iPad Pro (2018) - Watch THIS Before You BUY!

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  • Janarthanan Subramanian

    Very detailed analysis. Excellent. Thanks

  • Jayla Clark
    Jayla Clark 7 kun oldin +1

    Would the 11 inch work well for taking notes oorrrr the bigger one? I like the 11 because it’s like 10x cheaper but I’m mostly looking for something for school

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  7 kun oldin

      Awesome! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you as well! 🎄 🎁

    • Jayla Clark
      Jayla Clark 7 kun oldin +1

      Definitely subscribing! Thanks a bunch❤️ MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  7 kun oldin

      Yeah it comes with a note taking app and there’s lots of good third party apps on the appstore for note taking. I have some more iPad Pro videos on the channel, and some more coming soon. Hopefully that helps you out 🙏

    • Jayla Clark
      Jayla Clark 7 kun oldin +1

      Thank you so much! I’m going to get this tomorrow and I’ll let you know how I like it. I’m gonna need some help on how to work it though lol. Is the note taking already on it or is it an app?

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  7 kun oldin

      I take notes and write on my 11 inch all the time. I prefer the size for carrying around with me too. I think it’s an excellent device for school. The screen size is really nice.
      I think the 12.9 really benefits artists the most, but you can really do anything on the 11 inch.
      I hope that helps 🙏

  • -Hasealia -
    -Hasealia - 17 kun oldin

    I would buy it I would just stick to my iPad Air then when a really good iPad comes out I would buy it but since the iPad Pro 2018 is to thin it would break easily..

  • dan di
    dan di 17 kun oldin

    Dont buy glass very week is brokin fast if is brokin apple dont fix you asy to you buy new

  • Andrew Bond
    Andrew Bond 18 kun oldin +1

    I'm blessed, I got the 256gig 11" for 799 at micro center brand new because it was cyber week

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  18 kun oldin

      I literally went to Micro Center to get the same deal afterwards. That was an amazing sale!

    TOKOLOS 28 kun oldin

    This video turned my brain into a mathematical spaghetti .

  • Dan Singh
    Dan Singh Oy oldin +1

    Should I upgrade from my second gen iPad Pro (12.9)

  • GalaxyForce 04
    GalaxyForce 04 Oy oldin

    I would not purchase it because one drop and goodbye iPad

  • Fiona M
    Fiona M Oy oldin +1

    Super useful video! I don’t have an iPad and I’ve been considering getting the new one especially because of how I can use it for drawing and architecture design. But I don’t know if it’s too much to have a phone, iPad, and a laptop. That’s a lot of devices. Decisions, decisions!

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Thank you 🙏 I’m glad the video was helpful. If you think the iPad will help out your current workflow, go for it.

  • TheGreatWent1
    TheGreatWent1 Oy oldin

    11. 11.9. 20.9 11.7 14.3 3:2 ... wtf kunt. stop blurting out the fuckin numbers... fuckin hell.

  • Bianka F
    Bianka F Oy oldin

    I've never had an apple product... should I get 2017 or 2018 base model??

  • jetsonjoe
    jetsonjoe Oy oldin

    Really good review and well presented.

  • greg killmaster
    greg killmaster Oy oldin

    very well done and thorough, and helpful. Thank you!

  • SlimSlitter
    SlimSlitter Oy oldin

    I want the 11 for art because it’s so much cheaper than most drawing tablets

  • travguy56
    travguy56 Oy oldin

    Thank you for laying everything out for me! I was thinking about getting the Ipad pro as a media consumption device but after hearing everything you've had to say about it, it might be best to chest get the regular Ipad!

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes Oy oldin +1

    Apple went from Premium to Luxury, too much, Bye Bye Apple.

  • Mike Bravo
    Mike Bravo Oy oldin

    Bro. Your personal info at 0:21 why

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      It’s not my personal info. It’s just a generic apple pay screen lol.

  • Suz Kawasaki
    Suz Kawasaki Oy oldin

    After carefully deciding, I am going with a 10.5 256 LTE -Apple refurb, with pencil and leather case for less than the 11-256 and pencil. I think this suits my needs just fine, and if i decide I want an 11 or 12.5 later, they will still be there.

  • Ham Radio with K0PIR

    Why don't you find out and get back to us on the 4 GB and 6 GB RAM questions you raised?

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Oy oldin

    Rich boys with their toys.

  • Angelo Villones
    Angelo Villones Oy oldin

    The new iPad Pro really is a monster of a tablet and it’s specs and capabilities almost made me consider replacing my laptop with this tablet. The keyword there was ALMOST. Apple has made the iPad Pro into a tablet that has the ease of use with iOS and the computing performance of a laptop. What Apple is missing is the utility of the insane performance of the new iPad, and it’s missing some key features that are useful in a laptop. For example, the iPad can’t support thumb drives to transfer files from one computer to another physically which is useful in some cases. Also, the iPad doesn’t support as many USBC accessories unlike the MacBooks. Finally, iOS 12, as a mobile OS, doesn’t provide as much versatility for productivity/multitasking compared to windows in the Surface Pros. Bottom line is that the new iPad Pro is the closest Apple has created to make a true replacement for a laptop. However, it’s still falls slightly short for the versatility of its OS. If Apple makes iOS 13 have more iPad oriented features while maintaining it’s ease of use, the iPad Pro will be the tablet to replace anyone’s laptop.

  • Junior Garcia
    Junior Garcia Oy oldin

    Will the 10.5 iPad be on sale this Black Friday? I already know the 9.7 is.

  • JunkionMarnot2005

    How about if I want it...just for the design and features? I like the new hotness.
    Plus, you have to factor in some people will just subsidize it with their new iPhones. (Me)😁

  • Dhime
    Dhime Oy oldin

    Bought the new 12.9...
    Have an old 9.7 Pro. Thinking of trading that in for a newer 11" Pro.. lol hmm.
    Also... Been watching videos since the keynote just to satisfy my wait, cause it seems like the 7th(today) took years to come. I've probably watched every TechTuber and their opinions and comments.

  • Blake Bear
    Blake Bear Oy oldin

    Should I go for the 2017 ipad pro if I mostly will use it for notes, a mostly school things that don't require editing. For the price mostly, as I believe I can get it around 450 vs the 750 of the new one

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L Oy oldin

    Yet another “tech reviewer” shitting on Apple, shitting on their products, and giving shitting opinion, and then you them buying said products. You should advice people to keep working hard and then make a video about quitting UZclip 👍🏻

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Uhhhh... did you watch the video? It was a positive video these new products look great.

  • Marc Guima
    Marc Guima Oy oldin +1

    Great video and presentation. Plus, nice haircut.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Oh thank you 🙏 Finally someone noticed my glorious hair.

    H4NDCRAFTED Oy oldin +2

    I wouldn't dumb down the 9.7 too much here. It can do way more than just surf, it can run pro grade software music apps and synthesisers, pro camera apps and filters at a fraction of the desktop software cost. Still a very capable computer system.
    Nm, jumped the gun here,I see you address that at the very end.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      Yup! The $329 iPad is an amazing value. I reviewed it when it came out, and I think it’s the best valued item Apple currently sells.

  • David Degenhardt
    David Degenhardt Oy oldin

    I don’t think the Ipad pro 2019 will be that much crazier than this years

  • Javarie Wiltshire
    Javarie Wiltshire Oy oldin +1

    I have the 2017 iPad and it helps a lot but if iPads could use mouse input then it truly could replace a laptop

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf Oy oldin

    No, it does not have the same camera as the iPhone XR, please correct that

  • Robert
    Robert Oy oldin

    This was my first and last time watching this guy review something. Horrible editing and 3 commercials in 13 minutes but......... 2 thumbs up for the shirt

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      It’s to talk about pre purchasing decisions and offer sound alternatives to people who are interested in buying the product on day one. My audience likes these types of videos, value my opinion, and don’t mind sitting through a couple 5 second ads to support a smaller channel.
      Thanks for giving me a shot though.

    • Robert
      Robert Oy oldin

      GregsGadgets if it wasn’t a review why reference specks? Regardless, entirely too many commercials for 13 minutes

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      It’s not a review, but thanks for liking the shirt.

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Oy oldin

    11 or. 12.9 for doing homework like power,word etc I got a 10.5 iPad Pro 256 lte

  • Hailey
    Hailey Oy oldin

    Yesterday I upgraded from the iPad 1st generation to the iPad 6 generation! It was only $330 for 32 gigabyte. If you don’t have an iPad and just want one that is cheap and you don’t care about bezels then I would definitely recommend the iPad 6th gen. Oh and also it is VERY fun to play Minecraft on it😂

    Edit~ also the camera isn’t that amazing but I don’t take too many pictures at all so this isn’t a problem for me. And I think it does work with the Apple Pencil but I’m not 100% sure
    Edit 2: haha I just finished watching the video and realized that he said a ton of what I had wrote soo lol sorry

  • Ronald Adams
    Ronald Adams Oy oldin +3

    What I saw in another review is that they couldn't get the iPad to work with a USB C flash drive. Did you test this? This is important to me as I'd be using it for work to transfer files

    • Scott Marshall
      Scott Marshall Oy oldin

      You could use one drive to save files and it works on all platforms

    • Ronald Adams
      Ronald Adams Oy oldin +2

      +GregsGadgets Well that's irritating. Thank you for the information!

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I don’t think external drives are supported unless they have an app. I think sandisk has an app that will alow you to plug in their flash drives, but yeah normally external storage doesn’t work.

    DNY DTV Oy oldin

    Can you use screen record QuickTime on it and do reaction videos ?

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 Oy oldin +1

    i wanna see how much faster the A12 chip is on the 11inch compared to the 10.5 ipad with the A10 chip.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I’ll try to cover that in my review coming out later this month! Thank you for watching 🙏

    • Super Saiyan 3
      Super Saiyan 3 Oy oldin +1

      +GregsGadgets I just wanna see how it performs especially for video editing and it's speed. I could quite easily be happy with the budget 2018 ipad as well.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      It’ll be like going from super saiyan 2 to super saiyan 3.

  • Charles Quentin
    Charles Quentin Oy oldin

    U just made me regret pre ordering the Pro. Im just using it for nba league pass at work smh. Apple got me again smh

  • doc0202
    doc0202 Oy oldin

    Bezel "less" design ???? Seriously ?

  • suttonsuede
    suttonsuede Oy oldin

    Too many ads 😩

  • chronicfish
    chronicfish Oy oldin

    *Thanks for this review. You helped me out immensely! I have an imac for my graphic design work (which is at my design studio, not home) and needed something for home to do light stuff like sketch, browse the internet and watch netflix. I am on some what of a budget and although I don't want to bring work home anymore, I was considering on investing on the ipad Pro, just in case I needed to so. I think however, it will be money wasted and that the ipad 6th gen will do just fine! (and I was going to borrow the extra money to purchase the pro..which now I don't need to). Thanks once again!*

  • lil Brun3
    lil Brun3 Oy oldin

    Which should I buy christmas. I’m using my iPad for school, editing photos, and watching UZclip.

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim Oy oldin

    What if I have ipad 10.5 2017 and I think I can still return it at costco with the pencil. Should I upgrade or just stick with it? I didn't pay tax for the ipad right now but probably have to buy the new one at the apple store so yes tax. I guess only discomfort I have with the current one is charging of the pencil and having to just push the home button to open it (I don't put passcode). I use it for college note taking :)

  • OdumC
    OdumC Oy oldin +5

    Great vid, saved me from upgrading, I’ll stick with my 10.5 pro

  • Eleazar CV
    Eleazar CV Oy oldin

    I want to replace my old Toshiba laptop (2011, yes it is still working) for this new iPad haha. I'm a student of psychology and I think that it is worth more than a HP Envy 13 (I have been reading a lot of bad opinions). Taking notes, reading and editing PDF with a decent display (that not affect my eyes , such as it is do the random shitty displays ), office apps, and similar things. Too much power ? Yes. And high price ? Absolutely. But I prefer the new iPad (much more than the 2018 cheap version ) instead of instead of continuing to carry a heavy laptop (5.5 pounds) with a duration of 5 minutes of battery lol. Greetings from Chile

  • quartssteven
    quartssteven Oy oldin

    I mean I have an iPad mini 4 and I use a round, stubby Walmart stylus for my art sooooooo maybe an upgrade isn’t so bad 😂😂

  • Ariez
    Ariez Oy oldin

    i have the first gen ipad pro 12.9 was gonna sell it cause my intended purpose has faded out. now i might sell to later replace with the newer smaller 2018. pencil at times had to re-pair often.

  • rishabh gupta
    rishabh gupta Oy oldin +2

    I want to ask one thing that I am a student and I want an ipad for reading, research and taking notes so it would be the best to take new ipad 9.7 2018 model??

    • rishabh gupta
      rishabh gupta 11 kun oldin

      +Annette Honsinger please subscribe my channel so that we both can connect with each other and your suggestions would be really heLpful for me

    • rishabh gupta
      rishabh gupta 11 kun oldin

      +Annette Honsinger I am from country india that the apple education offer would be eligible in my country

    • Annette Honsinger
      Annette Honsinger 11 kun oldin +1

      rishabh gupta Look at the Apple Education page, you’ll save about $50

    • rishabh gupta
      rishabh gupta Oy oldin

      I want to ask one question that my brother is living in america and he is coming to india in next month, so can you tell me that how can my brother purchase that new ipad 2018 in student's rate...

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      No problem! I’m glad I was able to help. Thank you for watching 🙏

  • rishabh gupta
    rishabh gupta Oy oldin +1

    Awesome video with awesome review... Thank you so much... You saved my money... I was thinking to bought new ipad pro 2018 but now I have changed my mind because I have less money and I am new user of ipad... Thank u so much for ur valueable review

  • nerdwithjordans
    nerdwithjordans Oy oldin +3

    Wacom you better start dropping your prices.

  • Eagle 81
    Eagle 81 Oy oldin +1

    Nice video! But you left out the iPad Pro 10.5 inch. I don’t own an iPad or computer but I’ve been debating getting the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch at a reduced price instead of shelling out all the money on the 2018 iPad Pro when I really am not going to do all the pro stuff. Do you think that’s a good idea? How many more years do you think the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch will be software supported?

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      No problem! I hope it works out for you and you get a nice deal! 🙏👍

    • Eagle 81
      Eagle 81 Oy oldin +1

      GregsGadgets ok, thanks. I’m still debating, I know the 10.5 inch is going on sale soon through Sam’s Club and I’ve got rewards to use so either one I get will be cheaper than the advertised price. Thanks again for the response and advice!

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I mentioned it in the video, albeit, shortly.
      I think the 10.5 will get updates for at least the next 5 years.
      Also thank you 🙏

  • Why_it
    Why_it Oy oldin

    IOS..... that’s the biggest bottleneck

  • Christa White
    Christa White Oy oldin

    I have a 2014 MacBook Pro and I just preordered the iPad Pro instead of getting another laptop. I’ll find out soon if this is a bad idea or not 😂

  • JosephandElissa Flores

    I’m upgrading from an 9.7 iPad Pro, and I plan on using it for my photography business. I use a 2017 27” iMac for my workflow, but with the addition of Photoshop for iPad, I’m ready to try an iPad workflow.

  • Matano Kibwana
    Matano Kibwana Oy oldin +1

    Awesome video, my iPad Pro 10.5 is not even a year old serves me just fine, but I must say the 2018 iPad Pro is spectacular I hope they have improved on the resistance of the Apple Pencil compared to the Samsung S pen the older model Apple Pencil slides too much. I had to get a paperlike screen protector which feels good to write on but Screen clarity is slightly reduced so unless they change that it wouldn’t be worth the change. Waiting to hear your experience when you review it.

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris Oy oldin

    You could probably now buy an Apple Watch with cellular, use that for your calls and some texting and just use an iPad Pro for everything else....assuming here that you can tether the iPad to the phone and have both last all day battery wise

  • Bandi
    Bandi Oy oldin +1

    Heavily considering buying this to use instead of a laptop. Not sure if I want the 11" or the 12.9" though.

    • Daniel Harris
      Daniel Harris Oy oldin

      Bandi unless there’s some software you need that is only Mac or Windows compatible there’s probably little reason to buy a laptop these days. I suppose if you do heavy multitasking it’s nice to have windowed apps instead of split screen. If iPad Pro had a mouse or at least Bluetooth mouse support I’d probably have one as my daily device and just remote into a Mac Mini or Windows PC to do multitasking and run those specific apps

    • Bandi
      Bandi Oy oldin

      GregsGadgets that’s what I’m thinking, too. I’ll be able to make a better decision if I play around with them in the Apple Store.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I think both will be good. The 11” will be super portable.

  • duaplex1
    duaplex1 Oy oldin

    The 11 inch 64GB one is enough for me. I will only be using it to browse, watch videos, read books and play occasional games. I would go for the cheaper iPad 2018, but the pro just looks nicer and I love the screen. I know its overkill. as you mention.

  • MrDidaxi
    MrDidaxi Oy oldin

    Craig, please, for the love of god, do not apply this non-stop, salvo of narration... Just because others do it, it does not mean that it is appealing to us, the viewers. Have you considered that those who apply this post-edit trait, are just plain stupid? Yup, they are. Stupid and indifferent. So, keep your content simple, let the narration flow normally and everything shall be just fine. Otherwise, your vids will always be an excruciating experience for us, your audience. Cheers.

  • Ali Rohan
    Ali Rohan Oy oldin

    hello; I'm planning to get an iPad for art; I am a traditional artist and I want to learn to draw on iPad. I really like the apple pen with the 2018 iPad pro, what storage should I get or should I get the older i pad?

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Good advice lol.

    • Hard Truth
      Hard Truth Oy oldin +1

      Get as much as you can afford.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I’d personally go with 256GB just to be safe and future proof yourself. I think the new pro is a great investment as an artist.
      I’d recommend the older pro if you really want to save money, but the improvements with the new apple pencil and faster processors, I would recommend going for the new one.

  • Donald Hawkins
    Donald Hawkins Oy oldin +3

    I'll be continuing to using my iPad pro 12.9 2017 it's big, it's heavy ish, but I love it. It's like having a small TV for movie watching. Plus, I'm not ready for Face ID on my tablet like my phone.

    • Donald Hawkins
      Donald Hawkins 25 kun oldin

      OAKOD510 Yeah, the new ones look pretty but there isn't anything that just makes me have to have it. As for the headphone jack I rarely if ever use it since I have airpods. Lol

    • OAKOD510
      OAKOD510 25 kun oldin

      Yeeessiirrrr!! Im with you.!! Our Ipads are not too far behind in performance. Just a few things here and there that they added. No big deal...But hey, at least we still got a Headphone jack!!! Hahaha..

  • Diganta Bhattacharya

    Hey, I intend to use the iPAD mainly to consume, edit and create Word and PDF docs. Taking notes using Apple pencil is also another important use I might put it to. I'm no artist, though. Neither would I ever edit/run video editing softwares or Photoshop.
    Can I be fine with using iPAD 2018 (non-pro)?

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Thank you 🙏 You too!

    • Diganta Bhattacharya
      Diganta Bhattacharya Oy oldin +1

      Thanks man! You're a great person. Keep up the good work! Stay safe!

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      No problem! I’m always looking out for the consumer to get the best value and product for them. I’m happy I could help. I know it’s hard to not get the newest thing haha 😅
      Thanks for watching 🙏

    • Diganta Bhattacharya
      Diganta Bhattacharya Oy oldin +1

      Thanks man! Much appreciated! I'm from India and in India Apple products are overpriced anyway! The only problem is that it's very difficult to forgo newer tech when it's available!

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      Yes. The 2018 iPad can do all of those things easily. The only downside is the lack of a smart connector for a keyboard, but there are bluetooth keyboard cases for the regular iPad.

  • cdownie70
    cdownie70 Oy oldin +2

    1st review I've seen where you actually discuss price and whether getting the Pro is worth it. Thumbs up from me, anda new subcriber.
    I just bought the 9.7 2018 ipad for my son for school. Compared to my ipad 2 it's lightning quick with a much better screen, and has a headphone jack to boot. Ipad pro 11inch with 256Gb is £919 over here or just shy of $1200. Eyewatering. Campare that to ipad 128GB which is £409(roughly $530)..both wifi only(couldn't compare like for like storage as regular is 32gb or 128gb, pro 64 or 256gb as next step up)
    I mean, it does look great, but wow, that's a lot of dough, and for most people the standard ipad is good enough

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Yup. Exactly my point. Both devices are great, but the pro isn’t for everyone. The standard 9.7 iPad is a great device and an incredible value for the price. Thank you for watching and sharing your experience with us 🙏

  • Guy Roland KOMAN
    Guy Roland KOMAN Oy oldin

    What a pity, it doesn’t support a mouse! It would be great for text manipulation (selection, copying, paste, move cursor precisely and fast).
    The pencil is also useful for text writing, not only for drawing! You can write like you do it on paper and convert your writings into block letters with apps like nebo.

  • Lorenzo Cappai
    Lorenzo Cappai Oy oldin

    I’m an artist and I’m not sure if I should get the 1st gen iPad Pro or the 2nd gen iPad Pro. I don’t know i live the design of the first iPad pro and i love Touch ID. But I’m afraid that the 1st gen iPad Pro may slow down since apple does slow down their devices.

  • NeEd InPuT
    NeEd InPuT Oy oldin

    I have a 10.5, pencil and keyboard already. I don’t need a new iPad, but heck.... Ordered the 11in, new pencil and new keyboard all for way to much money. So yeah....

  • troiano27
    troiano27 Oy oldin

    Preordered the 12.9 1tb, with the 2nd gen Pencil, as soon as it went live on the Apple site. Can’t wait to get my hands on it Wednesday.

  • a
    a Oy oldin +2

    I’m having a really hard time deciding which model of the new iPad Pros can I ask what you would recommend? (I’ve changed my mind like 20 times lol)
    I’ll be using it for college mainly note taking for classes/writing papers, and media consumption. Nothing crazy. I can’t decide on screen size or storage. Will the 11in screen be good for multitasking and using split screen a lot? Or would the 12.9 be better ?

  • Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    That T-shirt is fugly as fok

  • Theo Spinoulas
    Theo Spinoulas Oy oldin

    Can’t believe no ones talking about how this new Apple tablet looks exactly like the Voyo tablet which Voyo have been making for years now.

  • Jonathan Venega Rodríguez

    I’m studying finance and I want to move from PC to Mac but, iPad is really good buuuuut... I use a lot Excel and I like to make macros and etc, in general I use Office a lot sooo, do you recommend me buying an iPad instead of a MacBook ?

    • Jonathan Venega Rodríguez
      Jonathan Venega Rodríguez Oy oldin

      timithy4569 but mi question is, ¿Am I able to get the full potential from excel or not?

    • timithy4569
      timithy4569 Oy oldin

      The ipad pro is a beauty. I had a roommate who started every morning reading the news on his ipad pro. He really enjoyed his alone time, and he really liked his ipad pro.
      The ipad pro is unparalleled in many areas. It’s the best at notetaking. It’s the best for reading multimedia content. It’s impressive when you see someone have one.
      But having a full macbook will give you the ability to multitask like no other. While I work (software engineer), I might be working on a keynote, have an ide open, some documentation, some tabs open for research, and the like. Sometimes you need all of these apps to work together and in tandem. That imo, is the biggest loss with using the ipad pro as your main driver.
      If you are fine with living with that limitation of having 2 apps being on screen at once, then the “largest” roadblock is gone. The other largest roadblock is if all of the apps you want to use are supported.

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy Oy oldin

    Can the iPad Pro 10.5 be a laptop replacement???
    Check out my review on this subject

  • Alejandro Porras
    Alejandro Porras Oy oldin

    Is it more convenient to buy the previous generation Ipad just for a regular use like note taking, word experience, etc. Or buying the new Ipad pro is a better option???
    PS: Does the new Apple pencil makes any difference???

    • Dice Gamer 27
      Dice Gamer 27 Oy oldin

      Unless you need to do extreme video editing or play high end games, you should be fine with the older one.
      The new Apple Pencil is not very different in drawing. It’s just better for the magnetic storage and charging method.

  • var1328
    var1328 Oy oldin

    Am watching your video on a six gen 2018 IPad. Am consuming media not creating content so i don’t need a pro model

  • J
    J Oy oldin

    My one problem with this iPad is IOS and the Small keyboard that is not at an angle.

  • TheCubing Nut
    TheCubing Nut Oy oldin +3

    As much as I love IPads, they have become way too powerful for what I use them for

  • ricky dedos
    ricky dedos Oy oldin +5

    I'm a man grown. I buy whatever I please😎

    Also, why do we keep comparing apple's chips to pcs when they aren't running full OSs?

  • Ender Wang
    Ender Wang Oy oldin +2

    The addition of three iPads' performance is NEVER catching one iPad Pro 2018. lol

  • Ender Wang
    Ender Wang Oy oldin +1

    I wonder whether i should have a screen protector on it. I'm a sophomore, use for note taking mainly. Some video editing and games also, do I need one screen protector? For the 11 inch Pro.

    • Ender Wang
      Ender Wang Oy oldin +1

      +ArdePiertje So, I think I donot need one, lol

    • ArdePiertje
      ArdePiertje Oy oldin

      Depends on your use. If u are a tryhard gamer on it and u press hard maybe yes haha 🔥🤣


    I would be gaming and video editing. I neither own a iPad not laptop should I buy one.

  • db4ip
    db4ip Oy oldin

    Think about it, dude. iPad Pros with 1TB storage require the larger 6GB ram because you can store and load more apps into iPad memory. The additional ram helps to manage more apps that can be potentially loaded and running.

  • db4ip
    db4ip Oy oldin

    Buying Advice: If you can afford it then buy it. If not then don’t. Buy what you can afford.

  • Eleutherorage
    Eleutherorage Oy oldin

    My only concern is not being able to connect to external harddrive as in ANY external harddrive through that usb-c , IOS does not have a proper file system unfortunately.

  • Diogo
    Diogo Oy oldin +4

    FUH YOU! This 12,9 is the product of the decade! (and i’m not even an Apple aficionado)
    But this product is a key point for a new thing, something much more ambitious than only seeing videos or going to the web... is a mindset for a lighter and more creative future!!

    • Angel kor
      Angel kor Oy oldin

      Yeah... this was the only thing bothered me. It's powerful tablet but u can't use all thing that it offers. They could allow to use mouse to be able to play computer games for example ( idk why they compared with Xbox S... if don't even have games for it ), and you can't rlly substitute a laptop to do professional works even if it's powerful because this IOS is so limited

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      I agree it’s an awesome product lol.

  • Reynald San Diego
    Reynald San Diego Oy oldin +1

    Nice video

  • Jack Yarrow
    Jack Yarrow Oy oldin +24

    Don’t think anything could convince me to not buy the new iPad Pro! Unless the price was doubled

    • Jack Yarrow
      Jack Yarrow Oy oldin

      Daniel Harris unfortunately it does not! Would be great if it did but then it would probably compete with the MacBooks too much

    • Jack Yarrow
      Jack Yarrow Oy oldin

      Ender Wang I’ll be outside the Apple store at 9am on Wednesday 😂

    • Daniel Harris
      Daniel Harris Oy oldin

      GregsGadgets The new iPad Pro definitely doesn’t support mouse inputs does it? Would love one for Remote Desktop, I just have the basic 2018 iPad and love the battery life and iOS is the best mobile OS for sure. My work just requires Mac/Windows only software so I need to be able to work comfortably from almost anywhere. I need mouse input to make the remote connection work for me

    • Ender Wang
      Ender Wang Oy oldin

      There is one on the way to my place, already. LOL Get one buddy, you should have one.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      Haha 😂 It’s looking like a great iPad!

  • Gaspar A Martinez Hernandez

    As a note taking and the app notability would you recommend the older generation?

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Sure. Notability works great on all the iPads!

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam Oy oldin +6

    Great 👍🏾 video I’m thinking 🤔 about getting it in a few months.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin +1

      Awesome! Thank you for liking the video 🙏

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams Oy oldin

    Could not watch this all, you got to many commercials for such a small channel

  • David Bloyd
    David Bloyd Oy oldin

    The 12.9 is the way to go this time.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    Yo I’ll be able to use this iPad for making my comic book that I haven’t started since I was waiting to buy a drawing tablet 😭😭😭

  • yuvaraj putin
    yuvaraj putin Oy oldin +6

    Bought iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2 512gb with cellular so I’m gonna stick with it for another year and upgrade when there is significant upgrade in performance compared to gen 2.

    • Roby
      Roby Oy oldin

      It's not complicated bro i have buy my first iphone when i was 16 with my own money by working 1350 $ CA
      Everything is possible when u put your heart into it :)

    • Lorenzo Cappai
      Lorenzo Cappai Oy oldin

      yuvaraj putin are u rich or smth? I want to have money too.

  • rudy boumon
    rudy boumon Oy oldin

    does the new ipad po hdr video on netflix support? on my 10.5 ipad pro ankle dolby vision and no full hd on netflix. what does the new ipad pro support?

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn Oy oldin

    That 6 vs 4 go of RAM is a complete rumor started by one person who doesn’t work for Apple.

  • Tope Olayinka
    Tope Olayinka Oy oldin +1

    Excellent and concise review. Giving reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy it based on how you would actually use it, rather than an apple event replay and spec regurgitation. Thank you.

  • Yohenny Sabrina Castro

    For me the iPad pro 9.7 or the 10.5 is fine however neither of them i cant buy it😂

    • Natalie Johns
      Natalie Johns Oy oldin

      Yohenny Sabrina Castro buy it on contract 😂 I did

  • Arya Safira
    Arya Safira Oy oldin +9

    No, I’m not the right audience for this iPad ;)
    I have a iPad 2018, 32 GB. I already have a MacBook, so I didn’t need a bigger screen than the 9.7. I use it with the Apple Pencil to write hand written notes and with procreate. I’ll be honest and say the screen of the new iPad Pro looks so good. Though, I don’t need the Face ID, I don’t need a good camera on an iPad. I also use the headphone jack daily ... I will not buy new headphones before they’re completely broken. I bought them for 150 dollars. Why would I buy new? Also you save a ton of money by buying the non pro iPad (that works with the Apple Pencil, first generation). The iPad 2018 and the Apple Pencil cost me 537 dollars (converted from NOK).

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      Well, don’t assume everyone is as keyed in as you to what’s going on in Apple’s product line.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  Oy oldin

      The 2018 iPad is a great choice! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    • Louis Broomes
      Louis Broomes Oy oldin +1

      Feel good about your purchase man, I think you buy a pro if you want to create something with it. If you mainly want to consume content or make very light use of a keyboard or pencil then go with the non pro version, simple. Doesn't need a 13:17 video to explain that one! :)

  • * AnimalHeadSpirit *

    Anyone have any idea what the minimum iPad specs Adobe Photoshop will run on ? I always hear it in reference to the new iPad Pro -- I'm assuming it'll work on 2017 pro and other recent ipads as well, am-I-right?

  • Keoni Chicago
    Keoni Chicago Oy oldin

    I was in the pickle between a 256gb and 512gb I went on ahead and played it safe and got the 512gb. Buyers remorse kind of since I have filled only 80gbs on my 256 iPhone X’s Max.

    • wackyywafer’s channel
      wackyywafer’s channel Oy oldin

      Only one more step, 1TB, and you would have gotten 6GB RAM instead of 4.

    • anon
      anon Oy oldin

      Just download a shit ton of movies and TV shows and delete them when you need the space, it'll be an amazing multimedia device with better speakers and such a good screen.

  • Keoni Chicago
    Keoni Chicago Oy oldin

    Even though they limited the bezels in the 12.9 inch.. still too big to fit in my bag. The 11inch with a bigger screen is perfect.