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  • Joylandi 7-Noy, 2018
  • Zane, Heath and I try our hands at a lil bit of art ;)
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  • Scotty Sire
    Scotty Sire  Oy oldin +799

    omg i forgot to put my twitter in!
    vote for my next tattoo here!
    and don’t forget to turn my notifs on ;-)))

    • francesco ciccio
      francesco ciccio Oy oldin

      Scotty Sire FHJ

    • Lady Isha Of Ice
      Lady Isha Of Ice Oy oldin

      I have been trying to watch this video for the past couple of days and I still can't watch it..... it keeps saying 'there was a problem whilst playing' every time. XC

    • Carolina Perez
      Carolina Perez Oy oldin

      Do a tattoo about your girlfriend that would be so sweet

    • Charlie Hocking
      Charlie Hocking Oy oldin

      Scotty Sire boo I can’t do a suggestion cause I don’t live in American and it’s not voting time here and it’s Compulsory to vote once you turn 18

    • Jayna Elise
      Jayna Elise Oy oldin

      Good on ya is like Australian slang

  • Annie F
    Annie F 12 soat oldin

    please do more vlog squad painting videos i love them!!!

  • Iona Peters
    Iona Peters 17 soat oldin

    Good on you is correct

  • Underscore Claire
    Underscore Claire 23 soat oldin

    „my mom was an excellent tracer and she passed that gene to me“

  • Theonne Clea
    Theonne Clea Kun oldin

    Zane’s painting is ABSTRACT!😂😂

  • Micayla Dillon
    Micayla Dillon Kun oldin

    Jesus Heath! So good!

  • Sofa Da Couch
    Sofa Da Couch Kun oldin

    Dangggg who knew how talented these people are in painting!!! They look awesome

  • Zameer Nabi
    Zameer Nabi Kun oldin

    Make more

  • Zeynep Yuksel
    Zeynep Yuksel 3 kun oldin

    they are actually so fucking fire like damn

  • Muhammad Shahrulnizam
    Muhammad Shahrulnizam 3 kun oldin

    More of this please thank you

  • amrita teji
    amrita teji 3 kun oldin

    wow im shocked! They were all so good on the second one wow

  • Laci and Katia
    Laci and Katia 3 kun oldin

    Zane’s second one like come through omg

  • brella mac
    brella mac 4 kun oldin

    This video never works for me

  • kattie martin
    kattie martin 4 kun oldin

    you guys did awesome. Especially on the second round. I loved all of them but my fave was Zane's. Can you guys make his Heath painting into merch?

  • daisyshonae
    daisyshonae 5 kun oldin

    okay so I really love this video

  • Jamie Ramos
    Jamie Ramos 7 kun oldin

    Zane: “ I swear something died in here”
    Me: yeah, I did after I smell your fart “ 😆

  • Kennedy Rose
    Kennedy Rose 8 kun oldin

    how much for the 1 of heath

  • It's Fabulyss
    It's Fabulyss 9 kun oldin

    Zane....... David... We see how you see him

  • Emma vlogs
    Emma vlogs 11 kun oldin +1

    U r all rlly good at painting

  • Trixieroche
    Trixieroche 12 kun oldin

    broooooo there actually really ducking good at painting

    ADRA ALJEWAD 12 kun oldin

    Wow beautiful artist

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 14 kun oldin

    I’m so shocked you all did so good omg

  • Anonymous gamer134
    Anonymous gamer134 14 kun oldin

    Low key heath is good

  • Loni Sanchez
    Loni Sanchez 15 kun oldin

    Omg the painting Zane did of Heath was so awesome ❤️😍 love it all

  • Kyla Singleton
    Kyla Singleton 15 kun oldin

    wait i would literally hang the painting zane did of heath in my house like what

  • Skyla Henry
    Skyla Henry 15 kun oldin

    Good on you is a thing

  • Ryan Milan
    Ryan Milan 15 kun oldin

    I like how heath painted scott. I like how zane painted heath they put a lot of effort into the painting and you can see the meaning of the painting it is just amazing

  • FøxyLuna_Playz X3
    FøxyLuna_Playz X3 16 kun oldin +1


    JUNG SHOOK 16 kun oldin

    David in the intro😂

  • Irrelevant Elephant
    Irrelevant Elephant 16 kun oldin

    Heath is actually güdd

  • arianna stevens
    arianna stevens 16 kun oldin +1

    zane’s painting of heath highkey snapped ngl

  • arianna stevens
    arianna stevens 16 kun oldin

    when heath is actually talented lmfaooo ( jk ur always talented b )

  • arianna stevens
    arianna stevens 16 kun oldin

    the picture heath did of scotty is one of my favorite pictures of scotty

  • arianna stevens
    arianna stevens 16 kun oldin

    i lowkey wish we could see ur faces while u were painting bc itd be so funny to see how focused u r

  • Abbygale Shoemaker
    Abbygale Shoemaker 17 kun oldin

    “Baby you so sweet.”

  • Lindsey 0hats
    Lindsey 0hats 17 kun oldin

    Y’all are artists

  • Keira Coady
    Keira Coady 17 kun oldin

    good on you is 100% a thing lol

  • Ava Methvin
    Ava Methvin 17 kun oldin

    I’ve been waiting for MONTHS but I finally saved up for Scotty merch (it took a while cause I was getting christmas presents) but finally I have it and I’m wearing it forever

  • Juli Glodoski
    Juli Glodoski 17 kun oldin

    ok wow you guys are talented 🥰

  • JinxPixgamin
    JinxPixgamin 18 kun oldin

    But that fart tho! Got me shook 😂 Scotty actually jumped

  • hanna
    hanna 18 kun oldin

    zane’s second painting was so good i’m so shook

  • Mariah Lynn
    Mariah Lynn 18 kun oldin

    I was so amazed in the middle of the video I went crossed eyed😂😂

  • Meagan Wieland
    Meagan Wieland 18 kun oldin

    Look at my baby Heath doing the damn thing! You go girl!

  • Waffle Man2006
    Waffle Man2006 18 kun oldin

    I was really hoping he was gonna make a rap for Link 😂😂😭

  • Purplep0tamus
    Purplep0tamus 19 kun oldin +1

    I want the heath one as merch

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 19 kun oldin

    Next tattoo kristines name in pretty letters

  • Alyssa Elijah
    Alyssa Elijah 19 kun oldin

    7:38 "I guess the ducks are flyin low this season"

  • Hastagme# ASMR
    Hastagme# ASMR 19 kun oldin

    Heath’s drawings are the best sorry EEP

  • Mallory Larson
    Mallory Larson 20 kun oldin

    Okayyyyy scotttt with the art skilllllssss

  • Elise Anderson
    Elise Anderson 21 kun oldin

    In Australia we say “good onya” 😂

  • Justine Hebert
    Justine Hebert 21 kun oldin

    heath is extremely talented! he should pursue art as a hobby or even a job!

  • Justine Hebert
    Justine Hebert 21 kun oldin

    please do this with kristen heath and mariah!

  • Silver Stargazer
    Silver Stargazer 21 kun oldin

    Heath’s is actually so good

  • Silver Stargazer
    Silver Stargazer 21 kun oldin

    They’re actually trying so hard

  • Aubree Kay
    Aubree Kay 22 kun oldin

    Heath won the first round and Zane won the second one

  • Abigail Wielgus
    Abigail Wielgus 22 kun oldin

    This video was just too much Scotty.

  • Caleb Bennett
    Caleb Bennett 22 kun oldin

    IM ALREADY TRACER!!!!!! (Great paintings btw)

  • Yurik Bustos
    Yurik Bustos 22 kun oldin

    They should be merch!💯

  • Yurik Bustos
    Yurik Bustos 22 kun oldin

    Zane is losing a lot of weight👌🏽

  • wonderingwauren
    wonderingwauren 22 kun oldin


  • Hannah SWETMAN
    Hannah SWETMAN 22 kun oldin

    Zane's painting of David looks like something they get in fan mail and have to pretend is amazing because its from a fan.

  • Natalie Haynes
    Natalie Haynes 23 kun oldin

    Zanes was so good like damnnn

  • BaileeGermanotta
    BaileeGermanotta 23 kun oldin

    1 the look on Scott’s face when Zane farted and 2 you guys killed the last round! Would love to see more

  • Alexandrea Morgan
    Alexandrea Morgan 23 kun oldin

    I'm here for their art career's

  • San Lo
    San Lo 24 kun oldin

    BEST VIDEO ON THIS CHANNEL YET❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉 I love ittttt

  • Kristy Yates
    Kristy Yates 24 kun oldin

    They were so good! I can do anything but paint. Loved this video. ❤

  • Jerold 125
    Jerold 125 24 kun oldin

    i got a logan paul add before the vid

  • 211617 mayosteele
    211617 mayosteele 24 kun oldin +1

    If you hate Scotty f**k you

  • Reapinit
    Reapinit 26 kun oldin

    Love the Bob Ross music.

  • Rickilee May
    Rickilee May 26 kun oldin +1

    for Davies it would go heath then Scotty then Zane but I still love you Zane

  • Lorien Sanchez
    Lorien Sanchez 27 kun oldin +1

    I laughed so hard when scott said "I LOVE ME SOME HUMASS

  • Lia Simmer
    Lia Simmer 27 kun oldin

    DAMN that second round though I actually love all of them like wtf

  • melody leeman
    melody leeman 27 kun oldin

    You three boys are so cute😍 I loved this video👏👏👏

  • Paeton Heck
    Paeton Heck 27 kun oldin

    Good on you is not maid up even my teacher uses that word Kristen!!

  • Camila Cadet
    Camila Cadet 27 kun oldin

    ok but why is heath good at everything

  • Ariana Ditchik
    Ariana Ditchik 27 kun oldin

    i wanna b tracer

  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Michelle Rodriguez 28 kun oldin

    OMG heath is such an artist!

  • Samantha Kolich
    Samantha Kolich 28 kun oldin

    Omfg when Zane said his floorboards were creaking a lot recently omg I died I’m legit crying

  • Anastasia xoxo
    Anastasia xoxo 29 kun oldin

    being an Australian I would say that a correct archetype is that we use the saying "good on ya mate" lol

  • Alice Lopez
    Alice Lopez 29 kun oldin

    you guys are so talented especially with the second one

  • Jessica Summitt
    Jessica Summitt 29 kun oldin

    good on you is definitely a phrase!

  • love shane
    love shane Oy oldin

    Now i really can't tell if Zane and Heath are gay??

  • Shook for Good
    Shook for Good Oy oldin

    U posted this on my birthday lmao ♥️♥️♥️

  • Niki
    Niki Oy oldin

    Good on ya! My Scottish grandpa always said that. It's a thing.

  • Taylar Harris
    Taylar Harris Oy oldin

    this video was so relaxing to watch! Please do another one!

  • Isabel Quintero
    Isabel Quintero Oy oldin

    I know exactly what david would do if he saw thier paintings....


  • Sebastian Torres
    Sebastian Torres Oy oldin

    I wish my friends cared enough about me to sit together for an hour and paint a portrait of me...

  • Kat Grijalva
    Kat Grijalva Oy oldin

    This was good !! Fun video

  • natali27241
    natali27241 Oy oldin

    Dope loveee the drawings

  • Rine
    Rine Oy oldin

    they’re all actually really good, especially heath

  • Niki Seaholm
    Niki Seaholm Oy oldin

    hi i love youu

  • Tatum Hart
    Tatum Hart Oy oldin

    this is one of my favorite fucking videos

  • Yesenia Vizcarra
    Yesenia Vizcarra Oy oldin

    I actually really loved this video it was cool seeing you guys being creative in a different way.

  • Tiffany P.
    Tiffany P. Oy oldin

    Video idea...body paint airbrush each other.

  • alainna west
    alainna west Oy oldin

    Good on you for making good on you a thing!

  • Julia May
    Julia May Oy oldin

    7:38 scott’s face is literally everything

  • Jessie .Santos
    Jessie .Santos Oy oldin

    I actually really liked this video ❤️

  • Jaynie Hazlett
    Jaynie Hazlett Oy oldin


  • Sophie Bremner
    Sophie Bremner Oy oldin

    You guys are really good at art 🧝‍♂️🤶🧝‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  • Maxmccutcheon0
    Maxmccutcheon0 Oy oldin

    They are soo good