Evil Things I Did as a Kid (ft. SomeThingElseYT)

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  • Joylandi 7-Fev, 2019
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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 2 oy oldin +7297

    I want Adam to puke on me 😩😩😩👏💦👏

    • gacha Movies
      gacha Movies Soat oldin

      +Audree Davis is James and the amazing dadting?

    • magical An Artist
      magical An Artist 10 soat oldin

      Everyone is freaking out about all these big youtuber drama. Well take a look at the Animation UZcliprs. That's where the really drama is. Everyone cheats on everyone

    • Serenity506
      Serenity506 22 soat oldin

      +demi w OOOOOOOOO he's an animator that for some reason people ship with the odds1out I suggest you check out there channels there funny

    • demi w
      demi w 22 soat oldin

      +Serenity506 no no no no who theamaazing ?

    • Serenity506
      Serenity506 22 soat oldin

      +demi w yes a no? well if you mean yes and no then umm Im just a girl who likes youtube why do you ask

  • Serilaene
    Serilaene 8 soat oldin

    I'll never understand people who try to make spanking your kid illegal.
    I mean sure, beating your kid is wrong, but nobody ever was seriously injured, or died, because of a spank they deserved. Period.

  • Strova
    Strova 14 soat oldin +1

    The evil thing I did as a kid was *exist.*

  • Lps Moonshine
    Lps Moonshine 15 soat oldin

    My little cousin is pure evil so apparently my sister almost got beaten with a metal baseball bat so yea.

  • Maria valladolid
    Maria valladolid 16 soat oldin

    Can u make a part to🥺

  • Little Cat066
    Little Cat066 16 soat oldin


  • Sour Dough
    Sour Dough 17 soat oldin +1

    *All the days*

  • Lunar Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse 17 soat oldin

    I feel attacked because my name is Kaylee and i eat bologna and mustard sandwiches everyday at lunch

  • KittyCadie KillerCadie
    KittyCadie KillerCadie 17 soat oldin

    My parents made me and my siblings do something called, “the electric chair.” We “sit” on the wall and stick our arms out with our legs bent at a 90 degrees.

  • Iñaki Diaz
    Iñaki Diaz 18 soat oldin

    Well at least you didn’t have to go through Mexican moms favorite disciplinary thing LA FUCKING CHANCLA!!!😖😖😣🤬🤬

  • dolan boi
    dolan boi 21 soat oldin

    i have never been spanked and i just turned 15 must flex

  • Pusheen
    Pusheen Kun oldin

    Did you just puke monetization in her face?

  • AimNestoriッ
    AimNestoriッ Kun oldin


  • Alpha Female08
    Alpha Female08 Kun oldin

    The play ground was full of qnimaters!!!

  • Gaming Vids
    Gaming Vids Kun oldin

    Really happy I've found your channel, it's both really funny as well informative on mental disorders as well as helps me see similar problems people have faced from a different POV

  • somedude hoy
    somedude hoy Kun oldin


  • Dragonteam1708
    Dragonteam1708 Kun oldin

    *takes the Oreo*
    Ummmm where's the cream

  • GachaCat :3
    GachaCat :3 Kun oldin

    1:30 You see Tabbs

  • Maimai Flower
    Maimai Flower Kun oldin

    That deep voice 🤣🤣🤣 LMFAO

  • kelsey kath
    kelsey kath Kun oldin

    Hi! I just watched your middle school vid and it lead me here! Your vids are so inspiring and it’s good to know that there are still you tubers out there that don’t do things for attention. I’m so happy I found your channel!

  • Inkles
    Inkles Kun oldin

    Why kaylee look like your mom tho

  • _Crystal Cat Productions_

    OK so I'm 13 and my dad said I was a really good kid, I asked him the other day and he said that my emotions have comeback on me cause now I cry all the time 😂

  • Clavel Jacques-louis

    My parents beat my ass every time I dropped a plate

  • Deaky's Bass guitar

    Illy's dad:W-wheres the cream
    Demon toddler Illy:*Demonic voice: i ate it.*

  • Villian’s week 2
    Villian’s week 2 Kun oldin

    My step mom raises us that way

  • 2DannyTheBananaBoy6
    2DannyTheBananaBoy6 2 kun oldin

    I would like an oreo

  • Jay Skylander
    Jay Skylander 2 kun oldin

    Ur animation got me laughing sooo hard good job 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tala Murjan
    Tala Murjan 2 kun oldin

    I can't I'm dyinggggggg "UR NOT MY FRIEND AMYMORE"

  • Jovon Austin
    Jovon Austin 2 kun oldin


  • KayleeIsntSatisfied
    KayleeIsntSatisfied 2 kun oldin

    i’m at 9 seconds and i already paused cause my name is kaylee

    okay cool

  • pineapple Melody
    pineapple Melody 2 kun oldin +1

    Omg lol😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😍😍😍😍😍

  • An Amorphous Cloud of Gasses

    2:55 Literally how my parents got away with their shit. Goddamn, I shoulda licked more oreos when i had the chance. (But in all seriousness, if you work with kids, trust your instincts over your impression of the parents when it comes to shit like that.)

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T 2 kun oldin

    Wow I’m a red head I love art and my parents were just like yours! I LOVE U LOL

  • Frau Star
    Frau Star 2 kun oldin

    7 yr old me: wait your not the boss OF ME *punches my brothers nono square and runs*

  • Tropic775
    Tropic775 2 kun oldin

    Yes I want an oreo

  • Emma Hoflin
    Emma Hoflin 2 kun oldin +1

    Lowkey thought this was going to be sponsored by Oreos

  • The Kenya Show
    The Kenya Show 2 kun oldin

    1:37 this kid is a literal savage. I mean this was triple dog daring her teacher! that's next level!

  • LpsDachshundLover
    LpsDachshundLover 2 kun oldin

    1:26 I see baby Tabbes but you forgot to give her her ponytails

  • The Geek Channel
    The Geek Channel 2 kun oldin

    Dude, Adam's voice is GREAT for the EVIL PART!

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 2 kun oldin

    3:39 I feel physical pain seeing illy lick out all the cream and PUTTING THE OREO BACK

  • Lily Coughlan
    Lily Coughlan 3 kun oldin

    In preschool, I wanted all the really little toys so I put some in my underwear and got away with it.

  • Laisse-moi tranquille
    Laisse-moi tranquille 3 kun oldin

    No way, keep your stinkin' Oreo!

    (Love your animations)

  • Mickah Cobilla
    Mickah Cobilla 3 kun oldin +1

    same as you

  • Nat Brooks
    Nat Brooks 3 kun oldin

    When I first heard Adams voice I just laughed

  • Sophia Cabrera
    Sophia Cabrera 3 kun oldin


  • •ᴘᴀsᴛᴇʟ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ•

    My name is kaylee .-.

  • EzraChan
    EzraChan 3 kun oldin

    Bish I never got my Oreo

  • GalaxyNoobYT
    GalaxyNoobYT 3 kun oldin

    can u explain why everytime she says "but" it shows a peach (aka a butt)

  • Roberto Vaz/terra13
    Roberto Vaz/terra13 4 kun oldin +1

    U were a complete savage •0•

    HEYIT'SJAY 4 kun oldin

    *Ofcourse Some ThingElseYt is included* 🤣

  • It's Malcolm
    It's Malcolm 4 kun oldin

    I stan mini oreos

  • Cutiekitty0127 YT
    Cutiekitty0127 YT 4 kun oldin

    This is why I stopped eating fruits and vegetables as a kid. Huh. I STILL DONT HAHAHAHAHHA

  • Soldier Fox
    Soldier Fox 4 kun oldin

    My parents told me that in pre-school I always started fight (like punching fights and not talk fighting) and got in trouble, so... welcome to the club sister lol jk your awesome

    Oh and also... oreos?

  • secretpinto101
    secretpinto101 4 kun oldin +1


  • It's an Eden
    It's an Eden 4 kun oldin +1


  • HHCrazyWolf :D
    HHCrazyWolf :D 4 kun oldin

    Oh your mom spanked you?

    Welcome to my life

  • Starry Unicorn
    Starry Unicorn 4 kun oldin

    OMG this is the first time I’ve ever seen ur face!! It’s beautiful!!

  • Miindere
    Miindere 4 kun oldin

    I think this is a redhead thing bc I did these things too when I was little sksks XD

  • Georgefekbdckrcbkeckbrcbkrcbkrckb Exhefrgogtjgt

    Video gets copyrighted by The Oreo company

  • chocolate Bob
    chocolate Bob 4 kun oldin +1

    Why is evil baby you adorable

  • Jasper Spurgers
    Jasper Spurgers 4 kun oldin

    the orea part tho XD

  • i want to commit self deletus

    My moms arsenal:
    Leather belt
    Clothing hanger
    Broom stick
    Me and my siblings were struck with all of these at-least 2 times in our childhood life. I mean it worked, I’m not doing dumb shit anymore.

  • Itz Angie
    Itz Angie 5 kun oldin

    1:00 I wheezed

  • Dinomp3
    Dinomp3 5 kun oldin

    why no discord

  • isiaka05
    isiaka05 5 kun oldin

    not the oreos

  • Greenishapples17
    Greenishapples17 6 kun oldin

    I fucking love you after this.

  • For Forever#LostBean
    For Forever#LostBean 6 kun oldin +1

    love your drawing girl you rock!!!!

  • Digital Shokunin
    Digital Shokunin 7 kun oldin

    This is all super average behavior for any small child. Conclusion: Children are evil.

  • Gio Rocket
    Gio Rocket 7 kun oldin

    I would like an oreo

  • BecomeTheSmile
    BecomeTheSmile 8 kun oldin

    I’m a young child and when I was 4 I was evil too 😂 And I knew alot of stuff without my parents knowing 😂

  • Emily Lawyer
    Emily Lawyer 9 kun oldin

    Who's like a devil oh somethingelseyt

  • MooieMoo11
    MooieMoo11 9 kun oldin

    Halt! You violated the law, pay the quarter fine or serve your sentence!

  • Naomi Hamada Kim
    Naomi Hamada Kim 10 kun oldin


    DEMON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daisy Perez
    Daisy Perez 10 kun oldin

    Hahahahaha lm was evil too

  • Van Ivanov
    Van Ivanov 10 kun oldin

    You notice how freaks like Harris tend to get off Scot free, but random innocent people are in danger of being arrested because their 3 year olds have a bad attitude? A kid falls over and hits his head, someone decides to report it, their parents could suffer imprisonment, and the child could suffer being traded around between foster homes (an unknown percentage having abusers in them).

  • Ari Orantes
    Ari Orantes 11 kun oldin

    Yay I see tabbes and ginger pale

  • Lidia Ybarra
    Lidia Ybarra 11 kun oldin


  • Lore Logs
    Lore Logs 11 kun oldin

    Hah! Joke's on you. I like the Oreo cookie way more than I like the cream!

  • Wesley Thompson
    Wesley Thompson 12 kun oldin

    Lol you are awesome

  • Maggie Watson
    Maggie Watson 12 kun oldin +1

    I saw tabbes in this video

  • Sans The Memer
    Sans The Memer 12 kun oldin

    My mom....

    *BEATS ME*

  • Nyathewierdo *
    Nyathewierdo * 12 kun oldin

    I love how the ponytails resemble little devil horns XD

  • Coffee Eats food
    Coffee Eats food 12 kun oldin

    don't show me that I'm going to puke
    Ok, wanna see something I also have?


  • Ennard Oof
    Ennard Oof 13 kun oldin


  • Damaged Sponge
    Damaged Sponge 13 kun oldin

    Bologna and mustard sandwiches are the BEST sandwiches. CHANGE MY MIND!

  • Gray Tails
    Gray Tails 13 kun oldin


  • ฯ*ฯ*ฯ Gemrald the Emerald ฯ*ฯ*ฯ OwO

    I've done many many evil things as a child ill list. em: Broke a 1000$ T.V. Threw a. A spray bottle at a laptop, knocked out my dog with a. Apple. Smashed all the windows with a basketball. And put my hands in glass and throwing it at my siblings ;D so evil >:3

  • donut lover
    donut lover 13 kun oldin

    AHAHAHAHA! I was waaayyy worse then you.

  • CyberCy
    CyberCy 14 kun oldin +4

    Adam swearing killed me...

  • Spottedleaf Productions
    Spottedleaf Productions 14 kun oldin +5

    how dar~
    how DAR~

  • Angel Fancytron
    Angel Fancytron 14 kun oldin

    Thanks for the Oreos 😄

  • Jackelyn Trejo
    Jackelyn Trejo 14 kun oldin

    She pretty👌

  • Game On
    Game On 14 kun oldin

    Where is Adam you lie to us

  • Retarded Marshmallow707

    i was eating mini oreos when i was watching this and i pulled up one that had no cream...

  • Anxiety Fueled
    Anxiety Fueled 15 kun oldin

    When I was 3 I was a evil brat when I was mad I kept hitting my head on the tile floors in frustration and I pushed old men down at stores and spanked random people and always yelled at my parents😂

  • ArtWithBex
    ArtWithBex 15 kun oldin

    I always eat the cream and then the cookie

  • lunar,kittys
    lunar,kittys 15 kun oldin

    *Ugh all the days

  • SFG2 Gamin’ stuff
    SFG2 Gamin’ stuff 16 kun oldin

    *0:23** she threw demonetization*

  • im lovin it
    im lovin it 16 kun oldin

    All the youtubers at 1:26
    Sultan sketches
    Ginger pale
    Tabbes and that’s all I know

  • myrs arredondo
    myrs arredondo 16 kun oldin