Submission Master BJJ Grappling Dummy Review

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  • Joylandi 18-Noy, 2018
  • The Submission Master grappling dummy is available from
    So just a quick run down of some things you may want to know.
    The Submission Master is considered to be the Gold Standard of grappling dummies.
    It's won the Reader's Choice Award for the best grappling dummy
    There's been over 6,000 sold to submission and jiu jitsu grapplers just like you
    It's one of the few professional grappling dummies made in USA and that shows in the quality and durability of the Submission Master
    The other brand-name dummies are imported from China. If you check their reviews you'll see they're all notorious for falling apart quickly
    The Submission Master comes completely filled as compared to the ones you need to try to fill yourself with sand and rags. I promise you that it's nearly impossible to fill one of those yourself and get it right. It takes special equipment and the right type of filling to pack it to the correct wait and firmness, and you're not going to end up with a quality grappling dummy that's going to last you any length of time at all.
    I can tell you that many of our happy customers have previously tried both unfilled dummies and the dummies I mentioned that are from China and just branded in the USA, and they're disappointed with them and they turn around by the Submission Master a month or two later.
    We've got more testimonials than we could ever put on our website, but watch the rest of this video and give us a call if you have any questions.
    You can order yours now by going to, clicking the green button on that page, filling in your information and telling us where to ship your Submission Master
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