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  • JJ Progamer
    JJ Progamer 15 soat oldin

    How does she do that intro

    • maddiethegachagirlxo
      maddiethegachagirlxo Daqiqa oldin

      she did two different vids and put them together
      so comenrty basicly

  • Eymi Cabrera
    Eymi Cabrera 20 soat oldin

    What do you do that for

  • Alizey Ali
    Alizey Ali 21 soat oldin

    I live in Mississauga :O

  • TTV wunknut09
    TTV wunknut09 23 soat oldin +1

    Oh no 😱

  • HF KoKoOo
    HF KoKoOo Kun oldin


  • Nayeli Kimberly
    Nayeli Kimberly Kun oldin

    I can't watch needles I will freak out

  • Josh Deller
    Josh Deller Kun oldin

    When he knows how to give good hickeys. OwO

  • Mangleplayz Lolbitplayz

    Gloom:tries cupping*
    Me:takes off glass and breaks them yells*:DONT TOOCH MEH CHELDD

  • M &S
    M &S 2 kun oldin

    (• - •)
    / )🎂

  • Hawkfern Official
    Hawkfern Official 2 kun oldin

    *Kassy why do you know what that feels like*
    What are your hobbies girl XD

  • Jasmine Smith
    Jasmine Smith 2 kun oldin

    why does 2:21 have a flaming marshmelow

  • Olivia Jade
    Olivia Jade 2 kun oldin

    At 5:38 she looks like a dinosaur with little plates

  • LittleLoi MonkeyingAround

    I cringe soooooo hard at needles.

  • Emmy Wadatz
    Emmy Wadatz 2 kun oldin

    Why would you do that?

  • Mango Juice
    Mango Juice 2 kun oldin

    Here comes the horny 11 year old boys looking at your breast

  • Yana Landau
    Yana Landau 2 kun oldin

    My mom used to do cupping

  • Ashley Isaacs
    Ashley Isaacs 2 kun oldin

    that looks panful

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 2 kun oldin

    Did you literally pay someone to bruise your back you crazy bitch and I love you

  • Strawberry Cardona
    Strawberry Cardona 3 kun oldin

    I just realized that she is not wearing a bra

  • Emma Chandler
    Emma Chandler 3 kun oldin

    See I told u

  • Emma Chandler
    Emma Chandler 3 kun oldin

    Press read more

  • Cheeki Anne
    Cheeki Anne 3 kun oldin

    Your a ladybug now

  • Paige Horn
    Paige Horn 3 kun oldin

    whats the point of cupping?

  • Monica Naira
    Monica Naira 3 kun oldin

    want a cake?
    / >🍰
    cost=1 like

  • darren munsey
    darren munsey 3 kun oldin

    What is cupping for

  • annie Kenneally
    annie Kenneally 3 kun oldin

    that's what he said

  • Jem Sagun
    Jem Sagun 3 kun oldin

    that slap was incredible i've replayed it 5 times

  • Oyster Senpai
    Oyster Senpai 4 kun oldin

    why my grandad did cupping for my dad it was with a torch (like wood that's on fire). You stick the torch int eh cup, and when you take it out, immediately make contact between cup and body

  • Taylor Sea
    Taylor Sea 4 kun oldin

    Omg I think my mom did this once


    What is this even for?

  • Guilherme H
    Guilherme H 4 kun oldin

    By Thumb, I was just going to ask: "Where's Tom Holland?"🤣

  • Michael Renzulli
    Michael Renzulli 4 kun oldin

    The whole cupping time I kept saying that’s wut she said! XD

  • oof productions
    oof productions 4 kun oldin

    is my buttcrack gonna show :o

  • Ryan Corrigan
    Ryan Corrigan 4 kun oldin

    I tried that once! It was kinda interesting, but I think a regular massage is more beneficial.

  • Melissa _TheSquishy638

    Is it just me or....
    Do I replay the Intro to much
    Just because of the auto tuned Gloom part?

  • støp me
    støp me 5 kun oldin

    0 0

  • Leah Trish
    Leah Trish 5 kun oldin

    Does it stay forever Gloom

  • gabrie Gardecki
    gabrie Gardecki 5 kun oldin

    What is cupping??????

  • Colton Potter-Afton
    Colton Potter-Afton 5 kun oldin

    To back and get it on your butt!

  • SavageUnicorn4ever *
    SavageUnicorn4ever * 6 kun oldin

    My dad does this for a living


  • Jason Teddy
    Jason Teddy 6 kun oldin

    You’re doing something HORRIBLE. It isn’t healthy!!!! Don’t DO IT AGAIN. It crushes blood vanes!!!!! Please stop, for all of us. - M T

  • Clocobear29 Of 07
    Clocobear29 Of 07 6 kun oldin

    What even is cupping?

  • Liv Vlogs
    Liv Vlogs 6 kun oldin

    What happend if some one ran into u as u had the needle... omg

  • play With abood
    play With abood 6 kun oldin

    Your boob is all over the place

  • Profit
    Profit 7 kun oldin

    This was scary to watch wtf

  • Lily Selman
    Lily Selman 7 kun oldin

    Video you getting acupuncture!!!!

  • Chance Hackney
    Chance Hackney 7 kun oldin


  • M V
    M V 8 kun oldin +1

    *Hey everyone I’m glOoM* love the part 😂 ❤️

  • Nusarth Rahman
    Nusarth Rahman 8 kun oldin

    This is not a good video because I have tryphobia

  • Speedy and Wrust
    Speedy and Wrust 8 kun oldin

    So what's the point of cupping

  • Btsforeveryoung _ou
    Btsforeveryoung _ou 8 kun oldin

    I love ur intro

  • Helen Zhao
    Helen Zhao 8 kun oldin +1

    My mum dose cupping she is Chinese

  • natty_cakes
    natty_cakes 9 kun oldin

    omg I love Kassie's laugh!

  • Stacy Playz
    Stacy Playz 9 kun oldin

    Give it to you also

  • Brooke Brown
    Brooke Brown 9 kun oldin

    I love your intro

  • Kittycat Gracie
    Kittycat Gracie 9 kun oldin

    Who wants a cute baby bear
    ( •_•)
    ( >🍼
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  • Kittycat Gracie
    Kittycat Gracie 9 kun oldin

    Who wants a hamster
    ( •_• )
    ( >🐹
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  • Eliza Acton
    Eliza Acton 9 kun oldin

    What actually is cupping

  • Mars Unes_Gamer
    Mars Unes_Gamer 9 kun oldin

    I've had acupuncture it didn't hurt but it was scary especially when they put the needle on the stomach it was frightening but I survived

    SAIF THE EDGE 9 kun oldin

    no you should've removed that blood, like cutting these marks
    thats how i do it

  • Gamer Kitty
    Gamer Kitty 9 kun oldin +1

    BLOOM! What if the doctor litted everyone awt of the room and the doctor was a boy and loke the dere and gone necked on you and Thur you close of

    • Gamer Kitty
      Gamer Kitty 9 kun oldin

      Necked on you and threw you short of. That can go sooo rong

    OMG BOI 9 kun oldin

    You took off your shirt for this....IN PUBLIC?

    Idk if its public or not dont hate on me

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 9 kun oldin

    They are here the cop

  • Em and Tats
    Em and Tats 10 kun oldin

    My mom did this once and it looked so painful

  • Sarah Helmich
    Sarah Helmich 10 kun oldin


  • Sarah Helmich
    Sarah Helmich 10 kun oldin

    What is the poupose of thay

  • GachaRubyxo
    GachaRubyxo 10 kun oldin

    This may be inconvenient but....


  • *•モモ•*
    *•モモ•* 10 kun oldin

    ⒽⒾ ⒼⓁⓄⓄⓜ 💕

  • Cookies 4life
    Cookies 4life 10 kun oldin

    What’s the point of cupping tho
    And why did Gloom do it?????

  • Nana Emilie Taggaard
    Nana Emilie Taggaard 11 kun oldin

    (•-• )

  • Nana Emilie Taggaard
    Nana Emilie Taggaard 11 kun oldin

    (• • )

  • A. Ham
    A. Ham 11 kun oldin


  • Juliana Selina Sanchez
    Juliana Selina Sanchez 11 kun oldin

    Supposably the darker the mark it means that it was a tense spot. Ive had this done multiple times before but it scares me to get it done

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 11 kun oldin

    It's okay l called 911 they are coming till 15 minutes

  • Koryn siddiqui
    Koryn siddiqui 11 kun oldin

    That feels like it would hurt

  • I like to draw
    I like to draw 12 kun oldin

    This was on my bday!

  • GTAV Video's
    GTAV Video's 12 kun oldin

    It's call Hejama

  • J. K.
    J. K. 13 kun oldin +1

    0:00 I thought she actually made that as a edit for her voice. BUT ITS NOT!!!

  • meredith bts is life
    meredith bts is life 13 kun oldin


  • Isabella Reyes
    Isabella Reyes 13 kun oldin +2

    when u came back home, that looked really bad

  • Inmaculada Sánchez-Barrancos

    I feel like the terapetist was forcing you to do something that you didn't like It, however maybe your fear to the needles dissapered so... Well done to you for trying and to her for "manipulate you" in a good eay

  • Chloe Wroten
    Chloe Wroten 13 kun oldin


  • A finl Bro
    A finl Bro 13 kun oldin

    So they gave u big hickeys 😂

  • Luna Mey Boss
    Luna Mey Boss 14 kun oldin

    My dad and mom said its "amazing" and its mostly popular in china?

  • iiiOmqItsDapro
    iiiOmqItsDapro 14 kun oldin

    i saw your titis

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 14 kun oldin

    They look like giant hickeys 😂

  • annie gao
    annie gao 14 kun oldin

    I have a cupping set at home

  • Dartagnon Black
    Dartagnon Black 14 kun oldin

    ( '>' )
    / I don't know why I did this

  • Lilly The Dragon
    Lilly The Dragon 14 kun oldin

    Wot is the point of dis? >~

  • Pat Owens
    Pat Owens 14 kun oldin

    Skyler. Zigan

  • Nikthewolf 63
    Nikthewolf 63 14 kun oldin

    Hey gloom/kassie I wanted to say ur such a great youtuber and keep up the great videos please love you!

  • PeasantThoughts
    PeasantThoughts 14 kun oldin

    next time you should try blood cupping

  • TheKiller123543
    TheKiller123543 14 kun oldin

    I saw her nipple

  • Rasa Strazdienė
    Rasa Strazdienė 14 kun oldin

    if it hurts for iu iu are a noob it will not hurt my dad those it to me when im sick

    UNICORN LOVER 15 kun oldin

    Went I’m sick I sometime got it too

  • Iam Alexi
    Iam Alexi 15 kun oldin

    ( * - *)
    \ >
    How my draw

  • The Unknown Anonymous
    The Unknown Anonymous 15 kun oldin

    2:10 ummm I kinda wish you cencored

  • Flor Castillo
    Flor Castillo 15 kun oldin +1

    Was it good🈳🈶🈶🈶🈶🈳🈳🈳🈳🈳🈳🈳🈳🈳😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😇😍😘😃😃😹🙀🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻🚯🚭🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  • Mystic Moonlight
    Mystic Moonlight 15 kun oldin

    I actually did cupping on my stomach once.
    For those who are nervous to try acupuncture. It is not painful at all. The needles are really small. Acupuncture helped me out a lot and if you are afraid of needles, some doctors will use beads instead that give the same feeling without the needles. If you aren't afraid of needles try acupuncture if you just want to try or your doctor suggests it to you.

  • grace the goat
    grace the goat 15 kun oldin

    Why do people do cupping like what is the purpose