24 HOUR Shopping Challenge! Niki and Gabi

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  • Niki and Gabi
    Niki and Gabi  Oy oldin +7869

    24 minute video for a 24 hour challenge!
    This challenge was almost impossible to complete. It. Gets. Ugly.
    What was your favorite part? 😂💎💳🛍🛒

    • Kaylan Gray
      Kaylan Gray 23 soat oldin

      Niki and Gabi mine was where y’all did the car hall

    • Jayla Green
      Jayla Green 4 kun oldin

      I love you guys☺☺😘😘😘

    • Ahadul Hassan
      Ahadul Hassan 4 kun oldin

      +Everything with Laura L 4

    • Bubllegum girl
      Bubllegum girl 5 kun oldin

      Can you do more videos like this?

    • Frankie LPS
      Frankie LPS 5 kun oldin

      Niki and Gabi I love you 😍

  • G K
    G K Kun oldin

    I just realized one of the girl is tomboy and the other girl is girly

  • Marissa Gonzales
    Marissa Gonzales Kun oldin

    before they went into target it was 8:00 p.m and when niki was finding her phone case she shows her phone and it says its 7:52 p.m

  • Daisy Crane
    Daisy Crane Kun oldin


  • Patty Valladares
    Patty Valladares Kun oldin

    I mean you

  • Fiona Basa
    Fiona Basa Kun oldin

    Omg, I feel so bad for them

  • grace pinker
    grace pinker Kun oldin

    The words ‘FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS’ was just screaming at me the entire time lol

  • Life’s a cup of Tae With some Suga

    *How to get broke 101:*

  • שלי נפדנסקי

    This challenge ended on my birthday 😂😂

  • Woon Yeon Chae
    Woon Yeon Chae Kun oldin +1

    It's *24 HOUR and the video is 24 minutes*
    Btw anyone 2018?
    I know your there
    Edit:LOL I didn't check they already comment this.

  • Mrs Unicorn
    Mrs Unicorn Kun oldin +1

    Gabby is like me I shop till I drop

  • Eliana Merhege
    Eliana Merhege 2 kun oldin

    I saw that same perfume at Walmart 😂

  • HeartTouching VIDS
    HeartTouching VIDS 2 kun oldin

    Gabi could have bought something at partycity for 12 cents to save money but she CHOSE to buy a 9 dollar t-shirt

  • HeartTouching VIDS
    HeartTouching VIDS 2 kun oldin

    Gabi has a lui vaton phonecase whereas niki has a phone case from target 😂

  • Eveline Kranenburg
    Eveline Kranenburg 2 kun oldin

    I really want to try this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Queen Cat
    Queen Cat 2 kun oldin

    I would probably just get a pillow LOL 😂

  • Haley Rene
    Haley Rene 2 kun oldin


  • Lia Abuqurah
    Lia Abuqurah 2 kun oldin

    Gabi is so me when she goes on her phone the whole time

  • Mishal Khan
    Mishal Khan 2 kun oldin

    Where is nikis jacket from? I love itttt 😭

  • Allison Reid
    Allison Reid 3 kun oldin

    Omg whenever I have to shop with my mom it takes like 5 hours and I just sit in the cart but every single time I go with her I feel like I’m going to DIE!!!!!!

  • XO Cover
    XO Cover 3 kun oldin

    Gabi: It’s so expensive.
    Me: Then how can you afford a Chanel bag?

  • Anailha Biscuit
    Anailha Biscuit 3 kun oldin

    We can't beat you because this is a humblebrag way of showing the public, that you guys have money and you can't get close to us... like cmon... you're better then this.

  • jenna kim
    jenna kim 3 kun oldin +1

    3:45 what's the name of the song?

  • Synthia Brown
    Synthia Brown 3 kun oldin

    You guys should have a reality show

  • Julia Margaret
    Julia Margaret 3 kun oldin +1

    I wish I could get to my first 1,000 Subscribers for Christmas. I started my UZclip Channel in High School, but stopped posting because of how much I was bullied because of it. I want to prove all those people wrong and make something of myself. Please help me

  • janiele cocoa
    janiele cocoa 3 kun oldin

    imagine being this rich...

    *can't relate*

  • Abbey p
    Abbey p 3 kun oldin

    I tried then failed bc I went home

  • Jessica Jackson
    Jessica Jackson 3 kun oldin

    The perfect time for this would’ve been Black Friday! All stores are open later!

  • olivia lauren
    olivia lauren 3 kun oldin

    I just watched the "Beverly hills brat" 's 24 hour challenge shopping vid lol

  • Sonia Olivas
    Sonia Olivas 3 kun oldin

    I watch Riverdale my favorite movie I want to get the serpent Jackie

  • shannon goodall
    shannon goodall 3 kun oldin

    you have a lot of money

  • shannon goodall
    shannon goodall 3 kun oldin

    your so lucky

  • Diana Parajas
    Diana Parajas 3 kun oldin

    Oohh... I'm pretty sure that if u got home ur all day sleep

  • Leia Kitty22
    Leia Kitty22 3 kun oldin

    can you do the challenged that you're boyfriend will do your life like you're boyfriend will be you in a day

  • Grace
    Grace 3 kun oldin

    Did anyone notice at 19:19 it was the same day they turned off the camera?

  • Morgan Karns
    Morgan Karns 4 kun oldin +8

    Literally don’t even have enough money to go to one store 😂

  • Jojo Bean
    Jojo Bean 4 kun oldin +1

    I like how gabi is always on her phone and niki reads or does something smart

  • alyna gonzalez
    alyna gonzalez 4 kun oldin

    how come we never see your parents

  • oOAugust GamingOo
    oOAugust GamingOo 4 kun oldin

    What is a blowout?

  • Tilla S.
    Tilla S. 4 kun oldin +1

    I like how this is an actual 24 hour challenge and all the other ones are just 12 hour challenges

  • How do people make up Good memes?

    “CHRISTMAS UNDERWEAR!!” - Niki & Gabi 2018

  • Isabella Sanchez
    Isabella Sanchez 4 kun oldin +1

    CVS bro its opened 24 hrs lol

  • Mahnoor Tanveer
    Mahnoor Tanveer 4 kun oldin +7

    This isn’t even a joke I have acc watched this video like 40 times I love these shopping vid/ vlog/ challenge

  • Gamer Games
    Gamer Games 4 kun oldin +3

    7:29 did you guys notice that the background music is little mix black magic..

  • Jordan Murdy
    Jordan Murdy 4 kun oldin +1

    From 1:36 you see niki uncomfortably lying about the actual time it was because they definitely pre recorded it lol
    Then at 1:40 you see Gabi being fake af lol
    Then niki sarcastically saying “let’s goooo...” Lmao

  • Syaz
    Syaz 4 kun oldin

    That oversized shirt would probably be small for me lol I’m so fat

  • Alice Robinson
    Alice Robinson 4 kun oldin

    they said it was eight when they went to targer and her phone said 7.52

  • samiksha Vishnuprasad
    samiksha Vishnuprasad 4 kun oldin

    I like shop for like 5 to 6 hours cuz I love shopping and my whole house is like filled with shoes and clothes

  • Grace Kirk
    Grace Kirk 4 kun oldin

    like if gabi wants to spend all her money oh well she can do what ever she what's with her money


    Notice how literally in the fist store(s) they got clothes with PINK written or stitched onto the clothes.

  • Leslie Kurczek
    Leslie Kurczek 4 kun oldin +12

    Gabi didn’t have any pajamas even though she got like 7 pairs of pajamas at Victoria’s Secret

  • JennPlaysRoblox
    JennPlaysRoblox 4 kun oldin

    I love riverdale

  • Eloise S
    Eloise S 5 kun oldin

    use reusable cups and straws!!!

  • Eloise S
    Eloise S 5 kun oldin

    next video: returning all this and donating to charity

  • lulu Contreras
    lulu Contreras 5 kun oldin

    U know what u could of done u could of buy a bunch of stuff during the day in till the night u can stay at a store for 24 hours and u can buy a bunch of pillows and stuff to make a fort at the store and sleep there over night 👍😊

  • Celia Rose
    Celia Rose 5 kun oldin

    Niki seems to a little more cautious with her money than Gabi!👍💕

  • Kate and Maddie's Videos


  • Novas Kanal
    Novas Kanal 5 kun oldin +1

    I dropped my phone in my face:(

  • Nadia van Wyk
    Nadia van Wyk 5 kun oldin +1

    I would have watched a movie because you are buying a movie ticket and you could choose a movie for 1h30min and then you could take a nap😂

  • Beenish Bhatti
    Beenish Bhatti 5 kun oldin +3

    I just got a hoodie and jeans and I'm exhausted 😂

  • Daniel Bagdreiala
    Daniel Bagdreiala 5 kun oldin

    *smiling* “ gabi’s card is getting declined” rude much

  • Daniel Bagdreiala
    Daniel Bagdreiala 5 kun oldin +1

    Nikki always embarrasses Gabi like when sh is editing there vids! Like look at all the mean captions there are at Gabi

  • #vemprofut so tapa de qualidade


  • loony_jann -
    loony_jann - 5 kun oldin

    let’s play a game!
    take a shot each time you hear the “ka-ching” noise!

  • MissyB
    MissyB 5 kun oldin

    how does nikis maKeup still look good after 4 hours of sleep when im over here looking like a drag queen

  • Elle's World
    Elle's World 5 kun oldin

    what happend to twins try

  • anaxoxo
    anaxoxo 5 kun oldin

    i shopped for 5 hrs and i was EXHAUSTED

  • mone yoshida
    mone yoshida 5 kun oldin

    I love this 24 hour shopping challenge video!
    I've been watching this video many times, but I really still enjoy watching this!

  • Gia Scottdale
    Gia Scottdale 5 kun oldin

    On the next 24 hr challenge do it in New York where allot of places are open 24hrs you guys could use online cyber shopping in the parking lots for the stores that counts and Denny’s is open 24hrs then the gym counts also they are open at 5am you buy a membership for one day shower use the gym for nap and then have breakfast at a hotel where they have 8am breakfast. Loved your challenge congrats

  • Brook Bridwell
    Brook Bridwell 5 kun oldin

    I would drop after like 3 hours shop and drop 😜😜😂😂

  • Sugie B
    Sugie B 5 kun oldin

    If I did this my bank account would be on life support 😂😂😂

  • cedez Colbert
    cedez Colbert 5 kun oldin

    Omg it is riverdale!!!!

  • cedez Colbert
    cedez Colbert 5 kun oldin

    Omg did she say riverdale???!!!!!

  • Elizabeth wende
    Elizabeth wende 5 kun oldin

    I like how from the start their buying like 10 things at each store and at the end their buying 1 thing at each store😂

  • Removing Thunder
    Removing Thunder 5 kun oldin

    I wonder how much was there total?

  • Zoya Ali
    Zoya Ali 5 kun oldin

    Oh wow 😅 how much did you guys spend

  • Tanya Mai
    Tanya Mai 5 kun oldin

    My addiction is *youtube*
    Should I watch *youtube* for 24 hours?
    Contemplating 🤨

  • valeria rodriguez
    valeria rodriguez 5 kun oldin

    I watch Riverdale

  • Arisbeth Aceves
    Arisbeth Aceves 6 kun oldin


  • sascha pascual
    sascha pascual 6 kun oldin

    that just stupid

  • Roadkill Bitch
    Roadkill Bitch 6 kun oldin

    rip bank account

  • apricot frog
    apricot frog 6 kun oldin

    Gabi ur now in the thank u next video it SOOO GOOOD

  • Kawiipanda Cute
    Kawiipanda Cute 6 kun oldin

    The final store thoughhhh🙌

  • Ride A Holics
    Ride A Holics 6 kun oldin

    Omg I literally live 20 mins away from u guys! 🤩💙


    I have that same pillow from Michalles

  • Madi Davenport
    Madi Davenport 6 kun oldin

    This is a good way to go Christmas shopping for family

  • Jasmine Hendricks
    Jasmine Hendricks 6 kun oldin

    gabby was in thank u next ahhhhh

  • Life n Style
    Life n Style 6 kun oldin

    i'm so much like Gabi in many ways

  • Cute Unicorn756
    Cute Unicorn756 6 kun oldin

    I fricken love river dale I feel you Gabi

  • Morgan Clancy
    Morgan Clancy 6 kun oldin

    When they were in bath and body they were playing glee

  • Abigail Jacobs
    Abigail Jacobs 6 kun oldin +2

    why did you bleep out god instead of damn

  • Sarah Kallu
    Sarah Kallu 6 kun oldin

    I thought you can only buy 1 thing

  • Julia F
    Julia F 6 kun oldin

    Gabi didn’t get anything in Panera

  • Jessica Wu
    Jessica Wu 6 kun oldin

    I like your look

  • yuki mori
    yuki mori 6 kun oldin

    Do another one 💗💗💗

  • techno musik
    techno musik 6 kun oldin

    Omg ist shes a Millionär???

  • Jason Redmon
    Jason Redmon 6 kun oldin +1

    I love this so much I have watched it over like 3 times now lol.

  • Amitra Kellogg
    Amitra Kellogg 6 kun oldin

    23:47 hmm did any one else her shit? lmfao

  • Missy Ms
    Missy Ms 6 kun oldin

    They could of gone to a hotel ...