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  • Joylandi 7-Noy, 2018
  • Zane, Heath and I try our hands at a lil bit of art ;)
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  • Scotty Sire
    Scotty Sire  3 oy oldin +849

    omg i forgot to put my twitter in!
    vote for my next tattoo here!
    and don’t forget to turn my notifs on ;-)))

    • edison Edison
      edison Edison 8 kun oldin

      Scotty Sire lol

    • Allyssa Sanderson
      Allyssa Sanderson 16 kun oldin

      I love you scotty! 😍🤗😇😘❤❤❤❤❤💋

    • francesco ciccio
      francesco ciccio 3 oy oldin

      Scotty Sire FHJ

    • Lady Isha Of Ice
      Lady Isha Of Ice 3 oy oldin

      I have been trying to watch this video for the past couple of days and I still can't watch it..... it keeps saying 'there was a problem whilst playing' every time. XC

    • Carolina Perez
      Carolina Perez 3 oy oldin

      Do a tattoo about your girlfriend that would be so sweet

  • avaree kim
    avaree kim 21 soat oldin

    i think y’all should make a band 😂💛

  • Hannah Penner
    Hannah Penner Kun oldin

    wowwwww zane that second one looks so good!!!!

  • Hannah Penner
    Hannah Penner Kun oldin

    Heaaaath baby you an artist!!

  • Samantha Hess
    Samantha Hess Kun oldin

    Heath is TALENTED

  • Jacy Rogers
    Jacy Rogers 2 kun oldin

    All 3 of you are pretty good at art wow

  • Justine Alamo
    Justine Alamo 4 kun oldin

    I can't 2:25😂😂😂😂

  • liarossi697
    liarossi697 5 kun oldin

    These are actually really good!

  • Elizabeth Peters
    Elizabeth Peters 8 kun oldin

    Heath won the David painting

  • iam den ise
    iam den ise 9 kun oldin

    Zanes pqinting of david looks like a thumb 😂

  • Boomer and Annabelle
    Boomer and Annabelle 10 kun oldin

    Kristen and Scotty: *have a disagreement*
    Kristen: ‘I like your pants’
    Scotty: ‘Thanks’
    OML they’re the funniest couple 😂😂

  • Skye Osgood
    Skye Osgood 11 kun oldin

    Actually I have more...... zane is AMAZING at his baby 💙💙

  • Skye Osgood
    Skye Osgood 11 kun oldin

    Heath is a fucking artist! That’s all I have to say

  • Dipsy Doodles
    Dipsy Doodles 11 kun oldin

    2:53 the Bob ross music tho 😂

  • Maci Norvell
    Maci Norvell 12 kun oldin

    Heath @ 7:54 hahaha yeah

  • Abbie Hassett
    Abbie Hassett 12 kun oldin

    Good on you is irish🇮🇪

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson 12 kun oldin

    And I thought I was good at art ;-;

    KERMIT THE FROG 12 kun oldin

    The cool intro starts at 0:20

  • uOnlyMatterIfICare P’z

    Good on you is a term!!!

  • Declaration of Independence

    Is no one gonna mention how heath is an actual artist

  • Declaration of Independence

    2:34 no im tracer

  • Layla Bain
    Layla Bain 14 kun oldin


  • Pokereator 25
    Pokereator 25 14 kun oldin

    To much scotty

  • Tiffany Jimenez
    Tiffany Jimenez 14 kun oldin

    Great job guy's!!! 😁😂😁 I think Scotty did great on David's portrait n Zane did an awesome job on Heath's!!😊❤😊 Love you Scotty!! You are amazing in every way!!! Thanks for all the smiles m laughs!!😄😄I love your music!!❤❤❤

  • Jocelyn Clare
    Jocelyn Clare 14 kun oldin

    “ketchup, mayo, and mustard put it all together and get a sauce out of
    it” uhh you mean fry sauce?!😂

  • Iliyana Serrano
    Iliyana Serrano 15 kun oldin

    this should be a series, they were actually pretty good

  • Iliyana Serrano
    Iliyana Serrano 15 kun oldin

    heath is me with art. all my friends painted pumpkins and i was the last one standing making sure it was perfect

  • Dominic A
    Dominic A 15 kun oldin

    I like the last ones 😱😍💍

  • Tomei F.
    Tomei F. 16 kun oldin

    How are they soooo gooood

  • Chanelle Riopel
    Chanelle Riopel 16 kun oldin +1

    Wow I didnt know you guys were hidden artists

  • Kearsten Dennis
    Kearsten Dennis 17 kun oldin

    Heaths painting of Scott is really good

  • Covers by Mya
    Covers by Mya 18 kun oldin

    Holy Shit they did good in the second round

  • Olivia Cookie
    Olivia Cookie 20 kun oldin


  • Ventus Kai
    Ventus Kai 20 kun oldin

    Zane and Heath are couple goals 💕❤

  • Phikl mon
    Phikl mon 23 kun oldin

    Zanes fucking fart though! I couldn't stop laughing! "Baby, my floors are creaking all the time!"

  • lMexicanLifel
    lMexicanLifel 24 kun oldin

    Scott is so hard on himself sometimes, your videos are great

  • valley mo
    valley mo 24 kun oldin

    There actually good ö

  • Reigann Armitage
    Reigann Armitage 25 kun oldin

    many scottish people say good on you so it is a term it was not made up ahah love you scotty

  • Theresa Resendez
    Theresa Resendez 26 kun oldin

    You guys did great!

  • Olivia Blanchette
    Olivia Blanchette 26 kun oldin

    6:00 - 6:06 omggg heath me toooo👏👏

  • pugs
    pugs 27 kun oldin


  • Mckayla Smith
    Mckayla Smith 27 kun oldin

    Babbyyyiee Heath did such a good job! Wow 👌🏻

  • Erin Hassey
    Erin Hassey 28 kun oldin

    Zane’s painting of Heath was great! It looked very pop art.

  • Xarin3d
    Xarin3d Oy oldin

    You guys are so good tf

  • Codie Blaser
    Codie Blaser Oy oldin

    I want zane's painting of Heath as merch!!!

  • Marshmellow
    Marshmellow Oy oldin

    I say this a lot but....PROPOSE TO KRISTEN!....or Kristin...srry I actually forgot how to spell her name

  • Lucy Maguire
    Lucy Maguire Oy oldin

    Please do another painting with others

  • Lucy Maguire
    Lucy Maguire Oy oldin

    Zane and Heath be so goooood baby

  • Queen Dawson
    Queen Dawson Oy oldin

    HOLY BAJIBUS ZANE AND HEATH CAN REALLY DRAW ... Scotty’s was good too I guess 😂😂😂

  • Aryanna Tries
    Aryanna Tries Oy oldin

    Why is scott such a pretty boi

  • Trofosca :/
    Trofosca :/ Oy oldin

    After watching Zane’s recreating bob Ross’ painting video is extra satisfying seeing him actually painting

  • Rose Brown
    Rose Brown Oy oldin

    U should of got Liza in this! On her channel she showed that she was great at painting in a funny way! Even tho u all smashed it! And yes good on u is a real saying

  • Bailey Frank
    Bailey Frank Oy oldin


  • Courtney Ann
    Courtney Ann Oy oldin

    ZANE WAS NOT MESSING AROUND WITH HIS HEATH PAINTING 😂😂👍👏👌 They all did so good on the second round and heath the first loll

  • Xiommy Rivera Garcia Cline


  • dramatic josie
    dramatic josie Oy oldin

    Scotty's David won

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Oy oldin

    I chuckle everytime your intro says "and my dog" because that's when Animated David appears and he looks so evil 😂

  • buckingheck
    buckingheck Oy oldin

    Ummm im pretty sure Scott's signature is the symbol for thr nazi police

  • Leo Hernandez
    Leo Hernandez Oy oldin

    Why was this so satisfying to watch 😍😂

  • Christina Farrell


  • raven rivera
    raven rivera Oy oldin

    Love that your face was on that model

  • Imperfectangel21
    Imperfectangel21 Oy oldin

    I fuckin love Zane

  • Rose Greenweild
    Rose Greenweild Oy oldin

    Zane literally killed it in the second round, that came out of nowhere

  • What Is My Life
    What Is My Life Oy oldin

    Oh my god Zane’s though🤣

  • Alyssa Hughes
    Alyssa Hughes Oy oldin

    i need more of these

  • Erin X Elizabeth
    Erin X Elizabeth Oy oldin

    Woow heaths been a fucking ARTIST this whole time ok baby we see you shining

  • Lex Sescon
    Lex Sescon Oy oldin

    please do more !

  • Shae Heath
    Shae Heath Oy oldin

    Wow baby! Heath you is an artist!

  • Shae Heath
    Shae Heath Oy oldin

    “Good on ya” is Aussie slang, you used it correctly 👌🏼

  • Sophia Raines
    Sophia Raines 2 oy oldin

    People have gotten stupid.....what I as this crap about?

  • Fatima Zzz
    Fatima Zzz 2 oy oldin

    They reminded me of chandler, joey, and ross when they sung “The lion sleeps tonight”

  • Chloe’s Cove
    Chloe’s Cove 2 oy oldin

    Okay but why are they good af 😂

  • Annie F
    Annie F 2 oy oldin

    please do more vlog squad painting videos i love them!!!

  • Iona Peters
    Iona Peters 2 oy oldin

    Good on you is correct

  • Underscore Claire
    Underscore Claire 2 oy oldin

    „my mom was an excellent tracer and she passed that gene to me“

  • Theonne Clea
    Theonne Clea 2 oy oldin

    Zane’s painting is ABSTRACT!😂😂

  • Micayla Dillon
    Micayla Dillon 2 oy oldin

    Jesus Heath! So good!

  • Sofa Da Couch
    Sofa Da Couch 2 oy oldin

    Dangggg who knew how talented these people are in painting!!! They look awesome

  • Zameer Nabi
    Zameer Nabi 2 oy oldin

    Make more

  • Zeynep Yuksel
    Zeynep Yuksel 2 oy oldin

    they are actually so fucking fire like damn

  • Muhammad Shahrulnizam

    More of this please thank you

  • amrita teji
    amrita teji 2 oy oldin

    wow im shocked! They were all so good on the second one wow

  • Laci and Katia
    Laci and Katia 2 oy oldin

    Zane’s second one like come through omg

  • brella mac
    brella mac 2 oy oldin

    This video never works for me

  • kattie martin
    kattie martin 2 oy oldin

    you guys did awesome. Especially on the second round. I loved all of them but my fave was Zane's. Can you guys make his Heath painting into merch?

  • daisyshonae
    daisyshonae 2 oy oldin

    okay so I really love this video

  • Jamie Ramos
    Jamie Ramos 2 oy oldin

    Zane: “ I swear something died in here”
    Me: yeah, I did after I smell your fart “ 😆

  • Kennedy Rose
    Kennedy Rose 2 oy oldin

    how much for the 1 of heath

  • It's Fabulyss
    It's Fabulyss 2 oy oldin

    Zane....... David... We see how you see him

  • Emma potatoe8
    Emma potatoe8 2 oy oldin +1

    U r all rlly good at painting

  • Trixieroche
    Trixieroche 2 oy oldin

    broooooo there actually really ducking good at painting

    ADRA ALJEWAD 2 oy oldin

    Wow beautiful artist

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 2 oy oldin

    I’m so shocked you all did so good omg

  • Anonymous gamer134
    Anonymous gamer134 2 oy oldin

    Low key heath is good

  • Loni Sanchez
    Loni Sanchez 2 oy oldin

    Omg the painting Zane did of Heath was so awesome ❤️😍 love it all

  • Kyla Singleton
    Kyla Singleton 2 oy oldin

    wait i would literally hang the painting zane did of heath in my house like what

  • Skyla Henry
    Skyla Henry 2 oy oldin

    Good on you is a thing

  • Ryan Milan
    Ryan Milan 2 oy oldin

    I like how heath painted scott. I like how zane painted heath they put a lot of effort into the painting and you can see the meaning of the painting it is just amazing

  • FøxyLuna_Playz X3
    FøxyLuna_Playz X3 2 oy oldin +5


    JUNG SHOOK 2 oy oldin

    David in the intro😂