6ix9ine or Nick Cannon? Ludacris in the Hot Seat 🔥 | Wild 'N Out | #WNOTHROWBACK

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  • Joylandi 8-Noy, 2018
  • Ludacris was in the hot seat during Plead The Fifth, but that didn’t stop him answering any questions! Watch to see why Nick Cannon would get a spot over Tekashi 6ix9ine. 😂
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • Zac Moudy
    Zac Moudy 13 soat oldin

    2:30 hahaha

  • E Rico
    E Rico 20 soat oldin +1

    Cross breed between 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd

  • Joyce Ezell
    Joyce Ezell 23 soat oldin

    Fake sixnine

  • presta john
    presta john Kun oldin

    Ludacris predicted tekashis' fall

  • Meygan Bivens
    Meygan Bivens 2 kun oldin

    Emmanuel is too funny😅🤣😂

  • Meygan Bivens
    Meygan Bivens 2 kun oldin

    Ludacris earing gleaming 😅🤣😂 00:23

  • Luke McGilvray
    Luke McGilvray 3 kun oldin

    3:10 he put up four fingers but said “the fifth”😂😂

  • Taaj O'Neil
    Taaj O'Neil 3 kun oldin

    DC and Emmanuel is a powerful comedians 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #DynamicDuo

  • kevinewithae
    kevinewithae 3 kun oldin

    Nah fuck all that did nick hold up 4 fingers when he said the fifth?... like nigga ....

  • Derica Burks
    Derica Burks 6 kun oldin

    He said he don’t know how long he would be around he was right

  • tayden carr
    tayden carr 6 kun oldin

    He put up 4 fingers

  • LosSince99
    LosSince99 7 kun oldin

    Did nick just throw up four fingers when he said “the fifth”?💀

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 8 kun oldin

    Is that really Tekashi?

  • Life is 42
    Life is 42 8 kun oldin

    I love how at 3:08 Nick said “the fifth” he held up four fingers

  • MAYA Walker
    MAYA Walker 9 kun oldin +1

    What really got me is that when he said 5th he holded up 4fingers😂😂

  • G Q
    G Q 10 kun oldin

    The fifth but put up four fingers 😂

  • Michelle Her
    Michelle Her 10 kun oldin +1

    Omg Justina I love you so so much. Keep it poppin W.S.Q. ❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Rudy Tusipese
    Rudy Tusipese 11 kun oldin

    3:12 🤤does anyone know the girl closest to the camera?

  • Anna Simmer
    Anna Simmer 11 kun oldin

    That not 6ix9ine

  • kelly
    kelly 12 kun oldin +1

    "I dont know how much longer he go be around"....GOD DAMN!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Revenge DREXVA
    Revenge DREXVA 13 kun oldin

    denzel curry looking confused in the background.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 13 kun oldin

    He said the 5th, but he holdin up 4 fingers 😂

  • Brian Pham
    Brian Pham 13 kun oldin

    ...technically that makes sense. Nick did say “I Plead The Fifth” so that is an instant win....Emanuel Hudson is the genius!!👌🤓

  • Kionie George
    Kionie George 13 kun oldin

    69 Still In Jail

  • NixteR
    NixteR 14 kun oldin +1

    0:35 he was right, he is in jail now lol

  • GodLikePlays
    GodLikePlays 14 kun oldin

    Did anyone else see when nick cannon said the fifth he threw up 4 fingers as if that was 5

  • Aaron-justin Anderson
    Aaron-justin Anderson 15 kun oldin

    Luda was right... but not how he thought

  • Luxe.
    Luxe. 16 kun oldin

    *sixnine left the server*
    *he was horassed by the police*

  • It me lily lily
    It me lily lily 16 kun oldin

    He hold up 4 fingers nick

  • Blackninjutsu technique

    0:21 did no one see his earing sparkle?

  • Knight Rami
    Knight Rami 17 kun oldin

    Clickbait is real guys

  • LooksLikeI
    LooksLikeI 18 kun oldin

    Nigga said the 5th wit 4 fingers up

  • Meg D
    Meg D 19 kun oldin +2

    That 69 twit looks like
    Rainbow Brite the cartoon

  • kikoo master
    kikoo master 19 kun oldin

    The fifth.

    (Shows 4 fingers)

  • TrueVGN
    TrueVGN 20 kun oldin


  • Jesus Valdez
    Jesus Valdez 21 kun oldin +3

    I didn't even know 69 was an actual person. I thought it was some dude dressed up in some goofy ass clothes on purpose.who knew!

  • Exp0
    Exp0 21 kun oldin

    Hey he was right , 69 in jail

  • Miles Marlow
    Miles Marlow 22 kun oldin

    Love how when nick said the 5th he held up 4 fingers

  • Quincy Hines
    Quincy Hines 22 kun oldin

    This nigga Royce impressions are absolutely great!!!!

  • Leo CL
    Leo CL 22 kun oldin

    He said the Fifth and put up 4 fingers

  • Steel Motions
    Steel Motions 23 kun oldin

    That 69 was fake that was not 69

  • BTL Phantom
    BTL Phantom 23 kun oldin

    Nick said the 5th but put up 4

  • Dominique Weston
    Dominique Weston 24 kun oldin +1


  • rxl._.wolf.x1 1
    rxl._.wolf.x1 1 24 kun oldin

    6ix9ine be oooking like a rainbow I’m glad i didn’t c...

  • Spoder Man2
    Spoder Man2 24 kun oldin

    Did he just stick out 4 fingers while saying the fith

  • Spoder Man2
    Spoder Man2 24 kun oldin

    0:36 *he was right XD*

  • Azokuhle Ndlela
    Azokuhle Ndlela 24 kun oldin

    Nick a player and gentleman💖💖💖💖

  • Crown Jester
    Crown Jester 25 kun oldin

    Few months later gets locked up boi called it XD

  • ThatGuySupreme
    ThatGuySupreme 25 kun oldin

    Ludacris made a smart move. 69 gone.

  • Brandon Jordan
    Brandon Jordan 25 kun oldin

    POP HOLD it roll in down

  • S I E R R A
    S I E R R A 26 kun oldin

    That girl was beautiful tho and her braids

  • Jeff Jay
    Jeff Jay 26 kun oldin

    Luda predicted the future...

  • Sen Nathan mahara
    Sen Nathan mahara 26 kun oldin

    Hey before you carry on scrolling...can you say I.C.U.P
    Seperate ok.......did you say it......yes......eww you nasty...watching people peeing

  • Amyra Kelley
    Amyra Kelley 26 kun oldin

    Oh cold

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo 26 kun oldin


  • Kasonde David Mwenda
    Kasonde David Mwenda 26 kun oldin

    Ludacris predicted that shit...he ain't around 😂😂😂

  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown 27 kun oldin

    Aye, Luda made a smart choice lol

  • constipated Kitty
    constipated Kitty 27 kun oldin

    Wow called 69s career

  • Ricky Howard
    Ricky Howard 27 kun oldin +1

    When you so high and you just cant laugh cause 69 in jail

  • Lillie Brabson
    Lillie Brabson 28 kun oldin

    That's not really 6ix9ine

  • Xxtentaion Rip
    Xxtentaion Rip 28 kun oldin +1

    Why did nick cannon put up four fingers and he said 5th

    • Dimes for you please
      Dimes for you please 27 kun oldin

      Its supppse to represent "bruh man off the fifth floor " it was character off the show called Martin. He would say the 5th floor but only hold up 4 fingers

  • Carlos Longo
    Carlos Longo 29 kun oldin

    That not 6nine

  • Malik Thomas
    Malik Thomas 29 kun oldin +1

    Little did Ludacris know

  • B R
    B R 29 kun oldin


  • B R
    B R 29 kun oldin +3

    Nick cannon is always a winner to my heart but will he win in todays

  • Eliza Gaecia
    Eliza Gaecia 29 kun oldin +3

    Did no one else realize that Nick put up 4 fingers when he said the fifth?

  • SVelazquez
    SVelazquez Oy oldin +1

    0:36 damn he wasn't wrong

  • FitAwrari Abelx
    FitAwrari Abelx Oy oldin

    And 69 in jail... future gone !

  • Maya Scott
    Maya Scott Oy oldin


  • Yes. Yes.
    Yes. Yes. Oy oldin +1

    Nigga nailed that 69 shit

  • Andrew Fleming
    Andrew Fleming Oy oldin +1

    So we gonna act like Nick didnt hold up 4 fingers and said the fifth lmaooo

  • fatimah mohammed
    fatimah mohammed Oy oldin

    nah bruh her man beautyful

  • Malik Hose
    Malik Hose Oy oldin +1

    I aint no genius or nothing like that but I swear I just watched Nick throw up 4 fingers and said 5th floor. Shake my head lol, you're giving Kevin ammunition Nick. Can't count on TV lol

    • Jolene Hamilton
      Jolene Hamilton Oy oldin

      Malik Hose lol it’s a reference to the show Martin. He did it on purpose. You’ll only get it if you’ve seen the show

  • Maria Cerda
    Maria Cerda Oy oldin

    That's not six nine 😂😂

  • Durrty Water
    Durrty Water Oy oldin

    Bro, Eman killed it!!!

  • B A N G
    B A N G Oy oldin

    Nick cannon: the fifth
    *holds up 4 fingers*

  • Shannon Rae
    Shannon Rae Oy oldin

    Thats not even 6ix9ine 😭😂

  • Garden Shed
    Garden Shed Oy oldin +1

    Why’s Denzel look like he ended up on stage randomly and he don’t know what he’s doing 😂

  • Bullseye Gaming 3D

    2:47 when me and my bois encourage our friend to talk to a girl but we know he go fail (denzel in the back)

  • Brandon Cafe
    Brandon Cafe Oy oldin

    DC you could have said Mariah Carey lol

  • Bianca Kirkham
    Bianca Kirkham Oy oldin

    That is not the real 69

  • Martin Delgado
    Martin Delgado Oy oldin

    Nick cannon said the fifth but had 4 fingers up I'm confuse ain't he a professional

  • Nbayounyboy Never broke again


  • Brandon Jordan
    Brandon Jordan Oy oldin

    Fucking fake 69

  • jaden Shuler
    jaden Shuler Oy oldin

    ludacris said that and now 69 in jail lol

  • Ghis Maduro
    Ghis Maduro Oy oldin

    Your so funny

  • Jalyn Withers
    Jalyn Withers Oy oldin

    Has anyone notice that tall dude on nick Cannons team reminds me of peanut from house of payne

  • Kobe Gaut
    Kobe Gaut Oy oldin

    3:06 says the fifth puts up four fingers

  • little xay
    little xay Oy oldin

    That not 69

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Oy oldin +1

    Luda is Daddy 😘😘

  • Saitama-Chan
    Saitama-Chan Oy oldin

    He true tho he in jail now

  • JAZELLE Ferguson
    JAZELLE Ferguson Oy oldin +1

    He put 4 not 5

    DYLAN Oy oldin

    Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese from school dance

  • Luca Grimalde
    Luca Grimalde Oy oldin

    “Or her braids” 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Mark McBride Jr
    Mark McBride Jr Oy oldin

    Good choice Ludacris..

  • billz reacts
    billz reacts Oy oldin +1

    Luda a smart business man cause look now 69 locked up

  • Public Enemy
    Public Enemy Oy oldin +1

    He was right to choose nick 69 is done it’s currently 3-11-19

  • Jack DeBorde
    Jack DeBorde Oy oldin

    Ohhhh the irony

  • Kushiro Carjis
    Kushiro Carjis Oy oldin

    6ix9ine did you do that to them kids?
    I plead the fifth.

  • Sylviana Garcia
    Sylviana Garcia Oy oldin

    That last one killed me 😂