Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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  • Dyers88
    Dyers88 23 soat oldin

    Fucking movie sucked ass

  • 아스피
    아스피 23 soat oldin

    The monster looks like demogordon

  • Esac 7
    Esac 7 Kun oldin

    It’s kinda bs how the first time the deaf girl encounters the monster in the corn field it just runs away but later when it comes into contact with her and the feedback irritates it tries to go for her. Granted the second time she kind of figured out it’s weakness but still it should’ve attacked her in the field.
    If this movie was rated R most if not the whole family would’ve died imo
    Also it was weird hearing the characters names since I don’t think they say any of them in the film (shocking)

  • The Weeaboi
    The Weeaboi Kun oldin

    Boi OF COURSE THERE IS CANDY AND NUTS STIILL THERE, those foods make noise

  • Ironclaw XII
    Ironclaw XII Kun oldin

    This film is just straight up retarded and doesn't deserve all the praise. It Comes At Night was much better.

  • Pixle King
    Pixle King Kun oldin +1

    I did not like the movie, it was an hour of silence and the most exited I was was when the kid got scooped at the beginning

  • Xxxpronoscopergamerxxx George

    Battlestar Galactica

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Kun oldin +1


  • Wynn Brown
    Wynn Brown Kun oldin

    This is a funny video

  • Rich Martel
    Rich Martel Kun oldin

    Almost a year and a half after son dies...They have some how planted and grown Hundreds of acres of corn! Two adults and two children somehow planted HUNDREDS of ACRES of corn with out machinery and without making noise???? How did you miss this HUGE Sin? :D

  • Alycia Pilcher
    Alycia Pilcher Kun oldin

    You said wouldn’t the creature come after the raccoons made noise, they did. The raccoons made noise and walked off and got killed, it’s literally the scene directly after but you didn’t show it

  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado Kun oldin

    Everything wrong with your channel do that😼😼😼

  • Ethan Ruiz
    Ethan Ruiz Kun oldin

    Full on **** you mode 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • DarkBeast76 PS4
    DarkBeast76 PS4 Kun oldin

    The bed on the opening is for sound proofing idk how to spell

  • B White
    B White Kun oldin

    "full on fuck you mode" lmaooo this guy is hilarious

  • Conundrum
    Conundrum Kun oldin

    So inconsistent. It's like they're magic.

  • gears gamer
    gears gamer Kun oldin

    I really want someone to make a cinemesins of cinemasins and he could be 1000000

  • Nick Mcmillan
    Nick Mcmillan Kun oldin

    The aliens are liberals and everything they hear is racist and should be killed(banned)

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi Kun oldin

    I guess they are going for that "strong/ edgy female thing that's en vogue atm" but Emily Blunt looked cringey as all fuck in that ending, I would have laughed if I saw that junk in the cinema....

  • YouTube leaderboard glasses

    Son of a bitch

  • acheron16
    acheron16 Kun oldin

    I find it silly that creatures that hunt humans in specific using sounds would be this effective.
    I mean, just go out into the woods, plenty of sound there. These fuckers would be so dazed and confused that the military would take them out with big ass weapons in no time.

  • Joakim
    Joakim Kun oldin

    They use solar pannels not generator

    DEV GRU Kun oldin

    Everything was wrong with this movie

  • Horse Lover
    Horse Lover Kun oldin

    0:43 they didn’t take them because they will make noise

  • mi rob
    mi rob Kun oldin

    This movie is straight up garbage

  • Exotic Nicko
    Exotic Nicko Kun oldin

    Also if the animal screeches to show how creepy it is yet doesn’t help it’s self hunt ,seeing as how they they need to hear to hunt

  • Grim Soul
    Grim Soul Kun oldin

    This is why I hate this movie and I hate that the guy got all this credit for this dumbass movie. Hollywood is just a bunch of white dude sucking each other's dicks. First of all the movie with me 30 seconds. If these aliens go by sound and these guys are walking on dead leaves their dead. They're breathing makes the sound. They're dead. I refuse to watch this movie. I love horror movies. I love B horror movies. Because you know what you're getting in a b horror movie. But this movie try to be a little bit more than that. I remember seeing the guy on The View. And everybody sucking up to him. Like he just invented something brand as move. No sir. We've been doing this video games for decades. Don't make a sound. Now they're doing it's making damn sounds. I hate this movie. You're an insult horror movies. You made what could have been some badass aliens look like assholes. Cuz I should have ate you guys a long-ass time ago.

  • HeyIt'sMeMisterTurner ImDrivingWithMyFeet!

    Me hiding from my mom because i didn't go to school

  • HasHasDre
    HasHasDre Kun oldin

    Mattresses Reduce Noise

  • Uncle
    Uncle Kun oldin +1

    The dude just sinned the movie for showing that one of the characters needs a hearing aid. I’m done, this is just funny

  • Sachin Dalvi
    Sachin Dalvi Kun oldin

    Why u watching movie with logic? Than watch discovery channel or watch documentry

  • Call Me Astaire
    Call Me Astaire Kun oldin

    Why is it in the ending no shell came out when she racked the shotgun?

  • Misty Ndutire
    Misty Ndutire 2 kun oldin

    Can't survive in the quite place

  • Olafism YT
    Olafism YT 2 kun oldin

    Imagine eating chipotle there lmao

  • Jim deVera
    Jim deVera 2 kun oldin

    duh...of course they tested out the sound at the waterfall. how do you think she got pregnant without either being too loud?

  • Shayne McCory
    Shayne McCory 2 kun oldin

    At the movie theater I was already thinking about this channel 😁

  • Mr. Avi
    Mr. Avi 2 kun oldin

    just watched it...was epic the kids were annoying asf true

  • AntacidFish
    AntacidFish 2 kun oldin


    • Al Rocky
      Al Rocky Kun oldin

      After they figure that out it's too late to build a house there.

  • The Drizzle 404
    The Drizzle 404 2 kun oldin

    Why didn't they set up their house near the waterfall?

  • Vulter 44
    Vulter 44 2 kun oldin

    I like how he is giving non necessary sin counters like how the kid did sign language and he said thats probably racist so he gave it a sin.

  • Cooldude Cool
    Cooldude Cool 2 kun oldin

    M. P,
    :I I ,p. P , p. Lpppppphnnn Mom jjjjjjjjmjjjjjjjjjjjj just jjjjjjjjjjjjJersey ijjj0jjjj
    Jjjpjjjjj0jp)00)))0)))))0)0)0)jk,p,pj p pjpnppj p n
    P ,n n

  • La Rue Beharry
    La Rue Beharry 2 kun oldin

    This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, so ashamed of Jim

  • Melody Jayne
    Melody Jayne 2 kun oldin +1

    Why couldn’t they just live behind the waterfall!!!????!!!!

  • Philosophy Man
    Philosophy Man 2 kun oldin

    Am ithe only one who absolutely hated this movie?

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams 2 kun oldin

    Best ending to any movie hands down

  • Nightmear Wolf
    Nightmear Wolf 2 kun oldin

    "No dare Disturb the sound of silence"
    Ayy, I see what you did there. _Noice_

  • fcukugimmeausername
    fcukugimmeausername 2 kun oldin +1

    This might have been the stupidest movie I watched all year.

  • Lonely Chicken
    Lonely Chicken 2 kun oldin

    Wanna what's wrong about your channel? Your fast ass speaking, like seriously fix it. You talk so fast that people can barely even understand what your saying

  • Random Stuff Guy
    Random Stuff Guy 2 kun oldin +1


  • Matthew Santamaria
    Matthew Santamaria 2 kun oldin +1

    ay if it was her 4th kid, it would just slip right out

  • Michael Avanzato
    Michael Avanzato 2 kun oldin

    matt damon emerges from the corn😂

  • The Unown
    The Unown 2 kun oldin +1

    9:26 i was hoping he would pull out the alien

  • Peter Trast
    Peter Trast 2 kun oldin

    Bruh. I think that only the place where they live has been overrun

    FUZZZBUZZZ GMD 2 kun oldin

    This movie was terrible. I hated this so much

  • Baylie Dell
    Baylie Dell 2 kun oldin

    Not a hearing aid lol

  • katherine7444
    katherine7444 2 kun oldin

    You missed the part where the candy and cans were taken because it’s too loud to open

  • HappyFrog Day
    HappyFrog Day 2 kun oldin

    Do a sin for A Quiet Place 2

  • Magical Doggo
    Magical Doggo 2 kun oldin

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything because I love this channel, but some of these sins make me mad. 1. The generator one, if you watch the movie then you would see the solar panels. Sorry, I love this channel so much, but when sins that dont make sense come in im like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK 😂😂

  • Lupe Flores
    Lupe Flores 2 kun oldin

    Every thing wrong with cinema sins Under 13 minutes SPOILERS DUH

  • *Wyatt B* ,
    *Wyatt B* , 2 kun oldin

    Chuck Norris survived easily.

  • tobineko
    tobineko 2 kun oldin

    Gee, these things have super sensitive hearing... It's too bad we don't have other animals in the planet with sensitive hearing that we've easy found are annoyed/in pain when exposed to high frequency sounds... If only we had some sort of high pitched whistle we could blow... oh wait...

  • Pearl Blue
    Pearl Blue 2 kun oldin

    7:44 I'm wearing my earphones at maximum volume AND FUCKING HELL DID THAT HURT!

  • HappyFrog Day
    HappyFrog Day 2 kun oldin

    One thing I don't get, so you can't make noise. But that's not possible. Every thing you do makes a noise.

  • Hyder Hafiz
    Hyder Hafiz 2 kun oldin

    Should have just built a house next to the waterfall but of course then there wouldn't be a movie then would there.

  • BlueOceanGreen
    BlueOceanGreen 2 kun oldin

    You should have seen me in the cinema trying to eat some food I sneaked in which usually wouldn’t be a problem except in this movie you could hear
    My clumsy ass would make. And you know whenever you’re making special effort to be quiet, I tend to accidentally be louder so yeah

  • derppy kat
    derppy kat 2 kun oldin

    Even things that have great hearing doesn't mean they know exactly where it is! And there is other people so if you make one quiet noise it probably won't t go there

  • C18
    C18 2 kun oldin

    I'm still confused about the nail sticking up. What was the point?

  • derppy kat
    derppy kat 2 kun oldin

    I loved this movie cause jimothy halpert

  • Alejandro Contreras
    Alejandro Contreras 2 kun oldin

    7.07 a mattress is good for sound proofing

  • Kyle F
    Kyle F 2 kun oldin +1

    Im suffocating in a condom

  • Mythical Marshmallo
    Mythical Marshmallo 2 kun oldin

    If you look close on one of the scenes during the movie, Sin 19 is wrong. They have like 5 solar pannels. Also a sin they forgot was that they survived the winter, but somehow managed to grow an ENTIRE corn field without making a sound. How can you plant that much corn 1 stalk at a time that fast???

  • crashoverride93637
    crashoverride93637 2 kun oldin

    ..um what do you think women did before the invention of scissors...

  • Colonel Hakeev
    Colonel Hakeev 2 kun oldin

    So they're kinda like clickers from tlou?only bigger and meaner?that's cool imo

  • Cachorro Velho
    Cachorro Velho 2 kun oldin

    Practice creampie and consequently make your wife pregnant and let her have the baby when the world is destroyed by aliens that kill anything that make sounds. +1k sins

  • Vasvir
    Vasvir 2 kun oldin

    The jump scares....bad the movie ...good because the fact that the movie is based off silence the jump scares make the jump scares 10x worse and scarier tbh

  • xxLilagatcha xx
    xxLilagatcha xx 2 kun oldin

    Plz subscribe

  • gigan gidora
    gigan gidora 2 kun oldin

    They don't eat meat they just kills things that make sound because it's her weakness idiot

  • Gerry Giese
    Gerry Giese 2 kun oldin

    Gah just enjoy the movie already, no need to dissect it.

  • D3ADZ0N3/second channel
    D3ADZ0N3/second channel 2 kun oldin +1

    Just fucking douche bag is just a fucking asshole all the fucking says oh everything’s wrong with this fucking movie fuck you fucking asshole

  • nylecoj azonipse 275
    nylecoj azonipse 275 2 kun oldin

    Do you have a list of worthy movies?....

  • Jared Zeno
    Jared Zeno 2 kun oldin


    DOGEWILLNEVERDIE Doge 2 kun oldin

    Things they cant do:
    Throw up
    Make a bed
    Cant play in the snow
    Have thanksgiving
    Eat cereal
    Watch youtube
    Yell when they have puberty

  • chiara olivo
    chiara olivo 2 kun oldin

    I loved the movie haha I think that in a 100 wrong things you said, only three or four are actually wrong. This is a video based upon useless critiques. I actually thought it was some good horror/thriller after all this years of stupid disgusting splatters. If someone hasn't whatched it and is curious, go see it and judge it yourself! I really liked it

  • Mr.Animate R
    Mr.Animate R 2 kun oldin

    Wouldn’t all the monsters kill each other for making noise when moving around?

  • sam peralta
    sam peralta 2 kun oldin

    Dude just shut the hell up and watch the movie, it’s just a movie moron

  • Güneş Güloğlu
    Güneş Güloğlu 2 kun oldin

    10:42 fcking casual

  • Ella Park
    Ella Park 2 kun oldin

    I still love this movie

  • Addie Draws
    Addie Draws 2 kun oldin

    The reason there is so much food and other essentials still there ie. candy, nuts, and the medication, is because they all would make too much noise, bags of candy and chips are loud, nuts and pharmaceuticals if not picked up properly would be loud, thus killing the person taking them

  • Karl.A Mort
    Karl.A Mort 2 kun oldin

    So what about the sounds the creatures make like they screech so fucking Loud don’t they hear eachother

    VINNSMOKINN 23 2 kun oldin

    Everything wrong with you hater

  • Jolly Ranchers:3
    Jolly Ranchers:3 2 kun oldin

    I would die
    Wanna know why
    because I’m gonna scream

  • phani rithvij
    phani rithvij 2 kun oldin

    A quiet sex

  • AP
    AP 2 kun oldin

    The daughter is worth 50 sins. She's the whiniest person ever and her stupidity killed 2 of her family members!

  • Drum Beats X
    Drum Beats X 2 kun oldin

    At 9:46 ( sin no.59 ) they won’t sink in the grain because they are lying down which increases the surface area, so therefore reduces the downwards force active upon them. But if they were standing up ( decreasing the surface area ) they would most likely sink as the downwards force acting upon the people is greater. So I think you should remove another sin.

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones 2 kun oldin

    Lol the Jurassic park bit at the end haha

  • Senpai Is Key
    Senpai Is Key 2 kun oldin

    Dude didn't watch the full movie before making this 🤨

  • Shmicko
    Shmicko 2 kun oldin

    Predictable movie. I didn't understand all the hype behind it. I get it seems different but still follows standard story telling structure with a classic sequel setup ending just in case the studio wants to milk it further.

  • Jt Aier
    Jt Aier 2 kun oldin

    I would not survive this..
    I snore too much.. 😂

  • Bull bros
    Bull bros 2 kun oldin

    movie: exists
    CinemaSins: it's wrong

  • Baty86
    Baty86 2 kun oldin

    but wait its Like a library XD person: talks Library guy: THIS IS A LIBARY OUT NOW