin

    iPhone xs max is great

  • Gaming Daily
    Gaming Daily 8 kun oldin

    I am lost everyone. Where is the channel where Apple fans talk crap about Android users?

  • zealot316
    zealot316 8 kun oldin

    Lol fuck the Note 9! Great video tho keep em coming Linus!

  • Jamie Bull
    Jamie Bull 8 kun oldin

    How you pronounced Alexa killed me 😂

  • Zerovalk The Techgamer

    This is why I still use the iPhone 8