Grandma Saves The Day ( Babysitter Part 7 )

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  • Blake
    Blake Oy oldin +483

    when are you gonna make another babysitter video

  • Lebron gallentes
    Lebron gallentes 9 soat oldin

    Is baby sitter dead

  • Bro Hami’s
    Bro Hami’s 9 soat oldin

    Yep if my x when i grow up dumps me i will hug her and run like hell boom i will do it

  • Krystopher Sanchez
    Krystopher Sanchez 15 soat oldin


  • SSJB10 Son goku
    SSJB10 Son goku Kun oldin

    Are u still dating

  • nikhil bhalla
    nikhil bhalla Kun oldin


    DUMB MARIO Kun oldin

    WTF is going on my life

  • Jose Eagle
    Jose Eagle 2 kun oldin

    Is it just me or is that Rhett from GMM at 3:46?

  • Adolfo WarWolf
    Adolfo WarWolf 3 kun oldin

    “She’s dead to me now but she’s nice” lmfao jajajaja

  • Sofi Cifuvilla
    Sofi Cifuvilla 4 kun oldin


  • Khalil Rabba
    Khalil Rabba 5 kun oldin

    Im from palestin if someone bullyes me I will kill hem

  • M3nta
    M3nta 6 kun oldin


  • Nico Del Carmen
    Nico Del Carmen 7 kun oldin

    What's the baybysitters name

  • Baby Berry
    Baby Berry 8 kun oldin

    Is this real?

  • DarkPapi
    DarkPapi 8 kun oldin

    Walkie cameo

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto 8 kun oldin


  • Lachlan Gaming
    Lachlan Gaming 9 kun oldin


  • judah williams
    judah williams 9 kun oldin

    Who's here because he commented on brewstew

  • Sue Ianucilli
    Sue Ianucilli 9 kun oldin

    Alex progect zorgo is after you

  • Carter Burk
    Carter Burk 10 kun oldin

    will you ever show a pic of her

  • AToco
    AToco 11 kun oldin

    This is kinda like my life right now

  • mAcKy mOoSe ClEeBhErSe SuCc

    that thumbnail makes it look like you actually died you even made it look realistic...scary...

  • mammoth penguin
    mammoth penguin 11 kun oldin

    I wonder if he is on mutual terms with the baby sitter now and they still talk should do an video on that haha

  • aleksandar _fx
    aleksandar _fx 11 kun oldin

    Ok, Alex how many girlfriends do you have?!?

  • Brianna Larson
    Brianna Larson 12 kun oldin

    Kissing is the funniest part

  • Krisuttaja26 FIN
    Krisuttaja26 FIN 12 kun oldin

    3:45 is That the girl That you are married with now

  • Kavita Shanaya
    Kavita Shanaya 13 kun oldin

    Are you secretly ALEX FIERRO????

  • Russ V
    Russ V 14 kun oldin

    Is she married to you

  • Xx GamerJosedout
    Xx GamerJosedout 15 kun oldin

    Dont you get the pun "hot"?

  • wayne dixon
    wayne dixon 15 kun oldin

    Wath do you look like?

  • Elijah Stapleton
    Elijah Stapleton 15 kun oldin

    At 1:50 It shows that Alex is taller then his girlfriend. Is his girlfriend short? Or is Alex freakishly tall? Also Alex was in the 7th grade!!!!!! He was dating a FRESHMAN!!!!!!

  • Jesse McCracken
    Jesse McCracken 16 kun oldin

    I know what are you watching on the TV it is The Lion King

  • jose vlogs
    jose vlogs 16 kun oldin

    Zorgo diffuse 9:04 zorgo diffuse 9:05 zorgo diffuse 9:05

  • Lori Patterson
    Lori Patterson 16 kun oldin

    If you hug and run Alex 2018-2018

  • Gabby Elimanco
    Gabby Elimanco 17 kun oldin

    why do you stop your vid

  • Hawk Kun
    Hawk Kun 18 kun oldin

    *Watching disney and making out*

  • Ko Mama
    Ko Mama 19 kun oldin

    Wait what u killed her XD

  • Precious Angel Reboton
    Precious Angel Reboton 20 kun oldin

    5:21 is so funny!!😂😂😂😂😄😄😅😅

    DANI MAKER 20 kun oldin +1

    Let's watch the next episode! 😊

  • Sarah Arlia
    Sarah Arlia 21 kun oldin


  • xix-northkoreafanboy-xix 101

    god damm Darell😤

  • Christian King
    Christian King 22 kun oldin

    Oof 6:47

  • i came back
    i came back 22 kun oldin


  • superVideos #plushies
    superVideos #plushies 23 kun oldin

    How old is the babysitter?

  • Little Giant
    Little Giant 24 kun oldin

    "Why are you here"
    "Uh, I'm hungry?"
    "Oh thank god, I thought you loved me."

  • Drawish Colors
    Drawish Colors 24 kun oldin

    **Grandma entered the chatroom**

  • christian zamarripa
    christian zamarripa 24 kun oldin

    there is something i love so much about the babysitter's voice

  • PineGem
    PineGem 24 kun oldin

    5:28 is that post-serum Steve Rogers?

  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn 24 kun oldin

    I was eating a cheeseburger while watching this...

  • Caelem The Kale
    Caelem The Kale 24 kun oldin

    Art Skool

  • Samuel Martinez
    Samuel Martinez 26 kun oldin

    Low-key ur grandma sounds lit

  • GameboyTaje
    GameboyTaje 26 kun oldin

    I'm in 7 grade rn I'm not even half as lucky as u were

  • Cadenthor
    Cadenthor 27 kun oldin

    You know when I was your age...
    Ha, you were never my age, you're old.

  • BigJ The meme god
    BigJ The meme god 27 kun oldin +1

    When you realized the babysitter was a 35 year old man

  • ZinQ Miro
    ZinQ Miro 27 kun oldin

    Did swooz bully you? If yea give me hes adress and ima come with 50MILLION dollar robot and destroy him!

  • Barron Paragas
    Barron Paragas 28 kun oldin

    Alex: Lion King

  • johannes winarta
    johannes winarta 29 kun oldin

    What a toxic relationship

  • Nolan Kennedy
    Nolan Kennedy 29 kun oldin

    when a girl says we need to talk you got pull a Houdini

  • The Heyt
    The Heyt Oy oldin +1

    Your grandma sounds like a chronic smoker.

  • jeffy paul
    jeffy paul Oy oldin

    I love cliffhangers now

  • ParkMan21
    ParkMan21 Oy oldin

    Started watching 2 hours ago and I am ADDICTED to your series!!!!

  • Emily Guillarte
    Emily Guillarte Oy oldin

    Alex: after 8th grading....I kill here
    Me: oh no no no no no no no noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • elgerigh strauss
    elgerigh strauss Oy oldin

    Dhoe the babysitter in real life literally

  • Lend Op
    Lend Op Oy oldin +2


  • Ya Boi Hydra
    Ya Boi Hydra Oy oldin

    it’s gonna land on to be continued isn’t it...

  • i have no idea
    i have no idea Oy oldin

    So your parents suck in general hmmm, well I don't know where I was going with this oh well.

  • Kid Tutorials Easy

    Im calling 911 JK

  • Captain Yonder
    Captain Yonder Oy oldin

    Omg you sound like corl

  • rbgaming75
    rbgaming75 Oy oldin

    I’m 13 right now, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. What’s wrong with my life?

  • Irresistible Midichlorian

    What the cus that wheel spinning totally got me!!!!

  • Max Gill
    Max Gill Oy oldin

    If she gives him a kiss he can break a hold world

  • Edwin Portillo
    Edwin Portillo Oy oldin

    7:23 Next Chapter

  • Sanic da headshot T

    He's in the 7th grade I'm in the 6th in Mexico there is no middle school

  • Wyatt Schaap
    Wyatt Schaap Oy oldin

    The tongues tho 🤪

  • BCPOW Music
    BCPOW Music Oy oldin

    230 dollars actually

  • Ace Trainer Kat
    Ace Trainer Kat Oy oldin

    Man, your grandma was awesome

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck Oy oldin

    Oh fu** them jokes

  • Carlow Love
    Carlow Love Oy oldin +1

    I just subscribe

  • Caress
    Caress Oy oldin

    (2 minutes later)

  • redheadliv
    redheadliv Oy oldin

    What was the baby sitters name

  • Samir Hannoush
    Samir Hannoush Oy oldin

    i thought 7 was the end, and then 8 and 9 came out

  • Dead Pole Gamez
    Dead Pole Gamez Oy oldin

    WHAT YOU BROKE UP ?!?!?!

  • ShinyDecode
    ShinyDecode Oy oldin

    Tiktok must die

  • Bingo Pop 4
    Bingo Pop 4 Oy oldin

    God, your babysitter is such a rebel.

  • Daryl Fongang
    Daryl Fongang Oy oldin

    HEY! Am called Daryl but not a bully

  • Kira McGermike
    Kira McGermike Oy oldin

    Why are you at my house
    Cause I'm hungry?
    Thank God I thought it was because u loved me


    I want a babysitter too

  • Lauren Ramoth
    Lauren Ramoth Oy oldin

    You make out with tongues not lips...? Haha XD

  • Bobby Varnado
    Bobby Varnado Oy oldin

    Stop scaring me like that man you're freaking me out God my heart was so close to about almost to stop ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Gandalfldor The Great

    I think half of this story is made up, in 7th grade I as just loud, and no one had a girl friend, apart from like 2 kids, that had them in the same grade

    LILFOXYLOVER1396 Oy oldin

    Alex FU*k u bc u keep scareing me

  • Hasleno
    Hasleno Oy oldin

    Kat is not blond

  • Ally Harper
    Ally Harper Oy oldin


  • Ally Harper
    Ally Harper Oy oldin

    The kiss that controlled Him

  • rustlord_2006 fortnite

    I kinda dont believe this

  • ZakkyBhoy
    ZakkyBhoy Oy oldin

    Why does your grandmother sound like a mob boss

  • Zxeliz C.
    Zxeliz C. Oy oldin

    is that girl that know the art school your GF cuz they look alike

  • Slick_EM13
    Slick_EM13 Oy oldin

    3:46 😂😂 i found Rhett and Link

  • FaZe chris
    FaZe chris Oy oldin

    Im also the same in partys