Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor UFC 229 Pre-Fight Press Conference - MMA Fighting

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  • Marcel Mann
    Marcel Mann 2 kun oldin

    press conference ends after 14:30 minutes ... the part that matters anyhow

  • kidgo kidgo
    kidgo kidgo 3 kun oldin

    At this point Dana has to realize that Khabib far outclassed Conor.

  • fedorjmb shin
    fedorjmb shin 17 kun oldin

    khabib vs brian ortega that ll be a BIG FIGHT also AGAINST ferguson

  • AT_Edits101
    AT_Edits101 21 kun oldin

    i can see it now khabib was mad as hell and he kept it for the cage. I think what happened at this fight is the trash talk brought the beast out of the fighter so what made khabib bring his A game is the fact he worked through his anger and after the fight he let his emotions get the best of him

  • Stephen Molnar
    Stephen Molnar 22 kun oldin

    i could go into heavy detail...and i will and i will. classic

  • tribezanati
    tribezanati 23 kun oldin

    29:45 I’m here to enjoy this, causes this is what I love........... then tap tap tap 4th round. What a joke!!!!!!

  • ksoo
    ksoo 24 kun oldin

    im mad that reporter cut in before he could answer about consequences.....

  • ksoo
    ksoo 24 kun oldin

    khabib calling out dana right there sdljfldskjflk king

  • ksoo
    ksoo 24 kun oldin

    "when we go in the cage we will see whos gonna talk" chills

  • mcsealth
    mcsealth 24 kun oldin

    Khabib is the coolest guy

  • Gcobani Maqeda
    Gcobani Maqeda 26 kun oldin

    with out mayweather he never even think of being a billionnaire

  • Gcobani Maqeda
    Gcobani Maqeda 26 kun oldin +1

    so glade he got up and show them he was important too for the fight to be a success

  • Islandtat34 K
    Islandtat34 K 29 kun oldin +1

    Dana is a punk

  • Saad Ibrahim
    Saad Ibrahim 29 kun oldin

    😂😂😂 He is a trashy mouth and he is stupid loser I am very happy Khabib kick his ass he’s a trashy mouth and stupid

  • rachmawati farida
    rachmawati farida 29 kun oldin

    annoying fans of connor #cripy

  • Amir Jaan
    Amir Jaan Oy oldin

    12:25 please wait 2 more days
    Action speaks louder then words. that's called real talk

  • dubenstein
    dubenstein Oy oldin

    This was beautiful. Dana knew all along Conor was gonna "run late" making a grand appearance to the fans and Dana was caught off guard when Khabib went out ON TIME.

  • Azalea Meruno
    Azalea Meruno Oy oldin

    so insulting! hope that drunk learned his lesson. oh yeah he did. he got slaps lol.

  • DormantIdeas NIQ
    DormantIdeas NIQ Oy oldin

    yo! duuuuudes! KHABIB made SHEEEEEEEESHHHHKUHHHHHHHbob outta Whiskey McTap!!! LMAO!
    I think he broke his PHCKNG neck! He did break his PHCKNG neck!

  • jay wilson
    jay wilson Oy oldin

    Yeah he always gives up when he is tired

  • Mike FMP
    Mike FMP Oy oldin +1

    Football factory fans drunken fuckwits

  • Che chenec
    Che chenec Oy oldin

    When your late and have to explain why your are late ” the traffic was bad”

  • Pushing through
    Pushing through Oy oldin

    Why does Conor have belts in front of him? He does not hold either of them anymore???? Or am I missing something here?

  • Dina M
    Dina M Oy oldin

    i always hear that the Irish are some of the toughest fans and they are very proud..but i think most of those here and in the fight are americans actually! :D

  • Dina M
    Dina M Oy oldin

    i'm with Khabib

  • ilive 247
    ilive 247 Oy oldin

    "He is petrified...." really conor mcchicken?

  • Janelle Silbernagel

    Its Rocky vs. Drago..I will smash you!

  • Salma The Queen
    Salma The Queen Oy oldin

    Connor u are a clown 🤡 an puppet of the system

  • Joey Mangie
    Joey Mangie Oy oldin +5

    I'm here after the fight and I'm laughing at the fans.

  • One Deep Savage
    One Deep Savage Oy oldin

    Wished the fans would stfu for a min so khabib could hear the questions

  • igor pest
    igor pest Oy oldin

    konor got his ass kicked in every round by quiet Russsian

  • adam Johnson
    adam Johnson Oy oldin

    Khabib is The Champion not only in MMA but in many other perspective. RESPECT

  • nowthisnamestaken
    nowthisnamestaken Oy oldin +1

    9:16 over here Khabib to your right (turns out its to Khabibs Left-LOL).

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon Oy oldin

    I will Fight KHABIB in Russia 5 Million it will give Conner time for Training Rematch 5 years I have been Out ? Conner was out for 2 years why he Lost .its not HAte Art I dont Trash Talk Numbers Prove IT . He was Correct should not have been denied respect along with Not Belting His ASS In Ring Americans Cant take a Loss ? Fight ME in Russia 🇷🇺No wonder why He Jumps the Fence .

  • apo tropaic
    apo tropaic Oy oldin

    like for Conor of course

  • Asha Khan
    Asha Khan Oy oldin

    Watching this after the fight I’m proud to be a Muslim!

  • Nik Rich
    Nik Rich Oy oldin

    Both sides can kick rocks. Biases for one fighter over the over are at an all time high. Be one is innocent. McGregor is not innocent and Khabib is not innocent. The receipts clearly show that Khabib and his boys (NOT KHABIB BY HIMSELF) approached Artem over a stupid comment Artem said about on the internet. McGregor and his boys (NOT MCGREGOR BY HIMSELF) threw stuff at a bus resulting in broken glass injuring folks and McGregor getting arrested. McGregor showed up to NY press conference drunk and talked trash trash about culture country and Khabib's dad. Khabib talked trash to Irish fans about culture and country at the media work out. Khabib beat the pants off McGregor in the octagon. Khabib threw his mouth piece at Danis. as they were both talking trash to each other after the win. Khabib jumps into the crowd to maul Danis. Khabib's boys enters the octagon. Khabib's brother approached McGregor in the octagon and McGregor punched him then Khabib's boy smashes McGregor from behind. NO ONE IS INNOCENT. As for McGregor...if you're gonna talk the talk you gotta back it up in the octagon. As for Khabib... you are not in a position to dictate what is and what is not professionalism because you are not an innocent professional. Khabib/McGregor lovers allow yourselves to spew venom at me for this unbiased assessment of what the receipts clearly show.

  • Dominick Fig
    Dominick Fig Oy oldin

    3 Am after the fight Damnn didn't even show. All that leadership in egonest for nothing

  • Advanced Chiropractic

    Conor mouth got closed. He was punked. I like his salesmanship, but he gone beyond that and humiliates people. If I was as talented as Khabib I would of done the same thing.
    Now Khabib manager is not a good man. That is true.
    He really did make Conor look amateur.

  • ugc net pol sc
    ugc net pol sc Oy oldin

    Habib the best

  • Eddie Cole
    Eddie Cole Oy oldin

    Well he did miss the opportunity to get tap out last night. Every time people starts getting arrogant they fall. I guess we better get ready to see him on the WWE

  • umar farook
    umar farook Oy oldin +3

    AllahuAkber wow super real hero khabib

  • Italiano
    Italiano Oy oldin +14

    Damn if. Connor just knew in this moment that he is gonna TAP OUT 😂😂😂

  • Metla
    Metla Oy oldin

    came from the hills
    among civilized people
    savages savages and terrorists with them

  • Wv Hillbilly
    Wv Hillbilly Oy oldin +33

    This is so much more satisfying after the fight.

    • Lootroq
      Lootroq Oy oldin

      I must have watched their presser in NYC like 7 times by now. While I do find it genuinely funny in its own right, just knowing what's about to happen makes it all the more fascinating

  • Bagnas Bayabas
    Bagnas Bayabas Oy oldin +2

    I dont know guys but I got this feeling that this fight will only last 4 rounds.

  • Mariam Maria
    Mariam Maria Oy oldin +3

    Conor got banged 😂😂

  • Devan McClaine
    Devan McClaine Oy oldin

    God, I love Connor. Backing down from the Ali comment...

  • MrRecin
    MrRecin Oy oldin

    how not to do mics tutorial conor ft khabib xD mic's feedback is terrible

  • D i R T
    D i R T Oy oldin

    Khabib the Terrorist is gonna get knocked out round 1

  • Otto skorzeny
    Otto skorzeny Oy oldin

    Dana laughs when Ali is outted by Gregor as a tout...

  • Merciful الرحمة Justice العدالة

    People lost a lot of money betting against Khabib. Khabib showed him his most humiliating defeat. Yesterday was a great fight but the better one / man / fighter won. It was inevitable. الحمدلله الذي نصر عبده
    حم ستُغلبون حم لا يُنصرون
    Khabib is still the undefeated and undisputed UFC lightweight champion.

  • Reddi
    Reddi Oy oldin

    Im gonna dig me knuckcule into his orbital bune😂

  • Meriya Meriya
    Meriya Meriya Oy oldin

    Khabib GOOD LUCK, he know 4languages fluent , love youuu, show you whenever you win or loose i’m fan of youuu

  • Dima Shinder
    Dima Shinder Oy oldin +9

    Honestly I'm rooting for khabib at this point just to shut those obnoxious fans up

  • Dima Shinder
    Dima Shinder Oy oldin

    I don't understand this mentality fans have of booing the opposite fighter, it's really dumb and annoying

  • Ricky Ozimo
    Ricky Ozimo Oy oldin +5

    l heard Conor paid his fans to disrupt press conference, Conor knows he can’t beat Khabib by himself !!
    Conor poo in his pants 🤣

  • Ricky Ozimo
    Ricky Ozimo Oy oldin +3

    Conor’s scared!!!!!!🤣

  • Tod Benjamin
    Tod Benjamin Oy oldin +4

    Really well handled by khabib though! It was great to hear what he had to say! Wouldn't have happened if the chav stereotype was there. I turned it off when he left because listening to chav bores me, but i saw it on another link. That wasn't trash talk it was hate speech, i don't find hate speech entertaining.

  • Tomas Skersis
    Tomas Skersis Oy oldin +4

    Hope Khabib smash this arrogant face, and it will be his last fight, after this fight he can enjoy his life with bottle of whisky.

  • Josh francis
    Josh francis Oy oldin

    Stupid woman asking about hunger one thousand times. She was probably trying to ask for a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from the burger king, or maybe to eat slap from khabib.

  • arrowakano
    arrowakano Oy oldin

    Dana put that Crusader shirt on to send a message to the Muslims

  • Anwar Abdullah
    Anwar Abdullah Oy oldin +8

    Alcohol destroys more lives than all other drugs put together!Sell ur poison to the puppets that buy it

  • The Stork 2
    The Stork 2 Oy oldin +1

    Anyway if maybe there is a link to watch it free?
    I know I am asking something impossible.

  • Kirk Landau
    Kirk Landau Oy oldin

    This was a shitshow

  • Kir Kut
    Kir Kut Oy oldin

    Mcgregor start coughing feelings you're little chicken

  • Tom Bo Ros
    Tom Bo Ros Oy oldin

    Axl Rose was always late we all know how he's doing now.

  • John Weldon
    John Weldon Oy oldin +1

    Look at the IRISH and there history, pure resilience and fighting survivors. Were champions "

  • Sergio Bowers
    Sergio Bowers Oy oldin +1

    Go to to place creatives statistical bets on who will win the fight & how!

  • Jorge Martínez
    Jorge Martínez Oy oldin +1

    Let’s go mcgregor

  • Frank Rühle
    Frank Rühle Oy oldin

    just Clowns.

  • Jonathan Mehari
    Jonathan Mehari Oy oldin +3

    connor coming late is disrespectful to croud & fans tbh.....

  • Taki segheiri
    Taki segheiri Oy oldin +2

    الكل ضدك يا حبيب لكن غدا لناظره لقريب باذن الله سوف تربح و تحطم عديم الأخلاق هذا الذي يدعى كونور
    alot of people not on your side habib but tomorrow is near if god will ... you will crash this pig conor who have no marals

  • Richard Powers
    Richard Powers Oy oldin +1

    Dana is more and more looking like a cancer patient

  • Mike FMP
    Mike FMP Oy oldin +4

    Conor’s legacy in 4 words “luck of the Irish ☘️ “ nothing more and having the president in his pocket that’s all that Conor’s legacy is oh and a good counter punch that’s it nothing else.

    • Kirk Landau
      Kirk Landau Oy oldin

      Then you understand absolutely nothing about MMA

  • Mike FMP
    Mike FMP Oy oldin +5

    Lighting was bad on khabib and the speakers where low volume behind in a bad spot that’s why khabib had a hard time ufc mutts I’m a photographer and that lighting was done on purpose it makes the fighter look bad and the speakers were brought back to the front after khabib left that was a shitty thing to do I’m over Conor and Dana they are jokers rich McMahon’s wwe mutts two stooges

  • mohammad vazifehfard


  • Mike FMP
    Mike FMP Oy oldin +1

    UFC YOU ARE RICH BUT YOU ARE WANKERS WITH DANA THE HEAD SNAKE. Poor on class no different then wwe I hope khabib wins you should sack Conor he’s a moron after the mayweather fight he’s become a coke head and a drunk slurring his boring old trash talk.

  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds Oy oldin +1

    26mins late defo planned..a mind game!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Oy oldin

    31:27 his face expression dead gives away how nervous and unconfident he was when he stated him smashing Khabib. I saw pure nightmare in those eyes.

  • Hawksby1
    Hawksby1 Oy oldin +9

    Conor fans are embarrassing

  • Rabih Chamma
    Rabih Chamma Oy oldin +3

    Khabib made it clear days ago that he will be there on time and not wait for anyone conor knew this and then came late knowing that to avoid being intimidated by khabib

  • David D
    David D Oy oldin

    Conor is the best!

  • Carrie Rutta
    Carrie Rutta Oy oldin

    Conor under 3 rounds to take out khabib.

  • eddsterrr b
    eddsterrr b Oy oldin +11

    Conor shouldn't be allowed to have his two fake belts

  • Maleki88
    Maleki88 Oy oldin +1

    Khabib played it right. Not waiting for Conor and talking about how he disagreed with Dana regarding the belts shows he isnt playing into Conor's game. Yeah hes a little more emotional but it's on his terms. Still think Conor has the advantage though

  • eddsterrr b
    eddsterrr b Oy oldin +4

    Conor Mcnuggets fans remind me of Hillary Clinton fans

  • eddsterrr b
    eddsterrr b Oy oldin +3

    Khabib nurmagomedov is the greatest of all time and his manager ali Abdelaziz is the greatest manager in the business and Khabib is the true professional to show up on time

  • Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick Oy oldin

    He said nothing in New York cause your ignorant ass kept talking over him and yelling like you were coked out of your mind.

  • anil ramautar
    anil ramautar Oy oldin +4

    Mcchicken made by White media SCUMS

  • Esteban Andres Villanueva

    Connor is in Khabib's head a little, it was disrespectful to be late..

  • Aziz The real one
    Aziz The real one Oy oldin +2

    Khabib is the king.

  • Tai Gadison
    Tai Gadison Oy oldin +4

    Dana is so scared of Conor! You can just tell and he’s a little 🐍

  • *K131399*
    *K131399* Oy oldin +3

    huge huge huge mistake for conor to show up late. he 100% let khabib off the hook. its such a mammoth error that it has me thinking that maybe conor didnt want to face him. my god you could clearly see how tightly wound khabib was. conor could have went to town with his fans screaming like lunatics. i seriously thought he was gonna show up in a taylored suit and really play up the whole "this is the big time, this is where i live" angle. it wouldnt be such a big deal if conor was fighting a normal guy but fighting a phenom after being off for two years you'd think he wouldnt miss an/the opportunity to go deeper into the mental stuff.

  • Jack Fisher
    Jack Fisher Oy oldin

    Conor's fans beat Khabib up mentaly.. HAHA.. I have never seen anything like it before.. The man looked like his back was broken when he left the conference. Khabib left so fast.. I must say, he run when he saw all Conor supporters. Khabib time was over, long before Conor even started. Now that is what I call a big public humiliation.

    • norma hdy
      norma hdy 19 kun oldin

      27-0 🦅

    • norma hdy
      norma hdy 19 kun oldin

      27-0 🦅

    • Radi Yahya
      Radi Yahya Oy oldin


    • M. Karbaschi
      M. Karbaschi Oy oldin +1

      All of them are scared and thats why they are trying to take the fight out of the ring.

  • Youtumor
    Youtumor Oy oldin

    now everyone tries to be like mcrgregor by wearing suits etc, conor goes out in joggers and an under shirt, love it.

  • Murvin Espinoza
    Murvin Espinoza Oy oldin

    Danas handshake says it all about what he really thinks about it

  • michael adam matos
    michael adam matos Oy oldin +1

    look you terrorists sympathizers, you like to call the Conor fans names, and claim to be so knowledgeable about the game. Here's a hint to the reality of Conors tactics. Why promote a fight with someone that you dont like? That would bring more money to your opponent. Do you understand now?

    • TJ Berry
      TJ Berry Oy oldin

      +M. Karbaschi Last time I checked we got a perfectly good army to fight our battles force. We don't need some guy who can defend his to do that. Wolf tickets! Such a beautiful sport being turned into the WWE. Unacceptable!

    • TJ Berry
      TJ Berry Oy oldin

      +M. Karbaschi Keep buying those Wolf tickets.

    • TJ Berry
      TJ Berry Oy oldin +1

      +M. Karbaschi No not a terrorist. Just telling you the truth! You know it. That's the best you could come up with

    • M. Karbaschi
      M. Karbaschi Oy oldin +1

      You sound more like terrorist

  • Furio Giunta
    Furio Giunta Oy oldin +1


  • Glenn C
    Glenn C Oy oldin

    On 6:38 you will notice Khabib checking for the time.