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  • ClarityxShine.
    ClarityxShine. Kun oldin

    I wonder if you know what pastels are used for lmao. If you do, sorry, but if you don't well basically you're supposed to smudge it together with your finger/paper towel and it either A, creates an ombre, B, creates a new color if it's on top of each other, C, makes sort of a swish swash of colors, or D, shadowing. Those are the uses I know it for so don't come after me if I forgot one or something xD

  • Lauren Bunning
    Lauren Bunning 2 kun oldin

    What rubber is that? I've searched everywhere! I've seracehed for putty rubber and nothing...im just getting slime 😞

  • Amy Jones
    Amy Jones 2 kun oldin

    "Officially wung". I loved that

  • Madeleine Engel
    Madeleine Engel 2 kun oldin

    This is so cool! Keep up the great work! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mells Ducklings
    Mells Ducklings 2 kun oldin

    Do you think these boxes are worth it? I’m thinking of doing it because I love how it challenges you to use different supplies but I’m not sure wether it will be worth it

  • everyDemi
    everyDemi 2 kun oldin

    I actually used your idea for my art assignment and I'm so happy with the result!
    ps. love you sooo much... your such an inspiration for me to keep up with my drawing and life basically....:)

  • Imaginitive cupcake
    Imaginitive cupcake 2 kun oldin

    At the end she said green was blue

  • naly202
    naly202 3 kun oldin

    At first I was like : what's the use of a sketchbook like this?
    A few minutes later... : wooooooow. I see.... What a cool idea.

  • Kathlyne Jouault
    Kathlyne Jouault 3 kun oldin

    It's beautiful 😍

  • skskskskskskskskkssk
    skskskskskskskskkssk 3 kun oldin

    Dontchu think waffles is super cute? ((No homo)) I mean like, the way how happy she is about the rainbow colors- i cantㅡ cuteness overload

  • CloudTae
    CloudTae 3 kun oldin +1

    You should try making animations. This looks like it could be something out of a kids book💖

  • Vicky Cheong
    Vicky Cheong 3 kun oldin

    Waffles: Idk maybe that's my wrist but I'm gonna blame the brush
    Me: I blame it too. Never disagree w/ waffles

  • yasirusl
    yasirusl 4 kun oldin

    Good job on 1 mil! You deserve it!

  • Brea S
    Brea S 4 kun oldin


  • I am all of the Above
    I am all of the Above 4 kun oldin

    Welcome! We have lots of food, activities and more

    Sandwich like things
    Don’t forget the silverware
    And salt
    Activates include
    And don’t forget friends(I’m cringing)
    Comment what you took, I will delete it😅

  • Galactic cat18
    Galactic cat18 4 kun oldin

    I love your voice you are sooo fun^^

  • Anvika Chatterji
    Anvika Chatterji 4 kun oldin

    I'm literally freaking out about how she said 'Caran d'Ache', (carandash), because it's a french pronunciation but actually comes from the russian word for pencil pronounced similarly. AND because I have like 70 water soluble colour pencils of that brand. So yeah. Sorry pour le rant.

  • Opie_Wants_A_Teddy
    Opie_Wants_A_Teddy 4 kun oldin

    A never ending Flipbook
    Just Infinite Blank paper That gives you a papercut

  • Purple turtle
    Purple turtle 4 kun oldin

    You:if I could eat a color

  • Potato Head Arts
    Potato Head Arts 4 kun oldin

    I really am enjoying this video! Also I love the music around the 4:57 mark. So beautiful I started tearing up...what can I say, I'm an emotional guy :) My gf thinks its cute, so win-win XD

  • Addison Bohne
    Addison Bohne 4 kun oldin

    So close to 1,000,000 millions subs! Good job!!

  • Vieve Nelles
    Vieve Nelles 4 kun oldin

    Caran d’ache is said like the word dash :)

  • poems rose
    poems rose 4 kun oldin

    this is STUNNING 💙

    Little idea 💡 :
    u could continue the lake & add little boats on it if you want

  • Sophia Souza
    Sophia Souza 5 kun oldin

    hey look!!!... i made a staaar
    reading rainbow
    😂😂😂😂 i laughed so hard at that

  • Belle Abarca
    Belle Abarca 5 kun oldin

    You draw REALLY good

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 5 kun oldin

    I would get a subscription to those boxes IF they weren’t so expensive! And, awesome work, keep it up!

  • Just Android
    Just Android 5 kun oldin

    My mind goes straight to, a girls admiring a flower and two stalker kids are plotting to kill her..

  • Just Android
    Just Android 5 kun oldin

    Oh my gawwwd woman it's like green

  • Girl Girl
    Girl Girl 5 kun oldin

    Kiwi coloured!? Kiwis are brown. You mean kiwi fruit. (New Zealand problems).

  • GamerXD Girl
    GamerXD Girl 5 kun oldin

    Every one subscribe to her or else...

    I’ll eat her WAFFLES muhahahahhahahaha

  • Felicja Ochotna
    Felicja Ochotna 5 kun oldin

    A ja jestem z polski XD

  • 가차 .감자
    가차 .감자 5 kun oldin +1

    Okay this is one of my Favorite CUTEST VIDEO OM UZclip

  • Anime level 1000
    Anime level 1000 5 kun oldin

    6:19 literally me

  • Lupita Gomez
    Lupita Gomez 5 kun oldin

    What you can do to not get does marks is to put your water cooler pencils on a separate sheet add water on that sheet,mix it and THEN put it on to your project paper.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 5 kun oldin

    14:59 Pretty sure that’s green

  • Samuel C.
    Samuel C. 6 kun oldin

    Can u make a tutorial vid on how to use watercolors 😭😅😅

  • adi Dasigo
    adi Dasigo 6 kun oldin

    my most favorite part would be yellow because it feels really free. the violet/blue part seems messy and the colors did not blend well. but still really cool art and amazing drawing you got there!!

  • Marta Ś
    Marta Ś 6 kun oldin

    This turned out amazing im shook

  • Natalee Killian
    Natalee Killian 6 kun oldin

    Wow this is literally my favorite drawing uve EVER made

  • hevn aquino
    hevn aquino 6 kun oldin

    I love it,I disagree about what you said about yourself,that your not a professional,your great just believe on yourself

  • Simple  You
    Simple You 7 kun oldin

    I’m getting a Ramona And Beezus vibe

  • Bricen Waites
    Bricen Waites 7 kun oldin

    That’s soooo beautiful

  • Caliyah Delap
    Caliyah Delap 7 kun oldin

    I seriously love your art, and cannot express how much your energy inspires me. 🖌🖍❤️💜

  • Green Peace
    Green Peace 7 kun oldin

    It's really amazing ! Great job ^^

  • Chloe Marie
    Chloe Marie 8 kun oldin


  • Vanessa's Fiction writing, Art & Photography

    You should So be a Childrens book illustrator. Seriously! Think about it.

  • Sarah Syeda
    Sarah Syeda 8 kun oldin

    This is beautiful. Will we be seeing this sketchbook in the (hopefully not too far off) future?

  • Sarah Lupberger
    Sarah Lupberger 8 kun oldin

    face reveal please i want to see your face on youtube

  • Briola Nugent
    Briola Nugent 8 kun oldin +2

    *_NOO!_* _NOT THE_ *_EARWORM SONG!_*

  • FuriousKnightE
    FuriousKnightE 8 kun oldin

    It’s not patette it’s palette

  • Amelia SJ
    Amelia SJ 8 kun oldin

    Ugh she used the same stuff as me 😒

  • Ирина Аверьянова


  • ina lortkipanidze
    ina lortkipanidze 8 kun oldin

    Can u make a vid about how i draw a girl step by step?

  • Tatiana Time
    Tatiana Time 9 kun oldin

    In the middle of watching this my headphones sounded like they were going to explode

  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris 9 kun oldin

    To all the people who see this have a great 2019
    Do more of what makes you awesome😁

  • XLordXLo X
    XLordXLo X 9 kun oldin +1

    love 💕 you so much 💞

  • Drama llama
    Drama llama 9 kun oldin

    You kinda sound like jaiden animation

  • Tia Rock
    Tia Rock 9 kun oldin

    Hi everyone 😊 have a great day❤

  • Carol Borja
    Carol Borja 9 kun oldin

    Btw where do you buy like ohuhu colors?

    CABRA NMA 9 kun oldin

    me gusta tu manera de inspirarte, lo voy a intentar :3
    pd: dibujas muy lindo

  • Gacha Hannah
    Gacha Hannah 9 kun oldin

    Can you try doing the four seasons?

    JODEE MORGAN 10 kun oldin

    This is me finding a drawing I was supposed to finish 8 months ago 8 MOUTHS AGO IM SO LAZY 😭😭😭😭 LOL

  • Oh Sera
    Oh Sera 10 kun oldin +2

    I wonder what it would look like if it was by season... Like it starts with summer then you know 😍
    Still i love it❤️

  • Taylor Wright
    Taylor Wright 10 kun oldin

    Such a nifty sketchbook

  • Vendettis
    Vendettis 10 kun oldin +3

    When I saw the accordion length I immediately thought a spacey theme. I LOOOOOVE SPAAAACE 🌙🌠

  • sehee ko
    sehee ko 10 kun oldin

    This reminds me of the scene of Ramona and Beezes when they drew a drawing that just kept on going and going

    • Rock O
      Rock O 10 kun oldin

      Omg, yes! That's exactly what I thought of.

  • Alena Corbett
    Alena Corbett 10 kun oldin

    This is so freakin cool! You’re an amazing artist!


    I love how u don’t make a really big and strong hairline . I wish I could draw people though....I’m only good at drawing dragons

  • Cheyenne Cronk
    Cheyenne Cronk 10 kun oldin

    U should add a lighter blue on the last pagers and then go into grey for the last one

  • Elena Årolilja Knutsen

    Looooooooove it !

  • Emma Argent
    Emma Argent 10 kun oldin

    Subscribed at “officially wonged” 😂

  • Lovisa Eastknight
    Lovisa Eastknight 10 kun oldin

    You have such a nice art style!💜
    I wish I had already found the right style for myself!

  • T-Dawg 2277
    T-Dawg 2277 10 kun oldin

    This is so cool!

  • Gypsy C:
    Gypsy C: 10 kun oldin

    This is amazing like I have no words

  • Faith Schmitt
    Faith Schmitt 10 kun oldin

    13:34 did anyone else hear someone speaking in the background

  • Emily Vo
    Emily Vo 10 kun oldin

    No effence but it’s pronounsr karen dash

  • rose
    rose 10 kun oldin


  • rose
    rose 10 kun oldin


  • rose
    rose 10 kun oldin


  • That weird kid
    That weird kid 10 kun oldin

    Pffffff 😂 you complaining about your AMAZING art 😂 I can’t even draw hair 😂 😅😀🙂😕🙁☹️😢😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • sam Hayes
    sam Hayes 10 kun oldin

    Can i ask? How often should i get a new kneeded eraser?

  • Zexthy
    Zexthy 10 kun oldin


  • shelby shelby
    shelby shelby 10 kun oldin

    It looks sooOoooo cool

  • Survival Kid
    Survival Kid 10 kun oldin

    The link you have to the Caran d’Ache neocolor 2 water soluble wax pastels is to their much better crayons, you would have had a much better time of using them, I don’t know what you got but they’re not the regular neocolor 2 crayons. (Caran d’Ache neocolor 2 crayons dissolve FULLY)

  • Cotton Bear
    Cotton Bear 10 kun oldin

    Ima tell the story
    Green: her mother
    Yellow: child hood
    Orange and red: teenage love
    Purple and blue: her mum dies
    Boom liked the story

  • Ashley Villalba
    Ashley Villalba 10 kun oldin

    Turning that into a timeline of tie girls life would be interesting

  • Tiffany Mills
    Tiffany Mills 11 kun oldin

    Can we get Waffles up to 1 million subscribers? Yes we can!

  • Meme God
    Meme God 11 kun oldin

    $10 for drawing mom sick

  • jew jew
    jew jew 11 kun oldin

    if you come across another one of these books it would be really cool do redo a drawing of the same thing 1 time a week but not try to base it too much off the first one and open it all at the end

  • WolfieWolf Playz2
    WolfieWolf Playz2 11 kun oldin

    What kind of eraser did u have!? I NEEDS

  • Krystal's Couture
    Krystal's Couture 11 kun oldin +1

    I really loved this video! I liked how you used everything in the box 💛💛

  • Jumping Beanz
    Jumping Beanz 11 kun oldin

    Omg!!! The music in the background is tooo close to my alarm, so I ended up muting the video and turning on subtitles, so I didn’t have to listen to my alarm over and over again.

  • Cinnamon socks
    Cinnamon socks 11 kun oldin

    You sketch and do everything with suck ease,!

    ALMONDS 11 kun oldin

    i love it but the red reminds ne of my perioddd

  • keke koala
    keke koala 11 kun oldin

    Wow 15:05 im shook 😱

  • Gacha Julie
    Gacha Julie 11 kun oldin

    I wanna do this but I can only use prisma color pencils 😕

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 11 kun oldin

    I just discovered your channel today and i love your art style!

  • Jax
    Jax 11 kun oldin

    I think a cool idea you could have done is a cloud vomiting a rainbow and have like a cool scene going around it

  • Tabby Cat Creates
    Tabby Cat Creates 11 kun oldin

    Will we ever see Bettie the Yeti again?