Why the US celebrates Columbus Day

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    Correction: At 00:32 we incorrectly say that Columbus never set foot on North American soil. Columbus landed in Central America and the Caribbean which are both regions in North America. We meant to say that Columbus never reached the United States. We regret the error.

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      Delete your channel

    • Andrew Frink
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      @Alex, it's not hard to screw up when it is common to use "america" to mean the USA. So your ford truck made in Mexico is "made in America" in the way most people would mean that? i mean think of all of those good high paying jobs in the USA those "made in america" things will cause.

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      “Brutal historical facts”

    • peadey mclovin
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      So ignorant

    • アニメが大好き
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      Please fact check for important things like this next time. It's a good thing you commented though, but didn't update the video.

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    Columbus nationality is still disputed. It is not certain he was italian. He could have also been portuguese or spanish.

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    Another reason to hate myself. Well played, Vox.

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    4:29 George Bush in a wig

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    “Children were told...” Let’s let vox speak for all children. This is such a poorly organized “educational” platform

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    Idc if it's Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day, I just want my 3-day weekend.

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    You guys are forgetting how these Indians were acting like douche-bags to Christopher Columbus. So he and his group fought with guns while the Indians had spears. Who would win the rivalry. Columbus also made peace with another group of Indians that didn’t try to kill which something we are never told.

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      yeah no he enslaved em all and in 30 years he had killed 9/10th of the population

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    So you blame the massacre of North American natives by first the British Empire and later the USA on Columbus. That makes no sense to me. The king and Queen of Spain declared native people in the Americas to have soul and be treated as humans, that is why unlike north America, latin american natives are the predominant ethnic group in the parts that were colonized by Spain and you find none or little African descents there too, because transport of slaves in Spain was forbid from the very beginning of the colonization. Besides, it is not clear that Columbus was a Genovese. With this video your buying the black legend of the Spanish Empire, lies built by other European nations at that time to criticize the power of the Spanish crown by then and have an excuse to make pirates Lords.

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    If you want to see what the Spaniards did with all the gold stolen/plundered from the Americas visit Madrid!

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    More leftist propaganda from Vox.

  • jean-claude schwartz
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    The credit of the discovery of America shouldn't go to Christopher Columbus, that should go to Indigenous people and Vikings.

    • jean-claude schwartz
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      i know that. but we should give credit to them other than Indigenous people

    • Chris Gaming
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      +LaLaGrunge because we found no need to disturb the people living there they had nothing we needed and did not see any reason to stay and thus we left
      we still discovered america around 500 years before
      so yes vikings found em

    • LaLaGrunge
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      jean-claude schwartz The Vikings did not stay. They left!

  • Ionatan Simón
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    Liberal agenda... they give fake facts to support their ideas.....

  • Sceptre
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    You can tell a lot about a people by looking at their honored!
    Needless to say, those defending Columbus descend from the same wicked seed!
    They have Andrew Jackson on their currency!
    Benny Franklin also “discovered” electrical current w/a “stringed” kite... yeah I never saw a string conduct a current either but “high iQ” wyte ppl said so , so it’s must be true, right?
    But the hypocrites talk about Castro or pigs on socks? Yeah , some nerve huh.... low character even less morals...

    • LaLaGrunge
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      Sceptre It wasn't Guatemalans or Pakistanis who wrote the Constitution.

  • G4Footballers
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    The way she says “catholic”

  • Blackwood Dreamz
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    It's called propaganda. There was no mention of the slaves that came with his murderous journeys.

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    Columbus was a demon seed 💯

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    Happy fake outrage day

  • Nine Nifty Facts
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  • Nine Nifty Facts
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    Stfu liberal morons

  • Brett Fairchild
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    4:31 I thought this was George W Bush lol

    JRD MADNESS 2 kun oldin

    But one side wanted to kill the other skins so the eropeans help the peaceful side

  • Mateo Valenzuela
    Mateo Valenzuela 2 kun oldin

    if anyone thinsk columbus is a genocidal maniac, then go watch knowing better's video about columbus, it changed my views!

  • Ben Whittington
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    Because we want school off

  • Philip smith
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    VOX = Fake News

  • ShAdOwMaN
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  • Child of the Horned One

    I’m not even at the beginning of the video and I already know that there is gonna be some BULLSHIT in this

  • Sean Boundy
    Sean Boundy 3 kun oldin

    While there are many bad things that happened after Columbus arrived, there are also many good things that happened. For one thing, if Columbus hadn't arrived none of us would have been born.

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    As long as it gets me outta school i really dont care

  • Matthew Jay
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    3:57 WRONG! Knights of Columbus were founded by the Irish-Americans: Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney.

  • Beemer
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    Meh. If it's that important, then just rename the holiday to "indigenous people day." Seems like more of a non-issue than anything.

  • prede89
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    This video is garbage. It ignores the fact that we celebrate Columbus Day because he discovered the new world and set off the age of exploration. Yes Yes the vikings were in the new world first, but they didn't tell anyone, and it did not set off the age of exploration.

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    they shouldn’t.
    he didn’t discover it!!

  • Mobile Lag
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    He wasnt even the first European to step on American soil. In his journals he talked about enslaving the Natives. They raped them, killed them and enslaved them. No point in even calling this a holiday, only stupid Americans would celebrate this. Same for thanksgiving, the killings of the Wampanoags, where they decapitated the heads of Natives and encourage to kill Natives insight.
    America needs to tell the truth about what happened to the Natives. You only hear about what really happened in college courses and not everyone goes to college.

  • Rewind
    Rewind 3 kun oldin

    We really don’t though,California doesn’t, most states don’t and not even Columbus city celebrates it

  • TavaNoGrim0
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    Vox stop being a leftist channel , keep you videos neutral. Its obvious Columbus never did any warm to anyone , indigenous people died because of diseases the Europeans had.

  • Mail Eryas
    Mail Eryas 3 kun oldin

    Columbus: *Discovers America*
    Native Americans: *gets stick and die*
    Vox: Genocide.

  • William Medhurst
    William Medhurst 4 kun oldin

    This is very poorly researched. There is no evidence of Columbus massacre of Natives

  • Joe T
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    Yay! Columbus, GA! We made it to VOX! Lol

  • Jordan D'Agostino
    Jordan D'Agostino 4 kun oldin

    you say that columbus treated indigenous people poorly, but keep in mind this happened centuries ago. you cant judge someone on morals with modern standards. the reason we celebrate columbus day is because if he didn’t do his first voyage then no one would’ve travelled to the americas. we wouldn’t be here today.

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 4 kun oldin

    columbos may have murdered people but if not for him we wouldnt have the usa the most powerful country in the world (well its quite debated but even then its number 2) and i wouldnt be so privledged to live in the us thank you happy columbus day

  • Seth Zweig
    Seth Zweig 4 kun oldin

    A quick google search will tell you that the essay they used was written almost 30 years after CC's death. Poor journalism...

  • Opiniones de JACC's Opinions

    Columbus Day, Indigenous peoples' Day, how 'bout instead we go with Afro-Eurasia Americas Reunion Day?
    #AfroEurasiaAmericasReunionDay #ColumbusDay #IndigenousPeoplesDay

  • Marco Polo Pieckowecz
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    Happy hitler day

  • Eddie Mcmahon
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    Throughout the centuries of time, every race has been conquered by another, enslaved, raped, murdered, either by their own tribe or another.No person or tribe owns the land that was created by the higher Gods. The true original salve creators were Africans themselves and the Muslim Arab worlds.Yes, Europeans did follow at a later time, but of a fraction of what was original created.Still to this day Africans and Arabs are still being enslaved by their own people.Lets focus on the current facts that have been existing. I would also like to add that Native American tribes were far more gruesome, to their own people, to the crusaders, settlers and pilgrims, then the other way around.White Europeans have flourished throughout the world throughout time, with inventions that we all should be thankful and privileged for. Why is Africa still always a mess?why is the Middle East always a mess? why is it that non white countries are in a constant struggle for the betterment?Why is it that non White people want to come to White European created nations?We all the know the answer, but there are still many who are in denial and ignorant of the real facts.Lastly, columbus never set foot in North America.Do not get it confused, for all the uneducated. Yes, slavery is wrong rightfully disgusting and wrong. In final, STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN AND START BLAMING THE TRUE FOUNDERS, YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND YOURSELF.

  • InfernoakaRaven
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    Leif Erikson actually discovered north America in the 11th century which he was a Viking and he discovered Newfoundland, Canada.

  • jasenjot
    jasenjot 4 kun oldin

    It is not fair to judge the people from 500 years ago with todays moral sense.
    The Spanish weren't that terrible in South America as British 'black legend' narrative has tried to portrait. Some Spanish treated badly indigenous people, others treated them right. Some inigenous nations were also cruel to other indigenous people. We shouldn't try to amend the whole history.
    North Americans tend to forget that their British ancestors almost extiguished the natives, recluding the few that survived into today's reserves.
    Ask yourselves this: how many natives and mixed-race people are there currently in South America and how many in North America?

  • Jerrell Lawrenceberg
    Jerrell Lawrenceberg 4 kun oldin

    Native rights barely became part of the conversation during the Civil Rights movement, unfortunately. I mean BARLEY. American blacks live in a paradise compared to the majority of native peoples nowadays.

  • Karla Lopez
    Karla Lopez 4 kun oldin

    If he stepped foot on central America then he stepped foot in North America. Central America is not a continent.

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees 4 kun oldin

    Columbus day was created so Catholics could have a holiday. Pedophile day was their second choice They went with genocidal maniac

  • bbt305
    bbt305 4 kun oldin

    Only looking at the negative, how bias. Columbus is being smeared. Most is lies too that Columbus was bad. Not true

  • Skipper Blue
    Skipper Blue 4 kun oldin

    Columbus was just an immigrant bringing much needed diversity.

  • Valkery Black
    Valkery Black 4 kun oldin

    Heroic, Lie and glorify War..... nothing new

  • Javier 588
    Javier 588 5 kun oldin

    Happy Chistopher Colombus day

  • Leb ofkay
    Leb ofkay 5 kun oldin

    That moment when the truth is more complicated than “good” or “bad” :-J good try vox, take 2

  • Carlos Tab
    Carlos Tab 5 kun oldin

    Well, the US didn’t exist...

  • Alvin Mayers
    Alvin Mayers 5 kun oldin

    America Respect's the Caribbean and that's good.

  • Noodles LM
    Noodles LM 5 kun oldin

    yeah, thats why that cartoon hasnt been shown since cameras recorded in black and white. idiots.

  • Make Racists Afraid Again

    Columbus got lucky. His entire voyage was a failure.
    Like Trump, Columbus was a Racist Fake.

  • Gladys Pallo
    Gladys Pallo 5 kun oldin

    Then Hod is not God for America coz He has never sat foot here!? Your ignorance and ridiculous allegations are rotten as your people! Excuse me what is the name of your country ? United States!? You have to take the name if the continent coz you could not find a name?? Every country is made of states. But where is your name!!???
    I tell you what at least let me remove part of your IGNORANCE!
    Go and read the 📖 BOOK OF MOFMON! ! go and learn whose land is this land! American HISTORY ? PreColumbus History ! ZARAHEMLA ! Yes, that is the real name of this country ZARAHEMLA ZARAHEMLA
    LABD OF BOUNTY!! Not United States of hate !!! United in hate that’s what English had done pollution destruction of forest pollution in the seas MAY FLOWER BROUGHT PROSTITUTION!
    Ha! 2 of the fonder fathers one was. PREDATOR liked boys the other raped 14 years old! MAFIAS ! Human traffickers gringos ! VIETNAM! Korea! Why Korea will bombard us next year and again on 2019!!!! Hate! Why Arabs 911 love! No! Hate to English! Welcome to rope what you plant!!
    Don’t matter you buildings walls!
    Hate is stronger and you have lots of it!

  • Mark Strosnider
    Mark Strosnider 5 kun oldin

    Where did you get this information at?

  • Gladys Pallo
    Gladys Pallo 5 kun oldin

    Do you want to vanish us! Here is bad news!!! Spanish we are strangling the English language ! In one ☝️ or 200 there won’t be Englis spoken! We are killing your language also we have many babies 👶 ARABS TOO Arabs have babies by 12 ! Chinice will conquer America! Yellow Stone will destroy s whites ISRAELITES JOSEPHITES WE HAVE A PROMISE UPON OUR SHOULDERS ! Given by GOD we will be here awaiting for Jesus Christ! All land will be restored to all surviving tribes Forget reptilianos exist traterrestial! they have no part in this inheritance! So you are not fighting SPanish , COLUMBUS OR SO CALLED INDIANS ! You are fighting the will of God!

  • Amigostres Ye
    Amigostres Ye 5 kun oldin

    5:08 58% of the people that voted for Columbus just wanted a holiday so there won’t be school.

  • insanity Plus
    insanity Plus 5 kun oldin

    Reported for being misleading. Columbus didn't murder a bunch of people.

  • Gladys Pallo
    Gladys Pallo 5 kun oldin

    Also truly we are not From INDIA! So we are not Indians! Stupid ignorant white cracker! WE ARE DESCENDANTS OF ISRAELITES!! I Sm blood of Joseph of Egypt! Our father is JACOB!
    We came to this continent d
    First group Babel Tower JAREDITE group! Second group NEPHI ABD brothers Jose, LAMAN, Lemuel, Benjamin! But yeap LAMAN fought stronger ! I am we are LAMANITES stupid idiot!!! Go and learn HISTORY! Ignorant savage! Assassins! Killed my brothers in THANKSGIVING! you celebrated that killing not to GOD ! But coz your fathers had killed and spilled innocent 😇 blood! Furnace he’ll 🔥 waiting for you!

  • Gladys Pallo
    Gladys Pallo 5 kun oldin

    How can you be so STUPED! Ignorant! He directed and saw this continent first he set food in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PR. He left and came back ! Still he he discovered new land for Spain! Your envy your destructive competition! His the hell SO I END UP BEING HALF INDIAN + half SPANISH and not English? Where all CENTRAL SOUTH AMERICA ARE STILL MIXIES! not English!!!!!! YOU EANT TO VANISH OUR CULTURE! Our identity! Language! Religion! Your hate is coz we Indians are still alive!!!!!

  • Bezerkur a6e
    Bezerkur a6e 5 kun oldin

    Well Leif Eriksson was first, regardless. Relics and settlements of Norse origin in Newfoundland has already been confirmed. Just glad my ancestors weren't responsible for the genocide of a culture. But salut to ya.

  • Maria Vazquez Gonzalez

    Well... he wasn't even Italian, he was from Galizia.

  • Leignheart
    Leignheart 5 kun oldin

    Short answer = Never call it indigenous peoples day. Act like you have brain.

  • Adam Phillips
    Adam Phillips 5 kun oldin

    Daily Wire and Louder with Crowder. Watch them. They’re funny and informative. Vox is just a bunch of lying morons.

  • Alex Silverstein
    Alex Silverstein 5 kun oldin


  • Knifeaddict67
    Knifeaddict67 5 kun oldin

    Your revisionist history is a fail.

  • Poncho Luoncho
    Poncho Luoncho 5 kun oldin

    Can anyone tell me a nation not originally conquered and settled without violence? The “Noble Savage,” myth grows tiresome and isn’t factually accurate.

  • Craig H
    Craig H 5 kun oldin

    Antifa channel?

  • H-Berg, Mike
    H-Berg, Mike 5 kun oldin

    Propaganda and thumbs down.

    • H-Berg, Mike
      H-Berg, Mike 5 kun oldin

      Also noticed you have absolutely zero credible sources sited to base any of the information you claim to know more about than anyone ever learned growing up. I’m not denying or defending anything.... only discrediting you.

  • Javier Benavente
    Javier Benavente 5 kun oldin

    It should be Spain' day because they did all the efforts... Brutality was magnified By Bartolomé because he needed to show in Spain that indigenous should be protected by law, be careful to look with our eyes what happened many centuries ago. Bartolomé de las casas reached his goal and the Kings passed a law protecting them.

  • Peter Shinn
    Peter Shinn 5 kun oldin

    GJ putting out liberal, nutjob garbage VOX. You must've worked so hard for that. You do a good job representing the 25% of America who hates this country.

  • Valezca Alvarez
    Valezca Alvarez 5 kun oldin

    they celebrate A human & sex trafficker

  • Jefff
    Jefff 5 kun oldin

    As a Scandinavian American, I demand it be called Leif Eriksson day! lol

  • garret whelan
    garret whelan 5 kun oldin

    If it was celebrated then why didn’t I get school off HMMMMM 🧐🧐🧐

  • sideshowmulhern
    sideshowmulhern 5 kun oldin

    China paid vox to make propaganda. Don't trust them

  • Gina M
    Gina M 5 kun oldin

    I don’t celebrate Christopher Columbus Day and I’m in Washington

  • sleepy zzz
    sleepy zzz 5 kun oldin +1

    If Columbus didn't step a foot in North America then how did he slaughter all those natives. Fact check - Columbus did start a WAR with the natives but it was over food because they were going to starve to death. Then the Spanish left. The British and Irish killed off most natives in north American. As early as 1940s and with legal bounties. That's why you see natives in Mexico and Peru and not in the U.S and Canada. Let's not blame the Spanish anymore. It's ridiculous!

  • darioprime
    darioprime 5 kun oldin

    fun fact: more than a few spanish and portuguese speakers of the southern hemisphere would consider this video racist and a sign of your colonial indoctrination for even using the term "North America"

  • Marshall Mayes
    Marshall Mayes 5 kun oldin

    Columbus didn't discover America, He discovered Cuba, Amerigo Vespucci did

  • strong122
    strong122 5 kun oldin +1

    if you paused at 5:16.....YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!

    and yes i am ashamed

  • strong122
    strong122 5 kun oldin +1

    yes Columbus Day should be Indigenous Peoples' day. if Columbus day were to exists we should apologizing for him(since he's dead) to the Natives.

    and im an immigrant(if you're wondering)

  • Neat Gifts
    Neat Gifts 5 kun oldin

    Regardless of any of the for or against America celebrating Columbus with a Federal holiday, just think about it. Why celebrate A non-American with a "Federal" holiday? With that logic, maybe Israelis should celebrate Hitler for creating Israel.

  • A Siddiqui
    A Siddiqui 5 kun oldin +3

    Columbus was a killer!

  • shea Hope
    shea Hope 5 kun oldin +3

    *um no, I will not celebrate a slave owner/racist*

  • Mr Incognito
    Mr Incognito 5 kun oldin

    Vox is where the SJWs come to feel less worthless -- as you were.

  • Julie August23
    Julie August23 5 kun oldin +3

    I don’t care about why we celebrate it, I just thank him for giving me my 3-4 day weekends

  • Gr4vity Goat
    Gr4vity Goat 5 kun oldin

    Columbus wasn't just a legend but a true hero that might not have stepped foot in north America, but proved that a landmass did exist between Europe and Asia via.

  • zstreet 3
    zstreet 3 5 kun oldin

    This is so inaccurate it’s cute

    • locant23
      locant23 5 kun oldin

      How it's all fact, not just from watching this video but simply taking college level history you'll learn all of this.

  • Butt_Cruch
    Butt_Cruch 5 kun oldin

    No body shows those any more

  • Eros Play
    Eros Play 5 kun oldin +1

    I don’t even care it gives me a day off

  • P L
    P L 5 kun oldin

    they celebrate it because they are ignorant of their own country's history.
    they celebrate it because that's what they've been indoctrinated to think. and never question anything.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 5 kun oldin

    What else would they celebrate.
    Besides marrying they're favorite auntie.

  • Jordan Reeves
    Jordan Reeves 5 kun oldin +1

    Alaska doesn’t celebrate Columbus Day. We celebrate indigenous Peoples Day

  • GeeksAtYourService
    GeeksAtYourService 5 kun oldin +1

    Yeah not much for being “celebrated” anymore I think after everyone learned of the horrendous doings to natives his “day” pretty much died

  • Skool Wifi
    Skool Wifi 5 kun oldin

    Lol you guys know nothing, go do some research. Everybody in the comments has corrected at least 2-3 huge misconceptions that you still believe. Grow up