Pan Kids BJJ 2017: The Ultimate Highlights

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  • chipchap12
    chipchap12 18 kun oldin +1

    As a wrestler who went undefeated and won third at a tournament for my first year I want to try judo it is a awesome art

    • M F
      M F Kun oldin

      Yes they both compliment each other. Go for it.



  • Betzabet Alejandra Hidalgo


  • Edvaldo Pereira da Silva

    Alguém de 2018?

  • Canal da Laís
    Canal da Laís 3 oy oldin

    Campeonato Paulista 2018

  • Maria Ndikir
    Maria Ndikir 3 oy oldin +1

    Fabricio werdum

  • Miguel Espejel
    Miguel Espejel 4 oy oldin

    Pretty cool but nah I wouldn't risk any of my son/daughter joints. Not trying to be disrespectful to the video or the sport of Jiu-Jitsu but I rather agree with the Judo perspective that no submission until the age of 13. For me is honestly more important to have a very good base, balance, control, good takedows/throws and defense. I really feel that the submission will game should come naturally later. Sometimes Jiu-Jitsu forget that after all you need to take-down your opponent down and instead they train about 80% ground techniques and 20% (or less) standup techniques. I know all schools are different but this seems to be the general rule.
    You have amazing Jiu-Jitsu fighters in MMA that once they face a very good wrestler their years and years of training really end up are useless because they cannot take their opponent down. Just look what happen to Maia when he face a good wrestler, even Shield couldn't take down GSP and the Judokas Akiyama and Lombard.
    I rather keep my son joints untouchable and healthy. I'm sure Khabib didn't train submissions until later age and instead he was working on his grappling core strength and balance from his wrestling/sambo/judo training. Submissions come naturally after you develop real core strength, and balance. Remember that MMA gyms are becoming more and more popular and you will have kids that will know how to defend basic takedowns and clinch throws. For me is more important that my son develop a high confident in knowing that he can take-down anyone at any given moment, I don't want him to struggle trying to take-down another stronger boy and losing like half his tank gas just trying to accomplish a take-down.

  • Noan Felipe
    Noan Felipe 4 oy oldin

    Sou Brasileira e luto Jil jitsu faz sete meses.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 4 oy oldin

    0:34 that's when ya know, tat John Cena's daughter.

  • Jean portal
    Jean portal 5 oy oldin

    Bom muito bom

  • China Number 1
    China Number 1 5 oy oldin

    I am getting my 7yo nephew into this. I have taught him a few moves to defend against bullies with basic combos, take down, transition to full mount and then arm bar. The dude learnt it super quick and was very impressed. Everything I told him he picked up first try. I never been so proud.
    Can't wait till we can roll together.

  • King Lui
    King Lui 6 oy oldin


  • King Lui
    King Lui 6 oy oldin


  • barbosa
    barbosa 7 oy oldin

    amazing!! cute 😉😉

  • Archives
    Archives 7 oy oldin

    Music 00:20 ?

  • Israel Borba
    Israel Borba 7 oy oldin

    Coisa linda! Jiu-jitsu é vida! Oss!

  • -FORÇA E FOCO- king
    -FORÇA E FOCO- king 8 oy oldin +2

    eu luto jiu-jitsu Kids

  • Electric Maddex
    Electric Maddex 8 oy oldin


  • elisagela da. silva
    elisagela da. silva 8 oy oldin

    eu sou. yanca. eu. mal. posso. epera. para mim. para. copionato❤❤

  • H M
    H M 8 oy oldin

    Olá, tudo bem, eu sou o Pai do Heitor (sete anos), estou convidando você à assistir os vídeos dele treinando Jiu-jitsu, gostaria de saber sua opinião sobre o vídeo.
    segue abaixo o link dos vídeos.

  • Kelvin Ferreira
    Kelvin Ferreira 8 oy oldin

    O Cuidado o Carinho e a atenção que os árbitros tem com as crianças é sensacional...Oss

  • jx plays game
    jx plays game 8 oy oldin


  • André Jansen Costa Leite

    Lindo de ver o jiu jitsu é uma obra prima .. oss

  • Edgar The Killer
    Edgar The Killer 8 oy oldin

    Sou criança e tmb vou treinar Jiu jutso

  • Henrique. BJJ
    Henrique. BJJ 8 oy oldin


  • Hans David
    Hans David 8 oy oldin

    Cute chokers.

  • Mary games
    Mary games 9 oy oldin

    O sensei da academia onde eu treino diz que sou guerreira eu não acho isso oss

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 9 oy oldin

    success boys, greetings from Nesco from Spain

  • Swagnemite Fred10
    Swagnemite Fred10 9 oy oldin

    Top 10 epic anime battles

  • Dione Mendonça
    Dione Mendonça 9 oy oldin


  • krba vídeos
    krba vídeos 10 oy oldin

    01:14 fabricio werdum. Esse e o cara

  • Dani Craft
    Dani Craft 10 oy oldin

    1:14 vai cavalo !!!!!!!!

  • Vitor Samuel de Lima dos Anjos

    Boa tarde gostaria muito de poder participar

  • Alessandro Nascimento
    Alessandro Nascimento 10 oy oldin

    Só filhote de pitbull

  • Jason Strike
    Jason Strike 10 oy oldin

    1:38 que isso hein!

  • PEDRINHO LIMA - jiu-jitsu

    Passando pra divulgar o mais novo Canal para os adeptos da arte suave...

  • Israel Canada
    Israel Canada 10 oy oldin


  • Gustavo Sousa Batista
    Gustavo Sousa Batista 10 oy oldin

    Top prbs

  • Altemann CB
    Altemann CB 10 oy oldin

    Já são campeões

  • elisagela da. silva
    elisagela da. silva 10 oy oldin

    Tábem. Vou. Competi. Ai

  • Cinthia rgdbd8eg
    Cinthia rgdbd8eg 11 oy oldin

    molecada casca grossa vei...parabens a todos

  • Jennifer Alston
    Jennifer Alston 11 oy oldin

    I love Jiujitsu

  • Junior Alves
    Junior Alves 11 oy oldin


  • wilson nobre Nobre
    wilson nobre Nobre 11 oy oldin

    Música porém na versão lenta pois quero na versão do vídeo acima, alguém tem.
    Muito obrigado ela é de arrepiar.

  • wilson nobre Nobre
    wilson nobre Nobre 11 oy oldin

    Música de muscle prodigy

  • wilson nobre Nobre
    wilson nobre Nobre 11 oy oldin

    Estou a procura desta música alguém pode me ajudar

  • Mariana Amélia
    Mariana Amélia 11 oy oldin

    Sonho desses ❤

  • lucas dance
    lucas dance 11 oy oldin

    elas estão melhores que eu 🥋🥋no jiu jitsu

  • Cleber Taboada
    Cleber Taboada 11 oy oldin

    BO Jd U

    EUDOMAR MATA 11 oy oldin


  • Nicolas Antinir
    Nicolas Antinir Yil oldin

    Ese era queixinho ?

  • Mykhaylo Mazur
    Mykhaylo Mazur Yil oldin


  • Bruno Smenezes
    Bruno Smenezes Yil oldin +2

    eu me emociono vendo essas imagens maravilhosas muito bom oss

  • Lucas dejesus
    Lucas dejesus Yil oldin +2

    I go to jiu jitsu.

  • Yas Mek
    Yas Mek Yil oldin +1

    Beautyfull masha Allah!👍😱💚💪

  • krista boka
    krista boka Yil oldin +3

    i have a match coming up im soooo scared

    • MommiDonni1
      MommiDonni1 Oy oldin

      Did you have fun. I think it will be a long time before I get into match. If I ever do. I just hope that after the pucker factor goes away that I enjoy it.

    • Muamel Ikla
      Muamel Ikla 6 oy oldin

      krista boka did you win

  • Vida Loka
    Vida Loka Yil oldin +3


  • Vida Loka
    Vida Loka Yil oldin +1

    Eu Faso isso ai

  • Taylon Batista bjj
    Taylon Batista bjj Yil oldin +3

    Se escrevam no meu canal.



  • Momo
    Momo Yil oldin

    Yo, I had a championship, this kid was fucking grabbing my balls so I tapped out.. is that even legal wtf...

  • Vidal KM
    Vidal KM Yil oldin +6

    Os políticos que desviam as verbas, desviam o suporte para todas as crianças dentro do nosso esporte. Oss

  • Jeosafa Pereira
    Jeosafa Pereira Yil oldin +1


  • jazayer fehola
    jazayer fehola Yil oldin

    Vive judo 👊

  • sheesh
    sheesh Yil oldin

    My first match is in May pray for me :D

  • Kylie Reynolds
    Kylie Reynolds Yil oldin

    These kids are so sweet! But I think that their parents are extremely right that they are trying to develop these children. It is highly important to devote a lot of time for their development and involving them into the sports life. But they have to remember that it is also important to make the right choice, to choose one of the best clubs and coach and so on. One day my kid returned from school and announced that he wants to practice bjj. I can’t believe in that! I thought that it was one of the most dangerous sport. I started to google and found that I was mistaken. I found a lot of videos that kids are interested in this sport so much! Moreover, I found one Ukrainian club that is sponsored by the reproductive clinic Biotexcom. This center also sponsoring a young 8 y.o. sportsman! That is incredible. I wish that one day I will find the same club and once my boy will be on the podium with gold medals!

  • Bakin Unuk
    Bakin Unuk Yil oldin

    This is not human 😉

  • Just Dance
    Just Dance Yil oldin


  • mariano yu_gi yu_gi oh! duel

    muito bom eu sou lutador de jiu jitso faixa branca eles são muito boens

  • mariano yu_gi yu_gi oh! duel

    muito bom eu sou lutador de jiu jitso faixa branca eles são muito boens

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira Yil oldin

    Eu gostei demais do vídeo!

  • WorryOW! Cx
    WorryOW! Cx Yil oldin +4

    I just hate the little one with the Mohawk his mma roid dad gave him

    • M Mold
      M Mold 4 oy oldin

      So what? You are the better man making fun of a kid on the youtube comments section? Keep thinking that.

    • Mark Pignataro
      Mark Pignataro 7 oy oldin

      reminds me of Eli from Cobra Kai. LOL

    • Shayla W
      Shayla W Yil oldin

      Nicolas Lopez me to😂

    Joel THE LEGEND Yil oldin

    Did anyone else see fabricio werdum in the video?

  • Nayhyele bertezzolo


  • Angstykooks
    Angstykooks Yil oldin

    I went to a tournament last week and got double gold

  • Oreo Carlton
    Oreo Carlton Yil oldin

    Not a fan of this.

  • Jaymes Hislaw
    Jaymes Hislaw Yil oldin +3

    at least no kids cried this year

    • Shayla W
      Shayla W Yil oldin +1

      Jaymes Hislaw haha true😂

  • Gabija Kregzdyte
    Gabija Kregzdyte Yil oldin

    I'm watching this video because I'm going to a jiu jitsu battle in 3 days and after watching this video I think someone is going to beet my ass in the first few seconds

    • Angstykooks
      Angstykooks Yil oldin

      Gabija Kregzdyte I went to a tournament last week and got double gold hope u did too

  • Gyula Sebők
    Gyula Sebők Yil oldin


  • Luca International
    Luca International Yil oldin +1

    Children are, and remain, the innocent victims of the mental turmoil and sadism of the public, parents, organizers, coaches, who transform the slaughterers of other children, forgetting that the opponent is a sportsman like them, not an enemy to break down as he is often taught by his coach. The only people worthy of note are the referees who seek to safeguard the uncolumity of the small contenders.

    • Cody Morrissey
      Cody Morrissey 8 oy oldin

      shut the fuck uppppp

    • Saulo Camargo
      Saulo Camargo Yil oldin

      Luca International vá beijar seu pai na bunda.

    • Saulo Camargo
      Saulo Camargo Yil oldin

      Polandball você é comunista, você é que é retardado.

    • Eddy
      Eddy Yil oldin

      French Bulldog 1 Kids have been wrestling in the U.S and other countries for centuries. This sport is similar and if anything, it gives kids that mental toughness.and grit that most of us lack because we grew up unchallenged and undisciplined. It's competition, no one is seriously getting injured. It's a fairly safe sport. That's why tapping out is taught from day one, referees are also there. If people were getting hurt it would have been made illegal a long time ago. This sport teaches kids to be brave, mentally tough, disciplined, respectful etc etc. A lot of things kids lack these days, because they were never tested in their youth.

    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Yil oldin

      Luca International Well said . Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who sees this crap for what it is . Blatant child endangering .

  • Trovão Treze
    Trovão Treze Yil oldin


  • Dany 208
    Dany 208 Yil oldin

    So cute

  • French Bulldog 1
    French Bulldog 1 Yil oldin +2

    This shit should be illegal . This is probably in some bullshit foreign

    • Official Prankster Gangster
      Official Prankster Gangster Yil oldin

      French Bulldog 1 What do you want us to do? Twiddle our thumbs all day? Break our necks in football! I’ll wait for your stupid reply.

    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Yil oldin


    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Yil oldin

      Francis C Did doing this crap at 10 give you a foul mouth . UOU show who you TRUELY are by using those words you fucking punk .

    • Francis C
      Francis C Yil oldin

      Lol I'm 10 and do these tornements f***ing love it, no one here is being forced to do it. Btw this is in California (not foreign)

    • Official Prankster Gangster
      Official Prankster Gangster Yil oldin

      French Bulldog 1 You know what? I’m done Arguing with you kid. Feel free to lay around and eat Doritos all day. It’s not affecting me at all. But don’t you dare fucking tell me not to do what I love.

  • OssKids
    OssKids Yil oldin

    Awesome!, We'll share it on our blog, this is a great produced video. In case you want to check it out

  • Leonardo Alves
    Leonardo Alves Yil oldin

    Com fé em Deus meu filho vai seguir meus passos...

  • powerfin7
    powerfin7 Yil oldin +5

    Looks like Jimmy Kimmel is now a bjj referee 0:50

  • Noemí
    Noemí Yil oldin

    Sin palabras!! 🤤

  • Master Clasher
    Master Clasher Yil oldin

    Give me 20 beers and I'll still lose to em lol

    • Shayla W
      Shayla W Yil oldin

      Master Clasher 🤣🤣🤣

  • gabriel biel
    gabriel biel Yil oldin

    So vi neguinho pegano nos cem quilos

  • Davi Rodrigues
    Davi Rodrigues Yil oldin

    Quem diz que criança não deveria lutar campeonato é bostas sem classe e vergonha, o futuro do BJJ depende deles

  • Mark Hernandez
    Mark Hernandez Yil oldin


  • Ray Correia
    Ray Correia Yil oldin +1

    The problem is , children don't mesure the strength in this deadly positions of necks and harms, and is just need a few seconds to a little boy or a girl die or broke badly an harm etc...this fights should be just possible after 18 years old , like the black belts are done just after that age.

    • Francis C
      Francis C Yil oldin +1

      I'm 10, have been training for over a year and have never been hurt, or seen anyone break a arm or get hurt in bjj

    • Cxution
      Cxution Yil oldin

      u can get a black belt at 18 like BJ Penn got his in under 3 years n the record is 1 month over a year so 13 months but other than that i agree with u 100 percent

    • etrix tgreat
      etrix tgreat Yil oldin +7

      You really do not give these kids the credit they deserve. They are very aware of what they are doing. they are very aware of they damage they can do. Granted it is a contact sport and accidents happen, they have the control needed to be safe.
      "this fights should be just possible after 18 years old , like the black belts are done just after that age." Are you saying only black belts should be aloud to compete? ( and you can not get a black belt at 18)

  • Samuel Fisher Lindman

    First training for me today

  • Karo
    Karo Yil oldin +19

    Armbar at the end was savage af.

  • Slum lord
    Slum lord Yil oldin +15

    That armbar at the end was vicious!

  • Kip Allen
    Kip Allen Yil oldin

    Talented Youngers! If You Like This Go To Future Ground Wizards On You Tube

  • Life with Lucas
    Life with Lucas Yil oldin

    They are all very good!

  • Andre Castilhos
    Andre Castilhos Yil oldin

    Alguém, por gentileza, sabe o nome da música?

  • Mike Turley
    Mike Turley Yil oldin

    excellent.AWESOME. subscribe d