6ix9ine or Nick Cannon? Ludacris in the Hot Seat 🔥 | Wild 'N Out | #WNOTHROWBACK

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  • Mykira Hastings
    Mykira Hastings Kun oldin

    Of 6ix 9ine saw dis

  • mericy25
    mericy25 Kun oldin

    Emmanuel is so rude for this 😂😂. He made Nick plead the fifth for no reason lmao. So mean

  • Dead Obama
    Dead Obama Kun oldin

    This transvestite must've been neglected growing up. This "Thing" really craves attention. I'd like to show "Thing" some attention with my Louisville Slugger. I'll help it get rid of those bad teeth.

  • lil_fox 22
    lil_fox 22 Kun oldin

    Look at the thumbnail... anyone else think it looked like the play button?

  • Beth Taylor
    Beth Taylor Kun oldin

    I dont see why men get put on a pedestal for boasting about how many women they get, not to mention calls them hoes...which means he defines their self worth on how they ride his dick and be taken for a fool. Its natural men attract women and women attract men so why do people praise him for how many he's made side chicks? Sad thing is his wife must be in it for the money because she gotta know hoes be hoes and men who like to jump beds so much will never change. They actually do it MORE after they get married.
    Just saying, you got hoes......not impressed. You just married one and still messing around. um....so?
    Craziest thing is why brag about sleeping with women who are clearly ordinary not even 10 girls.
    Watch a woman bag a whole bunch of dudes and she a hoe. Even if she messing with only one man but that man is messing around with other girls...she still the hoe and he aint. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE! This is why the world don't take us seriously.

  • kim seokjin is my senpai

    No hate or anything but on fefe 6ix9ine legit looked like rainbow dash.LIKE JUST COMPARE THE TWO!!!

  • OfficialAPKFamily3x OfficialAPKFamily3x

    Yo look like trippie redd In a tekashi wig

  • Yikes creamixy channel

    69 boy if you don't get yo LGBTQ lil head ass 😂😂

  • Kevin Trujillo Guerrero

    That's not 6ix9ine

  • George Diego
    George Diego 4 kun oldin +1

    Was up with that white girl stick to your own dstupid

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 4 kun oldin

    6-9....you're a clown. Ban Idiots, Not Guns!

  • voici ma fille
    voici ma fille 4 kun oldin

    ...that was his warning, they are plotting to kill 69... been going on.

  • Janiya Love ROBLOX
    Janiya Love ROBLOX 5 kun oldin

    Do you realized that that’s not 6ix9ine because the 69 tat is on the wrong side?? 🤔🤔

  • Samir72
    Samir72 5 kun oldin

    You're Watching: The North American Idiots Convention.

  • JP Rico
    JP Rico 5 kun oldin

    Luda’s dayz are over 😩

  • Jj Gf
    Jj Gf 5 kun oldin

    Ok so for the non americans,What area is the 213??

  • jones jones
    jones jones 5 kun oldin

    No thanks. That skank at the end talking like she's a monkey priceless

  • Neil i
    Neil i 5 kun oldin

    Nick and Luda chill with them well

  • Lyle L
    Lyle L 5 kun oldin

    What are they talking about??? Do they speak English? Yo yo yo what is that? Nigga not moving on up.

  • sauucy rell
    sauucy rell 5 kun oldin +1

    Why don't yall just invite the fucking dude to the show

    • sauucy rell
      sauucy rell 5 kun oldin +1

      +Neil i lmaoo I see why tho he do lame shit like this

    • Neil i
      Neil i 5 kun oldin +1

      No real rap or hip hop fans like him?

  • NPC #6149627869
    NPC #6149627869 5 kun oldin

    69 is a very intelligent and talented individual.

    BLUEENCORE G 5 kun oldin +1


  • MI Three
    MI Three 5 kun oldin


  • MI Three
    MI Three 5 kun oldin


  • The Little Mexican
    The Little Mexican 5 kun oldin


  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales 5 kun oldin

    Nick chillout marring a star with your dud ass boy your laim

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales 5 kun oldin

    Blacks hating on browns

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales 5 kun oldin

    Has been luda shit you old and done

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup 6 kun oldin

    Hey you, ya you

    Have you found my Yuki?

  • Kaiser Vargas
    Kaiser Vargas 6 kun oldin

    Negros vs Mexican.

  • Jpm King
    Jpm King 6 kun oldin

    I bet the whole show is scripted

  • Michael DeSilvio
    Michael DeSilvio 6 kun oldin +1

    He looks just like Michelle Obama.

  • Larz Jenkins
    Larz Jenkins 6 kun oldin +1

    That 69 guy is the most biggest joke in hip hop history.

  • Nia Fein
    Nia Fein 6 kun oldin

    Anyone peep Denzel in the back?

  • david vang
    david vang 6 kun oldin

    Dude said 5th but raised up 4 fingers lmao

  • Supreme254
    Supreme254 6 kun oldin

    This shits stupid as fuck, no brain cells

  • Valerie Vidales
    Valerie Vidales 6 kun oldin

    When Nick Cannon says “the fifth”he raised up 4 fingers

  • Julia Quilantan
    Julia Quilantan 6 kun oldin +1

    6six9ine has different teeth

  • Julia Quilantan
    Julia Quilantan 6 kun oldin +1

    His face is different

  • T Shepherd
    T Shepherd 6 kun oldin

    If Kylie Jenner was in the audience with that hairstyle bet you wouldn’t say shit

  • IPokeEyesOut
    IPokeEyesOut 6 kun oldin

    Tekashi looking like a clown from the “hood”

  • Hunter Price
    Hunter Price 6 kun oldin

    Nigga let me drippy uh

  • Jake Husband
    Jake Husband 6 kun oldin


  • Treasure butler
    Treasure butler 6 kun oldin

    What about fear factor

  • E M
    E M 6 kun oldin


  • Johnny Q. Vigilant
    Johnny Q. Vigilant 6 kun oldin

    69 looks like Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, and about half-way through a sex change the doctor just said "fuck it" and walked out of the O.R.

  • dookie juju
    dookie juju 6 kun oldin

    clown town

  • OGK_ Scoobz
    OGK_ Scoobz 6 kun oldin


  • Mayson KD
    Mayson KD 6 kun oldin

    Damn Emmanuel.................

  • Tru Calling
    Tru Calling 6 kun oldin

    he sounds just like him lmfao

  • Gabes Rein
    Gabes Rein 6 kun oldin

    2:13, lemme know when you see it

  • Fploop
    Fploop 6 kun oldin

    That moment when you can’t get 69 on the show so you have to call up 96

    SYDNEY HUNT 6 kun oldin


  • Brenn Honeycutt
    Brenn Honeycutt 6 kun oldin

    Tekashi is garbage go LUDA

  • Delighted Mommy
    Delighted Mommy 6 kun oldin

    What is Nick Canon wearing on his head? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Spunky 97
    Spunky 97 6 kun oldin

    The way he said What's up Luda!! ❤😂👍

  • Munchycrust
    Munchycrust 6 kun oldin

    What is the purpose of this show?

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 6 kun oldin

    Nick said he loves his music and movies. he obviously hasn't heard his music or watched any of his movies

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 6 kun oldin

    hard to chose. they are both shit rappers

  • Amazigh Studio
    Amazigh Studio 6 kun oldin

    Why he look like a clown?

  • Intense Pein
    Intense Pein 6 kun oldin

    The chick at the end has some identity issues -_-

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 6 kun oldin

    Music has no soul now. RIP Motown.

  • Peter Schmidt
    Peter Schmidt 6 kun oldin

    In the Holy name of Jesus Christ may all the demons leave the body of 6ix9ine.

  • Joshua Duvall
    Joshua Duvall 6 kun oldin

    That doesnt even sound or look like 6ix9ine. Cmon now

  • Couch gaming news
    Couch gaming news 7 kun oldin

    Why do people watch these clowns who look retarded and sound so stupid.

  • Akashii 69
    Akashii 69 7 kun oldin

    so are we just gonna act like nick didn’t put up 4 fingers instead of 5 ?!?!

  • Booty GAwD
    Booty GAwD 7 kun oldin +1

    True 6ix9ine does have a target 🎯 on his neck

  • Booty GAwD
    Booty GAwD 7 kun oldin +1

    Y’all Trollin trollin

  • Jarod Hobson
    Jarod Hobson 7 kun oldin

    I dont know what i just watched a black mach of the ethnic and ethically unjust white privilege might of our morally currupt judicial system and reinstituted slavery and racially financed prison system fead by the courtrooms of every county/state/federal court room in america? Im obviously white znd i cant even plead the fith on this ive been arrested and detained and arrested and charged and every court appearance i had to make(in texas) id hate to be in anyof those situations surrounded by all whites(judge included) except my lawyer (mr spears not white but a beast of a lawyer but also expensive as a mfer) fyi white lawyers suck so do judges white over like 50 probabably regadless of age if ur white i cant promise you equality but i can tell you when i see hate crimes cause if your not whiye with a drug case ur white judge is probably hhe one behknd the drugs you were or "were not " caught with !!!!?wtf hate crome?!

  • NBA Kamara
    NBA Kamara 7 kun oldin


  • Negrosabe
    Negrosabe 7 kun oldin

    1. I got a dig bick
    2. you that read wrong
    3. you read that wrong too
    4. you checked
    5. you smiled
    7. you are wondering why you're still this reading this
    8. you saw that mistake... right(on 7)
    10. but did you see I skipped 6?
    10. but you checked
    11. and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9
    12. I said saw you. not you saw
    13. I also skipped 2
    14. You got tricked
    15. Im just wasting your time go back to reading the comments

  • Turbo4263
    Turbo4263 7 kun oldin

    What a stupid ass show lol

  • JAY ‘702
    JAY ‘702 7 kun oldin

    I always thought this show was unfunny and corney

  • Jello InK
    Jello InK 7 kun oldin +1

    That ain no 69

  • B M
    B M 7 kun oldin

    Modern culture and society are fucking insane and lost.

  • Neon X
    Neon X 7 kun oldin

    Who else gets embarrassed when they get the roast wrong

  • Diamond Patrick
    Diamond Patrick 7 kun oldin +16

    Emanuel be on that smart stuff

    • Chris Tate
      Chris Tate Kun oldin +1

      Yo he set cannon up for the dagger tho, lol.

  • Muslim Gurl
    Muslim Gurl 7 kun oldin

    Justin’s likes dc ungfly

  • angelic
    angelic 7 kun oldin

    I really thought that was him holy shi-

  • MyNameIsAjLEGEND
    MyNameIsAjLEGEND 7 kun oldin

    The crowd is all black women XD

  • sierra barnes
    sierra barnes 7 kun oldin

    Dc young fly is like a Skinner version of Chris tucker

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le 7 kun oldin

    you should bring in Supa Hot fire

  • Dalyn Brown
    Dalyn Brown 7 kun oldin

    I gotta kweshin😂

  • exotic master
    exotic master 7 kun oldin +1

    My fav show

  • Oluwadamilare Olusoga
    Oluwadamilare Olusoga 7 kun oldin +1

    that nigga is not him

  • IsleofMAN
    IsleofMAN 7 kun oldin +1

    Look at the nigga coming straight out off Lalaland dressed like a fucking rainbow teletuby attending a bisexual bridal shower, fucking waste of humanity!

  • rottiesdad
    rottiesdad 7 kun oldin

    White chick in the end knows shes white right?

  • sebastian mills
    sebastian mills 7 kun oldin

    girls earrings so big u could throw a damn softball thru them 😂😂😂😂

  • Jailbreak pro gamer
    Jailbreak pro gamer 7 kun oldin +1

    Fake as hell Lmafp

  • Rafael Victorino
    Rafael Victorino 7 kun oldin

    Find the difference
    Its time for the
    The spring
    U read thaut wrong

    And that onw two

  • Skylah Keana
    Skylah Keana 7 kun oldin

    Why he put up “4” for when he said the “fifth”

  • Waseem
    Waseem 7 kun oldin +1

    Why is tekashi69 trending again? We get it you look like a packet if skittles now fuck off

  • Diamond G.
    Diamond G. 7 kun oldin

    69 looks like a leprechaun on crack.

  • mangolt23
    mangolt23 7 kun oldin

    Entertainment below a 6 grade level.

  • Impicklerick
    Impicklerick 7 kun oldin

    In the little time tekashis been around he’s done more than nick cannon though lmao

  • Obx3 Gaming
    Obx3 Gaming 7 kun oldin

    Wasn’t this reuploaded?

  • Margaret Barksdale
    Margaret Barksdale 7 kun oldin

    You look stupid...

  • Grayson Upchurch
    Grayson Upchurch 7 kun oldin

    This is not 69 wannabe

  • extreme viking
    extreme viking 7 kun oldin

    69 IS FUCKIN 🗑

  • TheRyumancer
    TheRyumancer 7 kun oldin

    I wish 6ix9ine would just get shot and die already. -_-