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  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  Yil oldin +187

    Next video we will fix audio so it only plays out of RIGHT EAR. sorry!

    • Matt Nick
      Matt Nick 2 oy oldin

      i wish i can work at the office with you but i live it delaware with is a long way if i want to get there :(

    • sanroman yovany
      sanroman yovany 4 oy oldin


    • sanroman yovany
      sanroman yovany 4 oy oldin

      I tyhg

      JACOB LEWIS HI 11 oy oldin

      wow thank god it was the left ear that broke

    • OneTimeACraft
      OneTimeACraft Yil oldin

      SilverPro345, it only plays from the left ear, you are wearing your headphones wrong, the headphone with the wire has to go on the left

  • Brandon Chong
    Brandon Chong Oy oldin

    u savage

  • BbyRamos
    BbyRamos 2 oy oldin

    Zorgo difiuse 5:41

  • Mcsmitty Monkey
    Mcsmitty Monkey 4 oy oldin


    • Mcsmitty Monkey
      Mcsmitty Monkey 4 oy oldin

      +itsAlexClark Holy crap he replied I watched all your vids hello from Australia

    • It's Alex Clark
      It's Alex Clark  4 oy oldin

      You’re right. I need to change this.

  • Baeleigh Petty
    Baeleigh Petty 4 oy oldin

    i fan sence 0 subs

  • spooky Trooper Productions

    Hello random person scrolling down the comments.

  • DiamondGirl 906
    DiamondGirl 906 8 oy oldin

    I loved your last vid the music one

  • DreamKarma
    DreamKarma 8 oy oldin

    1: I Have A Wacom tablet
    2: The Audio is only on the lext so.. ;-;

  • AnotherRandomUselessYoutubeChannel

    my left ear enjoy this vid so much

  • the game project
    the game project 10 oy oldin

    i think the reason why your sister is evil cuz SHE KNO DE WAE and the wae is evil DO U KNO DE WAE OF THE RESISTANCE CUZ ONLY ME AND MY ALLIES KNOW THE WAY OF THE RESISTANCE.

  • Donal Welch
    Donal Welch 11 oy oldin


  • jim my
    jim my 11 oy oldin


  • LukeTheToonist
    LukeTheToonist 11 oy oldin

    No clarker left behind

  • Anime Psycho
    Anime Psycho Yil oldin

    We had a world's finest chocolate fundraiser at my school

  • soundcloud rapper
    soundcloud rapper Yil oldin +1

    My left ear enjoyed this video

  • Donut Corey8080
    Donut Corey8080 Yil oldin

    i hate you

  • NotSoJake
    NotSoJake Yil oldin

    Iiiiit'ss aaaaaa diick in a box

  • Wacom
    Wacom Yil oldin

    Happy early Christmas :)

  • Vincent k
    Vincent k Yil oldin

    cool rabat

  • ThunderFox280 Original

    . . . I could make a great boat out of that box

  • Jazzyxo x̸
    Jazzyxo x̸ Yil oldin

    My left ear loved this video

  • blue
    blue Yil oldin

    I want to be an animater

  • Killer Assassin
    Killer Assassin Yil oldin

    They sell that chocolate at my school for a dollar

  • Daniel Araujo
    Daniel Araujo Yil oldin

    It's been a week what's in that box

  • mydukcharzard
    mydukcharzard Yil oldin

    Floor chocolate my faborite

  • Will Avery
    Will Avery Yil oldin +1

    0:27 thats what she said.
    My answer to the title:" its a dick in a box"

  • FuzionZGamer
    FuzionZGamer Yil oldin


  • J. Laufer
    J. Laufer Yil oldin

    I never knew what he looked like until now

  • 20s Fx
    20s Fx Yil oldin

    when he yells out "nnnoooo!" it kind of sounds like micheal from the office

  • Abigail RBLX
    Abigail RBLX Yil oldin

    Ty for ur address coming find you now xD

  • Angel Pena
    Angel Pena Yil oldin +1

    When is the video when to open the box

  • Uncurledpilot 22
    Uncurledpilot 22 Yil oldin

    My school sells that chocolate

  • iIRazebladesIi
    iIRazebladesIi Yil oldin

    Lmao those chocolates are $1

    EXOTIC _BUTT3RZ Yil oldin


    EXOTIC _BUTT3RZ Yil oldin

    Pls make a part 3 of baby sitters

  • CORNSNAKE's vlog's
    CORNSNAKE's vlog's Yil oldin

    I am a youtuber under the rain XD

  • Toni der Warzenritter

    why is ur vid so leftsided i only have tone on me left Headphone

  • Bildawl
    Bildawl Yil oldin

    I tried to due animation squad stuff but not I just shitpost

  • Olivier Turcotte
    Olivier Turcotte Yil oldin

    No i live in Canada

  • FashionableFrog
    FashionableFrog Yil oldin

    I cant see the drawings

  • Alcorn lovers yt
    Alcorn lovers yt Yil oldin

    I've tried that chocolate

  • Baffoone
    Baffoone Yil oldin

    If you send stuff back, do you send things to norway? Wanna send u stuff :D

  • SubDub
    SubDub Yil oldin

    What's that robot on the left

  • RayMunchkin
    RayMunchkin Yil oldin

    Omg the sisters voice you make her have is.. CREEPY!!!!!!! Omg!

    ITS ANIMAL45 Yil oldin

    Hi guys i had a sad event happen recently my cuzin died and every person who subs to my chanel will help me through my lost

  • Comm ie
    Comm ie Yil oldin

    o looked around a bit at your store but I was wondering if u could give an example of the hand drawn art?

  • *may x Spiro*
    *may x Spiro* Yil oldin

    You have 1 million subscribers right now

  • New Name004
    New Name004 Yil oldin

    So humble so humble

  • Devon Sorrell
    Devon Sorrell Yil oldin

    This vid made me think my right ear bud was broken

  • tecpan -
    tecpan - Yil oldin

    What's in the box.

    Your hairline.

  • Alice B
    Alice B Yil oldin

    What's in the box?!
    I said what's in the box?!

    Like if you get the reference.

  • Casper Berg Ahlbin
    Casper Berg Ahlbin Yil oldin

    “There is something hard in my his” well that’s what she said

  • Zoe
    Zoe Yil oldin

    My left ear is enjoying this video

  • Swayze Wells
    Swayze Wells Yil oldin

    Everyone we need to get him 4 million more subs so he can buy expensive stuff and made a diss track 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Brad
    Brad Yil oldin +1

    My left ear enjoyed this

  • gamer kid
    gamer kid Yil oldin

    Hello can I know about videos first I'm subscribed

  • Alpha Q 1987
    Alpha Q 1987 Yil oldin

    What is that robo dude

  • KrimZik
    KrimZik Yil oldin


  • a gaming candy
    a gaming candy Yil oldin

    Those chocolates are sold as a fundraiser

  • Jorge
    Jorge Yil oldin

    lo your background

  • Madlypuppetmaket
    Madlypuppetmaket Yil oldin

    Hi I'm new to this channel

  • TheBellWitch D;
    TheBellWitch D; Yil oldin

    *fancy shmancy chocolate*

  • Expert Memer
    Expert Memer Yil oldin

    my left ear loves this video

  • Akxma Zxro
    Akxma Zxro Yil oldin

    Its 6:01. Where's the Video?

  • Cody Martinez
    Cody Martinez Yil oldin

    I've waited long enough release the video

  • Ciara Parkes
    Ciara Parkes Yil oldin

    He should make it life.

  • Nathen Vergara Reyes

    When Re you gona do my babysiter got me introble

  • Paulius Virpša
    Paulius Virpša Yil oldin

    I suscribed only because I want the second part of babysitter part 2, how did i find you channel? No clue, seriously. Random clicks on youtube leads only not to dark stuff I guess. D:

  • MrCrezzyJ
    MrCrezzyJ Yil oldin


  • CyduckPlease
    CyduckPlease Yil oldin

    Steins Gate
    watch that one

  • Derrion Washington
    Derrion Washington Yil oldin

    Cool robot

  • Filip r
    Filip r Yil oldin

    Babysitter todayyyyy

  • David Vines
    David Vines Yil oldin +1

    Babysitter sequel

  • GoodTime
    GoodTime Yil oldin +1

    my left ear enjoyed the video

  • Buttery Biscuitss
    Buttery Biscuitss Yil oldin

    WTF did the second note say from the babysitter video!?!?!!? goddammit ahhhhh!!

  • ms. Kermit
    ms. Kermit Yil oldin

    Lol Teh evil sister in teh backaround.....

  • Curdled ABX
    Curdled ABX Yil oldin

    When is the babysitter part 2 coming out?

  • Destinyprogamer
    Destinyprogamer Yil oldin

    Omg alex I can't even begin to describe the laughter your animated videos bring me like literally I feel like one day ima be laughing so hard in go im going to caugh up a lung or my heart or something. Keep up the good work and hopefully I can catch a show one day and meet you at vid con. Love your vids.

  • Bud Martin
    Bud Martin Yil oldin

    You look like the reverse flash from the tv show

  • King Andrew
    King Andrew Yil oldin

    If you would still like anime suggestions, I recommend Hunter x Hunter/ Attack on Titan/ Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans/ Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Jake Palmieri
    Jake Palmieri Yil oldin

    does anyone think this guy looks likes a older Dale Atwood

  • Greyslopp ?
    Greyslopp ? Yil oldin

    Why is the Audio only in the left ear

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies Yil oldin

    TimTom has a Wacom. And sadly, I can't go to VidCon! 😭😭😭

  • Angel Colas
    Angel Colas Yil oldin

    When are u gonna do the second part of ur babysitter

  • Zander Mini
    Zander Mini Yil oldin

    I watched "why I jumped off the Hollywood sign" 46 times. After the video, 47 times.

  • RicDripp YT
    RicDripp YT Yil oldin

    What happened to the rest of the baby sitter story????

  • Game On
    Game On Yil oldin

    What is Alex package address

  • STW_ Chaos
    STW_ Chaos Yil oldin



  • GunTurned
    GunTurned Yil oldin

    Why did it say you just uploaded this

  • MagmaPlayer ROUSSETT

    i think its the playbutton

  • WerWolf XY
    WerWolf XY Yil oldin

    Is it just me or does the right speaker speaks nothing???

  • Go Viral!
    Go Viral! Yil oldin

    Whats in the box?

    Oh its just more confused 8 year olds.

  • Connor
    Connor Yil oldin

    Where is part 2 to the babysitter story???

  • Alison Cooper
    Alison Cooper Yil oldin

    Where is the hot babysitter part 2

  • ash greninja
    ash greninja Yil oldin

    I have a UZclip channel just started so I need advice for that to

  • ash greninja
    ash greninja Yil oldin

    I like a girl I'm only ten I need advice

  • Malo Studios
    Malo Studios Yil oldin

    I bet James could make great boat out of the box.😂