UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor Weigh-in Faceoff

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  • Joylandi 6-Okt, 2018
  • The biggest fight in UFC history is set as lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov faced off with former champion Conor McGregor after the UFC 229 Weigh-in.
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Fikrlar • 5 648

  • Michael Richard
    Michael Richard 2 kun oldin

    What's the theme on this

  • Rahim Tebojev
    Rahim Tebojev 5 kun oldin

    Whats the song

  • ademo moha
    ademo moha 12 kun oldin

    The song please

  • jabri salman
    jabri salman 17 kun oldin

    Killer confident kahbib ..i love u r attitude broo

  • The Dude
    The Dude 21 kun oldin

    What’s the song?

  • islamic video
    islamic video 22 kun oldin +1

    Muslims the real worries

  • igob
    igob 22 kun oldin


  • Dr Khaled
    Dr Khaled 25 kun oldin

    Music please ?

  • Patito rodriguez
    Patito rodriguez 26 kun oldin

    wtf was drake doing there?

  • gilmer pardo
    gilmer pardo 26 kun oldin

    Conor parece idiota, era un buen peleador pero nunca fue mi ídolo menos mal que le partieron su madre.

  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds 27 kun oldin

    Anyone know the background music????

  • Abiya Miji
    Abiya Miji 27 kun oldin


  • Lisandro Lopez
    Lisandro Lopez 28 kun oldin

    What is song ?

  • aa ki vines
    aa ki vines 28 kun oldin +2

    Background song name

  • Onghus Neil
    Onghus Neil 29 kun oldin


  • Dogan Kaya
    Dogan Kaya 29 kun oldin

    This is not the war of Muslims. Just fight of 2 fighters. Ufc is acting smart. The rating is money. Don't come to these games.

  • Joe King
    Joe King Oy oldin

    gotta love tony, the real #1 contender! and if it was not for khabib? the champ!

  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone Oy oldin

    Haahah khabi time mashallah

  • Sophie Chahwan
    Sophie Chahwan Oy oldin

    What is the song

  • Monkey D Doffy
    Monkey D Doffy Oy oldin

    I remember how it felt when this was live , it was so intense

  • Eko Yuga
    Eko Yuga Oy oldin


  • Amine Oualhi
    Amine Oualhi Oy oldin

    Song ??

  • kasuberoa
    kasuberoa Oy oldin

    Annoying troll's

  • Маликмагомед Байрамов

    Хабиб Я болею за тебя убить убить надо его

  • Railfans Tangerang Chanel

    What is the song name

  • YouTube Komik
    YouTube Komik Oy oldin

    McGregor 😥🤕🖕

  • khalid hussain
    khalid hussain Oy oldin

    So he puts his hands on Khabib and shoves dana 0:18 in between them. Proper 12 Plonker.

  • Sophie Chahwan
    Sophie Chahwan Oy oldin

    What is the song?

      AAMIR KHAN 12 kun oldin

      signaturetracks makes custom music for UFC.. I've been looking for this for the past couple of days, found a few other good ones but couldn't find this one

    • Sophie Chahwan
      Sophie Chahwan Oy oldin


  • Adam Kadmon
    Adam Kadmon Oy oldin

    Digustand ,what about can Learn Children on dis Disgustand conversation?

  • Adam Kadmon
    Adam Kadmon Oy oldin

    Shitbulll , thats all Money and showbiz , nothing important in REAL LIFE.

  • YuriBoyka62
    YuriBoyka62 Oy oldin

    What is the name of the music when Mc Gregor and Khabib are face to face

  • M B
    M B Oy oldin

    Khabib has strength in his Spirit, McGregor is spiritually bankrupt.

  • ãzéèm åttâr ål hïñdí

    Love you champ may Allah protect you and honor you in this world and here after

    ALL IN ONE Oy oldin


    ALL IN ONE Oy oldin


  • Bodybuilding Men Motivation

    fuck you dana white you hate muslim fuck you bitch you are with conor bitch

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi Oy oldin

    background song when khabib and mcgrergor face off?

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana Oy oldin


  • HELLO مرحبا
    HELLO مرحبا Oy oldin

    الله يعز مقدار سيد حبيب

  • Nafeez Faizi
    Nafeez Faizi Oy oldin

    հɑҍíҍ ցօօժ

  • Ljice Vatepri
    Ljice Vatepri Oy oldin

    Im a Khabib fan... but this McGregor sure is a great show man..even so that doesent make him a great fighter

  • Ali 62
    Ali 62 Oy oldin +1

    Wenn ich zugeben muss....Conor Mcgregor ist nurmehr noch Polster im Fernsehern....😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dwi Wahyu
    Dwi Wahyu Oy oldin

    STOP RASIS Connor McG stop Rasis You lose, lose... Please Judge yourself..

  • SpiderGay
    SpiderGay Oy oldin +1

    27-0 alhamdulillah

  • Marko Dillinger
    Marko Dillinger Oy oldin

    Whats the name of weigh in song

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar Oy oldin

    Conor you r a kid , you talks a lot son .

  • Mike FMP
    Mike FMP Oy oldin

    Coke head Connor

  • Tanja Hoffmann
    Tanja Hoffmann Oy oldin

    Про Конора вообще нет высказываний -товарищь ослабел -нетолько в спорте но и морально

  • virealBOX
    virealBOX Oy oldin

    soundtrack name?????

  • Green Brain Seaside

    uh, what a chicken. now go and check how he tapped out

  • BleyRaperMc
    BleyRaperMc Oy oldin

    gregor haciendo como siempre el ridiculo

  • Tony Debbarma
    Tony Debbarma Oy oldin

    Khabib is the champ.. love you khabib from india

  • Gabe
    Gabe Oy oldin

    Wtf is drake doing there

  • Krispynachos 99
    Krispynachos 99 Oy oldin

    lmao looks like Drake went on ancestry.com

  • Many Mun
    Many Mun Oy oldin

    What the name is song?please,

  • Revan Khalilzadeh

    Etdiyin butun serefsizliklerin cavabini aldin conor efendi!!!Habibbbbbbbbbbb😘😘😘

  • LCunrivalled
    LCunrivalled Oy oldin

    3 days ago
    anyone knows what music is playing during Conor-Khabib ?

  • Serdar Aba
    Serdar Aba Oy oldin

    Khabib 🇹🇷❤❤

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Oy oldin

    Islame jindabad

  • Evand Novandy EVN7

    Khabib is so calm
    From #Indonesian_Fans

  • Noppawit
    Noppawit Oy oldin

    Conor aint got shit, he's just a fake cunt who talk too much.

  • vipul satardekar
    vipul satardekar Oy oldin

    What’s the song name.. playing at the back

  • anda doel
    anda doel Oy oldin

    Conor mampus kau

  • Ahmet Cebenaylar
    Ahmet Cebenaylar Oy oldin


  • Modus Civic
    Modus Civic Oy oldin

    this dogs

  • SoA is better than TWD

    Name of the epic music?

    NICKTORIG Ferr Oy oldin


  • mohamed Abdikadir 0725852119

    Pretending is very bad if he is something why don't he won

  • Erdem Aslan
    Erdem Aslan Oy oldin

    Cry Conor

  • Hiç -
    Hiç - Oy oldin +1

    Hasbinallahu ve ni'mel vekil. Allah bize yeter o ne güzel vekildir. ELHAMDÜLİLLAH!

  • Muhammad hassan
    Muhammad hassan Oy oldin +1


  • Aleks Borisov
    Aleks Borisov Oy oldin

    connor garbage mcgregor

  • Ayet Bagirov
    Ayet Bagirov Oy oldin

    Ade Qaa qu amdmf

  • Patty 4life
    Patty 4life Oy oldin

    I didn't know that fellaini is changing career

  • Samsul Bahri
    Samsul Bahri Oy oldin

    Alhamdulillah allahhuakbar...
    I love khabib forever i am from aceh serambi mekkah...

  • roozlan93
    roozlan93 Oy oldin

    Best EPIC Khabib's vidéo : uzclip.net/video/RLBRn30_Zas/video.html

  • Serpentarius
    Serpentarius Oy oldin

    That weigh in intro music is so hype. Anyone knows link to the music?

  • Siraceddin Sapan
    Siraceddin Sapan Oy oldin

    KHABİB ✊

  • Ahmet Ateş
    Ahmet Ateş Oy oldin


  • Asif Haji
    Asif Haji Oy oldin

    Anyone know name of music playing in background conor vs khabib weigh in ?

  • om Om
    om Om Oy oldin

    Music name during khabib and conor weigh in 😑

  • pacsoulja
    pacsoulja Oy oldin

    Drake'in ne işi var orada amk

  • G 6
    G 6 Oy oldin

    Don’t forget to stomp on his head Afta he unconscious & u find drake & ur team in toiletts after u taped out thought u was god & could whoop god? Lol

  • Cain Velasquez
    Cain Velasquez Oy oldin

    Tony is another clown like Conor

  • Neng Habibah
    Neng Habibah Oy oldin

    Allhamdullilah 😍😍
    Congratulations khabib you win, God will always protect you amen,
    I like u so much 😍😍
    Im from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Adam The rev
    Adam The rev Oy oldin

    M.c. losers fuck you m.c.

  • Indo Gamers
    Indo Gamers Oy oldin

    I used to idolize "Conor McGregor", in my room there were so many posters. but now I really hate him, and I've burned all of his posters.
    Never hate and racism to Muslims and Islams, if you don't know Muslims and true Islams. Islam is the true religion for people who think with common sense and with conscience.
    In my country Indonesia there are 4 different religions, we live peacefully, always greet each other and smile. My country is the majority of Muslims, 90% Muslims from 265 million people.
    Minority Religions Like Christianity and Buddhism, it is safe and comfortable in a majority Muslim country, but if Muslims become a minority and the Muslims will be oppressed, for example in Myanmar minority Muslims are oppressed by Buddhism the majority, and in Europe minority Muslims are oppressed by Christian the majority.
    We must as human beings must respect and tolerate each other, live side by side peacefully. #Respect #Love #Peace from #INDONESIA
    Love KHABIB from Indonesia :)

  • Life Of Kamrul
    Life Of Kamrul Oy oldin

    Please Khabib we need a Drake burger too.. :D

  • Batuhan Aktaş
    Batuhan Aktaş Oy oldin +2

    Khabib real fighter

  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Muhammad Iqbal Oy oldin

    And mcgregor looser.. poor christian

  • Yu Shanna
    Yu Shanna Oy oldin

    dont turn ufc into racist shit dana

  • Yu Shanna
    Yu Shanna Oy oldin

    khabib and his team mates did nothing what conor and his team did trying to kill some people in bus in new york

  • untitled Samari
    untitled Samari Oy oldin

    He was pissed off cause khabib wearing a Papakha hat and him not😂

  • aa tutorial
    aa tutorial Oy oldin


  • A. Mohsin
    A. Mohsin Oy oldin

    Congratulations Khabib. For those who call Connor a Victim remember that he started the attack on Khabib's cousin ( uzclip.net/video/S9-67cVE9n4/video.html?t=133 ) he slapped a referee (uzclip.net/video/Kuev_uCTG7A/video.html?t=106) and attacked a bus (uzclip.net/video/63OCvuC-GSY/video.html?t=24) and threw many insults at Khabib... Yes Khabib was wrong, but he can be justified with emotional anger instigated by Connor, but what justifies Connon? Love for fame? Media stunts for attention? Money? Ego? You be the judge.

  • sasa sisi
    sasa sisi Oy oldin

    Do someone know the background music?

  • جرعتك اليومية من الإنترنت

    Who's watching this after conor got humiliated? thumbs up

  • blackcatsarenopussies

    Conor, the new Charlie Zelenoff

    SAVAGE MODE Oy oldin +1

    Get rid of Dillon danis an train with Ben Askren or GSP, lol wouldn't matter it takes years of elite wrestling to be at his level khabib is a living legend an is on his own level on the ground in all of MMA ,khabib will be talked about for years as the GOAT,&were all fortunate enough to watch it live