Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

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  • milionersi
    milionersi 21 daqiqa oldin +1

    Is this... music video or premonition????!!!!

  • Sadie Rose
    Sadie Rose 50 daqiqa oldin

    this is actually amazing

  • Marcie Catanese
    Marcie Catanese Soat oldin


  • Steve Storm
    Steve Storm Soat oldin

    I don't no what I've just listened to😮

  • Brian Campos
    Brian Campos Soat oldin

    i love overused autotune. said noone ever.

  • Kindra Jayne
    Kindra Jayne Soat oldin


  • brianna shuler
    brianna shuler 2 soat oldin

    Still just have this in my head i love it 😍😘😜👽

  • Chloe Linton
    Chloe Linton 2 soat oldin


  • Some Poet
    Some Poet 3 soat oldin

    I fucking hate this so much.

  • Some Poet
    Some Poet 3 soat oldin

    Very dated. 90s vibe. I’m here for it though 😂💁‍♀️

  • Alexandra Wright
    Alexandra Wright 3 soat oldin

    This is such a catchy song. Now I love the song even more after watching the video!

  • Aa Dh Ts
    Aa Dh Ts 4 soat oldin +1

    Wow i actually love this song

  • Bryce Hurd
    Bryce Hurd 14 soat oldin

    I'm probably 1,000 of the views..

  • an cermet
    an cermet 14 soat oldin

    Jason sings like a french man

  • Carolina Gavilanez
    Carolina Gavilanez 14 soat oldin

    Aww I love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tim Hanley
    Tim Hanley 15 soat oldin


  • Nitsku
    Nitsku 16 soat oldin +3

    Absolutely love the song, so catchy and the lyrics just pop.
    I cannot stop thinking how they keep singing "what did I do to deserve you" which can be taken both in a positive and negative sense... that's simply brilliant.

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 16 soat oldin

    Omg Jason’s actually good at singing

  • toybox6
    toybox6 17 soat oldin

    but god this is so fucking cute though

  • MrsCB15
    MrsCB15 17 soat oldin

    Bahahah!!! This is GREAT

  • LunarSapphire93
    LunarSapphire93 18 soat oldin

    When Jason's true self comes out in a music video

  • Katie George
    Katie George 18 soat oldin

    Kind of a bop

  • Laurel
    Laurel 19 soat oldin

    A lot of you are really rude smh I loved it! Its cute and catchy. Great job you guys, dont listen to the trolls :) You inspire me every day, Trish!

  • ki teresa
    ki teresa 19 soat oldin

    Love this

  • Steffi Lea
    Steffi Lea 19 soat oldin

    I dont know how to feel

  • dusty t
    dusty t 20 soat oldin

    Chicken drum sticks for legs

  • keesha hirsekorn
    keesha hirsekorn 21 soat oldin


  • Hanna Fuller
    Hanna Fuller 22 soat oldin

    This is trash

  • Vktorriaa Cifuentes
    Vktorriaa Cifuentes 22 soat oldin


  • redcandi 39
    redcandi 39 23 soat oldin

    Since this girl does porn I wonder why she never did one with Jason lol

  • Rum Chata
    Rum Chata 23 soat oldin

    Trisha looks better in that yellow dress than kate hudson did !

  • Rachel Leon
    Rachel Leon Kun oldin

    Is she n Jason back together or is this just a collaboration

    • iBluetastic Gaming
      iBluetastic Gaming 13 soat oldin

      it was made a month ago and i think they're broken up?? idk tbh

  • Maxx F
    Maxx F Kun oldin

    Puke. She’s so gross.

  • Camila Diaz
    Camila Diaz Kun oldin

    I didn’t see this in high school musical._.

  • *xXshystarXx*
    *xXshystarXx* Kun oldin

    I thought y’all broke up

  • Katie K
    Katie K Kun oldin

    this a bop

  • Debbie Escobar
    Debbie Escobar Kun oldin

    Such a horrible video 🤬

  • emily taylor
    emily taylor Kun oldin

    Why is this so catchy lol! 😂

  • Murphy Massey
    Murphy Massey Kun oldin

    damn..........I actually really liked the video lmaoooo

  • Amanda Y
    Amanda Y Kun oldin

    sharpay and ryan from hsm are still at it?

  • subscribe if you see this

    Wat ze fuq?!

  • subscribe if you see this

    This made me very uncomfortable 😬

  • Sabina De Lange
    Sabina De Lange Kun oldin

    I hate that I love this

  • thomas
    thomas Kun oldin

    HSM references YEASS

  • Lia Grehan
    Lia Grehan Kun oldin

    I’m sorry the knife bit is wierd

  • Jordan Malbrew
    Jordan Malbrew Kun oldin +1

    When Ariana’s take on using movies in her thank you next music video inspires you...

  • Genavieve O'connor
    Genavieve O'connor Kun oldin +1

    Trisha this is soo amazing, such a good song and music video! Happy you still posted it

  • crystal clear
    crystal clear Kun oldin

    What did I just see! I can't groove to this music! What is this really!

  • koolbeanskh
    koolbeanskh Kun oldin

    Awww I still feel so bad about them breaking up! I miss it! 😢

  • Isaiah Brookman
    Isaiah Brookman Kun oldin

    Trisha sounds like Jordan Peele in the "baby its cold outside" parody skit lmfao

  • Whitney Lisette
    Whitney Lisette Kun oldin


  • Allie Geletka
    Allie Geletka Kun oldin

    Awe Trisha we love you!!!!

  • Elisa Dier
    Elisa Dier Kun oldin

    Wait are they back together

  • kawaiipoodle
    kawaiipoodle Kun oldin

    Still obsessed with this song

  • Tori's Stories
    Tori's Stories Kun oldin

    I think that this was a really cool video idea and the song is so catchy. I hope nothing but the absolute best for you and Jason, together or apart. Both of you are beautiful people inside and out, but are both broken in your own ways. I can't wait to see what content you have coming for us music wise. I've loved your music since fat chicks

  • Big Biscuit
    Big Biscuit Kun oldin +1

    Is 2:07 why they broke up?

  • AR D
    AR D Kun oldin +1

    I love the melody at 0:40 with the la's, the reason I like the song tbh.

  • Aimee Gaskin
    Aimee Gaskin Kun oldin

    Cheese city !

  • blue chalk
    blue chalk Kun oldin

    You look so fat now as in not well heart attack fat soon

  • Litzy Cortes
    Litzy Cortes Kun oldin

    Trish u don’t know how to sing 🤣 this video is soooooo confusing... stop using Jason for viewers 🤣😂

  • Spill The tea
    Spill The tea Kun oldin

    I’m so flipping confused 😅

  • Dylan Alberta
    Dylan Alberta Kun oldin


  • Bailey Bourque
    Bailey Bourque 2 kun oldin

    wtf lmaooo

  • Jade Versace
    Jade Versace 2 kun oldin


  • savannah lopez
    savannah lopez 2 kun oldin

    This is an insult to all those movies.

  • Od Night
    Od Night 2 kun oldin

    I don’t want them to break up

  • Subliminal Flash Alpha waves

    I think I gave this song the last 100,000 views

  • Faith Tholley
    Faith Tholley 2 kun oldin

    Is it just me or do I genuinely love this song🤥. I actually enjoy it lmao. But everyone hates Trisha and Nate so I just watch and laugh about who are mad. Imagine being mad about a fabricated toxic relationship that is obviously for views but people are slow.

  • Faith Tholley
    Faith Tholley 2 kun oldin

    Trisha looks so good with that yellow dress

  • Faith Tholley
    Faith Tholley 2 kun oldin

    We stan a toxic relationship yum

  • ninahbean keliihananui


  • Sneaker Sense
    Sneaker Sense 2 kun oldin

    Oh so david dramas over...

  • Mariam Ashraf
    Mariam Ashraf 2 kun oldin +2

    Ok I kinda live for the music and some bit of the vid is a bit questionable but I love these two together idccccc 😂😂😂

  • Charybdis ¿?
    Charybdis ¿? 2 kun oldin

    Oh god trish I'm praying for you and jason. Yall are soulmates. This is AMAZING. Both of y'all are amazing!

  • Krysten Chambers
    Krysten Chambers 2 kun oldin

    Very catchy

  • Sarah Acchione
    Sarah Acchione 2 kun oldin

    I’m OBSESSED Trisha! 😍😍😍 you guys did such a great job making this video. On repeat all day! 💕

  • Thick Sister
    Thick Sister 2 kun oldin

    Who else cried.. just me.. ok

  • HannahHoneyZ Hive
    HannahHoneyZ Hive 2 kun oldin

    Is this there own version of Thank You Next? Lmao 😆

  • Bri Leigh
    Bri Leigh 2 kun oldin +2

    Ok but why did I actually like this?

  • J Jay
    J Jay 2 kun oldin

    Tbh this is so cute. I was not expecting it

  • Miss Sharp
    Miss Sharp 2 kun oldin

    This is so well made, though... ugh, I really really really like it.

  • Kiara Faith
    Kiara Faith 2 kun oldin


  • Day T
    Day T 2 kun oldin

    2:41 is it supposed to be like the notebook?

    • S. M.
      S. M. 2 kun oldin

      No shit, Dora. Guess you didn’t pick up on the clues there.

  • Kiddo Todd
    Kiddo Todd 2 kun oldin

    okay its super cute tbh

  • Tally22
    Tally22 2 kun oldin

    Hahah Jason’s lowkey a better singer than Trish

  • Water Million
    Water Million 2 kun oldin

    aw I love it

  • Kidabelle K
    Kidabelle K 2 kun oldin

    2:17, that’s it. That’s the comment

  • Ethan Gretsky
    Ethan Gretsky 2 kun oldin

    Jason’s voice makes my ears bleed

  • Victoria Hanke
    Victoria Hanke 2 kun oldin

    She is a fat slob, what man would want her,,,,without her cash? Sad, sad, sad,

  • Tommo Drauhl
    Tommo Drauhl 2 kun oldin

    i’m sorry for all of these good movies...

  • victor luiisss
    victor luiisss 2 kun oldin

    Speechless, love it though lol

  • Sergieg Halliwell
    Sergieg Halliwell 2 kun oldin

    Jason Nash has a horrible voice. Trisha as usual has an amazing voice and range. I hate how he uses her for his spotlight. She totally made him and he owes her. I wonder why he treats her like shit and talks about her negatively even after all the stuff she has done for his career. I wish she would just let him go and see she is way better without him. Good riddance...

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 2 kun oldin

    They’re back together? Oh, that’s awkward.

  • Jenna Nell
    Jenna Nell 2 kun oldin

    Okay but I love it.... it’s catchy

  • Hannah Perkins
    Hannah Perkins 2 kun oldin +2

    2:41 Did anyone else notice Trish wearing an engagement ring? Just me?

    • Hannah Perkins
      Hannah Perkins 20 soat oldin

      +M M1989 ok, thanks

    • M M1989
      M M1989 20 soat oldin

      Because the character in the film is engaged

  • Jessica Holub
    Jessica Holub 2 kun oldin

    from me e e e e

  • Hannah Perkins
    Hannah Perkins 2 kun oldin

    Are you and Jason back together?

  • Sophie Lorraine
    Sophie Lorraine 2 kun oldin

    Why am I crying ? I love this, the high school musical reference is my favorite way to use the best part

  • Saint Arcana
    Saint Arcana 2 kun oldin

    *This video looks like it took an army and a shit ton of money to make*

  • Nadia Anderson
    Nadia Anderson 2 kun oldin

    Why is this actually a bop